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Heroes Community > Other Games Exist Too > Thread: Online games
Thread: Online games

Supreme Hero
posted September 03, 2008 09:34 PM
Edited by Guarder at 10:16, 06 Sep 2008.

Online games

I think everybody here know some good webgames side, but i will try to make one here I will post a pic of a game, with the link under it and some notes about them and how good they are bad 1-6 good.

Sport/dancing/vechiles, etc.:

Michael Jackson Dance

Play Michael JacksonDance
Description: Use the arrow keys to make Michael Dance to his songs. click the arrow keys when the respective arrow are  in the middle of these lines.

My grade: 3+
My notes: Pretty fun, but after a while it get boring. Same songs everytime, and you must start all over again if you lose.


Play Onekey
Description: Click to activate the trampolines and make the Indian jump on platforms or over spikes.

My grade: 3
My notes: Not my style of game. Much waiting, which make it boring, imo, but is much more hectic later in the game.

Knuckle Heads

Play Knuckle Heads
Descirption: Move the two heads with the arrow keys. up and down to zoom in and out the chain and laft and right to move. Only purple head can kill purple enemies ang green can only kill green ones. Lava is dangerous as normal.

My grade: 5-
My Notes: Pretty fun actually. Great that you can start on each level you have played instead of starting on the first level again. A little more level perhaps and someone more harder, while other easier. A game deffinetly worth to play.


Play Boombot
Description: It's pretty easy, click to use bombs to send the robot into goal. Hold the mouse button down to make the bomb bigger andd it gets much stronger.

My grade: 4
My Notes: Somewhat fun game acually. Nice with unlimited bombs mode, but it is pretty challenging without it. It's fun, but nothing special, though i never seen a game like this before.

Time killers

Powder game
need java to play

Play Powder Game
Description: left and right click on different objects and put them in the black area. Red square is left click, blue is right. Find out the objects abilities, etc. Move player with arrow keys. It gains the element which you have right clicked on. Use that element with down button.

My Grade: 5
My Notes: This is addective If you have tried it, you'll know what i mean. There are pretty many things to do woth this little sandbox. make volcanoes, lasers, scenarios, etc.

World hardest game 2

Play Worlds hardest game 2
Description: Move the red box to the green field with tha arrow keys (not the one that you start on). Evade thos blue circles and collect the coins to go to next level.

My grade: 4+
My Notes: a very hard game with many levels. Maybe not the hardest game in the world, i don't know, but it is one of them.


Play Avalanche
Description: Move the white box with the arrow keys and don't be squished by those falling objects or taken by the lava. Remember you can use wall jump.

My Grade: 6-
My notes: Wow, this is a really great game. i admit that i thought it was boring until a friend showed me it's awsomeness. It's deffinetly a game worth to try. Only - is that the only point is to come to the never ending top, even it's so fun that i even don't mind.




Play Gemcraft
Description: A little advanced to learn in the beginning, but turns out to be pretty easy after a little time. Buy gems and combine them and put them on the towers.

My grade: 5
My Notes: A very good tower defense game. Tons of levels+secret levelsOnly bad thing is that some of the epic bosses are a little to hard, while many of the last levels become pretty easy, becouse of the last skill.

Age of War

Play Age of War
Description: Build units for the money you gain while you kill the others units. When you get enough experience, you can upgrade to a new age. Build catapults into your fortress, or canons when you have advanced so far.

My grade: 4
My Notes: I like the music. The start is somewhat challenging, specially when the AI upgrades long before you can. However it gets very weak in the ending. It's easy to take it down then, when you are in the space age. Nice with abilities, but i'm not sure if the AI have them, with is less challenging. But it's pretty fun actually.

Nominated by Mamgaeater

Play protector
Description: A tower defense game. Put wizards or soldiers on thos un-rocked patch of earth and shoot down the enemies. It's maybe a little hard to understand, so a first-timer should use the tutorial.

My Grade: 5

Bloons Tower Defense 3

Play Bloons Tower Defense 3
Description: Put out monkeys, catapults, canons, etc. on the map and let them shoot the bloons.

My Grade: 5
My notes: Another Tower Defense. But there is many great tower defense games. It is pretty cool with many maps, but becomes a bit moring because the waves are the same on every map. Also you don't need that much items on the map if someones is place well.

Nomitated by Adrius

Play Chronotron
Description: Move this cute little robot around with the arrow keys. Enter the time pod with space. Collect those green items and return to the time pod. You need to help yourself, so you need to do the help first, enter the timepod and THEN collect the green item. You can make multiple clones of yourself

My Grade: 5-
My notes: Cool, remember i played this some time ago. It's pretty fun and you need to use your brain much. You need to think detailed what to do.

I will update this later.
Feel free to post any online games here or discuss anyone here, or someone you posts

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Legendary Hero
Shroud, Flying, Trample, Haste
posted September 04, 2008 09:15 PM

i nominated protector at armor games
Protection From Everything.

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Undefeatable Hero
Stand and fight!
posted September 04, 2008 09:19 PM


One of my favourite games, even though I'm not especially good at it

Puzzle game with Time altering!

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Supreme Hero
UHU!! supreme!
posted September 05, 2008 05:12 AM

link for michael jackson's is for the image no for the game
Dig Out Your Soul

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Supreme Hero
posted September 05, 2008 08:58 PM

Thanks everybody. Will update soon

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Undefeatable Hero
Stand and fight!
posted September 07, 2008 09:57 PM
Edited by Adrius at 22:49, 07 Sep 2008.

Hey, I'd like to nominate this game, one of the best flash game I've played so far

Fancy Pants World 2

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