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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: The Future.
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Supreme Hero
Shaded Scribe
posted August 19, 2007 11:18 PM

My version of the future

In 2036...

-After a giant spamming riot, the Wastelands finally reaches 16777185 posts and the threads and the topic counter is reset. Unfortunately, the post counter then glitches and displays 14888345222378531. The Wastelands is locked soon thereafter to prevent HC from crashing.

-Pecu gets drunk and reacts strangely to the alcohol by posting a spree of coherent thoughts.

-The phrase TROGDOR STRIKES AGAIN is marked as banned on the site after the 59th petition for it to be so. Instead of being automatically replaced with *'s, the phrase is instead replaced with "On pain of death, I will donate 1,000 USD to HC."

-Wesley comes back for the 57th time, and the HC mods begin to wonder where he gets all these random IPs.

-Pandora is named Val's successor, as the latter has decided to retire to a life of quiet serenity deep in the mountains. Before he leaves, Val changes his custom status to 'HC Hermit.' Pandora accepts, albeit reluctantly, since she had planned to step down as moderator after 35+ years of service the very next day.

-The_Gootch revels in his life as a crotchety old man. He still visits HC when the mood strikes, but he also complains every time he returns that HCers have grown too young despite the average age being 38 after registration was closed in 2009.

-Bort is re-elected. The nation collectively stops biting its nails.

-The April Fools joke, spanning three months of hard planning and hundreds of participants, is documented as the most needlessly complex April Fools prank ever by the Guinness Book of World Records. HC rejoices at its second world record.

-RSF resigns as moderator.

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Legendary Hero
of Ooohs and Aaahs
posted August 20, 2007 12:20 AM

In 2036

_Antipaladin bought ubisoft,changed it to borisoft and made H24,25,26,27 and recreated to story from over 40 years ago,realsing MM11-12-13-14-15-16-...25
_Baklva was apointed as president of the U'N,and burutally murderd by the gootch.
_Voiolent flower is apointed as new preisdent of the USA along with Setiteard as her deputy.
_TnT was apointed as the secretery of cloths in israel.
_Geny had made a sex change oportion along with trogodor so they can be lesbian woman.
_william recived a qp after 37 years of begging,by a very tired mightymage.
_Pandora convinced val to change HC color them to something color based,hc also changed name to PHC,pandora's heroes community.
_val was removed,people suspected pandora,but she utlised a dictatorship kind of rule,removing most of the unloayl mods.
_shadow caster learns how to cast in the shadows.
_Pandora mightymage and RSF dual but pandora wins,becouse of kookaster,mightymage turns into tomaato soup,RSF into a baseball bat,and kookaster into giant krakan.
_pandora decided to kill kookaster who acidently eat iris.
_Consis is alected is lord of the republicans and realsed the book,"Republicans of the world,unit!"
_Antipaladin,aculies,and Bak discover that pandora removed val,and try to work against her,but she buys them both with money,sex,and drugs.

The end!
types in obscure english

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Undefeatable Hero
of Gold Dragons
posted August 20, 2007 12:36 AM

-Pecu gets drunk and reacts strangely to the alcohol by posting a spree of coherent thoughts.

Well, whoever said science fiction has to be realistic?
What will happen now?

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Legendary Hero
Of Ruby
posted August 21, 2007 05:49 AM


Did somebody just call me a republican?
Roses Are RedAnd So Am I

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Legendary Hero
of Ooohs and Aaahs
posted August 21, 2007 07:24 AM

yeah that what happends in 30 years lol
types in obscure english

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Undefeatable Hero
Pretty Boy Angel Sacraficer
posted August 21, 2007 08:45 AM

Oh I guess.

The yr is uh hold on let me go back & check...Oh ok 2036.
I will be...Uh hold on a sec lol....uh I think 61.

I will finally take on English A.An English class for dummies.
I still spell with an iron fist.
I lay on my bid wondering if I can speel encyglopedia & Dicktionary.

Kookastar is still a hugh Enigma.Then again so is TNT_Addict who still scrubs my back while I take my baths with my pruny wrinkles.
TNT also picked up the talent of washing my back & paying my bills with the new Bill paying technology.
You say pay PG&E & the payment is automatically sent.We just never figured out what banking account the bills go to still....

Pandora after over 30 yrs finally beat me in poker. Well She thought so until I rivered a fullhouse to her Ace high FLush
Pandora still tries to be an Enigma also but she is has a hard time letting go

Consis still tries to run for president but from a confused state from all 57 states, they still dont know if he is Republican or a Demacrat. Or if He still neglects his bills by giving his money to the police.
He is still a house hubby.

Antipalidan is still in competition with me. Still fails to out do me...in everything. Even having the best rat tail

Alcypediaruption still sends me pretty boy pics once a year while fake pics of him standing next to Niel Sedaka singing Carolina to me

Shadowcaster still cries in his pillow. He cries for losing to Mighty Mage in Soul Calibur.

Mighty mage is white, He is black, he must be Michael. Ok thats harsh
Truth is Mighty mage has strayed from the gym. He has grown frail, BUT he still has one night stands.
Thing is that being so frail, now his sister protects him from 120 pound abusive women

RedSoxFan has now taken up playing skateboards in his age.
How rapidly he changes carrears & likes, he usually gets bored easily.
Sox has a great education & has a great credibility.
Sox has had 1117 carrear changes in under 35 yrs

Iris has came back from meeting her 178th HC Member.
She is now hosting the 38th aniversary of a masquerading party!!!

William is still making Techno with his handy merchandise he has had for over 40 yrs.Still the same kind of techno too...

Bibanik still tries to figure out who sings "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"

Xarfax still lives in Cologne.Pandora & I showed up to his house finally.
We had a blast.
We went to a party,a movie & a great hungry dinner.
We were going back to the house when we realized, we forgot to bring Xarfax with us the whole time

Mvassilev still thinks the mighty Lion sleeps in a loud rowdy jungle at night...

Trodger has picked up a great talent.
He can sit in the toilet,watch the ball game & talk to his GF about sex.

Lith Maethor was thought of to be Creed. He was praised & asked to sing. Lith sang & people now thought he was Geddy Lee & they booed him

Rychenroller still bowls in his Australian Tournament.
Good news is he still gets 7th place.Typical news is that he has been getting 7th place vs the same players for over 35 yrs

Valiery has finally stopped doing the splits after he realized Jean Claude van Damme actually had nothing anymore from the strain of too many split kicks.....

Angelito still runs the Library about heroes 3. He also still runs the quizzes of heroes 3 alsowhich always gets old

Hamsi still talks about how I beat him with Solmyr while Xarfax hearing about the story deletes his account using the new technology of Hacking.

The Gootchy still gives me a hard time about every tiny thing I do.He even has a rare talent.He can yell at me & his wife at the same time....How does he do it.The rumour is true.The Gootchy does wear Milk Bone Underwear

Tartness & the Violent Flowerness still like to show everyone how real women act. If you dont believe me, you should see act 54 on thier new boat Mamliness

HC after all these yrs has a new mod finally.
We just have not seen him in 20 yrs. Hexa is still active, even though he moved to North Dakota with his wife & 12 children.
HC has alot of history.
I always mention about the time Valieriy flipped out & starting singing Somewhere over the rainbow while playing with his lips.
HC will live forever.

We may be in our 60's & 70's but hey we still Party like if it was 2069!!!!!

May be more but you know.....
Dreaming of a Better World

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Legendary Hero
posted August 03, 2010 01:53 PM

cheap but...

bump for the new people - i want to hear your visions

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