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Heroes Community > Heroes 6 - The New Beginning > Thread: Duels tactic discussion
Thread: Duels tactic discussion

Adventuring Hero
posted December 24, 2011 09:02 AM
Edited by RollingWave at 09:06, 24 Dec 2011.

Duels tactic discussion

playing quite a bit of duels (normal classic 1.2) mode lately. some general thoughts, like to hear what other folks think.

faction by viability rank.

Haven : pretty crazy imbal in this mode, Glories ability to dispel a ton of spells makes them super difficult to deal with and super easy to play as, almost any of their 4 heroes are equally good.

essential skill : tactic 1, rush, heroic charge (increase glories working radius)

Necropolis : up there with Haven, mostly because so many spells don't work against them, and also Lich + Weavers simply hit too hard, might onces are quite viable as well, bone guard is annoying as hell.

essential skill : nothing in particular, depend almost completely on match up

Stronghold: can legitimately contend with the the former two, and may be better than Necropolis in some cases, Chieftains and Warmongers are both very useful, Chief is safer against magic heroes and Warmongers better against other might heroes. may have problems against a good haven turtle though.

essential skill: pressed attack (duh, especially for Warmongers it's basically insane.). max out as much might skill as possible, only spells you should bother with is the healing spells.

Sanctuary: it's hard to rank Sanctuary and Inferno... aka they both suck it's just hard to see who suck more. Sanctuary's lack of fliers and the nerf to Kirin is very painful, right now they can't contend well with the former 3 at all, going either magic or might are both quite weak . honor is quite clearly the worst racial at the moment (yes it's worse or comparable to gating, if you think gating 's gauge is too random, at least it's a chance thing, honor forces you to use your units in a inefficient way.)

essential skill: well if you must try to max out water spells and ice breakers. tear-magic is viable against non-necros and blood-magic more viable against necros.

Inferno: ok, Inferno is actually not completely hopeless in duels, there is one class that stand a chance in classic, and that's pyromancers (blood-magic) because when you max out fire damage spell and pressed attack he/ she might be able to land enough spells to win the game. your unit's job is mostly to just survive, gating can help in this situation. especially when not against Necros, everything else is pretty hopeless though.

essential skill: immolation, pressed attack (which works with immolation, which makes it really powerful.) all the fire damage

So what do you guys think? anyone found a more reliable way to beat Haven or a more reliable Sanctuary build to contend ?

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Undefeatable Hero
posted December 24, 2011 09:40 AM
Edited by xerox at 09:42, 24 Dec 2011.

I really don't think that Sanctuary is underpowered, in fact I have had a lot of success with them. Sanctuary Might Blood can be really devastating with Kirins just destroying the enemy stacks. You need to play very offensively.  
Essential skills: Heroic Charge, Cleave, Taunt etc.

Imo the power ranking looks something like this:

1. Haven (yeah, Glories + Confessor and they have like 4-5 powerful heals)

2. Necropolis (usually gets kinda screwed if you break their wall)

3 & 4. Sanctuary and Stronghold. Imo the most balanced towns of H6.

5. Inferno, but it's really not THAT underpowered. What I don't like is how players tend to abuse Petrification with the Ravagers when it's obviously a bug. I think Gating is bugged atm, the gates don't appear on the battlefield etc. Otherwise Gating can be a really really powerful skill.
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Legendary Hero
posted December 24, 2011 11:37 AM

Sanctuary is hardly underpowered in duels, the main thing you have to do with them is to use the Kirin to get the less mobile creatures to the enemy lines as soon as possible, to block the shooters and to immobilize the more dangerous melee combatants. You can beat the crap out of non-turtle formations this way but sadly the turtles may be a bit too much to handle.
As for Inferno, they are less underpowered in duels than in a normal game but they still struggle to keep up with most factions. Inferno Tear Might is useless in duels, Blood Magic was useless before (haven't tried it in 1.2 but I somewhat doubt that it's much better) so you are left with Blood Might - which is adequate - and Tear Magic - which is actually pretty good. In any case, you will not win a fight against a Haven or Necropolis player of equal skill and that's that.

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Famous Hero
posted May 01, 2015 05:15 PM

Duels Tip:

In the game there are 4 creatures that deal half dmg when shooting from a long distance: Skeletons, Breeders, Goblins and Cyclops. However the distance when they deal full dmg is never stated. I wanted to investigate it and:

Shooters that deal half dmg to distant targets, deal full damage to creatures within 5 tiles targets.


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