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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Mind games
Thread: Mind games

Legendary Hero
my common sense is tingling!
posted December 07, 2007 12:29 PM
Edited by bixie at 21:49, 11 Dec 2007.

Mind games

heres an idea...

you play as a psychic soldier in a war of minds, were you need to get inside an enemies minds and allow them to join your cause, by helping them defeat their demons, live their nightmares, conquer their inner turmoil!

this is 2036, the era of the mind, enter the ruins of London, to participate in... THE MIND GAMES!

now allow me to come back to reality for a second and tell you how the game will actually work.

in this game you will control a psychic who can enter someones mind using a mind door. you just need to throw it onto the targets forehead, but whether it opens or not is up to the person who controls the target. once it does, you will be able to enter their mind into a whole new world.

as you can probably guess, this is a RPG version of the game Psychonauts. but inside of being set in whispering rock summer camp, this takes place in the ruins of London. being one of the first cities to train Psychics, London built a sizable army of Psychic soldiers (over the 100 mark that other countries had built) on its own. when the Mind War began, London looked like it would emerge victorious. however, anti-psychic terrorists, the A.M.P.S (Anti mental probing sector) set bombs through out the city, blowing many people to match sticks, and greatly weakening London's defenses. this allowed for a rich businessman, Mr D l usion, to use it to host a reality Tv competition for Psychics, the Mind Games. The objective is to help the most amount of psychics achieve inner clarity and get them on your side.

the life of a Psychic isn't an easy one. despite having truly amazing powers, they were ridiculed, rejected and despised through out their life. by the time they reach the Mind Games, they will always have personal demons inside, of past experiences that they can't forget. in order to get further in the contest, opponents must get inside the psychic's mind and conquer these personal demons in order for the psychic to join them.

psychic powers are wide and varied, often molded from the characters own attitude to life. For example, a Psychic artist might be able to hypnotize a person using a shape and colour, or a Psychic who used to be a wrestler might have a move called "Headlock" where people can't perform psychic powers because their mind is blocked by a man in a wrestlers costume. many powerful psychic powers need to use a medium in order to act.

just as Psychic powers reflect the characters personality, their mind will reflect their personality, along with their problems. taking the artist and an example, his mind might be a huge gallery of paintings, of different moments in his life, but there is always a large critic who constantly rips them off as rubbish. you will have to defeat this inner demon in order to get this psychic as an ally. however, if you get killed by an enemy in their mind, you are driven out of the psychics mind. this is a chance to really express your characters through their mind state, and how they let their ideas and feelings around the world. a controlled person might have it all compressed into a single shape, but be as touching as you like, like into the shape of a flower, as his mother died and she was a florist. upsetting things is all part of this Role-play, and emotional baggage comes into it often. Figments of the imagination can also feature, were small snapshots of the persons life will flash in front of the invader Psychics vision.

the character creation sheet is pretty simple

origin: this is to explain your characters birthplace, age and family
occupation: what your character does as a living, apart from being a psychic.
biography: a brief history of the character, including interests, and experiences that were important or significant for them.
Psychic powers: this is to explain what psychic ownage you can dish out. you are only allowed two powers, and anything beyond spoon bending must use a medium in order to work.
mind state: what your characters mind is like. the mind state is generally a place to walk around in, were alot of the battles will take place. this is one of the most important parts of the RPG, so be a imaginative as you like.
strengths: what is good about your character.
weaknesses: what your character is weak at.

an example (not my character, so you can use him if you want)

Mr D L usion

name: Darius Lombard Usion

gender: male

origin: born in York, 1994, to a powerful business family, his father was a miser and his mother was a con artist, no recorded siblings.

occupation: head of Dlusion industries, which sponsors the Mind Games. though he rarely intervenes, he acts on the publics behalf if they want a contestant to be pulled out.

biography: Darius's life has been a constant struggle against the world, using every trick in the book to get what he wanted, from blackmail to murder. a new Machiavelli, Darius was a master schemer, who married a woman first for her wealth and then for her body.

psychic powers: Darius is a "Psychic black hole". when someone enters his mind, they quickly find themselves disappearing from existance. if they don't make it out, then they find themselves destroyed.

mind state: Darius's mind state seems to be a utopian place, lots of colourful flowers, happy children, laughing people. but, as you venture into his mind, his evil side makes itself more present. unlike other minds, Darius only allows one exist, a small door in the foulest depths of his mind, which makes it almost impossible to escape.

strengths: Darius's wealth and Charisma are strong points, as well as his psychic black hole mind. another one of this strong points is his incredible intelligence, in scientific, scheming, humanitarian or geographical matters.

weaknesses: the major flaw for Darius is his inability to trust anyone, so he is unable to confide in anyone. also, his psychic powers only work if his mind is entered, otherwise he is useless. this is why is accompanied by his bodyguard, sniffles.

create your characters, and join in the game that really does go...mental!

edit: is this idea really that bad?
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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The Nothingness
posted December 09, 2007 06:13 PM
Edited by wog_edn at 18:14, 09 Dec 2007.

Since none seem to take initiative I do it and join

Name: Dace

Gender: Male

Origin: Born in Denmark. 23 years old. No family.

Occupation: Spy. Using his powers to get into the victims head and find the information that's needed.

Biography: Dace were born by parents that didn't care. They left him with an uncle, an alcoholic. In an age of 15 he had been thought by a psychic how to control minds, and made his parents kill each other. Because of his hard childhood he lost faith in humanity, and started to care for none but himself. A few has been able to touch his feelings, he pushed them away and cut all contact with them within short time. After that he continued his training as a psychic, and learned how to fight with the mind instead of body.

Psychic powers: He can look into other minds to see what they are thinking, and even their experiences through their life. The more advanced and complex a mind is, the more time and power he must use to penetrate the layers and get into them.
He can also, after a mental fight, and against none stronger than himself, take control over a person. If he focuses enough, and fight into the center of the persons mind he can control the person and make him/her do whatever he wish. But when he control another person, he cannot see, hear or feel himself, so it makes him very vulnerable.

Mind state: He used several years to make his mind as complex as possible. He made several layers those who want to use him has to penetrate, and when someone first touches his mind, his defenses rices. He will also feel the contact, and use his psychic powers to resist the attack. He is a cold person, and cares for no one. Therefor there is nothing a person can find there that person can use against him to torture him into madness by the sights.

Strengths: Strong psychical powers, which he started training early. He is also fit, and can use physical strength if it is needed. Although his specialty is either to read minds or control them.

Weaknesses: When he uses his powers he won't be able to see, hear or feel. Unless he break the contact with the person anyone can hurt him while he uses his powers.

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Known Hero
posted December 09, 2007 08:20 PM
Edited by texcaboose at 04:02, 10 Dec 2007.

ill join up.

name: First=Frank///Last=Unknown


origin: 18 years of age. Born in the little town of Garnet, Nevada [Population=200] -family killed by him.

biography: went to school until age of 12, then stopped to work on failing family farm. Got job at gas station at age 15. normal life until he was 16, when the store he was working at was victim of an armed robber. He was shot in the head, and was assumed to be dead by the robbers, whom turned their attention away from him. They were both suddenly in an abandoned warehouse, where they were tortured and killed by the boy they had thought they killed.

Psychic powers: His Powers include making illusions that his victims see[and feel the effects of] that aren't really happening. Often involves toying with the person, then torturing them until death is asked for, . he has the ability to gain control over certain body parts of people through the use of hurting himself for example, slight cut of arm will allow him to take control over his enemies arm.

mind state: Insane, Both suicidal, and homicidal. Gets pleasure from nothing except the pain of others and himself. often uses torturous devices on himself to relieve the painful memories of the men, women, and children he caused to beg for death. Hears the tortured cries of anguish from all those he has slain in the past.
He thinks that helping others can somehow calm his own demons...

strengths: physically powerful and highly tolerant of pain due to constant self torture. Illusions can ruin a persons mind, causing them to go insane, or help them to clear problems...

weaknesses: lack of self control[almost never stops torture until death of enemy], constant guilt

EDIT: is that what you mean by using a medium?

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Legendary Hero
my common sense is tingling!
posted December 09, 2007 10:45 PM
Edited by bixie at 19:19, 14 Dec 2007.

ok, here's my contestant

name: Eddie Donnington

gender: male

origin: born in york, 2014, age 22, parents and brother, both supporting him in the contest.

occupation: Roadie and musician.

(sam Totman from dragonforce is who most looks like Eddie)

Biography: Eddie's first big success as a musician came when he was the lead for "Wyrmchord" a heavy metal band from york. he, his friends Axel, Marisa, jasmine and Steven, toured around the UK, doing a number of gigs, playing as a group, wowing the crowd with eddie's psychic powers and their music, all of them having a great time.
then, disaster struck, a record company spokesman wanted to sign them up, as long as they played songs the company wrote for them. Whilst Eddie was up for it, the others were not. Eddie did a gig on his own, as was bottled offstage. he fell into deep depression, and whilst his friends tried to comfort him, Eddie felt he was a sellout. he then learned of the mid games, thinking that this would be a great distraction until his next suicide attempt.

Psychic powers: Eddie is a very much a medium psychic, possessing amazing powers, but can only use them through his guitar.
Dissonance- Eddie hits a sharp notes, reverberating through a persons mind, scrambling their brain temporarily. if this performed in the real world, the enemy stands still for second, and if performed in a mindstate, the world temporarily melts around Eddie.
Epic Solo- Eddie employs a kind of hypnosis using his guitar as a bases. as long as his solo goes on, Eddie can command them by singing verses telling them what he wants them to do.

mind state: Eddie's mind is a massive gig. he is back stage, giving guitars out to a massive Camp hair metal musician, saying "i can't play any more, its that guy on stage because they don't want me" and so on. the invader psychic must travel to four different rooms scattered around the place, inside going to a different place, reflecting what kind of music they listened too, which is playing in the background. in there, they will find a former member of Eddie's band, Marisa in a Gothic castle (opera metal), Axel on a huge highway (thrash and speed metal), Steven in a tribal village (tribal metal), and Jasmine performing solos of a high mountain (power metal). they will ask you to return their instruments (guarded by their darker sides) to them (Axel=bass, Marisa=drumsticks, Steven=rhythm guitar, Jasmine=electric guitar) after you have gotten everyone back Eddie, he will gain enough confidence to confront his sellout alter-ego.

Strengths: Eddie is strong, charismatic, and an excellent musician. he is also pretty good in a fight, able to smash his Guitar over someones head if all else fails. also, his Psychic barriers can be particularly difficult to break.

weaknesses: Eddie trusts far too easily, and is hurt when betrayed. also, his psychic powers rely on his guitar, if he doesn't have than, he falls prey to other psychics far too easily. also, not everyone likes his music, making him even more depressed. his mindstate has a pretty small amount in the way of censors.

Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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Legendary Hero
my common sense is tingling!
posted December 14, 2007 07:20 PM
Edited by bixie at 22:17, 17 Dec 2007.

good work so far

@ wog_edn and Texcaboose: nice work, but i should have stated early what i wanted, its all up on the master post, so if you could change it to fit the masterpost's recommendation.
@wog_edn: Dace is a good character, but they all have the power to enter peoples mind, using mind-doors for the games, so thats why i have done all the stuff about mind state.
@texcaboose: the mental powers are limited to two, so illusions might be one, but something beyond spoon bending needs a medium (a action or inanimate object in order to use your powers through, like Eddie's guitar. the cutting yourself to control the body part of an enemy is a good idea) to use it through. possibly painting, or playing cards?

if anyone is reading this, please submit characters! the more the merrier!
if people are having trouble with ideas, there are some:
-a Psychic policeman who can slow down time and practices Kendo a lot
-an Acrobat who can use levitation to move around and has a phobia of clowns.
-a historian who can see and objects memory and dream of viking raids.
-a journalist who can use telekinesis and is a conspiracy theorist.
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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