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Heroes Community > MapHaven Guild > Thread: Ummm...Sandro is ridiculous
Thread: Ummm...Sandro is ridiculous

Hired Hero
posted October 11, 2008 02:25 AM

Ummm...Sandro is ridiculous

So I am on part 3 of Sandro's campaign...just dinking around now....

Expert Necromancy
Expert Sorcery
Expert Earth Magic
Expert Air Magic
Expert Archery
Expert Logistics
Expert Wisdom
Expert Diplomacy

lol...considering I am getting Power Liches from the corpses...its kinda of silly...and to make matters more hilarious...I have Dimension Door...

My question though...is my ridicously overpowered Sandro going to be exactly like this when I play against him the next campaigns?


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Supreme Hero
Allez allez allez
posted October 11, 2008 01:13 PM

No, he will have a random selection of primary and secondary skills (this is because the 'placeholder' hero can go to the next scenario, but it can't go to the next campaign). Chances are that Sandro will be weaker, but you'll also play with him in the next campaign, not only against.
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