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Heroes Community > Age of Heroes Coliseum > Thread: ICTC 3: The Laboratory (2/2)
Thread: ICTC 3: The Laboratory (2/2)

Legendary Hero
Back from the Dead
posted March 24, 2008 07:56 AM bonus applied by kookastar on 30 Apr 2008.
Edited by Daystar at 00:10, 25 Mar 2008.

ICTC 3: The Laboratory (2/2)

Here's the second half!

The Laboratory, or the Witches


Veela Effects:


Racial Skill:

This is an explanation of a new concept prevalent in the game:

Also, some new spells (these add onto the existing schools, some of which are modified)

For a full understanding, see The Den, part one of this entry.
How exactly is luck a skill?

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Legendary Hero
my common sense is tingling!
posted March 24, 2008 09:26 AM

your two factions are very comendable, Daystar, absolutely wonderful.

he he, the Scholar has an emo fringe!
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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Undefeatable Hero
Chaos seeking Harmony
posted March 25, 2008 09:31 AM

Wish I could judge this one for ya Daystar, but unfortunately work sucks and I can't see anything you put here. Knowing you, however, top notch all the way.
Message received.

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Famous Hero
posted March 27, 2008 06:15 PM

Cohesiveness: 9 / 10 points I see where you're trying to go woth this one, but some choices still make few sense even if collecting races from left and right through time justifies essentially the presence of everything.

Imagination: 13 / 15 points I liked the basic idea, it reminded a lot of Ultimecia's Castle from Final Fantasy VIII. Unfortunately, after the start you start getting lost, and the themes (witchcraft and space-time manipulation) start feeling less and less involved. Note how some of your abilites also could have been pulled off without necessarily linking to time magic.

Back story: 9 / 10 points as your previous work, there's enough of a summarized backstory which makes easy to know the faction with little effort.

Battle facets: 7 / 10 points not by far the care you put into the Den. Most things (including the racial) are scattered and uncoherent and fail to form a trademark gameplay. There is some attention to the battle facets, but something way better was possible, coming out of you.

Discretionary: 4 / 5 points usual effort, and I liked how the work started (if not how it ended up). Still pales in comparison to the Den.

Overall Score: 41/50

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Known Hero
Proud Kappa
posted March 27, 2008 07:24 PM

Cohesiveness: 9/10 (do someone really need cohesiveness when travelling in time with all of the paradoxes belonging to those journeys? So there is not really much to loose for you)

Imagination: 14/15 (I see very good ideas in your whole concept)

Back story: 8/10 (as far as stories about time went)

Battle facets: 8/10 (interesting strategies possible but could be more versatile, creative racial, but some open questions about creature specials remain)

Discretionary: 2/5 (for the athmosphere)


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Adventuring Hero
posted March 30, 2008 03:01 PM

The Laboratory part two

Cohesiveness(3+3)=6 The mix of units seems to me somehow like an omnium gatherum, but it ties with your vision
Imagination(5+3+5)=13 Again very creative and fairly original, but still you copied most things from Heroes 5
Back Story(3+3)=6 Sadly the history of this faction is not nearly as depth as the one of the Den
Battle Facets(4+4)=8 And again a good concept, but the time theme could have been used better

Discretionary: +4 for in-depth description, campaign, microfactions, and spells

Total Score=37

How I graded these:
Cohesiveness (Internal Coherence [1-5]+HoMM Compatibility [1-5])
Imagination (Creativity [1-5]+Innovations [1-5]+Originality[1-5])
Back Story (How well it expands on one of the HoMM universes [1-5]+How interesting it was to me [1-5])
Battle Facets (Variety [1-5]+Inventive Aspects [1-5])
Discretionary (Bonus for exceptional efforts[1-5])

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Legendary Hero
able to speed up time
posted April 12, 2008 06:26 AM

The Laboratory:


Cohesiveness:4/10 Floating through the void? more like floating through the Incongruous.
Imagination:13/15 hmm, I wonder if you made a faction out of all your leftover 3D mannequins
Back story:7/10 Nice imagery, like "Time Bandits"
Battle facets:8/10 cradle robbers is clever, other interesting stuff too.
Discretionary: 5/5 Microfactions, hey I already thought of that.  +1 for using my idea



Cohesiveness: 8 - some loose links between ideas {faeries and timelords, why not I guess }
Imagination/creativity/originality/wow factor: 13
Back story: 9
Battle facets: 9 – cool ideas
Discretionary: 5
Total: 44


Cohesiveness(max 10) : 9
Creativity (max 10): 10
Backstory (max 10): 10
Battle Facets (max 15): 12
additional (max 5): 5

homm to the max… there are minor issues with each of the sections such as long reading but it is all awesome…

Total (max 50):46

Guest Judge's Score : 39.67 (Judges grades are weighed differently depending on how many factions they graded)
Judges Score: (37 + 44 + 46) / 3 = 42.33

Final Score: 41.00

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