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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: A totally unabriged, unbiased almanac of HC
Thread: A totally unabriged, unbiased almanac of HC

Supreme Hero
A leaf in the river of time
posted February 05, 2009 02:30 AM
Edited by Miru at 05:26, 07 Feb 2009.

A totally unabriged, unbiased almanac of HC

*Thread under construction*
Volume One boring
Volume Two also boring
Volume Three also boring

Volume Four - The Volcanic Wastelands
Appendix I History
In the begging there was a collection of spam scattered across the Fora, with no organization to it. Our Lord, Valeriy knew that spam must have order, so he opened a wastelands - Forum Number 9 - for it. It was there that the spam was sent, and there that it thrived.
[More pages are missing
And then the DragonSlayer called the three headed monster a "tosser" for tossing out spam, and soon enough "tosser" was the description people used for jesting spammers.
a huge gap of pages are missing, including the legace of TheUltimateMale, the majority of the Tosser Era, something about placentas, and other important events, right up to, ironically, where Miru joined
The age of tossers had ended, and only mention of this past was left. Soon enough Valeriy added extra poll options, increasing the number from 2 to 10. Mvassilev, a young and eager spammer of the time started his visions. In his polls he included redundant options with only the word "Namus". Soon enough word got around that he was to be the god of spam. His word, along with his prophet, and his ham sandwiches soon spread.
More pages are missing
At the end of the 05 some HyDrA brought the first signs of the reckoning: word of an contest to create a town. Soon enough this "International Create a Town Contest" was spreading. Everyone had an idea for a new faction. Ideas clogged the Altar, then the only H5 forum. Kookastar, possessed by the demon ICTC was the first three pages of "Todays Posts". Valeriy caged the monster in the Colosseum, but the darker lord ICTC remains active to this day, heralded by the FriendOfGunnar who sold his soul to him.
many more missing pages
And while TnTina searched for the worlds sexiest woman, many new people were learning to be mature. Suddenly Pandora decided to leave us for an inferior pass time - doggsleddering. Suddenly the VW was unmoderated for days at a time

Appendix II Games
Throughout the ages the VW has been host to many game threads. Here is an absolutely complete list of every game ever hosted:
Dumb Question Dumb Answer. People take turns answering the previous hen asking a new dumb question.
TPAM. Insult or comment on The Person Above Me
Word Transformation. Take the word from the previous post and add, subtract, or change one letter to make a new one.
One Word At A Time Story. Participants add to a story adding one word at a time.
What Are You Listening To Now? A very hard game where you must say what you are listening to now, oddly enough.
K. k.
I'm Leaving / I'm Back. Post a thread, leave for two days, and decide to come back.
Quote Pyramids. Quite the person before you until the quotes stack into a pyramid.
Blank Post. Post a really long blank post. (I was the first to discover the posting character limit.)
Song Remix. rewrite the lyrics to a song so it features HC. Started my "I'm too sexy for HC" by Val.
Word Association. Say the first word you think of upon reading the previous word.
This or That. Simeon posts two things and you pick. Then you post two things.
Daily Chat. Exported to the tavern? This is Madness!!
Hey, ____, Read this!!. Apparently very popular Fall 05.
____... Is it NEEDED ??? These threads - are they needed?

Volumes 5 + also also boring

Feel free to add. I'm filling in more as people comment, I remember, and I have time. Only VW stuff for now, and when that's done, we can do the boring stuff. This is going to take a while, so if it sucks now, well to bad. I, like, commas,.
I wish I were employed by a stupendous paragraph, with capitalized English words and expressions.

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Omnipresent Hero
Alone in the Forest
posted February 05, 2009 09:04 AM

Volume Four also boring.
Mind the gap between your mind and reality.

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Undefeatable Hero
Unimpressed by your logic
posted February 05, 2009 09:58 AM

What that with the Eyesonre font?
Coincidence? I think not!!!!

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