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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Temple of Ashan > Thread: Polish ARENA Map - Ultimate Version
Thread: Polish ARENA Map - Ultimate Version This thread is 2 pages long: 1 2 · NEXT»

Known Hero
posted June 02, 2011 07:27 PM
Edited by albolabris at 11:52, 04 Jun 2011.

Polish ARENA Map - Ultimate Version

Map features:

- Army strength of week 6 with small balance corrections
- Witch Hut to obtain rare skills
- Sphinx gives level 16th
- You may choose:
a) one of three artifact areas - 1 relic + 2 major + 3 minor
b) statistics bonus between might or magic attributes (+2 both)
c) final bonus between 1 random major artifact or 9 random spells (2 level three, 3 level two, 4 level one); barbarian heroes receive 8k experience instead of spells
- Banned spells: divine vengeance, armageddon, cotn, word of light, earthquake, rune of charge
- Banned artifacts: ring of speed, staff of the netherworld, pendant of mastery, mask of equity, unicorn horn bow, lion crown, windstrider boots, cloak of death's shadow, ring of caution, elemental waistband and artifacts that are not useful in the field of battle
- Banned Buildings: Pile of Skulls, Avenger's Brotherhood, Infernal Loom
- New Arenas: the majority from Zenithale's mod + several completely new ones created by Hall of War members
- bonus artifacts for logistics: 1 random minor for basic, 1 random major for advanced, both for expert
- sacrificial altar allowing to increase your level

Last two points from the above are completely new features compared to older map versions. The Altar especially increases by far tactical potential and makes up for useless and unwanted artifacts. Allows to obtain missing skills/abilities, increases heroes specials. More information to be given below.

Rules and instruction:

1. Visit hut of the magi to reveal your enemy and artifacts in the underground, visit witch hut, check your spells and artifacts including Academy and Dungeon merchants - plan your build and decide whether you play or not (playing best of 2 each player has one restart available)
2. Autosave to generate 500 gold.
3. Start leveling your hero:
- visit mentor to clear unwanted starting skills/abilities - only 500  gold on 1st lvl
- buy Shatter Dark ( only Barbarian can posses it in battle ) to exchange it in mentor for one more skill/ability or wait until sphinx leveling for safety - you can still do it after if you have a free slot and your build doesn't need any changes (note that it will cost 2k on 16th lvl so in 99% of the cases it's better to buy it at the beginning)
- visit sphinx to gain 16th level - Dark Revelation can give you 17th, be careful though because on 17th level one exchange in mentor costs 2,5k rather than 2k on 16th so you will probably make one exchange less
- visit mentor again to rebuild your hero - depending on previous actions you will be able to do from 3 to 5 exchanges ( wizard award generates 1000 gold so it can help you gain needed gold )
4. One way teleporter leads you near your castle. Autosave again in case of dc.
5. Pick up gold:
- first attempt launches the logistics bonus function according to the rules in the map features
- second attempt transfers the money on your account
Upgrade and buy units in town - one population is available to buy so do not forget about it
6. If you play:
a) Sylvan - use the two way monolith to choose your favourite enemy
b) Necropolis - kill one of the two mixed stacks of units near the town to obtain more army from dark energy (176,88,39,17,7,4,3 respectively for tier 1-7)
7. Enter the underground to pick your artifacts, stats bonus ( might or magic ) and final bonus:
- artifact - after visiting the tomb attack Aquamancer to regain positive morale
- 9 random 1-3 level spells - after visiting check your spell book
- one more level only available for Barbarian Hero - take this route  if you have Stamina, otherwise you will loose your hp bonus on the Aquamancer  
8. Reenter to the surface and if you like use the Sacrificial Altar:
a) give all unwanted items to Laszlo (items on your main are safe)
b) visit the Altar to collect experience (doesn't matter which one will make the visit, the exp in transferred to main only; if you have two copies of the same artifact you have to visit the altar twice)
Amounts of experience needed for higher levels explained below in the Sacrificial Altar section
9. Enter the battle grounds always by letting Kirin flee. Visit well ( put all knowledge artifacts to gain maximum mana ) and observatory to trace your enemy or simply pick a terrain and wait for him to enter the area
10. Save one last time before the battle starts


I. Heroes (new, alternates and their specials after 16th level)

- Helmar - 30% chance for righteous might
- Hangvul - Erlings brother with different starting skills
- Brand - 25% chance for fine rune ( together 75% )
- Inga - 15% chance for new rune on each level up
- King Tolghar - Agrael's special
- Rolf - Raelag's special
- Wulfstan - Wyngaal's special raised to 15% ini bonus at start, changed starting skills

- Wyngaal - Shadya's special
- Anwen - 16% bonus dmg on favourite units
- Alaron - replaces Talanar ( clone )
- Ossir - army changed, sprites and dancers instead of archers
- Dirael - more powerful special
- Vinrael -  Helmar's special

- Haggash - no ATB bonus for centaurs
- Gotai - special weakened
- Quroq - Garuna's brother with different starting skills
- Kragh - 50% more dmg when hitting
- Garuna - 3 instead of 4 attack bonus for every stack killed
- Urgath - Marbas's special, changed starting skills
- Kilghan - Andreas's special, changed starting skills

- Meave - 10% init bonus when casting haste
- Andreas - replaces Vittorio ( clone )
- Bertrand - replaces Laszlo ( clone )
- Lorenzo - replaces Dougal ( clone )
- Valeria - replaces Klaus ( clone )
- Alaric - Meave's brother with different starting skills
- Gabrielle - Irina's sister with different starting skills
- Godric - Benediction factor 1.5 instead of 2 ( benediction bonus 3 att/def/morale and 15% init )
- Rutger - Garuna's special, changed starting skills, endurance spell
- Isabel - Marbas's special
- Freyda - Nebiros's special
- Nicolai - Nur's special
- Ornella - Zoltan's special
- Orlando - Helmar's special
- Duncan - Agrael's special
- Vittorio - Deleb's special
- Benedict - Raelag's special

- Maahir - replaces  Nur ( clone )
- Cyrus - replaces  Galib ( clone )
- Zehir - special weakened
- Faiz - increased dmg from vulnerability to 140
- Havez - +1 starting skill

- Raelag - 5% init penalty for all enemy units for the whole battle
- Shadya - 16% dmg reduction from shooters
- Lethos - +1 starting skill
- Yrbeth - Alastor's special and confusion as starting spell
- Sorgal - Meave and Alaric's special
- Thralsai - Deleb's special and starting skills + balista
- Ylaya - Agrael's special, changed starting skills
- Shadya - 20% dmg reduction from shooters

- Biara - replaces Nymus ( clone )
- Agrael - 5% init bonus for all firendly units for the whole battle
- Deleb - increased dmg from balista's fireball to 140
- Grok - Raven's special, scouting instead of pathfinding, weakness instead of teleport as starting spell
- Nymus - leadership and diplomacy instead of luck and resistance
- Sovereign - Kragh's special

- Nicolai - replaces Vladimir ( clone )
- Giovanni - Naadir's brother with different starting skills
- Ornella - Lucretia's sister with different starting skills  
- Arantir - avatar balanced
- Deirdre - Banshee Howl factor 1.5 instead of 2 ( banshee howl penalty -3 morale/lick and 15% init reduction )
- Kaspar - Ihora's special
- Markal - Nur's special, luck and soldier's luck instead of leadership and diplomacy  

All Heroes have their specials descriptions updated so you only have to check it in game. No need to remember all of this. If you don't know what's the special of an enemy hero just ask your opponent.

II. Skills and Abilities (after 16th level)

- stormwind penalty -1 speed and 20% init
- corrupted soil does 96 dmg
- distract gives 25% instead of 15% init reduction after casting
- stunning blow reduces ATB by 0.2 instead of 0.1
- mana burst does 400 dmg
- banish does 350 dmg
- swarming gate basic chance increased from 10 to 20% (together chance for double gated stack between 20-45% with 5 luck factor)
- banshee howl penalty -2 morale/luck and 10% init
- benediction bonus +2 att/def/morale and 10% init
- fog veil penalty 20% dmg and init
- master of storms reduces ATB by 0.5 instead of 0.3
- hold ground gives triple instead of double defense bonus, defend command gives now almost 100% defense bonus
- swift mind gives 0.35 instead 0.25 ATB bonus
- training gives 10 and 15% on basic and advanced instead of 5 and 10
- mighty shout increases heroes level by 8 instead of 5
- consume artifact costs 0.33 turn instead of 0.25
- avenger limited to tier 1-4
- retribution gives 4% bonus dmg instead of 5 for every morale point

Again no need to remember all of this. Just know that all of the mentioned are now also useful in battle. Previously most of them were a waste of levels because others where much more superior.

III. Spells

- rune of resurrection brings back 30% instead of 40
- summon hive receives +5 hp per spell power
- blade barrier's hp formula increased from 5,8,10,12 to 8,10,12,15 depending on mastery level
- confusion - 50/60/70/80% respectively for none/basic/advanced/expert
- haste - 15/20/25/30% respectively for none/basic/advanced/expert  
- slow - 15/20/25/30% respectively for none/basic/advanced/expert  

IV. War Machines

- war machines hp increased from 100 to 133 for every skill level
- first aid tent has 5 actions instead of 3

V. Rage Points

Orcs receive 50 rage points instead of 10 after being cursed. Moreover confusion increases rather than decreasing by 5 points per mastery level the amount of gained rage points. Those tweaks are especially helpful against dark and make mainly Stronghold vs Necro and Inferno balanced matchups.

VI. Luck and Morale

- lucky hit gives 65% more dmg instead of 100%
- positive morale gives 0.35 ATB instead of 0.5
- bad luck and morale without changes

This was a big step but it appeared to be a perfect decision. Era of lucky wins due to morale and luck only has ended. Without good build and wise leadership you are dead. Random factors are still very helpful but not decisive.

VII. Artifacts

- Armor of the Forgotten Hero: +1 to all attributes and 20% resistance
- Skull of Markal: +4 sp/know and -2 luck
- Crown of Leadership: +1 morale/luck/know
- Tomes: -1 to all attributes including morale and luck
- Sandro's Cloak: +2 att/def
- Ring of Banishment: +1 def

All items have their descriptions updated so you will see it in game.
Prices have been changed where needed accordingly to the artifacts value. This was necessary because of the Sacrificial Altar.

VIII. Units ( (E) means the value is equal to the alternative upgrade; [...] gives the value including bonus )

1. Necro

- Skeleton Archer: +1 att (E), +4 def (E), +1 min dmg [2-2]
- Spectre: +1 att (E), +1 min dmg [5-6]
- Vampire Lord: +1 min/max dmg [8-12], +1 speed (E), +5 hp (E)
- Vampire Prince: torpor factor 2 instead of 3, duration 1.5 instead of 2
- Lich Master: +2 def [21], +1 ammo (E), Suffering and Raise Dead on expert instead of advanced and basic
- Banshee: 15 dmg instead of 10 dmg from wail for each unit
- Spectral Dragon: +2 def [30], +1 min/max dmg (E)
- Ghost Dragon: Sorrow on advanced instead of expert

2. Dungeon

- Assasin/Stalker: poison does 2 dmg instead of 1 for each unit
- Stalker: +1 min dmg [4-5]
- Minotaur Guard: +3 def (E)
- Minotaur Taskmaster: Aura of Bravery assures +2 morale instead of 1
- Brisk Raider: +2 max dmg (E), Ride by Attack 100% instead of 25
- Deep Hydra: Regeneration heals 60-100 hp instead of 30-50
- Shadow Matriarch: added No Enemy Rataliation
- Shadow Matriarch/Mistresses: Whip Strike factor 3 instead of 1.5, Slow at expert instead of advanced

3. Haven

- Conscript: Bash factor reduced from 1.5 to 1.2
- Brute: Assault factor 1.2 instead of 1
- Marksman: +1 min dmg [3-8], added Force Arrow(30% defense reduction)
- Crossbowman: -2 max dmg [2-6]
- Squire: Bash factor reduced from 1.5 to 1.2
- Battle Griffin: dives instantly after using Rush Dive
- Zealot: Righteous Might on advanced instead of expert
- Seraph: Righteous Might on expert instead of advanced, Divine Vengeance on advanced instead of basic

4. Fortress

- Mountain Guard: +1 ini (E), +1 max dmg [1-3], Defensive Stance adds 15 defense instead of 5
- Whitebear Rider: Bear Roar factor against small units reduced from 2 to 1.2
- Berserk: +10 hp [35]
- Battlerager: Bash factor reduced from 1.5 to 1.2
- Lava Dragon: Liquid Flame Breath deals 20 dmg instead of 10 for each unit
- Magma Dragon: Magma Shield deals 50% dmg instead of 40

5. Sylvan

- War Dancer: +1 att (E), +3 def (E), +1 speed (E), +3 hp [15]
- Wind Dancer: Agility adds +1 defense instead of 2 per tile
- Master Hunter: +1 att/def (E), +1 ini (E), +1 min dmg [6-8], Warding Arrows factor 2 instead of 1
- Arcane Archer: Force Arrow reduced from 50 to 30% defense reduction, chance factor to thrust back increased from 2 to 3
- Druid Elder: +1 min dmg (E), +7 hp [40], +5 mana [20], Stone Spikes on expert instead of none mastery, Lightning Bolt on expert instead of advanced
- Pristine Unicorn: Child of the Light gives all light magic spells on advanced instead of expert
- Savage Treant: Rage of the Forest adds +3 instead of 5 init

6. Stronghold

- Goblin Witch-Doctor: +1 hp [6], +1 ini (E)
- Centaur Nomad: +2 def (E), +1 hp (E), +1 min dmg [4-6], added Warding Arrows
- Centaur Marauder: -1 range (E)
- Mauler: +6 hp [18], Assault factor 1.2 (E) instead of 1, +2 hp instead of 5 on level first Blood Rage
- Sky Daughter: +1 def [10], +4 mana [16], Chain Lightning on advanced instead of basic
- Foul Wyvern: +5 hp [110], Venom  10 dmg instead of 5 for each unit , Regeneration heals 60-100 hp
- Untamed Cyclops: +1 range (E)

7. Inferno

- Horned Overseer: +1 min dmg [2-4], +2 speed, +1 ini [9], Explosion dmg raised (dmg=75+15*Power where Power is 20 for 150 units, 23 for 200 units, at full stack explosion deals 415-430 dmg, due to high base even 1 demon is able to pull out 90 dmg)
- Cerberus: +1 min dmg [5-6], +2 defense [4], +2 hp [17]
- Succubus Seducer: -2 hp [30]
- Succubus Mistress: +5 hp [35], +2 min dmg [8-13]
- Pit Lord: +2 def (R), +2 speed (E), +1 ini (E), Fireball and Meteor Shower at advanced instead of basic
- Arch Demon: +1 speed (R)

8. Academy

- Elemental Gargoyle: Aura of Vulnerability gives 25% bonus instead of 50
- Obsidian Gargoyle: +1 ini (E)
- Djinn Sultan: +5 hp (E)
- Rakshasa Raja: +2 def [22], +2 min dmg [25-30], +1 speed (E)
- Rakshasa Kshatra: -5 max dmg [25-30]
- Storm Titan: Call Storm does 20 dmg instead of 10 and 2% dmg penalty instead of 1 for shooters for each unit

9. Neutrals

- Fire Elemental: +2 ini [10]
- Earth Elemental: +5 ini [10]
- Water Elemental: Ice Bolt on expert instead of advanced, Circle of Winter on advanced instead of basic; 70% power penalty has been removed, elementals will be useful as it was before 3.1

It's a massive amount of changes but in fact all you need to remember is that there are no longer weaker and stronger upgrades. Now all of the units can be equally good and useful in proper circumstances.

Sacrificial Altar

This is by far the best and brilliant addition to the already high tactical potential of the map. My friend Maniek did an astonishing job to pull this through because the idea itself was borne almost 2 years ago but there was nobody capable of making it work. Finally the Sacrificial Altar arrived, massively changing gaming experience and providing a bunch of new options in leveling.
So let's get on to it. I've  already explained in the beginning how you should use this map object.
To help you decide whether it's worth or not to sacrifice your artifacts and know how much experience you gain for them we created a list of all available items and their prices. It has been implemented to the Mission Objectives panel as you can see below on the image:

Now the most important thing, the level experience brackets.
Sphinx allows you to gain 16th level giving 42 533 experience points.

To achieve next levels you need:

lvl 16 lvl 17 - 5750
lvl 17 lvl 18 - 9300
lvl 18 lvl 19 - 11150

lvl 16 lvl 18 - 15000
lvl 16 lvl 19 - 26150

The exact amounts are slightly different but since all artifact have prices divisible by 50 they have been rounded up, hence we get 50 more points when you look at the first two jumps but to skip from 16 to 18 you only need 15 000, not 15 050. I think you get the point

There is a small difference in case of Dark Revelation. This ability sets experience at 51 395 on 17th level meaning you now need only 6150 to obtain 18th level.

Almost same story with the Barbarian Heroes that decide to go for the shrines when choosing final bonus. Shrines give you 8k experience and 17th level meaning that to obtain another 18th level you only need 7k more.

To sum it up. Amount of experience needed for next levels is:

a) at 16th lvl for every race

lvl 16 lvl 17 - 5750
lvl 17 lvl 18 - 9300
lvl 18 lvl 19 - 11150

lvl 16 lvl 18 - 15000
lvl 16 lvl 19 - 26150  

b) at 17th with Dark Revelation

lvl 17 lvl 18 - 6150

c) at 17th for Barbarians visiting shrines

lvl 17 lvl 18 - 7000

Levels above 18th for cases b) and c) are obviously the same as in case a).
To help you remember those values they have been put to the map description and you can always see them when the scenario is loading.
Note that there is also max 20 Paladins restriction for Haven also given in the description.

Final notes

1. The experience factor on the map has been reduced a lot meaning that if you kill even all neutrals available on the map (stacks for sylvan's avenger, necromancy, kirin and aquamancer) you will only get a total of 148 experience points. This is not enough to help you obtain higher level since artifacts usually differ from each other at least by 250. Do not kill all the neutrals every game then because it's almost useless

2. Because of Laszlo's appearance in every game on each side the starting random minor artifact can be given randomly to your main hero or to Laszlo. If your main doesn't have the artifact at the beginning it means Laszlo has it and you can easily transfer it to your main when you enter the Sacrificial Altar area later on so don't panic of being robed

That would bee all. It's a lot i know but really you don't have to remember most of those tweaks and changes. Just play and watch the effects, check hero special and be aware about those couple modified artifacts. The rest is easy

Believe me or not but this is one of the best duel maps ever created Tactical potential, demanding and careful leveling, gaming speed and most of all balance are really top class here, although it took over 2 years and hard work from a bigger group of people.


Download ARENA

PS. Was planing a tournament in July on this map so I'll keep in touch.

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Known Hero
posted June 02, 2011 07:39 PM

i will play now with skprimus this map, feedback will follow.

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Omnipresent Hero
Rebirth aanytime now..
posted June 02, 2011 07:42 PM

Check your hcm Albo you noobling! And welcome back
Mind the gap between your mind and reality.

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Supreme Hero
The One and the Prime
posted June 02, 2011 07:45 PM
Edited by SKPRIMUS at 20:30, 02 Jun 2011.

thanks for the English translation albolabris
I was struggling with the polish one, but worked it out that virutally every time the hero will go to next level from sacrificial altar...btw that means 21 skill points...better than before

I was gonna reply to your other thread about hav v inf...that thing you mentioned about bene can indeed work but ofc needs seducers behind on starting atb...there are also other builds I've found where it will work too, but so far all have involved no mass suffering for inferno

Anyway, now another level is better...

I actually think just need another couple of extra mentor chances after level up

btw is this version 4?
Hope defeats despair - "a blatant clue"
too many idiots in VW
"to lose is to win, and he who wins shall lose"
bashing orcus

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Known Hero
posted June 02, 2011 11:59 PM
Edited by albolabris at 00:23, 03 Jun 2011.

Sorry Elvin. Was too busy lately and i had also games in my league hence i rarely checked here.

Skprimus to be honest i don't know what number that is but i ques something like 10 would be near the truth. This map had couple updates every year. When something new that can make this map better is discovered there is an update and since there is no other Arena map in our league we don't number it. I would get lost myself in those numbers But in terms of Tournaments ( every year there is a Tournament on this map on the newest version ) you would be right, this year will host Arena IV Tournament on this particular version

More money on mentor is tricky because Haven and especially Dungeon and Academy can profit a lot from that. It's all calculated here at the edge.
Since the Altar is available you can always rescue yourself if you are missing something important

My friend posted on our forum a guide for leveling. Maybe i will translate it also and give it here. All around now basic rules when the skills are offered but there is more to tell about it. For example Dungeon and defense sounds almost impossible with so few mentor changes but there is a way to increase the chances of obtaining it and i have it in about 80% of the cases when going for pure destruction build. The abilities are offered one common for all races and one "racial" if possible which not all people know about. That's why i said that leveling here is demanding and you need to focus and think when building your hero. When going for some uncommon builds you have to have the right skills at start or you will fail. That means that sometimes you make 8 or even 10 mentor changes at 1st level ( they only cost 500) just to obtain those 2 or 3 skills/abilities. And so on and on... Ques you know the majority of this since you are experienced a lot  But maybe you don't put enough attention to it when leveling

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Supreme Hero
The One and the Prime
posted June 03, 2011 01:12 AM
Edited by SKPRIMUS at 01:15, 03 Jun 2011.

...The abilities are offered one common for all races and one "racial" if possible which not all people know about...
Actually I didn't know about this common & "racial" part, this will help if true
...maybe you know how to make mentor give different choices if I give back the same skill it gave me last time

& it's only 2000 or 4000 gold...
it could even be redistributed so that one gets 2000 or 4000 more gold at first phase
& 2000 or 4000 less gold at second phase when collecting it near home castle.

but anyway don't take it as complaining because limiting mentor usage is a good thing too, plus I like that modded armour of the forgotten hero

[getting that enlight + bene + retribution + defence build to even test it... not that easy unfortunately;
hard enough to get retrib plus defence plus master of mind plus leadership ]
Hope defeats despair - "a blatant clue"
too many idiots in VW
"to lose is to win, and he who wins shall lose"
bashing orcus

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Known Hero
posted June 03, 2011 03:20 AM
Edited by albolabris at 03:42, 03 Jun 2011.

Yeap enlight is not easy for a knight but sometimes it pops up.
Witch Hut can solve any problem. Mostly when you want to go for "foreign" magic school having a tome as a relic. Because Tomes are quite powerful they give penalty to attributes.

Retribution and defense should be no problem at all.
Before the sphinx just make sure you have training. If you buy Shatter Dark and exchange it ( which you always do frankly speaking ) you have already 3 skills/abilities available besides the basic racial so it's quite easy to obtain training and benediction with advanced counterstrike of course. Start from that and it should be ok.

Heroes with attack at the beginning have retribution in the pocket. Mentor for training, leave counter at basic, the next ability has to be tactics or battle frenzy or archery and two of them have to appear on next level. If you are unlucky to get tactics and archery, than mentor again. Having battle frenzy, retribution is almost a must.

Swift mind is really good now because first it's more powerful and secondly the loga bonus arts compensate for the waste of 3 levels for it. Furthermore you can exchange those arts in the altar if they are not satisfying so it will probably earn you another level.

You should not worry about the defense and you can leave it at the end so it doesn't disturb your leveling and it's abilities don't pop up instead of others that you desire. Remember that the chance grows for each skill when you take others. For example:

Basically defense has 15% to pop up. Let's say that you got attack, leadership and light magic at the couple first levels. The total chance of the already obtained skills is 43% (10+10+15+8 respectively for counterstrike, attack, leadership and light).
100% - 43%= 67% in total for the rest of the skills to pop up as a new skill. From that moment on the chance to obtain defense has increased to 15/67=22%. Say you are on level 10, you got the necessary skills like retribution and light masters. There are 6 levels left yet to come. Total chance that defense will pop up is

So you have almost 50% chance to get the defense at the time you are left with 6 levels. More levels left means of course that the chance is even higher. Believe me, it will pop up Having basic, the defense is still the skill of highest probability to pop up as the one already known so you should not have any trouble to level it at advanced or expert. If you don't than that's what the mentor exchanges are for...

In case of a Warlock (only 2% for defense basically). If you plan a pure destructive build it's nice to have defense. If you want to have it badly than here's what you should do. Mentor at the beginning and try to obtain destruction, attack and sorcery. Doing the same maths as above and including that you are about to start the leveling (15 advances ahead) you get total of 46% chance to obtain defense. Again it's almost 50% that you will get it.
If it happens that you get enlight quite quickly from sphinx your chances are even bigger. Because you want pure destro build with defense you try to avoid as often as possible to pick attack skill.
Even if you are offered advanced attack and some other unwanted skill i'm almost sure that you will be able to pick intelligence, empowered spells, erratic mana or some master from destruction. You pick the ability and if on the next level pops up advanced destro,enlight or sorcery you take it. And so on. When finished you mentor the attack skill and pick something useful for your build. You will or not obtain the defense but this way i can assure you that most of the times you will get it

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Known Hero
posted June 03, 2011 08:13 PM
Edited by PitLord at 20:18, 03 Jun 2011.

i will compare this map with elvins
+artifacts you dont need sellable for exp
+arenas got more atmosphere
+hero racials

-map more confusing (if u play 1. time u wont have a clue what to do)
-too onesided choices underground (i am pretty sure that everybody prefers a major artifact than a random lvl 3 spell which u cant even use if u havent got good luck)

i didnt play the map much to make a statement about unit balance etc.

edit: if u host the tournament it seems like that bania87 will win it without problems. he has about 1000 games on this map lol http://h5.ligaheroes.pl/ladder/season2

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Known Hero
posted June 04, 2011 11:52 AM
Edited by albolabris at 11:55, 04 Jun 2011.

It is confusing if you don't read at least one time the master post and i know you haven't done it if you write such crap like this:

-too onesided choices underground (i am pretty sure that everybody prefers a major artifact than a random lvl 3 spell which u cant even use if u havent got good luck)

It's 9 random spells including 2 lvl 3, 3 lvl 2 and 4 lvl 1. They are just represented by only one shrine but it gives 9 spells. Having a master of... ability and one spell in town, obtaining the second from shrines gives you a  lot. Not to mention others like stupid stone spikes to counter blind for example and raise dead which is nice to have when going for summoning. Had plenty of situation where those spells won the game for me.

Have no bloody idea what can be confusing on this map. You go from area to another area and so on. It's the easiest map actually. All is given on a plate. Read that damn instruction and the problem is gone

About Bania. Yes he played a terrifying amount of games on this map but that doesn't mean anything. He had only 37% wins against me for example. In recently played finals he also lost. He isn't unbeatable. Very good that's all, on this map or any other duel/arena map. Knows how to battle. Same as dozens of people in this or any other forums.

Found a small but important bug so here is the updated file. Master post also up to date.


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Known Hero
posted June 04, 2011 12:35 PM

ok my bad, sorry. but to be honest the masterpost is pretty long and when im buying a game i prefer to test it immedediately instead of reading the game manual.

is there any hamachi network where you guys are playing this map?

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Known Hero
posted June 05, 2011 12:20 PM

Some of you have asked about the networks so i created them:


Password for all of them is 123.

I made a news for HoW members about this so some of them should join and be willing to play. Hamachi has chat so no other communicator needed. Good hunting

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Legendary Hero
Once upon a time
posted June 05, 2011 03:56 PM

This looks very well done. Two questions;

1. Does this work in hotseat? Sorry, I'm always surprised by some of the unexpeced conflicts I've read with modding in general.

2. I am primarily a map-maker that's just now considering MP; would the mods alter the same files within the Editor? "If yes", then I would need to do the usual "put-in and take-out" (gaming) of the required folders?

Currently the A.I. I am using (5.5 E.E.)doesn't support MP other than hotseat but it will in the future.

Thanks for your efforts and...a little help

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Known Hero
posted June 06, 2011 02:22 PM

1. Last time i checked it worked, no problems at all.

2. Not sure if i understand you correctly. All the mods are inside the map itself ( unit stats, artifacts and everything else needed were taken from the data files ), the rest is done by scripting. If you put the map inside the maps folder and play some different scenario, the mods will apply.
Now, i ques you want those changes to be applied to the editor when creating another map? Frankly speaking i never checked that and i just don't know for sure. But i think that if you replace data folders/files with the ones from the map it should work.

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Famous Hero
Zen Mind
posted June 07, 2011 05:29 PM

Don't hesitate to share replays please!
TWITCH|YouTube | New Arenas MoD for TotE

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Legendary Hero
Once upon a time
posted June 07, 2011 06:08 PM

Not sure if i understand you correctly...

Now, i quess you want those changes to be applied to the editor when creating another map?

Sorry I was not clear. Actually just the opposite, "to start with". I guess what I am needing to know is; if I must treat this mod as I would any other map? For example I love some of the mods that e.g. "alter an elemental creature" but prefer to only have them in that one intended map and not in every map that I create.

With all the work that has been done on this Mod, and the fact that I'm making maps intended for the general public that may have varied combinations of added Mods, I just need (for the present time) to be clear what steps that I have to take; to play this Mod and yet keep my Editor virgin. I do this because if I keep mine virgin then I doubt that a map I create, could be the source of a conflict at some later time.

If it's all scripting, then it sounds like it would not affect the default files of the Editor? Correct?

Fyi, Once 5.5 E.E. is down the road a bit I doubt any of this will matter, since the interface will "I hope", help with all of the Mods and player set-up/selections etc.

Thanks for your time and help.
"Poetry is a felt change of consciousness"

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Known Hero
posted June 08, 2011 06:27 PM

Here are some recent season finale Replays.
Just remember to have the map inside maps folder because of the bonus arenas.

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Supreme Hero
Hero of Good, Slayer of Evil
posted April 17, 2012 11:21 AM

This map is not player friendly at all ... gameplay/interface seems really bad. I understood how to play HRTA without even knowing russian, and all the messages there are russian only!

And this one I have to read a whole page of README to play ... Don't know if I'll have the patience to go through such a torture.

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Known Hero
posted April 17, 2012 08:09 PM

14 year old boys that play in the tournament for the first time know what to do There is no new nothing on this map that you haven't seen earlier. Really don't understand where the problem lies after you read those 10 Points.

HRTA is different. If you played on it 100x times it's obvious that your first 3 games on another map will be something new...

And it is more friendly. Endless mentoring and no gold for units is not friendly

When i played my first games on HRTA i didn't even know what the buildings are for because they where not signed and they played very different functions than in normal game. That wasn't friendly at all so please read and be objective...

After 3 games the map is very simple. It's just packed. Instead of 16 castles there are 2 and so on... Compare the script file from HRTA and from this map and tell me who had a better idea?

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Legendary Hero
Look into my eyes...
posted April 18, 2012 08:10 AM

Personally, I think Elvin's TOH Duel 1.2 map is thh best duel map.

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Supreme Hero
Hero of Good, Slayer of Evil
posted April 21, 2012 12:26 PM

The map is really unfriendly.. 7-8 teleporters one way, without telling where they go, what you give up, and why is too much. And also I don't understand why there are still troops left in town for recruiting if you already start with all troops recruited.

I gave the map three chances, and even followed the step by step tutorial, and I think I managed to actually play it, but the experience was at most crappy. You can get perfect builds easily on this map, because of mentor and witch huts, but the interface simply sux.

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