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Heroes Community > Other Games Exist Too > Thread: Imperialism II
Thread: Imperialism II

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posted May 06, 2011 02:57 AM
Edited by Salamandre at 03:14, 06 May 2011.

Imperialism II

Old game, but one of the most exciting and challenging I've ever meet. The only one I can't win on higher level, even once.

The period spanning the 16th through the 19th centuries featured a handful of European countries fighting for control of the continent, called the Old World, as well as racing to claim undiscovered lands in the New World. Imperialism 2 puts you in control of one of these great powers in a wide variety of scenarios that test your skills of resource management, production, trade, diplomacy and military strategy. You can spend your fortunes developing research that gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace or build massive forces that will squash in one fell swoop those who oppose you. The path to victory is yours to choose.

Difficulty settings include, among other things, simple or complex food and luxury economies, and whether you want a head start or a handicap in areas such as technology and army strength. There are five preset difficulty levels, each of which offers default settings for these options. You can also choose to customize your game by using different combinations of these settings. If you decide to customize the difficulty level, a score will indicate the relative difficulty as you tweak the different options.

Movement in the game is simultaneous, meaning all sides make their moves at the same time. Essentially, the leaders issue orders, then the orders are carried out once everyone has ended their turn. If you make a mistake and give an order you want to change or see a better option you want to explore, you can simply rescind the order for a given unit before you end the turn. During your turn, you’ll need to issue all unit orders and take care of any other business. There are five main sections you can access at the bottom of your screen to take care of your "other business". These screens give you access to research, production, diplomatic actions (such as establishing an embassy in another country or declaring war), the transportation of resources and materials, and setting up trade.

The two types of commodities include resources and materials. Resources include livestock, cotton, gold, coal and other items that must be either grown or mined. In order to collect these resources, you must first cultivate the terrain so it can be gathered (such as build a mine to collect coal), then make sure it can be transported and used by connecting the terrain square to your capital via roads. These resources can subsequently be turned into materials that can be used or traded and bought on the open market. You can use them to feed your subjects, obtain new units or sell them on the market — which can have multiple benefits. In addition to providing additional cash or items you can’t produce yourself, trade can also improve the relationship you have with other countries. Buying or selling goods with someone usually enables you to take diplomatic steps to further enhance the relationship.

Trading is accomplished through the trade screen, where you select which items you want to bid on and offer to the market. You can sell as many items on the market as you want, but you can only bid on as many as three different resources (six if you research the Trade Fairs technology). The trading takes place once you’ve finished your moves and end your turn. Selling goods is done automatically and you’ll sell up to the maximum number of resources you’ve set in the trade screen at the listed market price. After you end your turn, you’ll see any goods being offered to you by other powers, nations or tribes in response to your requests. You can either accept or reject each offer.

There are a variety of ways to win Imperialism 2. In essence, you can obtain other provinces without having to use force, although you’d better be able to fight if the need arises or you’ll be ripe for an invasion. For example, one way to take over a Minor Nation and all of the provinces it contains is through trade. If you gain most favored trading status with someone through buying and selling resources and materials and helping the nation develop its own resources, the Minor Nation or Tribe might agree to become part of your empire when you suggest it through diplomacy. One nice part of the game is that you get rewarded for developing infrastructure in other countries by earning a commission on the sale of any goods that come from terrain you’ve developed that is connected to the capital in that country. This is an incentive to develop terrain outside your borders so you not only earn extra cash but can also purchase the resources and materials the Tribe can now sell on the market — items you might not be able to produce or purchase otherwise.

Some screens:

Imperialism II forums, quite scarce but nonetheless, some interesting strategies to help you survive. I also posted some good map keys, having an optimal start is capital. Now, go and put on its knees America, at least here you can
All my Era II mods

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