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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: Stack experience discussion
Thread: Stack experience discussion

Legendary Hero
fallen artist
posted October 01, 2010 01:09 PM
Edited by Warmonger at 09:40, 02 Oct 2010.

Stack experience discussion

Soon I'll start implementing native support for stack experience in VCMI, which I believe is quite interesting for some of you. Since it's not a feature of original game, some modifications may be possible. I've got a number of questions and dilemmas about this one,:

1. In WoG, there were eight experience-based special abilities avaliable. In VCMI, all abilities are threated equal and randomly ordered by the Bonus System. I know it may be an issue with some objects like Emerald Tower or palace of Dreams incarnations, which give very specific ability to the specific slot.
On the other hand, there is currently no limit of how many and what type abilities to give - this is how the engine is designed.

The question is, should I strive to recreate exactly eight exp-based slots, or leave them free and make some of the existing scripts work different in the future (which doesn't mean they can't work at all).

2. Units casting spells. In Wog, a legion of Arch Liches with this ability enabled could still do only 33 (iirc) damage via Death Ripple. While this might have some tactical potential, looks ridiculous when Ice Elementals do the same with Ice Bolt. I would like spellpower scale linearly with stack size same as for Faerie Dragons, unless moders decide different.

3. Warlord's banner. As yet, it's the only artifact that can be beared by armies. Engine is going to have support for stack artifacts of other types. In WoG unit can carry four artifacts at once, so it may lead to conflict. How to resolve it?
Also, an icon for unequipping banner in stack window would be welcome.

4. Interface. Right-clicking many times to get through stack experience dialogs is tiring. We're looking for someone willing to redesign them, preferably incorporate into existing creature window. remember - everything you draw, we can code.
Skill icons are fine, short skill descriptions are not. I'm hoping to dispaly all exp-based sills in one column with nice font and horizontal scroll. However, some actual project would be helpful.

Original font and golden frame taken from adventure map are also awful. Please, make something better.

5. Is it ok to display stack rank in its name (Novice, Ace Infernal Troglodytes etc.) in every window it appears?

6. YES, it will be possible to disable completely.

I would like to hear your opinion, guys.

The future of Heroes 3 is here!

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Omnipresent Hero
Wog refugee
posted October 01, 2010 01:32 PM

Any shortcuts to avoid tedious multi-clicks are welcome. Also in my opinion, the focus should be on compatibility with 3.58 100% + adds.
If there is not compatibility then it would be a dead end.
Era II mods and utilities

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