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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Patch 1.4 notes
Thread: Patch 1.4 notes

Known Hero
posted September 01, 2011 10:37 AM

Patch 1.4 notes

A new patch will soon be available ! This patch is going to involve a reset of player profiles (no more save,  dynasty level reset to 0, ...). Hereby you can find all the corrections made :
• Specific leveling curve has been created for Skirmish/Multiplayer.
• Experience multiplier changed to x1 (Normal), x1.5 (Fast), x2 (Fastest)
• The temporary 2 players limit in multiplayer is removed. Now up to 6 players can join the same game.
• Chat channel is automatically generated for players in Multiplayer.
• Surrendering (white flag) enabled in Duel
• Auto-combat disabled in Duel mode
• Default animation speed increased on both the Adventure and Combat maps
• Visual effect is displayed above creatures behind covers (feature still in progress)
• Performance optimizing
• Few interface tweaks
• Several bug fixes (out of synch issues, abilities, overall stability…)
Balance changes
General Changes:
• Defend action increases Might and Magic Defense by +15 instead of +20
• Creature dwellings give more creatures when built (all equals to 1 week basic growth)
• Tree of plenty: building ships doesn’t require resources anymore
Ability stat balance and changes:
• All damage and healing hero ability powers have been increased by approximately 13.5% (percent based abilities are not affected)
• Sanctuary’s racial gauge filling has been increased from 50 to 80 per honorable attacks
• Stronghold’s racial gauge filling has been decreased from 30 to 20 per friendly attacks
• Haven’s racial gauge filling has been increased by 50% when suffering casualties (Morale gives the same)
Creature stat balance
• Skeleton and Skeletal Spearman:  
              o Health reduced by 1
• Ghost and Spectre:  
              o Health reduced by 1
              o Charges of the Wail of the Netherworld ability reduced to 2 (from 3)
• Sentinel and Praetorian:
              o Health reduced by 3
• Crossbowman and Marksman:
              o Health reduced by 2
• Sister and Vestal
              o Health reduced by 2
• Pearl and Coral Priestess:
              o Health reduced by 2
• Kappa and Kappa Shoya:
              o Health reduced by 2
• Goblin and Goblin Hunter  
              o Health reduced by 2
• Blood Eyed Cyclops
              o Mighty Slam now deals 100% damage (instead of 150%)
• Hell Hound
              o Magic defense increased to 7 (from 2)
              o Health reduced by 2
• Cerberus
              o Magic Defense increased to 8 (from 3)
              o Health reduced by 2
• Succubus and Lilim
              o Health reduced by 2

Seems pretty nice to me, especially the fixed XP curve and the nerfing of the 1st level units ;]

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Hero of Order
Stillness within Movement
posted September 01, 2011 10:57 AM

Sorry, already posted in the news
Erwinner takes it all!

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