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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: Here is a weird and unknown(?) tip-H2
Thread: Here is a weird and unknown(?) tip-H2

Known Hero
Sailor of the open seas
posted March 29, 2007 02:30 AM

Here is a weird and unknown(?) tip-H2

i discovered this tip by accident after spending thousands hour in HoMM2.I haven't seen it yet nowhere in the web.If u too know this tip just let me know.

Well when u 're in a scenario clik in the Kingdom Summary(right botom of the screen)then clik in the option Towns/Castles and press 1 button of the num-pad(only in the num-pad).After u did that they are revealled some of the enemies towns.Clik in one enemy town and then u can do whatever u want.U can just delete the enemy troopers or if there isn't any enemy hero inside the castle u can hire a hero and make the town yours!!(if u hire a hero to make the castle yours u must first go outside the caste and re-enter).
Note:This tip works better after had been played some days in the scenario.
Pretty usefull ehh!!?
I don't like cheats but i'm happy to discover it on my own!

I think we aren't in Kansas anymore Toto

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