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Heroes Community > Age of Heroes Coliseum > Thread: ICTC VI: Mirage
Thread: ICTC VI: Mirage

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posted December 12, 2011 06:47 PM bonus applied by Mytical on 30 Mar 2012.
Edited by blizzardboy at 16:35, 24 Jan 2012.

ICTC VI: Mirage

"Where we lay our heads is home."

Mirage - Town Music
Mirage - Battle Music

Theme Colors: Multi-colored, primarily red and blue.
AKA: The Wayfarers
Realm: Vultarro, also known as Dragonmist Isle
Capitol: Wanderer's End
Races of the Realm: Humans, Elves, Half-Elves, Magical Beasts
Society: Governed through an aristocratic council of guilds.
Worship: Polytheistic worship of Asha and her elemental dragons. Chiefly they worship the life aspect of Asha, called the Storyteller.

Famed Symbol:
The Peacock Feather: The brilliant peacock feather symbolizes the wonders of Ashan and the many roads to explore, shown by the outstretching frills. Bard and Agent heroes often wear one as a token of good fortune and of their loyalty to the guilds.


The realm of Vultarro, commonly called among sailors and merchants as Dragonmist Isle, is a large island that's said to be infused with the chaos magic of Urgash from before the Elder Wars. According to folk legend, before Urgash and Asha were ripped from each other's presence, the angry breath of the Chaos Dragon blanketed the quiet island, putting it into a state of wild flux. The true origins of the peculiar island are not entirely known, but the chaos magic affecting it is not believed to be caused by any mere spellcraft, as it far surpasses the work of any wizard or demon in potency.

The island has no home location in the ocean. Around every 6-18 months, it will become shrouded in a prismatic, vaporous mist, and the following morning the island and its residents will have phased into a new spot in the seas surrounding the continent. Seafaring crews have described the event as seeing a vast landmass before them that would simply vanish without so much as the slightest ripple in the water. In a much more unlucky twist of fate, there is also the occasional traveling crew that would be sailing on open waters one minute, and the next they would find their ship draped across a canopy of trees.

The island is most commonly settled somewhere in the Irisus Sea, from off the coast of the southern tip of the desert to off of the northern reaches of Irollan, though the island will also phase into the Jade Sea, near the homes of the orcs and naga, as well as into the frigid waters above Grimheim and Ranaar. Wherever the island may wander, its temperature remains almost the same warm temperate climate, as though an undetectable blanket were shielding the island from the cold of the Sea of Shadows, or from the heat of the southern Irisus Sea. Poets and minstrels speak of the marvelous beauty of the island when it conflicts with the world around it. On one occasion, when the island had phased further above the northern coast of Grimheim than had ever been known before, fragments of icebergs had ran ashore many of the beaches, with the huge mounds of pearly white ice showing a stark contrast against a lush tree-line of moss-covered red oaks. Huge barrages of snow from blizzard storms pounded into the green landscape of the island, quickly melting, while onlookers watched with the sound of frogs and crickets buzzing in the trees.

(A young student's sketch of Vultarro, with the capitol city depicted)

Top Left: Wanderer's End
The city of Wanderer's End, the capitol of Vultarro and the largest market of recruits, adventurers, and commerce on the island.
Top Right: Garden of Galadicia
One of the several elegant and artistic gardens on Vultarro. The Wayfarers are exemplars of ornate expression, with many beautiful gardens, stained-glass windows, statues, and other pleasing visuals being trademarks of the realm.
Bottom Left: The Palace of Guilds
Located just outside of Wanderer's End, the Palace of Guilds is where the leaders of the guilds of Vultarro gather to discuss and deliberate on their affairs.
Bottom Right: Perune
One of the many outpost towns across Ashan controlled by the Wayfarers outside of their home isle. Perune is nestled around an ocean-bound river near the western shores of the Holy Falcon Empire, under the Empires sometimes tense but nevertheless assured blessing. It is through such towns that the Wayfarers can more easily influence and act in the wider world.

Top Left: Vultarran Fleet
This fleet is training fresh ensigns within the bay near the capitol city. Many such grand ships are built to guard the home realm of the Wayfarers.
Top Right: Grandmaster Tua Dama
Tua Dama has been the Grandmaster at the Palace of Guilds for the past decade. She was previously a spymaster within the Silver Cities, gaining valuable secrets on the latest projects of the wizards under their very noses.
Bottom Left: Mystic Bloom
The Mystic Bloom occurs shortly before the island phases into a new part of the ocean. The spike of chaotic energy engulfing the island will cause flowers such as these to blossoms seeds glowing with magical energy.
Bottom Right: Asha the Storyteller
Asha the Storyteller, depicted as a great golden dragon reading a book, is the primary deity of the agents and bards.


Vultarro was first formally explored by the early peoples of current-day Irollan, prior to the First Demon War and the days of Sar-Elam. An outlying sect of coastal elves that worshipped the Water Dragon sent an expedition of adventurers shortly after the massive island was found just a few kilometers off of their western shore. It was believed to be the same shifting landmass from previous tales, and the Shalassan Elves hoped the island contained some undreamed power that would grant them greater status in the world. What they found was an untamed island rife with danger, and far too large to be explored with a single expedition. The island was capable of housing an entire nation, with great treks of oaken trees, lush meadows, and even freshwater lakes in the higher altitudes. Excitable gossiping from the report of the expedition crept its way across the elven forests and eventually the lands beyond, until a few seasons later it was a common rumor in the pubs of the southern desert towns that a race of purple dragons lived on an island that was built on the back of a colossal sea turtle.

Hopes of the island being colonized by the elves waned when a second expedition was still on the island when it shifted into a new location. The island was scouted out months later to be off of the northern coast of the elven forests, but the expedition was nowhere to be found, and the wild and peculiar monsters inhabiting the island were more numerous than previously thought. Ambitions to build on the island were abandoned, as its chaotic nature made it too dangerous and too feared by the average commoner. An unknown number of sellswords and private bands of adventurers embarked on the island over the decades, seeking glory and riches, and producing hazy and often conflicting tales of their endeavors that seemed to only add more obscurity to the island rather than illumination.

The prospect of inhabiting the island was reintroduced decades later by the both loved & hated Council of Secret Philosophers, whose influence stretched from the Holy Falcon Empire to the newly forged realms of the Seven Cities and the now monarchial kingdom of Irollan, as well as to a lesser extent into the clans of Grimheim, the Free Cities, Hashima, and even the rugged frontier hamlets of Ranaar. The Council of Secret Philosophers was a dubious organization of privateers, sellswords, rogue spellcasters, and above all, visionaries. To some it was viewed as nothing better than a criminal syndicate, and while the workings of the Council of Secret Philosophers were indeed shady at times and even defiant to the verdicts of kings, it was also loved by many because of its creed to serve all the children of Asha and to bring them to their full potential. The Secret Philosophers believed all of Ashan was subject to a destiny of destruction because of its inability to be united in itself against the demons. With faceless warring against angels and the egos of kings setting entire realms against one another, the demons would claim their ultimate victory sooner or later, and thus the Secret Philosophers saw the mortal kingdoms as obstructions. Instead, they dreamt of a single Order, with humans, elves, dwarves, naga, and all beings marshalling under its banner in what would be an extraordinary power capable of ending the demon threat permanently. An Order of such tremendous strength that it would have no need for any magical prison to keep the demons at bay. To support their vision, the Secret Philosophers subtly undermined the authority of rulers while finding ways to empower themselves. They were reputed for chasing after legendary artifacts, safekeeping information, and secretly establishing loyalties.

Yet there was growing unrest within the organization itself. Many of the people drawn into the fold of the Secret Philosophers were practitioners of an exotic art that used music & song as a way to weave their own magic. They were called the bards, and among them was an emerging figurehead, Vult Ayl Raetha, the Half-Elf of Irisius. He was championing the idea of making permanent dwellings upon the famed Drifting Isle. The bards had a reputation as charismatic speakers, which many believed was enhanced through their magical talents, and Vult was a bard among bards. Vult was born into a prestigious mercantile family, raised under the tutelage of various mentors just south of Irollan on the coastal plains. His shrewd father, an elf formerly from Irollan who felt more at home on the outskirts of human territories, had managed with surprising ease to arrange a political marriage with an odd cousin of the Unicorn Duchy. He was obsessed with his estate and goods, and was constantly away on long trips with his mistress at his side. Vult's idle mother lived in a separate villa, often entertaining the overnight company of teenage girls. When she did see him he was treated as a pet more than as a son. Vult had a fascination with the rumored "Drifting Island" since a boy, and entertained fantasies of one day escaping to the land to uncover wonderful artifacts of an elder civilization. The island was to him everything that his home was not: mysterious, beautiful, and unchained. In what was for him a dark but undeniably pleasing twist of fate, Vult's father was accused of conspiring with pirates raiding the local shipping lanes, and was promptly interrogated and later beheaded. Their personal estates were seized by the Duchy, and his frail and panicked mother never woke up one morning after emptying a strong bottle of East Jade Rum. Vult would have been safely taken to the home city of the Unicorn's, probably to continue his tutelage and one day govern a town, but as a young man he found himself presented with the easy opportunity to flee. He knew the Unicorn Duchy would only go to minimal efforts - at best - to seek him out, as they were taking him into the family out of mere political obligation. After gathering his courage and wits, he disappeared into the night,

As fate would have it, Vult found himself several years later as an influential bard in the company of the very pirates that his father had once been conspiring with. They were all in league with the Secret Philosophers. Their leader, Admiral Zaide Feathers, had overtime become a fierce kindred spirit to Vult's ambitions, and their plans spread and grew in popularity throughout the organization. The Drifting Isle would provide them with a permanent home base, one whose greatest defense was that it had no home location. When reports had come that the Isle was spotted in the Jade Sea, Admiral Zaide's fleet immediately set course, followed by a small exodus of glory-seekers and settlers. Upon their arrival... they found only open ocean.

But eventually Zaide and his fleet did settle upon the island, and over the years more recruits were ferried in, as well as even common settlers and craftsman. Though they never found any secret treasures or civilizations, they did find a lush, albeit dangerous, landscape that was ripe for the taking. The Order of Secret Philosophers began to break apart within itself,  as Vult and Zaide were advocating a more subtle approach to their organizations ultimate mission. Now that they had established themselves in the newly-named land of Vultarro, they began to entertain the idea of Vultarro becoming a naturally convenient hub of politics, study, diplomacy, since it had no true location or longstanding heritage. Those more adamant to the Secret Philosopher's traditional approach of inciting discontent and rebellion believed that such efforts were sweet but usually futile. Ashan could only mend its divisions through blood, not tears. The Secret Philosophers gradually dissolved over the decades as Vultarro grew in numbers and became an established realm unto itself, but such divisions in philosophy remain to the present day.

Society, Worship, & Principles:

Vultarro is an aristocracy governed from the Palace of Guilds, located outside of the capitol city of Wanderer's End.  It is there that the guildmasters convene to deliberate and decide on their actions in the realm. Among the guildmasters is the Grandmaster, who is appointed from among the guildmasters to be the overseer. The Palace of Guilds is sometimes called by outsiders as a "cushioned thieves' den'" because of its history of breaking into chaos and disorder. The guildmasters gain their station through a variety of methods; their wealth, their deeds, or their luck.  Although there are no established regal titles in Vultarro, it is not uncommon for the son of a guildmaster to become a guildmaster themselves, and rumors are ever abounding of supposed briberies and underhanded dealings within the Palace.

Attempts to establish a more reliable monarchy in the realm have thus far failed, but in spite of Vultarro's precarious and ever-shifting governance, the realm has still enjoyed a fair sense of stability because of the powerful mission that continues to permeate the culture of the island. The worship of the island is very polytheistic, with reverence to all of the dragons (save for Urgash), although chief worship goes to the life aspect of Asha, commonly known as the Storyteller. For them, life is too big to be experienced in a single lifetime, thus Asha reincarnates her children, wiping away old and painful memories so that one may be reborn anew, able to experience the world in many facets. It is believed by the bards that a soul is guaranteed to be born as at least three things: a warrior, a beggar, and a craftsman.  Creativity, expression, opportunism, camaraderie, wanderlust, and compassion are ideals that are highly extolled to children, as they are believed to reflect the nature of the life aspect of Asha. Children are encouraged to travel and wander the wider world, and at a younger age, they can paint the cobblestones of the town roads without rebuke. These ideals are highly reflective in Vultarro's architecture, as its towns have a reputation for being highly decorative and even gaudy or decadent.

On a grander scale, Vultarro continues to be driven by the old mission of the Council of Secret Philosophers, the extinct organization whose members first built on the island. It is strongly believed that the demons will be the inevitable conquerors of all Ashan because of its divisions and inner turmoil. Thus, Vultarro has been anything but isolated on its island. It possesses various outlying towns and forts on the mainland. Some of them exist by the grace of their neighbors, such as in Irollan or the Holy Falcon Empire, where the guildmasters could not hope to maintain them through raw force and instead keep them by offering their services as informants and traders. Others are maintained by might of arms and magic, such as with hidden outposts in the Jade Sea, and even a few bold forts in the wilds of Ranaar and the Endless East. These towns and forts exist not only as a hub of trade to the main island (wherever the island may be), but as eyes and ears for the realm. The agents and bards are almost always on the forefront of discovering the secret workings of the demons.


Vultarro is inhabited primarily by humans, elves, half-elves, and intelligent magical beasts. Though breeding between elves and humans is rare and often shunned on the mainland, constant intermingling on the island over the generations has produced a large half-elf population that many believe will one day in the distant future become the norm. The island is also teeming with the shy yet inquisitive nanodragons, who possess a wit almost as good as any human or elf. The occasional highly outgoing one - by nanodragon standards - will even settle in a town and live with a family as a glorified pet. Additionally there are the awesome and terrifying shapeshifters, glowing spirits with the ability to transmute into virtually any creature that is in their presence, as well as the enigmatic and impossibly alien phasms, who dwell within the council of the bards. The shapeshifters and phasms were both brought to the island and befriended by the bards, as they have the unique ability to reach out and communicate with these mysterious beings. There are also the majestic muses that visit the forests, mountains, and open plains of the island. These savants of Asha possess immense amounts of primordial life energy, and although they rarely openly associate with the residents of Vultarro, they too can be brought to the aid of the Wayfarers when needed.

Faction Opinions:

Sylvan: (Ally) The wayfarers are a noble people that have sparred the world of much sufferings, but too often do they treat their lives and the world itself like a plaything with their decadence and deception.

Academy: (Ally) The wayfarers show a promising spark of curiosity and innovation, but they misdirect their talents towards their songs, and are ever lead by their hearts and their wanderlust to poke their roguish noses where they are not wanted. One can never fully trust a realm of spies and swashbucklers. We tolerate them well enough, but we would tolerate them better if they took off their masks and sought more order in their lands.

Haven: (Ally) A realm founded by pirates and thieves, though they are unquestionably talented spies and singers that have aided the Empire many times before. Perhaps someday they will see the wisdom of becoming one of our Duchies?

Sanctuary: (Neutral) Were we not occupied by greater concerns, we might instruct the bards with a lesson in battle. They mock our way of life with their carelessness and mischievous smiles, and for them, honor is only to be followed at their own convenience. Were there not some worshippers of the water dragon on their home isle, it might have been consumed by the deep long ago.

Grimheim: (Neutral) A man that dresses up in tight red pants isn't right in the head, but we've other affairs to be preoccupied with than those jovial clowns. When their island finds its way above our shores, at least they sell us a plentiful supply of exotic rums.

Stronghold: (Neutral) Sometimes they make us laugh, other times they make us want to smash them. We are used to being hated by men and elves, but they are often good to orcs.

Dungeon: (Enemy) An island of elves, humans, and half-elves. They are everything that we despise and everything that banished us from our forest homes. They whore themselves to their human and elf friends in Irollan and in the Empire at their own peril, for their island will not protect them forever.

Inferno: (Enemy) Their songs and their dreams will not protect them from our fires. They seek to unravel our plots in Ashan and bring it to unity, but for every bridge they build, we shall burn two.

Necropolis: (Enemy) Worshippers of the life aspect of Asha? What is the purpose of life if not to die and to finally gain true serenity? They claim that Necromancers can serve a role in the world, but it would to their design and at their mercy. They are fools to chastise our ways, and their understanding of Asha is vain and useless.

Sturdy sabers with a solid cross-guard at the hilt  are the most favored blade among the Wayfarers. Pupils of swordplay that are "young and over-eager to die" practice diligently with the weapon to become masters of one-on-one combat. Along with their sabers, young duelists and hoodwinks are traditionally equipped with a flexible suit of brigandine and a buckler strapped to their arm. They are valued as impetuous melee combatants, with a prized ability to maneuver through the thick of battle to be where they are needed, when they are needed.

Duelist Abilities:

Living: This creature can be healed and resurrected, and is subject to morale.

Riposte: Duelists and Hoodwinks practice hard, whether on the bustling streets and back alleys of their home towns, or in the confines of a formal school, to make themselves as deadly while defending as while they are attacking. They have a respected reputation abroad for parrying the blows of an enemy with particularly admirable grace, and using the opportunity to land the killer blow.

For this creature's first retaliation in a turn, damage dealt to it is decreased by 50%, and it retaliates for 150% of its normal damage.

Footwork: "Your feet are just another pair of hands!" is an often spoken phrase by duelists and hoodwinks, teaching their younger siblings how to survive in battle. Duelists and hoodwinks may navigate through even a cluttered battlefield with the skill of a monkey swinging through the trees of its home turf.

This creature may freely move through friendly and enemy stacks on its turn.

Additional Hoodwink Abilities:

Feint: "Remember, even a skeleton will follow your body movements, looking for a chance to get under your skin. Use that against them." Hoodwinks are highly trained at confounding their opponents, using deceptive body language and their movements to cause their opponents to disastrously fumble in combat.

Active Combat Ability: Cooldown 2 turns. This creature attacks an enemy stack for normal damage with no retaliation, and the targeted stack is unable to retaliate for the rest of the turn; creatures with unlimited retaliation will still be able to retaliate for the turn.

Minstrels and troubadours are students of the bards that seek to master sonic magic. Their instruments have been attuned to their own bodies, and they can use them to lance their enemies from afar with shattering sonic force, hence they have sometimes been called the Banshees of the Living. These warrior-minstrels are not quiet when they do battle, and quite fitting with their noisemaking is their elegant and flamboyant attire. Their garbs make them easily noticeable targets on the battlefield for enemy archers, yet enemy archers fear and hate them above all.

Minstrel Abilities:

Living:  This creature can be healed and resurrected, and is subject to morale.

Sonic Bubble: The disruptive chords of Minstrels and Troubadours is loathed by ranged enemies from across Ashan. Using their mystic musical arts, these creatures can conjure an invisible bubble humming with sonic energy around their foes. The powerful resonance renders the foes' ranged attacks utterly worthless.

Active Combat Ability: Cooldown 3 turns: This creature can inflict an enemy creature with the 'Sonic Bubble' effect for 2 turns. Creatures with Sonic Bubble cannot make any ranged attacks. The power rating of the minstrels or troubadours must be at least 90% of the power rating of the targeted stack in order to use this ability.

Heart of Song: Minstrels and Troubadours wander their homeland and the wider world of Ashan as singers, poets, musicians, actors, and even spies, always animated by an appetite for adventure. When they are employed and train their talents for the battlefield, even then, they are ever uplifted and strengthened by their songs, and can never truly become discouraged.

This creature is immune to all effects that decrease its morale.

Additional Troubadour Abilities:

Sonic Blast: The Troubadours, elevated by their higher station, can now hurl their sonic attacks with a concussive force that blows back their enemies. They are valued by their fellows with their unique ability to buy precious time on the battlefield.

Ranged attacks made by this creature will move the targeted creature back 2 squares.

These dog-sized dragons are native only to Dragonmist Isle, and occupy it in great numbers, though wild ones are seldom ever seen. These creatures have flourished since the Wayfarers settled on the island centuries ago. Not only are they prized for their role in battle, but they also serve the realm as trusted companions, message carriers, and even to a limited extent as spies. Grooming and raising nanodragons is an onerous task, as these creatures have a reputation for being bashful and timid, but with proper care they can offer great potential.

Nanodragon Abilities:

Living: This creature can be healed and resurrected, and is subject to morale.

Magic Resistance: The bashful yet curious Nanodragons and Faerie Dragons from Dragonmist Isle are the tiny cousins of the mighty dragons of Ashan. Though small in size, the same rich and prized dragon blood runs through their veins, granting them an inherent resilience against all forces of magic.

All magical effects against this creature (negative and positive) have their effectiveness decreased by 50%.

Time Spiral: Unwelcome travelers to Dragonmist Isle in the distant past once though that these tiny dragons were figments of their imagination caused by the mysterious magic of the island. They would see them dangling on a branch one minute, and the next be gone. In truth, these creatures are not attuned to any particular form of element, but instead consist of the primal lifeforce of Asha. In an act of will, they can accelerate the flow of time to their liking to grant them an edge on the battlefield.

Active Combat Ability: 5 charges, 1 turn cooldown: Using this ability does not count as an action. This ability will grant the creature an additional half turn after their first turn (like with morale). This ability can work in conjunction with morale to have a total of 2 half turns, but morale cannot trigger on the extra half turn granted from this ability.

Additional Faerie Dragon Abilities:

Magic Immunity: Faerie Dragon become more attuned to their inherit qualities, eventually becoming entirely immune to all forms of magic.

This ability replaces Magic Resistance. The creature is immune to all magical effects (both positive and negative).

Dragondust: The shimmering powder of the Dragon Faerie's wings is an aftereffect of the magic this creature harmlessly absorbs over the course of its lifetime. Creatures speckled with this alchemical substance become less tolerant to harmful magic.

Creatures that are attacked by the Faerie Dragons, or attack the Faerie Dragons in melee combat, will have Dragondust on them for 2 turns. Creatures with Dragondust have their magic defense (prime) decreased by 10.

Like with the nanodragons, these much larger beasts are natives to Vultarro, and likewise have been affected by the magical aura of the island. Vultarran Salamanders are the kings of the island's wilderness, primarily inhabiting the central region of the island, among the hills and mountains. They have a ferocious appetite for boar, squirrels, rats, plants, and even rocks on rare occasions. Though highly egotistical, these beasts have become tamed with the help of the bards and implemented into their ranks. When Vult succeeded in befriending the first group of Salamanders, he is noted for saying to Captain Feathers "I don't think you're in charge anymore. They seem to think they are." Salamanders possess a gorgeous multi-colored hide that can just as quickly shift coloration to blend with the surroundings. The magical skin of the Salamander will continue to function for many years after the creature is dead. Their pelts will occasionally turn up on the black market, though hunting them is forbidden by the Palace of Guilds.

Salamander Abilities:

Living: This creature can be healed and resurrected, and is subject to morale.

Camouflage: Though large in size, these cunning creatures move very low to the ground, with scales that will shift to blend in with their environment. Enemy troops are slow to organize a defense against these difficult-to-spot beasts as they crawl across the battlefield.

When this creature moves to attack a creature that is more than 2 squares away from it at the start of its turn, the targeted creatures suffers -10 defense on the attack.

Rockclimber: These 6-legged creatures, native to the central mountainous region of Vultarro, have razor-sharp claws and are expert climbers. They may scurry over large trunks and boulders almost effortlessly, and are even able to climb the straight surface of a city wall.

This creature may freely move over obstacles and castle walls.

Additional Upgrade Abilities:

Prismatic Scales: The prismatic chameleons were once thought to  be a variety of different species. They can shift to a myriad of different colors in their natural form, and can embrace an elemental aspect of their choosing. With the already lethal maw and claws of these dauntless beasts of war can come a zap of electricity, a surge of scorching heat, a blast of icy death, a rush of acidic pain, a gust of agonizing darkness, or a flicker of lethal light.

Active Ability: 3 turn cooldown. Using this ability does not count as an action. This creature's natural scale color can shift to one of six different colors of your choice for the rest of combat: red, blue, purple, green, orange, or yellow. After this creature makes an attack, it will be followed with a blast of energy that deals +30% additional damage. The damage-type of the energy is fire for red scales, water for blue scales, dark for purple scales, earth for green scales, light for orange scales, and air for yellow scales. Additionally, this creature receives +50% magic defense for the corresponding magic type.

Many speculate that these spirits are an ancient creation of Urgash that continue to linger on the surface of Ashan. Even in their original humanoid form, they will involuntary shift to imitate the faces of those around them. Shapeshifters may take on both the appearance and the qualities of others, although they are always blanketed with a dark blue glow that makes them poor for infiltration.  They are frequently hunted and slain in the wider world, though the Wayfarers have successfully allied themselves with them and bring them to their isle yearly. Though shifting form takes time, these beings offer unlimited versatility in battle. Communicating with Shapeshifters is extremely difficult, as they have a weak sense of self-identity and are often somewhat in a state of confusion and uncertainty.

Shapeshifter Abilities:

Living: This creature can be healed and resurrected, and is subject to morale.

Spirit Form: Spirits benefit from +50% resistance to all damage at the start of each combat. Lasts until an action was taken by the creature.

Transmutation: Considered one of the most mindboggling marvels in all the vast myriad of strange and wondrous things in Ashan is the transmutation of shapeshifters and doppelgangers. These enigmatic spirits imitate the very essence of the creatures around it, gaining their form and qualities. They can even divide their consciousness into multiple aspects, or merge with others of their kind to become something greater than themselves. Creatures facing off against these spirits must be prepared to face off against a blue, glowing imitation of themselves. A respected elder naga of Hashima is noted for once saying to his students, "We are told that the greatest virtue is to know thyself. If you cross blades with a doppelganger, you will remember this".

Active Combat Ability: no cooldown: This creature can select any friendly core or elite creature on the battlefield and transmute into them. Their unmodified statistics and abilities are replaced with the unmodified statistics and abilities of the selected creature (all abilities apply except for Undead and Emotionless). The stack size of this creature is also changed, with the Power Rating of the shapeshifter determining what the new stack number will be; when the shapeshifter transmutes into a weaker creature, it will have a higher stack size, when it transmutes into a stronger creature, it will have a smaller stack size. This creature can only use this ability while it is in its original form.

Recall Form: Active Combat Ability: no cooldown: This creature will transmute back into its original form, with its unmodified statistics and abilities. All damage will be carried over.

Additional Doppelganger Abilities:

Astral Transmutation: The doppelganger spirit becomes so engrossed in its transmutations that its sense of identify becomes a surreal haze, where it sometimes forgets who and what it is. Though they are generally not belligerent in nature, wild doppelgangers have a despised reputation in parts of Ashan, where they end up transmuting into a beast or monster, only to become the beast or monster themselves. Under the soothing tutelage of the bards - the masters of language and empathy - doppelgangers are able to perfect their innate talents without being drawn into confusion and madness.

Active Combat Ability: no cooldown: This ability replaces the Transmutation ability. The creature may now select either friendly or enemy core/elite stacks to transmute into. When the creature uses this ability, it will retain its Spirit Form ability and benefit from it as though it never acted (as usual, it will no longer benefit from Spirit Form once it makes an action next turn).

These marvelous beings of metal and magic were greatly sought by the wizards, who wanted to yoke their strength as servants and warriors. Many wizards spent great amounts of time and resources in an effort to subjugate them, ultimately resulting in very costly failure. An entire academy was turned to rubble as their spells turned against them, and the phasms and phantasms eviscerated the wizards and students in a day of carnage that spread fear across the cities. They later attempted to enlist them as willing allies, but the attempts were frustratingly useless. Where the wizards failed, the bards succeeded, as they were able to reach out and gain an emphatic link with these alien creatures. Phasms do not perceive the world as being in motion, but instead as being a recording that they are able to watch. They have no fears or hopes, but are merely motivated by a curiosity to see what happens next.

Phasm Abilities:

Living: This creature can be healed and resurrected, and is subject to morale.

Pain Mirror: 10% of the damage dealt to the creature is returned to its attackers. Only melee attacks are valid.

Resistance to Light: When the bards brought with them the first loyal band of these majestic beings to Dragonmist Isle, they gave them a formal coronation on the beach, speaking their thoughts to them through the power of song. An apprentice bard, having to squint along with all of his peers, whispered a bit too loudly that they should have taken them in the shade first, which resulted in a ripple of laughter. The bright, reflective make-up of these creatures makes them particularly tolerable to hostile light magic.

This creature is 50% resistant to damage (light).

Additional Phantasm Abilities:

Magic Reflection & Absorption: Phantasms may manipulate magic through their extraordinary composition, expelling harmful spells from themselves and transferring them to their foes, or leeching beneficial spells from their enemies and gaining their power.

Magic Reflection: Active Combat Ability: 2 turn cooldown: Magic Reflection & Absorption operate on the same cooldown timer. The phantasm may target an enemy creature and attack it with its normal ranged damage. The phantasm is dispelled of one random negative magical effect and transfers it to the targeted creature.

Magic Absorption: Active Combat Ability: 2 turn cooldown: Magic Reflection & Absorption operate on the same cooldown timer. The phantasm may target an enemy creature and attack it with its normal ranged damage. The targeted creature is dispelled of one random positive magical effect, and the effect is transferred to the phantasm.

Muses are elder spirits of the life aspect of Asha, native to Asha's moon. From time to time, they will travel to Ashan along with the phoenixes to observe the world and aid in the battle against Urgash. The worshippers of the life aspect of Asha may call upon them for council and even to gain their services on the battlefield. They possess an otherworldly beauty that sets the hearts of men aflame and makes women burn with envy, though they can just as quickly shift to a haze of shimmering blue flame. Muses have never been known to take the form of men, some believe because they symbolize the birth of life. They are as beautiful as they are deadly, possessing primordial powers that can rival the mightiest of angels and faceless.

Muse Abilities:

Living: This creature can be healed and resurrected, and is subject to morale.

Pulse of Wonder: The muse is a being saturated with primal life energy, able to pierce into the hearts of creatures that were thought to not have hearts at all. The constructs of wizards, for a brief moment, become truly animated and able to fully experience being sapient and alive. The undead soldiers of the necromancers, likewise, experience the pulse of life, and the long dormant passion within their souls is awakened.

The mind-influencing effect of the muse is able to work on undead and constructs. Other creatures immune to mind-influencing effects are still unaffected.

Hysteria: The strike of a muse is more than just painful, but also emotionally overpowering. The world around the creature becomes terrifying and beautiful in the same instant. Their strongest memories, both good and bad, overwhelm their conscious thoughts all at once. The heat of battle around them seems so trivial compared to their inner hysteria, and they are unable to act for a brief time.

A creature struck by the muse will automatically use the 'wait' command on their turn. Creatures that had already used the 'wait' command will lose their turn. Creatures that already took their turn are unaffected.

Additional Jeweled Muse Abilities:

Vitality: Jeweled muses are able to benefit in part by the dangerous primordial life energy they are always exuding. When a warrior thinks they've beaten a jeweled muse down to their last strand of life, they might think twice.

This creature gains +100 health at the start of its turn. This ability cannot resurrect creatures.

Jeweled Hair: The hair of a jeweled muse, appropriate to its name, is laden with tiny dragon crystals that sprout from the roots. Allies of the muse may touch the hair to absorb some of the power it offers, providing them with a shield of primordial life energy that wards them from physical harm.

3 charges: Friendly creatures may use their action to touch the hair of the jeweled muse (the ability cursor will appear when you hover your cursor over the stack of Jeweled Muses) to bestow on themselves a Primordial Shield effect for 5 turns. Primordial Shield is a magic (prime) spell that functions like the Stoneskin spell. The power of the spell is determined by the Power Rating of the stack of jeweled muses.

Architecture: The Wayfarers will employ virtually any building material imaginable to construct their towns. They most frequently favor rounded structures with an abundance of balconies, porches, and other luxurious add-ons. Even common laborers will often make their small house a little smaller in order to make room for a porch and herb garden. Mirage towns are most iconic for their heavy use of glass, particularly stained-glass windows. Glassblowers have even taken up the art of constructing certain glass tabletops for wealthier citizens (whose kids have grown up), which most outsiders find downright eccentric.

Creature Dwellings:

Hanging Gardens:
Requires: Town Rank 1
Cost: 1500 gold, 4 stone
Allows you to recruit Nanodragons.

Floating Gardens:
Requires: Town Rank 1, Hanging Gardens
Cost: 2000, 4 stone, 3 crystal
Allows you to recruit Faerie Dragons. Nanodragon / Faerie Dragon weekly production is increased by 4.

Sound Dome:
Requires: Town Rank 1
Cost: 2500 gold, 5 wood, 4 stone
Allows you to recruit Minstrels.

Dome of Cacophonies:
Requires: Town Rank 1, Sound Dome
Cost: 2600 gold, 5 wood, 4 stone. 1 crystal
Allows you to recruit Troubadours. Minstrel / Troubadour weekly production is increased by 3.

Dueling Grounds:
Requires: Town Rank 1
Cost: 1200 gold, 3 wood, 2 stone
Allows you to recruit Duelists.

Dueling Courts:
Requires: Town Rank 1, Dueling Grounds
Cost: 1600, 3 wood, 3 stone, 3 crystal
Allows you to recruit Hoodwinks. Duelist / Hoodwink weekly production is increased by 3.

Gazebo Outlook:
Requires: Town Rank 2
Cost: 4250 gold, 9 wood, 7 stone, 5 crystal
Allows you to recruit Salamanders.

Gazebo Grand Vista:
Requires: Town Rank 2, Gazebo Outlook
Cost: 3000 gold, 8 wood, 5 stone, 7 crystal
Allows you to recruit Salamanders and Prismatic Chameleons. Salamander / Prismatic Chameleon weekly production is increased by 1.

Living Gallery:
Requires: Town Rank 2
Cost: 5000 gold, 6 wood, 7 stone, 6 crystal
Allows you to recruit Shapeshifters.

Living Museum:
Requires: Town Rank 2
Cost: 3500 gold, 5 wood, 5 stone, 8 crystal.
Allows you to recruit Doppelgangers. Shapeshifter / Doppelganger weekly production is increased by 2.

Glass Stairway:
Requires: Town Rank 2
Cost: 4000 gold, 10 stone, 5 wood, 7 crystal
Allows you to recruit Phasms

Mirrored Stairway:
Requires: Town Rank 2, Glass Stairway
Cost: 3700 gold, 8 stone, 5 wood, 7 crystal
Allows you to recruit Phantasms. Phasm / Phantasm weekly production is increased by 1.

Dais of Calling:Requires: Town Rank 3
Cost: 15000 gold, 15 wood, 25 stone, 20 crystal
Allow you to recruit Muses.

Dais of Wonder:
Requires: Town Rank 3, Dais of Calling
Cost: 15000 gold, 25 stone, 15 wood, 20 crystal
Allows you to recruit Jeweled Muses. Muse / Jeweled Muse weekly production is increased by 1.  

Special Buildings:

Hero's Amphitheater:
Requires: Rank 1, Hall of Heroes
Cost: 2500 gold, 2 wood, 4 stone.
Hero's hired from this town's Hall of Heroes will now be 4 levels instead of 5 levels lower than your primary hero. Additionally, within the confines of the amphitheater, a Bard or Agent hero may choose the instrument with which to magically attune to their soul. Only heroes that have chosen the path of tears or blood may select an instrument. The process requires elaborate incantations and concentration, costing 2 blood crystals. The hero may later swap for a different instrument for 1 blood crystal, but never to one of an opposite reputation.

The Harp: The hero's soul is attuned with the serene touch of the harp. +8 tears reputation.
Once per week, the hero may use the Harp as an adventure map ability to restore 30 mana.

The Flute: The hero's soul is attuned with the exhilarating whistles of the flute. +8 blood reputation.
Once per week, the hero may use the Flute as an adventure map ability to give creatures +10 initiative for the next combat. The effects of the Flute are negated when facing enemy heroes that have chosen the path of tears or blood.

The Mandolin: The hero's soul is attuned with the mystical strumming of the mandolin. +8 blood reputation.
Once per week, the hero may use the Mandolin as an adventure map ability to receive +8 spell power for the next combat. The effects of the Mandolin are negated when facing enemy heroes that have chosen the path of tears or blood.

The Organetto: The hero's soul is attuned with the pronounced chords of the organetto. +8 tears reputation.
Once per week, the hero may use the Organetto as an adventure map ability to increase the production of a select Creature Type Building by 50% for the upcoming week (Does not work on champion buildings). The hero must be within the area of control of the selected building.

The Drums: The hero's soul is attuned with the steady beat of the drums. +8 tears reputation.
Once per week, the hero may use the Drums as an adventure map ability to receive +6 movement for the turn.

The Bagpipes: The hero's soul is attuned to the mournful hum of the bagpipes. +8 blood reputation.
Once per week, the hero may use the Bagpipes as an adventure map ability to give enemy creatures -15 morale for the next combat. The effects of the Bagpipes are negated when facing enemy heroes that have chosen the path of tears or blood.

Ambassadorial Suites:
Nestled against the city's hall are the luxurious quarters of silver-tongued diplomats. Birds chirp in the elegant gardens surrounding the suites while diplomats and their students carefully scribe letters, read over transcripts, and greet various statesmen of the realm.
Requires: Rank 2, you cannot build both the Ambassadorial Suites and the Promenade.
Cost: 2500 gold, 5 wood, 5 stone, 5 crystal.
The cost of converting forts, creature dwellings, and towns is decreased by 10%. This ability is cumulative with other Ambassadorial Suites.

The Promenade:
Within the heart of the city is the ever-lively promenade. A large section is carved into the earth, encircled with benches where city dwellers and visitors alike may sit and listen to a host of tales from storytellers
Requires: Rank 2, you cannot build both the Ambassadorial Suites and the Promenade.
Cost: 2500 gold, 5 wood, 5 stone, 5 crystal.
Within the town's area of control, Camaraderie will last for one additional turn.  

Grand Bazaar:
Exotic spices, strange animals, peculiar fabrics, precious jewels, hired mercenaries, and even trinkets of magical power are all found within the city's bazaar. Among the turbulent and shrewd exchanges of the bazaar, where the market ends and the black market begins always remains somewhat of an uncertainty. Many fresh recruits and glory-seekers, of backgrounds both noble and devious, find their way to the bazaar.
Requires: Rank 3, Marketplace,  you cannot build both a Grand Bazaar and an Adventurer's Gauntlet
Cost: 5000 gold, 5 wood, 5 stone, 10 crystal.
In the artifacts tab of the marketplace, you now have an additional row of items to choose from [you will have this row regardless of whether or not you own an Artifact Merchant]. Additionally, in this building you may select any core creature whose dwelling you have built in this town. Production of that core creature for this town is increased by 50%. You may change the selected creature at any time.

Adventurer's Gauntlet:
The adventurer's gauntlet is never quite the same from month to month. Its engineers, said by some to be outright sadistic, are always taking obstacles out and adding in new challenges. From the public stands, young maidens cheer their foolhardy companions as they brave the challenges of the adventurer's gauntlet. Few of the many contenders ever complete it, but all of them learn from it.
Requires: Rank 3, you cannot build both a Grand Bazaar and an Adventurer's Gauntlet
Cost: 5000 gold, 5 wood, 5 stone, 10 crystal
Camaraderie will raise the destiny of creature's by an additional 2 points whenever heroes are outside of the kingdom's area of control. Whenever a hero leaves this town's area of control, they will immediately receive +6 movement on the adventure map and +10 morale for the next battle. This effect will trigger for a hero once per week.

Pantheon of Ashan: Tear of Asha Building
A vast temple built solely out of stained-glass stands as strongly as solid iron in the city. Within are a myriad of blinking wisps, ever shifting from feathery white to onyx black, bright emerald to stormy gray, blazing orange to deep azure blue. Floating in the center of the temple is a moving statue of Asha, depicted as a golden dragon reading a book.
Requires: Rank 4, Tear of Asha
Cost: 15000 gold, 20 wood, 20 stone, 20 crystal
Provides your kingdom with 5000 gold per day and increases all creature production by 50%. Creatures with Camaraderie receive an additional +1 movement and double destiny.

Hero Special: Camaraderie
The Wayfarers are champions of passion, advancing their dreams and their destiny through their proclivity  to inspire one another to uncharted heights of excellence. For them, the whole is always mightier than the sum of its parts. The Bard or Agent hero may inspire their troops, and the troops in turn may inspire the hero.

The gauge for Camaraderie is filled by +50 when a stack makes an attack or uses a special ability while adjacent to a friendly stack. This is reduced to +30 if the stack does not move on its turn [whether melee or ranged].

Gauge is also filled when friendly creatures are wounded or fall in battle. After damage is dealt to friendly stack the gauge is filled by:
Value = 250 * (Damage / EnemyArmyHealth).

Camaraderie 1:   Single target, 3 turn duration
Targeted stack receives +15 destiny, +1 movement, and the Inspiration 1 ability. The hero may use any level 1 Bardic Warcries after receiving enough Inspiration Points.

Camaraderie 2:  Single target, 3 turn duration
Targeted stack receives +20 destiny, +1 movement, and the Inspiration 2 ability. The hero may use any level 1 or level 5 Bardic Warcries after receiving enough Inspiration Points.

Camaraderie 3:  Single target, 3 turn duration
Targeted stack receives +25 destiny, +1 movement, and the Inspiration 3 ability. The hero may use any level 1 or level 5 Bardic Warcries after receiving enough Inspiration Points.

Camaraderie 4:  Single target, 3 turn duration
Targeted stack receives +25 destiny, +1 movement, the Inspiration 4 ability, and deals +33% damage to stacks that have not yet acted in combat. The hero may use any level 1 or level 5 Bardic Warcries after receiving enough Inspiration Points.

Inspirations: Creatures with Camaraderie are given the Inspiration 1/2/3/4 ability. Their actions on the battlefield will inspire the Bard or Agent hero to unleash their own talents. Creatures with Inspiration 1/2/3/4 will give the hero 5/6/7/8 Inspiration Points whenever they make an attack or use a special ability. Extra actions from morale will not give Inspiration points. Once the hero has 40 Inspiration points, they may use the points to perform a first tier Bardic Warcry, or once they have 45 Inspiration points they may use the points to perform a second tier Bardic Warcry. Using a Bardic Warcry does not count as an action. The hero may have up to a maximum of 60 Inspiration Points at any given time, and they may not use a Bardic Warcry twice in the same round.

Bardic Warcries function the same as the regular Warcries, except Bardic Warcries operate on a separate cooldown timer from their regular counterparts (so the hero may use the Heroism ability, and then use a Bardic Warcry to immediately use the Heroism ability again). The effects of Bardic Warcries and Warcries do not stack with one another. As usual, the hero's reputation can affect the Bardic Warcry depending if the warcry is a tears or blood ability. Bards and Agents may use any first tier warcry as a Bardic Warcry (Herosim, Rush, Stand Your Ground, Flawless Assault), and once they are level 5 they may in addition use certain second tier warcries (Evasive Maneuvers, Warlord's Command, Pressed Attack).

Magic Class, Neutral: Bard
"We are the trumpeters of Asha's wondrous creation. Who can deny our voice?
The Bard wields the primordial life energy pulsing in Ashan through the innate magical power of song, lyric, and passion. To become a mighty bard is to have walked the vast labyrinth of your heart and to have unlocked the untapped potential from within. They are the masters of language and empathy, wanderers that can originate from the darkest of ghettos to the brightest of palaces, all of them discontented with the shackles of their upbringing.

Neutral Class Ability: Asha's Glory
The hero begins combat with 30 Inspiration Points.

Magic Class, Blood Reputation: Herald
"The world shivers in the wake of our turbulence. Grasp the day by your hands and let it be yours."
Silence is rarely a virtue to the Heralds. These fearsome bards have embraced the aggressive nature of Asha's lifeforce and wield it as their weapon. Deeds of their uncanny courage, their passionate speeches, and their untiring vigor quickly spread to their enemies, making them ever a foe to be respected.

Advanced Blood Ability: Smell of Victory
The hero receives 8/10/12 Inspiration Points when an enemy stack is killed.

Ultimate Blood Ability: Phoenixheart
Active Combat Ability, 1 charge, 70 mana. Friendly creatures are wreathed with the energy of a mighty beast representing the life aspect of Asha: the Phoenix. Creatures receive the Moonfire Aura ability for 2 turns [Unlike with the Phoenix, the +num variable is not determined when calculating the damage of this ability].

Magic Class, Tears Reputation: Incanter
"Listen to the melody of the world around you."
The voice of the sagely Incanter is said to sound strikingly familiar to your parent's voice, even if it's the parent you thought you never had. Adored by their troops, honored by their fellows, and respected by the muses, these powerful heroes command an impressive arsenal of bardic magic to patiently but confidently fulfill all that they envision.

Advanced Tears Ability: Song of Levity
Active Combat Ability, 3 turn cooldown, 40 mana. Targeted stack is purged of all negative effects and receives the flying ability, with immunity to all effects that impede flying. Duration of 2/3/4 turns.

Ultimate Tears Ability: Jubilant Host
Active Combat Ability, 1 charge, 70 mana. In a 5x5 area the hero summons a 'Jubilant Host' of untouchable, ethereal spirits that are on the brink of being reincarnated. These spirits appear as an incandescent, light blue mist that covers the area on the battlefield. All creatures may freely move through the mist of the Jubilant Host. Friendly creatures that begin their turn within the Jubilant Host receive the benefit of the 'Regeneration' spell (prime) (+stats, +level) for 2 turns, and receive +10 initiative on their next turn [The Regeneration spell (prime) of the Jubilant Host can stack with the standard Regeneration (earth) spell]. At the end of each round, the Jubilant Host may move as though it were a creature. It has a movement of 6 and is able to pass through and end its turn within obstacles, walls, and friendly / hostile creatures. The Jubilant Host cannot be dispelled. Duration of 1/2/3 turns.

Might Class, Neutral: Agent
"We make our own luck."
Coming from a background of battle-hardened scouts, dreaded pirates, romantic spies, and warriors of fortune are the Agents of Vultarro and its various outposts and embassies. Even those of notorious and chaotic backgrounds have disavowed their past in service to the Wayfarers. As with all might heroes, they possess a fearsome mastery with commanding troops and directing the battlefield, and enhance their armies with their unique reputation of incredible agility and guile.

Neutral Class Ability: Guile
Friendly creatures deal +4/5/6% damage against creatures that are unable to retaliate.

Might Class, Blood Reputation: Rook
"There are those that are quick, and there are those that are dead."
Rooks fight with a flurry of blades and speed in battle, even becoming attuned with "planar leaping" to attain unmatched mobility on the battlefield. Rooks are known for being flamboyant, direct, and even chauvinistic, but can also be the quickest of rescuers and helpers. These impetuous agents are often at the forefront of any campaign, riding against whatever powers and terrors await them.

Advanced Blood Ability: Planerunner
Active Combat Ability. 3 turn cooldown. The targeted creature receives +50% movement and may strike without retaliation.

Ultimate Blood Ability: Ambitious Ascendency
Core creatures deal +13/15/17% damage against elite creatures, and elite creatures deal +13/15/17% damage against champion creatures.

Might Class, Tears Reputation: Swashbuckler
"Fight and die or fight and live, but always be the hero."
A Swashbuckler is just happy to be alive. These careerist warriors and rogues have usually worked their way out of more impossible situations than they can remember, relying on their resourcefulness, resolve, and on Lady Luck herself. "Asha is a loyal dragon, but don't keep the girl waiting too long" is famed saying by the Swashbucklers that embodies their go-lucky philosophy. Despite their bravado, they are known for giving second chances and letting their foes make the first move.

Advanced Tears Ability: Roguish Reflexes
Active Combat Ability. 3 turn cooldown. The targeted creature automatically receives a free attack at 75% normal damage on any enemy creature that moves to or through an adjacent square of it. The targeted creature may make up to 3 such attacks per turn. Duration of 1/2/3 turns.

Ultimate Tears Ability: Kiss of Lady Luck
All friendly creatures receive 1 charge of the 'Lady Luck' ability in combat. A creature may use Lady Luck as a free action on their turn, causing the next attack against them in the combat to automatically be an unlucky strike. Using this ability for any creature will cause a 1 turn cooldown of the ability for all friendly creatures.

Additional Hero Information:

Magic Hero Heroic Strike: Magic (Prime)
The magic hero strikes its foes with a column of shattering sonic force.

Heroic Strike Ability: Sundering Strike
The hero's magical and melee attacks hum with devastating sonic force. Targeted creatures will deal power*2 less damage for the next 2 turns.

Magic Schools: Prime, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth
The Wayfarers worship all of the elemental dragons as well as Asha the Storyteller, but they tend to be lacking in focus on the elements of light and darkness due to the strong divides that light and dark have caused on Ashan.

Unique Skills for all Mirage Heroes:

High Adventure: Category: Paragon
Prerequisites: Level 5, Destiny's Chosen 1, Charismatic Leader 1, Rush
Reputation: Neutral
Whenever the hero expends the last of their movement for the turn while outside of the kingdom's area of control, there is a 20% chance a morale will trigger on the adventure map, restoring 1/2 of the hero's movement points.

Sonic Cone: Category: Prime Magic
Reputation: Blood
Prerequisites: None
Mana Cost: 15
Cooldown: 3 turns
The targeted creature is pushed 3 squares in any chosen direction and suffers from the 'Deafness' effect for 3 turns. Deafened creatures suffer -15% defense from attacks that they are unable to retaliate to and are unable to receive the benefits of warcries. Constructs and undead are unaffected from deafness.

Empathic Attunement: Category: Prime Magic
Reputation: Tears
Prerequisites: None
Mana Cost: 15
Cooldown: 3 turns
For the next 3 turns, all Bardic Warcries on this creature have their duration doubled. This spell does not affect standard Warcries.

Agent Unique Skills:

Spymaster: Category: Paragon
Prerequisites: Level 10, Pathfinding, Enlightenment
Reputation: Neutral
Adventure Map Ability: Once per week, the hero may select an enemy hero within 30 movement points of them. The targeted enemy hero will reveal all unexplored territory they move through for the next 14 days.

Guerilla Assault: Category: Tactics
Prerequisites: Level 5, Assailant 2, Ambush
Reputation: Blood
Friendly creatures under the effect of the 'Ambush' ability also receive +19/23/27% damage if they make an attack without using the 'Wait' command for the turn.

Battle Reconnaissance: Category: Tactics
Prerequisites: Level 5, Logistics, Scouting 1, Tactics
Reputation: Tears
During the tactics phase of combat, the hero receives one additional column of squares behind their usual starting position with which to set up their army.

Bard Unique Skills:

Fervent Musician: Category: Paragon
Reputation: Neutral
Prerequisites: None
The hero may now use their chosen instrument from the 'Hero's Amphitheater' twice per week. The hero may not use their instrument twice in the same day.

Glorious Destruction: Category: Prime Magic
Reputation: Blood
Prerequisites: None
Whenever the hero casts any direct damage spell, they will receive 4/5/6 Inspiration Points [For damage spells that last more than one turn, the hero will receive Inspiration Points on each round that the spell deals damage. This does not include damage from the Immolation effect]

Fellowship: Category: Paragon
Reputation: Tears
Prerequisites: Level 10, Diplomacy, Burning Determination OR Charismatic Leader 2
The hero's army no longer suffers any morale penalties from having creatures of opposing factions.

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted December 29, 2011 01:36 PM
Edited by Jiriki9 at 16:52, 29 Dec 2011.

Feedback for the mirage as well

General things...
-everything necessary is in here^^ I would judge this faction, were the deadline now. and there is also quite much more
-I love the general idea and the way it's fit into ashan.

...what is destiny?

now to specific ones...
-geography. Nice one!
-History. Fine.
-Society, Worship and Principles. fione as well.
-Faction Opinions. Fitting. I love the 3-3-3 distribution on allies, neutrals and enemies
--Duelists. Nice core one, imo. Strong, but not overly strong, I think (though for finale balance judgement I'll have to know sth. about H6's unit stats etc.^^) Love teh abilities
--Minstrels: solid creature, fitting in the faction.
--nanodragon. Creature is fitting, abilities are strong, but loveably great.
--Chamaleons: Not great, imo, but OK.
--Shapeshifter. Great creature, fitting heree well.
--Phasm: Creative! AND interesting and nicely done.
--Muse. To me this is ok. nice idea, but no outstanding champion.
-Special buildings. Some nices there. Especially the Suite and the amphitheatre are AWESOME in my eyes!!!
-Hero Specials. Sound fine so far.
-Hero Classes. Fitting and quite nice, imo!
-Unique Skills...like them quite much, some jewels are there, in my eyes.
---feedback in process--- (sorry but I got to leave the pc for a while)

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Undefeatable Hero
Prince of Poetry
posted January 23, 2012 04:05 PM

...what is destiny?

It's the Heroes 6 version of luck.

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Supreme Hero
posted January 23, 2012 06:10 PM
Edited by Nocturnal at 18:12, 23 Jan 2012.

Very impressive work Bliz. You've put immense work into this obviously.

About the creatures first:

It would hurt Ubisoft to see their beloved Prince only made it to being a Core But it's a decent core unit. Although I'm unable to understand what Footwork does. "This creature may freely move through friendly and enemy stacks on its turn" What do you mean "move through"? Like the "Immaterial" ability of Spectres? Pass through them? Reposte is nice. Feint is also nice although it wouldn't make them OP if it also stopped "unlimited ret." units' ret. too. After all, it's one turn. Would be nice to see those Griffins not being able to ret.

Sonic Bubble is way too powerful I think. It would be better if its effect lasted for 1 turn. Sonic Blast is good zoning ability. (Don't know if "zoning" is also used in strategy games. It means putting your enemy where you want him/her, keeping him/her away). The artwork is precious.

Does magical immunity include magic attacks of units? If so, too powerful. If not, cool. Time spiral makes up for their very low initiative. Dragondust will help the Fairie make more damage to the target. Everyone loves an army with synergy.

Camouflage is nice. But Prismatic Scale is just awesome! Awesome!

Shapeshifter must have some other ability other than shapeshifting I think (it sounded ironic). The reason is that, there must also be an option to use him as himself, and right now there is no point to choose that option, because if he doesn't shift shape, he is boring. Shifting the shape must be there as a choice. Maybe he should steal one active ability from any unit, if he doesn't shift his shape?

Loved the history of Phasms. Magic Absorbtion and Reflection are well thought. Very nice.

Pulse of Wonder makes the creature Necro crusher. Jewelled Hair is again a good addition to the faction synergy. But maybe one more ability or skill can be better for the Champion?

Special Buildings are very interesting. Especially Hero's Amphitheater. Wow man! Great thoughts flowing from you.

Now, the racial. I'm sorry but Bardic Warcries are like, hugely OP. They can use any warcry in the game even though they don't have access to it, it won't even count as an action in hero's part and they can even double their effect with Empathic Attunement. I think that's like giving invincibility.

Class abilities on the other hand, is again very cool. Guile, Roguish Reflexes and Ambitious Ascendency especially. Faction opinions are also nicely written.

Overall, a very nice faction. My only big problem is the Racial. Other than that, keep up the good work.

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Undefeatable Hero
Prince of Poetry
posted January 23, 2012 09:03 PM
Edited by blizzardboy at 21:04, 23 Jan 2012.

TY for feedback.

They can't use any warcry as a bardic warcry; they're restricted to the ones that were listed. Plus at the rate that the hero can gain Inspiration Points, it's almost impossible for them to be able to use a bardic warcry every turn. It's a competitive ability no doubt, but it's not overpowered imo considering that Camaraderie is a single-target ability, albeit for 3 turns, and the bonus apart from getting Inspiration Points is pretty weak compared to what other factions get.

I have no doubt that the faction would need to go through a ton of beta testing before it's fit for play, but there's realistically only so much you can do when you're just putting it down on paper (or e-paper).

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Undefeatable Hero
Prince of Poetry
posted January 24, 2012 04:36 PM

Added town and battle music

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Hero of Order
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posted December 09, 2014 12:40 PM

This town is a pure marvel
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