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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Mind games- RP
Thread: Mind games- RP

Legendary Hero
my common sense is tingling!
posted January 04, 2008 09:27 PM

Mind games- RP

Eddie looked around, he was currently in the bombed-out remains of the "Fabric" night club. He knew that he might be attacked at any moment from an enemy psychic, and if he was, then he would have to fend them off. He shifted his grip of the guitar, ready to unleash a sharp note and dissonance the poor sod into the next Glastonbury.

Suddenly something sprang right in front of him. He ducked and rolled out of the way, pointing his guitar head like a gun, trained on the individual, fingers hovering over the fret for the sharp note.

The person wasn't hard to spot, in the way it isn't hard to stop an elephant in a supermarket. he was dressed as a Christian priest, a bible in his hand, with a reverend's collar. Eddie knew who it was, Enrico Di vaini, priest psychic from the Vatican, with a violent streak to boot. he had the power of teleportation, not only to teleport himself, but to teleport others and other objects. Eddie prepared to fire his first sonic blast.

"if you could go on holiday," Enrico said, calmly and confidently, "where would you like to go?"

Eddie stared at him incredulously, was the man high. he thought about going to Oslo in Norway, but then remembered, anyone who stepped out of London would be eliminated, obviously enrico was trying to knock him out the contest. he reacted a second too late, as a large piece of rubble crashed down next to him. he looked up as another object appeared into the air and fell down. Enrico must be teleporting them over him, letting gravity to the rest.  Eddie dodged a fourth piece of debree and unleashed his sharp note.

Enrico clutched his head, flinching. Eddie took the opertunity, and hurled his mind-door onto the priests for head. running, he positioned himself in front of the teleporting reverend and let his astral porjection into Enricos mind. the door was open for a bit, then it snapped shut, catapulting Eddie into the mad priests head.
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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