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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: How hard is it to create hmm4-like towns?
Thread: How hard is it to create hmm4-like towns? This thread is 2 pages long: 1 2 · «PREV

Supreme Hero
Always loyal to HC
posted December 07, 2006 07:08 PM

why does everyone want to resurect Heroes IV?

It's dead!  Can't you understand that?  It's dead, it's gone, and it's not comming back.  Nival and Ubi are not stupid.  They are, slow, meticulous and obviously play timesplitters to much, but they are not dumb enough to call a demon back from the abyss it fell into, taking 3DO with it.  I'm sorry, but you have to face it.

Also, there will be a total of 11 towns in the game.

I think I missunderstood....11 towns in heroes 4 or heroes 5??

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Known Hero
death walks with me
posted December 07, 2006 07:20 PM
Edited by whiterider at 23:32, 07 Dec 2006.

Genie Lord,
thanks for informing me that I dont have a direction in my ideas.
What about a pixie, unicorn, phoenix, druid, elf living together, or even worse a dwarf, centaur, elf, pegasi, dendroid, dragon, unicorn (what a bunch of riff-raff) or troglodite, harpy, beholder, minotaur, medusa, manticore and a dragon. Sorry that I dont share the same ideas of pure blood and equality as you. Maybe your favorite race are the dwarves in hmm5?

My initial idea, that I thought it was obvious, was to create a dark nature castle. What do you have in the dark forests? Witches, kobolds, bandits, evil spirits, wolves. Where do the nightmares live? What was the name of their dwelling in hmm4 - black wood? I love the idea of two fractions of undead fighting even against each other. And I love the fantasy war between werewolves and vampires. This was the idea behind this castle and their campaign (I made a few notes about their campaign too). A castle of anarchy and ruin, haunted by death spirits and cold wraiths, wolf howls under the moon, a place where stolen treasures are kept and outcasts dont have to hide but to rule. Cloudy, dark place overseen by banshees and great wraiths.
Orcs are very often chaotic creatures (chaotic as the opposite of lawfull) and they fit perfect in this town. In my barbarian town there are other "normal" orcs with green skin, but the black orcs have been converted from their primiteve native way of life into more creepy creatures. Something like the orcs in the lord of the rings.

I havent ever read a fantasy book about some society contained only from one and only one race and I have to say that I liked the most mixed town in hmm series and not towns with one being with different roles or proffesions, like 6 kinds of dwarves. It is boring and it shows lack of imagination and creative thinking.

...and I dont like WOG. It has too bizzare ideas and lacks consistency.

Maybe I have been read wrong for several times, when I said that this is not hmm5.

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Legendary Hero
posted December 07, 2006 09:21 PM

Good answer.

I just think, that the Wight King is more suitable to necropolic then to your town.
And the orc more suitable to the orcs town (will be one soon).

Consider that.

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Known Hero
death walks with me
posted December 07, 2006 11:23 PM
Edited by whiterider at 23:31, 07 Dec 2006.

Here is the line-up I made for Death Castle with short description of the skills, there are enough undead creatures to fill several castles if you want

All creatures are undead: mind immunity, cold resistance 50%, not affected by bless spells from the light school, not affected by curse spells from death school (nature, shadow and elemental spells apply normal effects on them)
Most Undead creatures as dwellers between the worlds, possess resistance to normal attacks and they can channel the power of the death to highly weaken their enemies. Some undead creatures can revive themselves back.

1. Skeleton
Infantry, Missile Resistant
Skeletons are resistant to missile attacks and suffer only half damage.

2. Ghoul -> Frenzy Ghoul
(Infantry, Corpse eater)->(Infantry, Corpse eater, Undead Might)
Ghouls are reanimated human bodies, in the earlier stage after their dead they are hardly distinguished from living humans but more time passes more they look like undead with dark blue skin, thoughter body and big arms with claws. Frenzy Ghouls lose their human form to obtain the full power of undead creatures with extra might and durability (Frenzy Ghouls have automaticaly on them stoneskin and bloodlust as advanced level spells). Ghouls can spend one turn on the battlefield to feed from the dead corpses, closing their wounds.

3. Mummy -> Royal Mummy
(Shooter, Earth bolt, Curse of the Mummy)->(Shooter, Earth bolt, Curse of the Mummy)
Mummies can attack from a range with Earth Bolts, dealing magical damage, Earth ward is a good protection against them. Mummies have chance to auto-cast a random curse on their targets for 3 rounds, this chance is higher by the royal mummies.

3. Flesh Golem -> Blood Golem
(Infantry, Sacrifice, Desease)->(Infantry, Sacrifice, Desease)
Flesh and blood golems are created for only one reason, in time for need to help reanimate other undead troops. You can sacrifice them to revive twice the life points of other creatures. These golems consist from different parts of many dead bodies and their highly degeneration can inflict many deseases on the living. Deseased creatures suffer secondary damage for 3 rounds after the initial attack. Blood golems have increased hp, damage and defence.

4. Vampire -> Vampire Lord
(Infantry, Flying, Drain Life, No retaliation)->(Infantry, Flying, Drain Life, Blood Channel, No ret.)
Vampires can drain life to restore themselves, Vampire lords if on full blood can channel the life force to slayn vampires and reanimate them back. The swift and hypnotic attacks of the vampires leave no chance for retaliation.

4. Shadow -> Ancient Shadow
(Flyer, Ghostly, Chill Touch)->(Flyer, Ghostly, Chill Touch, Shadow Attack)
The ghostly form of the shadows makes them resistant to all forms of normal attacks, all forms of bolt attack or magical damage or spells apply normal. Shadows can steal enemy experience and transfer it to themselves enabling them to evolve faster into Ancient Shadows, chilled creatures can degrade from upgraded status to normal. Ancient Shadows are faster and not only they can reach through the battlefield but they can attack all creatures through which they pass. Shadow Attack deals cold damage.

5. Black Knight -> Death Knight
(Cavalry, Undead Charge, Weakening Strike)->(Cavalry, Undead Charge, Death Call, Weakening Strike)
Black knights ride undead horses which they can force in charge, once per battle, rushing on an enemy stack and dealing damage on the stack behind. Death Knights can call once per battle the slain creatures from one attack in the ranks of their own army. Called creatures are converted to undeads 2 ranks lower than their living state (part of all 1st-3d level creatures are converted to skeletons, 4th level creatures are converted to ghouls, 5th level to flesh golems, 6th level to vampires). The great swords of the black and death knights can cripple enemies, redusing their attack or defense (random, the two effects stack together, noncumulative) for 3 rounds.

5. Necromancer -> Lich
(Spell caster, Death bolt)-> (Spell caster, Death Bolt, Haunted Field)
Necromancer and Liches have wide variete of group spells causing curse, weakness, slow or lower armor. They can project Death bolts to attack from distance (Death Ward for half damage). Liches can call undead forces for support, desecrating the battlefield and haunt it. Haunted field lasts for 3 rounds and a random stack in it suffers damage from the underworld spirits. Only one haunted field at a time can be created, which means that the Liches can cast their curse spells meanwhile. Haunted Field damage is equal to the Death bolt damage.

6. Bone Dragon
(Missile Resistant, Undead bite)
Bone dragons are reanimated slain dragons and contain the souls of a vampire, death knight or lich. Only the most powerfull of undead lords become second chance to exist in these horrific bodies. Bone dragons dont attack with breath weapons as normal dragons but they overwhelm others landing on them with the full weight of their bodies and bite them (20% chance for no retaliation)

1st choise for upgrade:
Ghost Dragon
(Flyer, Ethereal, Soul Burn)
Living in the both worlds, earthly and etheric, ghost dragons have chance to fully ignore the attacks from their enemies (half attacks miss them). Their bite is so fierce that they can almost cut the conection between the soul and the body of their enemies. Soul burned creatures have half hp and damage for 3 rounds. Ghost dragons are almost unmaterial and their bodies are weightless so they lose the undead bite of their past bone form.

2nd choise for upgrade:
Shadow Dragon
(Mist creature, Despair, Aura of living darkness, Undead Bite)
Shadow dragons are created from the Necromancers in cooperation with the Shadow Demiurge (Twilight race, Shadow Castle). Its essence is pure evil and there is radiation of despair and sorrow around this horrible creature. All creatures standing against it suffer -2 morale penalty. Shadow dragons suffer half missile and bolt damage, because its form is hardly distinguished from distance and is surrounded by living darkness that deals damage on all creatures around it (all creatures standing or passing by the shadow dragon suffer average cold damage, Ice Ward for half, Ice Immunity for none). Shadow dragons attacks are the same type as of the bone dragons, leaving 20% chance their attacks to be unanswered.

Champions for this town:
Undead creatures are more versatile than others, maybe because of their centuries of experience or maybe because of their evil nature. They can choose between two champions, which secures that they will always have at least one kind of spellcaster in their army or a powerfull infantry. Champions are creatures starting on 4th level and can gain experience until they reach the statistics of the upgraded 5th level creatures.

if Death Knight is chosen you can pick:
Black Mage
Spell caster, Death bolt, Twisted Light
Black mages can cast twisted forms of blessing spells on their undead brothers which is the only way to inflict them with magical power via Light spells. They can cast bless, stoneskin or divine strenght.

if Liche is chosen you can pick:
Slayer Guard
Infantry, Undead Grasp, Horror Visions
Slayer Guards are the border keepers of the undead empire, the hunters and the assasins of the Undead Emperor. The most vile and cruel amongst the living are converted to slayer guards and sometimes the undead agents can spend years in searching the correct living beings, offering them a way to continue their crimes in the after-death life. Slayer Guards are surrounded by the screams and the pain of the fallen from their hand creatures and these horific visions cause other to be inflicted with rage and lust for killing too. Attacked creatures have a chance to go berserk and to attack the closest stack, excluding the slayer guards. This chance becomes higher when slayers gain level. Slayer Guards can weaken enemies from distance, puting them in defenceless position and making them vulnerable. They can cast Undead Grasp once per battle (twice per battle when they gain enough exp.), affected stack is dazed for 2 rounds, which means that it has half movement, attack and defence.

Guardian of the Capitol:
attacks all adjancment units, -2 morale on the battlefield, the revenant covers the battlefield with visions of pain, which inflict Shadow damage (Shadow ward for half) on a random stack every round.

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Known Hero
death walks with me
posted December 07, 2006 11:35 PM


And the orc more suitable to the orcs town (will be one soon).

Consider that.

1. Goblin (infantry)
2. Wolf Rider - Wolf Raider (infantry)
3. Highland Barbarian - Highland Warlord (infantry)
3. Orc Axethrower - Orc Chieftain (shooter)
4. Highland Troll - War Troll (shooter)
4. Orc Shaman - Totem Master (spell caster)
5. Ogre - Ogre Knight (infantry)
5. Roc - War Roc (flyer)
6. Behemoth (infantry)
with two choises for upgrade:
6+ Ancient Behemoth
6+ Gargantuan

there is no need that we have one creature in only one type of town.

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