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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: Modification Dictionary
Thread: Modification Dictionary

Known Hero
posted April 14, 2008 03:37 PM
Edited by pause at 15:48, 14 Apr 2008.

Modification Dictionary

I found that when I was beginning to add effects to creatures, I could have really used a list of definitions relating to all the language that goes on in the data.pak files.

File Types
*(ParticleInstance).xdb = defines anims and effects and their relations to the creatures model.
*.dds = texture/skin
*(Particle).xdb =
*.(effects).xdb = links one or more effects (ParticleInstance)
to the creature.

Arena files - defines the actions taken on the battlefield
Happy - When the creature cheers
idle - when the creature is.. well.. idle
death - when the creature dies
hit - when the creature gets hit (but doesn't die)
move - when the creature moves (walk/fly/teleport) without attacking
range attack - when the creature shoots (if applicable)
attack - when the creature attacks
specability - when the creature performs it's special ability (if any)
stir - secondary idle movement
(animset) - links all the animation files together

Known Bone names

Particle Postions
<x>0</x> = Left-/+Right of creature
<y>0</y> = Tall-/+Short of creature
<z>0</z> = Front-/+Back of creatures
<x>0</x> =
<y>0</y> =
<z>0</z> =
<w>1</w> =

<x>0</x> = Longitude
<y>0</y> = Latitude

When transferring effects, I noticed that on some creatures, seem to have the same informations split into more files than others, for example, the firedragons idle00(particleinstance).xdb and idle00(particle).xdb contains information that is completely covered in the the imp's one idle00(effects).xdb file.  but i do beleive it is this line in the imp file that causes all that:

<Particle href="#n:inline(Particle)" id="item_e37fcf13-6346-4ab0-befd-8c751920ac86">

The "inline(particle) must mean to the system to look for the (Particle) file within the ParticleInstance file.

I'm sure this list will get long, but I think it's worth it.  If you have anything you would like to add or correct, please post.  I intend to edit this original post many many many times.

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Supreme Hero
posted April 15, 2008 12:30 AM
Edited by Gnoll_Mage at 00:30, 15 Apr 2008.

Are you sure you've got x, y and z the right way round (I could've sworn z was up/down, but I could well be wrong)?

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