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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Knight of the word OoC
Thread: Knight of the word OoC

Undefeatable Hero
Duke of the Glade
posted December 23, 2010 06:46 AM
Edited by gnomes2169 at 07:19, 23 Dec 2010.

Knight of the Word OoC

So I decided that, since I happen to like reading, and I happen to like RPG's, I would combine the two.

This rpg is (loosely) based on the book series that includes running with the demon and knight of the word.

For the 99.999% of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, here it is.

This place is a both a post-apocalyptic and a pre-apocalyptic earth. How you ask? Because your character is a knight of the Word. as you walk in the waking world, you find yourself fighting more and more cunning demons, who seek to guide the world into the Void through humans.
In your dreams, though, you live another life entirely. In this life, you are cast years into the future, living in a world where you had failed to protect the balance between life and the Void. You live in a world where once-men and Demons rule, cruelly dominating every living human that they come across. Sometimes, you stand upon the barricades of humanity's last stronghold, the city fortresses. Other times, you find yourself alone, without the magic of the Word or the Lady, the one who first gave you this curse, and this blessing.
For in these dreams, you find that you learn information that might, that could possibly, change the way things are. You might find that you are able to fill the role that the Lady entrusted you with, the role that has become your life.
But, even in your success, your work is never done. The world never changed completely and unalterably because of one major event, it has only been changed because of hundreds of smaller events, and your enemy doesn't care if a small collection of these events disappear, it knows that it only has to push humanity so far before humanity picks up the Void's cause for it.
You, and the few others that have shouldered the responsibility, are the only things that stand in between mankind and its own annihilation. You must not fail.

Or, perhaps, you are in fact one of the Demons trying to push the world to the brink of destruction, to have your lord, the Void, stand upon the broken remnants of the foolish knights who decided to stand in your way.
Though you are not as powerful 1v1, 2v1 or 3v1 when compared to a Knight of the Word, you are still winning this war. Why? Because humans seem to want to be destroyed for some odd reason, and you have many other skills that the foolish Knights could only dream of.
Speaking of those "Honorable" glory seeking fools, despite what they believe, they are just as bad as you. Or, at least, they want to be. After so many failures, many knights burn out, and they would make expert converts to your cause.

But then again, you might not care for this at all, or even know about it. You might just be a normal human, or a human with the spark for natural magical talent, caught in the middle of a war you don't understand. You are the prize, you are the goal, you are what many, many innocent lives die for, so that one side or the other may possess little old you.

It is yours to decide, choose wisely.  

If you have any questions, let me know.

Also, since this is my first time making an rp, I'm open to suggestions.
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-Ghost destroying Fred

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Undefeatable Hero
No gods or kings
posted December 23, 2010 10:49 AM

This concept is very fascinating and I definitely would like to be in.

I do have a few questions, becaue I'm unfamiliar with ze concept:

What is the current tech-level? Is this our Earth? If not, could you descrobe us a bit what it looks like?
How do the demons manifest? (appearance, powers... Etc.)
What are the powers of a knight of the word?
How do you run the RPG? Free-form? Or will you tell the story for the most part?
If you have any more questions, go to Dagoth Cares.

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Undefeatable Hero
Elvin's Darkside
posted December 23, 2010 11:04 AM

I remember that EDN had created a RP of similiar concept, but it was very short lived.
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The Nothingness
posted December 23, 2010 12:00 PM

Yeah, pretty much exactly what I based my rp on .. though I chose the Armageddons Children books instead of this. Fantastic books, but I don't think they will do well as a rp since most don't really know anything about the book. And have you even read the books? There are demons far more powerful than knights of the Word .. why do you think they die? Findo Gask, for one.

Also most don't know the magical powers of demons or the knights. You should tell them for instance that demons are "low leveled shapeshifters", that they can take the form of almost anything they choose, but changing the "shell" takes some time except for a few special ones. Demons might have any original form, but most take the form of a human to hide their identity and manipulate people. They can actually take a persons place without that persons friends or family knowing at all. They are also not noticed unless they draw attention to themselves, as they can be almost sortof invisible to those not knowing it's there. This makes it easier for them to control the victims in their intricate plans. Demons were once humans having been turned by the Void, which makes them not true demons. Most demons also selfdestruct early on, as they tend to be unstable and face for instance a knight of the word who destroys them. Demons cannot be killed by normal weapons, though for example a shotgun can destroy the shell they have made themselves to hide ... making them now appear in their natural demon form, and having to remake their shell. The natural form of a demon is most often a rottened black core of the demon.

Magic can be slightly blocked by wearing body armor, though still really effective. Rejecting the black staff might cripple you, like for instance ruin your leg. They all get their staff from O'olish Amaneh, an indian.
Knights are chosen among the bravest of the humans, and will ultimately sacrifice themselves for the greater cause given to them by the Lady. After a knights has used his/hers magic he/she will spend a night dreaming of the future without any means of defense at all. This makes them not use the magic unwisely.

Also, why didn't you mention Feeders? They are a really important part of the books.

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Undefeatable Hero
Duke of the Glade
posted December 23, 2010 05:18 PM
Edited by gnomes2169 at 17:32, 23 Dec 2010.

@wog Huzza! We have another one!

I meant that the knights are stronger in a head to head competition, but I agree, with all of the manipulative powers the demons have, and the ability to fade into the background whenever they feel like it, the demons (Who were once human) can force the knight into a corner where the knight is forced to use his powers until he is completely drained, and the the Demon finishes him.
I also was careful not to mention anything about the actual powers so that I would get some people curious enough about this RP to come here and ask questions.

That being said.
@DagothGares Well, if you hadn't figured out the powers already, here they are.

The earth we are on is almost the same as our own, tec level is about as competent as ours, though in the dream world, everyone who has survived is either a pawn of the Demons, are Demons, are Knights of the Word or are savages who have forgotten how to use everything except weapons (Which are guns, mostly military class weapons.)
It is our earth, but almost everyone is cruel and spiteful, which is a breeding ground for Demons and feeders I'll talk about them later)

The Demons were once human, but they abandoned their mortal flesh to gain immortality and incredible powers. For instance, the shell that they inhabit only is a vessel for the Demon inside, and the Demon can leave this shell if it wants or needs to. While the Demon has no body, it becomes incredibly weak, and vulnerable to any magic. It has no desire except to see the void (Its master) succeed. If the Demon does anything, it is a command or it is a spiteful, cruel act that the demon does on its own to further its master's cause.
Demons can fade into the background, becoming unnoticeable to anyone until they want to interact with a human. They have the ability to project their image across a short distance to protect their shell from potentially dangerous situations, for instance, a woman with a shotgun on her porch, who was once a very powerful magic user. They also have the ability to influence other lesser beings very easily. Wherever a Demon goes, the people that meet it think of it as a friend and ally.
Many of the Demon's abilities are mind effecting. They can cause people to forget them, they can create intense fear in their enemies, and they can infect a certain few humans with magic, eventually making them into Demons as well... If the human survives.

Knights of the Word themselves are just normal humans. But the Lady (or the Word, since they are one and the same) sent O'olish Amaneh to give them a weapon of vast power. These weapons are almost always great black walking sticks, marked with symbols of the Word. The magic in these stave's cores is incredibly potent. It can surround the Knight in an impenetrable field of force, and it can fire of blasts of raw power, decimating any substance that the blast comes in contact with.
This blast usually comes in three forms. The first is from the Knight smashing the staff into someone or something, and this sends fire out of whatever part of the staff hit the unfortunate subject.
The second is a beam like attack that almost vaporizes whatever it comes in contact with. This requires far more power than the first use of magic.
The third ability it has is a dome like AOE attack. It doesn't deal as much damage to the Demons or their minions, but it sends everything around the Knight flying back from him. It also destroys most metals in one shot.
The knight does have limits on his power, though. For one thing, if he uses his magic in the present, when he dreams about the future he will not be able to use it at all for a day or so.
The second limitation is that the knight cannot cast his stave away without severe consequences. He accepted the responsibility, and now he has to live with it and do what he was called to do until the day he dies. To break that pact, the Knight has to suffer for the rest of his life. This comes in the shape of some deformity or crippling wound, in the case of John Ross (The series main KotW) it was a crippled leg that was so badly damaged that he needed the Lady's stave to even walk.

Now to the Feeders. Feeders are smallish little blops of black stuff that feed on suffering, hatred, fear, pain and apathy. They also feed on the people who inflict any one of these emotions, merging with them and driving them into a berserk state where all reason and logic dies.
Now, and this may sound odd, the Feeders are not evil. They are a system put into place by the Word to make sure humanity does not tip the balance too far towards the Void's side. The humans that they infect are eventually consumed by them, ending the infected's evil. They are also a symbol of how close the world is to destruction. The more evil there is in the world, the more brave and numerous the little buggers become. They can only be seen by those they infect, Demons, KotW and humans with a random spark of magic in them.
They represent how close humanity is to judgment.

I'd also rather have a sort of outline for each town or city that the war between the Knights and the Demons goes on in. I'll give you that outline here, and play any part that isn't filled. (For example, if the town doesn't have a Demon attacking it, I would be the Demon and the townspeople that are manipulated by both sides.) I would much rather have people thinking for themselves, though. I would rather have a guided storyline than a dominated one, so I'd let people decide what they want do do and how their character develops. One thing that is allowed is a Knight turning into a Demon, but the opposite cannot happen. When a Demon is made, all choice and their soul are stripped from them. They don't miss either very much.

Note on the Knight's dreams, they cannot tell you exactly how to stop the Demon's plans. You have to figure that out as time goes by. Also, using these dreams, you can bring in a very small amount of player knowledge, like, for example, the human that you must save or destroy at all costs. The information you glean from this glimpse into the future is very minimal.
Yeah in the 18th century, two inventions suggested a method of measurement. One won and the other stayed in America.
-Ghost destroying Fred

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