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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: [Wake of Gods forum] Archives
Thread: [Wake of Gods forum] Archives

Legendary Hero
Far-flung Keeper
posted December 10, 2011 07:15 PM
Edited by Cepheus at 20:12, 01 Jan 2012.

[Wake of Gods forum] Archives

Time for the next episode of Moder****in' Mods (© 2011 Baklava, aired weekly, only on Discovery channel).

Considering the recent discussion here, I suppose there's generally a firm mandate for me to continue cleaning up the forum. Since the excellent Wayback Machine is able to archive just about anything at HC, I'm going to shamelessly copy Corribus' style and set up a repository right here for old threads - it is a new sticky, with direct Wayback links to anything I remove.

Some users may see controversy in this, but since literally everything that's taken away from the forum is still fully preserved off-site and linked for all to see - and since the old topics here are usually only subject to necro-posting anyway, which means there's effectively no difference whether they're left here or archived...


The procedure is simple:

1) If a thread consists of only 0-3 replies, falls under none of the items specified in 3) and is not a special exception, it's being archived, regardless of age.

2) If a thread either A) is old, which means it has been inactive for two years or longer or B) consists of only one full page of discussion, it's potentially on its way out. Younger and larger threads aren't candidates for deletion. At the time of writing, this means everything before November 2009, which, yes, means well over half of the WoG forum's content. (Just for comparison, in the OSM everything before November 2011 is considered.)

3) Stickies, threads which contain a QP award (which covers most guides) or threads which contain a completed mod/project will never be removed, no matter how many replies they have, how old they are or how significant a project they may host. There will also inevitably be some special exceptions which won't be removed, regardless of the above rules.

4a) If any member objects to removing one or more threads up for archiving and can give a short rationale for saving each, the thread will not be removed and I will not question the matter further (as long as the rationale is somewhere within reason).

4b)You can object either by posting that you want to save X thread here, or - if the thread you want to save is still relevant and warrants revival - simply by posting in it. There will be a week's notice here as to what I intend to archive; if nobody attempts to revive or preserve a thread, it will be archived in the form of a Wayback Machine link, here in this topic, along with a small written summary by me which explains what it's about.

5) If it's an old thread, the threads' authors receive the final say on whether I delete, no explanations necessary. If I intend to archive something old but its author is still active somewhere here at HC (i.e. if they've posted in the last year), I will send them a clear notification of this by HCM, which expires within the week as usual. If that user tells me to leave any or all of their threads alone within that time, then that's exactly what I'll do.

6) If there are no Wayback Machine links available which preserve the entirety of an old thread from beginning to end, I will leave the thread in question alone until some are generated, to ensure that no material is ever permanently lost.


As in OSM Housekeeping, this is not a place for dispute over whether or not it's a good idea, or whether or not X thread should or shouldn't be kept. If you have issues with the policy as a whole, take it up in the moderation thread or in HCM with me. Off-topic posts in this thread will be removed!

Lastly, please note that I only carry this out to help keep the forum clean, accessible and newcomer-friendly in line with the administrator's policy and in line with maintaining liveliness. I could sit back and leave every single thing ever posted right here - which was, in fact, my original intention - but not many people can be expected to look through a daunting sixty pages of content to find posts and topics of substance. If anyone has the means to wade through everything, congrats to them, but I don't think the rest of us can ask for much more than a permanent archive that keeps everything alive and a forum which holds onto the best, most salient content left over.
"Those who forget their history are inevitably doomed to repeat it." —Proverb, Might and Magic VIII

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Legendary Hero
Far-flung Keeper
posted December 10, 2011 09:12 PM
Edited by Cepheus at 23:56, 10 Dec 2011.

Archive 1

In essence: These are the aforementioned threads with very few posts and no QPs or useful downloadable content. Most just consist of minor troubleshooting, outdated announcements and things like that, though there are also some special pearls of developer insight in there from Slava and Fnord.

(Creation date) (No. of posts) Thread name - Summary

(May 17, 2003) (3) Script exchange - A member is berated for double-posting and spelling errors.
(June 08, 2003) (3) A little help please - KittenAngel seeks the animations for H4's White Tiger.
(June 18, 2003) (2) Idea for new unit - A guy comes up with some new units but is ignored.
(June 18, 2003) (2) how do i create - Someone wants to know how to create things.
(June 21, 2003) (2) WOG and AI - Fnord explains some of the quirks with the WoG AI.
(July 01, 2003) (3) Tester for Loan - A wacky misunderstanding.
(July 04, 2003) (1) graphic people needed - Guy tries to recruit for a project.
(June 23, 2003) (1) Request to all skilled mapmakers - Lofty ambitions.
(June 23, 2003) (3) can we get a real WoG website - An appeal for an update.
(June 23, 2003) (2) will anyone play me in WoG - Fellow looking for players.
(July 05, 2003) (3) ERM Manual - Guy offers to update the ERM help.
(August 03, 2003) (2) WOG Music with Original H3 - Tribulations with WoG's music.
(October 16, 2003) (2) Internal Environments - Ideas regarding the underground layer.
(October 26, 2003) (2) p3f.wog - Minor video file problem.
(September 14, 2003) (2) attn: fnord - choices v2.2 bug - Insights on Fnord's map, Choices.
(September 17, 2003) (2) New idea for erm scripts - "Toss ideas" (their words, not mine)
(December 04, 2003) (3) XL random maps templates - Short-lived chatter about RMG templates.
(January 01, 2004) (3) WOG multiplayer - Somebody demands satisfaction.
(January 11, 2004) (2) Need help for the 3rd map WOG campaign - Slava comments briefly on WoG's official campaigns.
(January 14, 2004) (3) Script Creating - The universe implodes.
(February 01, 2004) (2) H3wog Map editor - Teacht me how used triger.
(February 22, 2004) (3) ERM script help - A protip from Fnord.
(February 23, 2004) (3) Asord - Just a thought.
(February 28, 2004) (2) Problems with Multiplayer - The forlorn stories of a troubled soul named Kaiden.
(March 06, 2004) (1) Having some problem with erm - Stormrage wants, and fails to receive, answers.
(March 04, 2004) (3) I need a special script - Fnord obliges Stormrage's desires.
(March 08, 2004) (2) Membership in WoG team - Stormrage readies the battering ram.
(March 13, 2004) (3) playing HOM3 online - Playesr and passports sold separately.
(March 19, 2004) (2) About creatures & artifacts... - Explanations on the scope and potential of WoG.
(March 13, 2004) (2) old campaigns - Biting philosophical discourses.
(March 13, 2004) (2) I need a certain erm script - Fnord troubleshoots.
(April 04, 2004) (3) How actually does variables work - Fnord troubleshoots some more.
(May 13, 2004) (3) Question for Fnord - Inspiring elucidation by Fnord on WoG's status and how it first came about.
(April 21, 2004) (3) Multiple Ideas for WoG - More ideas than one can shake a stick at.
(June 18, 2004) (3) Experimenting with H3 - Slava on the fonts used in Heroes III.
(June 19, 2004) (3) campaing - Starts as it means to go on.
(June 08, 2004) (3) Question - A linguistic expression used to make a request for information.
(July 02, 2004) (1) bug report - evil way campaign - Trouble with said campaign.
(July 02, 2004) (3) VRvy10 and FU671 - More scripting help from Fnord.
(July 08, 2004) (1) the samaritan - Unanswered campaign error stuff.
(July 11, 2004) (1) A few questions for wog team - In space no one can hear you scream.
(July 16, 2004) (1) WOG, nonsense - Salamandre weighs in on WoG to rousing applause.
(July 03, 2004) (2) Help - WOG 3.57f Multiplayer problem - Inability to use multiplayer.
(July 18, 2004) (1) Evil Way Home - cannot walk - Lame
(July 26, 2004) (2) Campaign - Samaritan - Trolls bother a member.
(August 18, 2004) (3) All in one - Vlaad and Ste do battle.
(August 26, 2004) (2) help in first campaign, please - TiTuS groans, all alone.
(August 29, 2004) (2) WoG help - Ste speeds Daystar off to bugmenot.com.
(September 03, 2004) (2) WOGify question from new fan - A member asks into what WoGification is.
(September 04, 2004) (3) ghosts - Salamandre's Halloween special comes early.
(August 23, 2004) (2) So what is this WoG all about - One of the forum's earlier sticky threads, now a bit too outdated.
(August 31, 2004) (3) ERM HELP!(PL and ANG) - The rather incomplete Gothrak.
(October 13, 2004) (3) Russian Fonts for WOG 3.58 (for WOG team) - Slava on H3's fonts again.
(December 28, 2004) (2) Wog commanders - WoG invades Toyland.
(January 30, 2005) (1) MP Testing Help Needed - Hear ye hear ye. Fnord needs testers.
(February 08, 2005) (2) Documentation folder - Concerns about text files.
(May 25, 2005) (1) New H3:WoG Map, Adjudication, Uploaded - Corribus uploads Adjudication, map 3 of the Last Hope campaign.
(June 03, 2005) (2) The Great Library - Fnord helping again.
(June 25, 2005) (2) Scouting - Somebody doesn't get it.
(July 08, 2005) (2) A little help please - Theory clashes with practice.
(July 30, 2005) (3) Is threre a map called... - Orson Welles' spectre pops into the WoG forum for yuks - hilarity ensues.
(August 19, 2005) (2) Toran Rift Uploaded - Corribus solicits drum rolls before delivering part 4 of his magnum opus.
(October 05, 2005) (2) How to change commander abilities - Arstahd explains Enhanced Commanders.
(October 06, 2005) (2) Commander placing bug - Yasmiel and Fnord break it down.
(September 27, 2005) (3) BETA TEST for WoG 3.58f Script Update - Script tests again.
"Those who forget their history are inevitably doomed to repeat it." —Proverb, Might and Magic VIII

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