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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: About balance
Thread: About balance


posted December 21, 2006 12:03 AM

About balance

Some creatures are simply too weak too be chosen. Equillibris deals with the balance, but in some cases overweaken the stronger ones (genies are now ridiculous compared to nagas). I don't know how too modify stats, but if I could do that I would change some things to get the perfect balance.

Unbalanced creatures:


If you sometimes can discuss how weak harpies and even nagas really are, these guys are above any thoughts inferior to Cyclopes. I don't know if any player that have played more than one game ever have taken them over Cyclopes. They are simply a bad joke. Equillibris tries to transform them to a spellcasting unit, with I think is bad because such units does not fit into Stronghold.


Increase HP to 100 (+15)
Increase speed to 6 (+2)
Increase Attack to 20 (+2)
Increase Defence to 18 (+2)
Increase minimum damage to 15 (+3)
Give them the "No Retaliation" speciality
Decrease their Mana to 4 (-2)

This will make them to an excellent melee unit. However, remember that Might needs stronger units because of its lack of a mage guild. I want to change the Cyclopes stats a little too.


Decrease HP to 90 (-5)
Increase cost to 850 gold (+100)
Give them 50% magic immunity

The magic immunity is necessary for fighting against Order which often crushes Might too easily.

Final stats:

Ogre Magi

Health: 100
Damage: 15-18
Population: 6
Cost: 350 Gold
Shots: N/A
Mana: 4
Attack: 20
RangeAtt: N/A
Defence: 18
RangeDef: 16
Speed: 6
Movement: 6
AdvMove: 19

Specials: Cast bloodlust, No Retaliation


Health: 90
Damage: 12-18
Population: 3
Cost: 850 Gold
Shots: 8
Mana: N/A
Attack: 15
RangeAtt: 30
Defence: 24
RangeDef: 24
Speed: 4
Movement: 7
AdvMove: 21

Specials: Ranged, Area Attack, 50% magic resistance


I personally think they are too underrated. However, it is true that genies spells makes them much stronger. Equillibris makes genies ridiculous compared to nagas.


Increase nagas maximum damage to 25 (+3) and minimum damage to 19 (+5)
Increase nagas population to 5 (+1)
Increase nagas attack to 28 (+6)
Increase nagas speed to 8 (+1)
Increase nagas cost to 950 gold (+100)
Decrease nagas HP to 75 (-15)
Give nagas the ability "Multiple attack".

This would certainly make nagas a fairy strong unit of their own. Genies should also have their stats altered.


Decrease their growth to 5 (-1)
Increase their cost to 650 gold (+100)
Decrease their HP to 45 (-15)
Remove the Song of Peace spell
Give them the Chaos Ward spell
Give them the Nature Ward spell

Now, they won't be too strong, but still an effective force in the army.

Final stats:


Health: 75
Damage: 19-25
Population: 5
Cost: 950
Shots: N/A
Mana: N/A
Attack: 28
RangeAtt: N/A
Defence: 22
RangeDef: 22
Speed: 8
Movement: 6
AdvMove: 20

Specials: No retaliation, Multiple attack


Health: 45
Damage: 9-12
Population: 5
Cost: 650 Gold
Shots: N/A
Mana: 24
Attack: 10
RangeAtt: N/A
Defence: 18
RangeDef: 18
Speed: 6
Movement: 10
AdvMove: 25
Killing XP: 105

Specials: Flying, Spellbook(Cowardice, Create Illusion, Ice Bolt, Mirth, Slow, Chaos ward and Nature ward)


Nomads should not be weakened here, because of the weakness of Might. However, harpies need to be strengthen a little.


Remove useless pre-requites for both Harpy peak and Nomad tent
Increase its maximum damage to 7 (+2)
Increase population to 9 (+1)
Increase HP to 30 (+6)

Final stats:

Health: 30
Damage: 4-7
Population: 9
Cost: 110 Gold
Shots: N/A
Mana: N/A
Attack: 16
RangeAtt: N/A
Defence: 15
RangeDef: 15
Speed: 5
Movement: 12
AdvMove: 28


Same thing here, no need to weaken medusas.


Increase maximum damage to 12 (+2) and minimum damage to 8 (+3)
Increase population to 7 (+1)
Increase HP to 43 (+5)
Decrease cost to 180 gold (-50)
Give it the Live ward ability

This would be enough to counter the medusas excellent stats and specials.

Final stats:

Health: 38
Damage: 8-12
Population: 7
Cost: 180 gold
Shots: N/A
Mana: N/A
Attack: 16
RangeAtt: N/A
Defence: 15
RangeDef: 15
Speed: 6
Movement: 6
AdvMove: 19

Specials: Block, Live ward

Minor changes:

Only skeletons should be raised with necromancy
Vampires should get -1 population
The raise Vampire spell should be disabled entirely
Mages should get the raise skeleton spell exchanged for raise ghost spell.
Mages should get 20 HP (+4)
Mages should get 24 Mana (+8)
The Titans should get their attack raised to 36 (+2)
The Thunderbirds should get their HP raised to 200
The Behemoths should get their Attack raised to 38 (+2)
Create illusion should be counted as a level 3 spell

Is my ideas good or plain stupid? What do you think?


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