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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: What went wrong in Heroes of Might and Magic III
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Famous Hero
posted December 29, 2016 06:32 PM

Here is my list of SillyH3 things
1. Buying multiple heroes (up to 8) on day 1. In h5 u can buy no more than 2 heroes/day and it feels way better.
2. No Town Lvl requirement for building high lvl creatures. This basically means rush for Angels week 1 and own the map week 2, diminishing the value of low lvl units. In h5 u need lvl 15 town to get lvl 7 creatures(Lvl 12 for lvl 6). You have to use your lower tiers during creeping, low lvl units suddenly get important for the outcome of the game .
3. Low lvl units in h3 rarely matter in big fights ( except skeletons, but thats not a good point about h3 either).
4. Expert slow. Outrageously overpowered to the point that every1 wants to get it asap so they can own the map and win. I fail to understand why 3DO made the spell so strong... And lvl 1 on top of that. In general magic guilds feel a mess, some spells are great, others are terrible.
5. Terrible skill balance - Diplomacy ? Necromancy ? And on the other hand Learning, Eagle eye, Ballistics etc...
6. Conservatories and Hives - what is the point of those buildings? They force every1 to collect free angels/wyverns every game, and also further limit the usefulness of low lvl units, because 2 of the final battle slots are reserved for the free angels/wyverns.
7. DD, Fly, Town portal.
8. Conflux.

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Known Hero
posted December 30, 2016 04:34 PM
Edited by batoonike at 16:39, 30 Dec 2016.

Many of the flaws are introduced by certain maps or templates. In a vanilla RoE map there was never the issue of hoarding wyvrens and angels and often it was impossible to rush level 6-7 creatures week 1. On poor templates and small maps it is still very possible to end the game before getting level 6 units.

The most broken things are the ones, that depending on luck grant free victory to one player. Like cloak of undead king, finding a fly scroll or hill fort or cartographer etc. And some things are just too good, like diplo and necromancy.

There doesn't have to be anything wrong with having bad secondary skills or crappy spells in a game. That's what makes good things good. Of course the proportion of semi-useless spells is a bit high. It would be better if most spells are considered pretty good and a few are horrible and a few ore very good. At the moment a few are good and very many are useless in practice on normal maps.

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