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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Heroes X - Heroes, skills and reputation
Thread: Heroes X - Heroes, skills and reputation

Adventuring Hero
posted July 03, 2012 09:23 AM
Edited by malgore at 12:00, 06 Jul 2012.

Heroes X - Heroes, skills and reputation

Here is yet another concept for upcoming Heroes game (or extensive add-on).

1. Heroes
Heroes are powerful individuals that possess immense strength, inspiring charisma or towering intellect.

- There are two Hero classes for each Faction. Each Class has affinity with Might or Magic;
Haven Cleric and Haven Knight are classic examples.

- Heroes have access to Faction ability that is auto-leveled up (as in Heroes VI).

2. Skills
- Heroes also have access to 14 Might and Magic skills. Skills have 3 ranks (Basic-Advanced-Expert) and with each rank they provide perks. Up to 6 skills can be learned, and up to 3 perks can be learned per skill.

- Skill perks are aligned with Hero reputation (Blood and Tears). Skills are not affected by reputation. With each level-up either of perks can be chosen.

- With each level-up Hero is granted a choice of 3 random skills (depending on Hero affinity) and a number of unlocked perks (choosing is quite similar to Heroes V).

- Each Hero Class has access to unique perks in two Skills (depending on Hero affinity).
E.g. Haven Cleric is specialized in Magic Resistance and Light Magic, while Haven Knight is a master of Leadership and War Machines.

- Heroes with Might affinity are limited with Advanced rank for Magic skills and vice versa (as in Heroes VI).

- In battle Heroes stay behind trusted warriors and support them with magic, mighty strikes and useful advices (as in Heroes 1, 2, 3, 5, 6).

3. Reputation
Reputation reflects Hero personal qualities Hero may be brutal and demanding, or diplomatic and generous.

- Reputation has two values Blood and Tears (as in Heroes VI).

- Reputation enhances respective Skill perks, affecting their duration and power. Sample table is below. X stands for variable Rep bonus, maximum bonus indicated in brackets.

- Reputation is earned by negotiating\fighting and by using specific Orders and Spells in combat (as in Heroes VI).

UPDATE: Below some samples of implication for Heroes VI.

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted July 04, 2012 04:17 PM

Is more coming here or are these three aspects all you want to share?

So far, nice ideas, but not awesomely innovative overall. I like the reputation giving perks, though.

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Adventuring Hero
posted July 06, 2012 11:58 AM
Edited by malgore at 11:59, 06 Jul 2012.

So far, nice ideas, but not awesomely innovative overall. I like the reputation giving perks, though.

Innovation was not my general intent, its about streamlining and synergizing currently available concepts implemented in H5 and H6.

As for other thoughts here are some ideas on Might and Magic balance.

1. Might
Might is a broad name for many military skills, as well as for spiritual and political influences. While it is available to all, only a handful few can master it, uniting people into unstoppable armies.

- Leadership and Destiny skills grant access to Orders, that can be issued to the units prior their action (issuing Orders is similar to using of Runic Magic in Heroes V).

- Order can be issued only once per turn unless Strategy skill is learned. Strategy enables to issue up to 6 orders per turn meaning that 6 units will be able to get Order bonuses per turn.

- Order effectiveness is based on Leadership and Destiny skills. Orders DO NOT use mana or resources. One unit can be given one order per turn. Here is a sample of Orders functioning.

- Some units have restricted access to specific Orders due to their attack type or abilities. Some may have unique orders related to Faction or unit type.
E.g. Undead units cannot use standard Leadership-based Orders. Instead they use Faction-specific Order, Shriek, that lowers Leadership by -1 for nearby units.

2. Magic
Magic is essential part of Ashan and available for any Hero as a useful tool to wage wars. While Magic is common though to glean into mystic Tomes of Power one must pay a heavy price.

- Spells of all 4 Magic Schools are available at Mage Guild once its built. Spell samples are in the table below.

- Spells are purchased by Heroes at the Mage Guild and learned instantly, granted that Hero has respective Magic School Skill of required rank.
E.g. Cleric with Advanced Light Magic can purchase and learn any Basic and Advanced Light Magic spells.

- If Hero does not have any Magic Skills, he still can purchase a Spell Scroll which will enable Hero to cast this spell once per battle.
E.g. Knight without Magic skills may purchase Agony (Dark Magic) Spell Scroll at 300 gp. Knight stats are used to determine spell effectiveness.

- Spells cost cheaper for Heroes with specific Magic School Skill.
E.g. Necromancer with Advanced Dark Magic skill will pay 200 gp for Agony Spell, while Cleric with Wisdom skill will pay 300 gp for it.

- Spell scrolls are viable currency and can be bought and sold at any Mage Guild.

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Famous Hero
posted August 07, 2012 10:24 AM

I was off to other things for some months now (still not playing this snowty heroes), but was pleasant surprised to see that people (fans only as I see it) still care about improving this game.

I like 100x better your way to think and organize skills than Ubis one. There are some neat concepts and the good thing is that they are not so far fledged as not to be implementable in an add-on.

I did not study it in detail your proposal, but here some things that pop through my mind...

- Put spells in Magic Guilds. - in this way you do not have access to all spells and the skill tree becomes more uncluttered.

- Do not let all heroes have access to all 14 skills. Heroes should be unique in this aspect too. So I would say that each hero has access only to a subset of these 14 (10) and this subset shows up with some clear priority at leveling up (for each race). (Attack 15% defense 10%, wizardry 5% etc...like in H5)

- In H5 you could not learn all perks for a given skill. You could learn only 3 and those 3 were interconnected. (You could not go Warlocks luck without soldiers luck and magic resistance) - this will help balancing perks. You cannot cherry-pick the best combination of perks. And adds more strategy to skill picking.

- On leveling up Heroes you give way way too many choices. Heroes V did a great job in not offering garbage skills and perks but still not giving everything straight ahead. (In H6 the class specials are not present so it will be even more easy to get a skill/perk.)

- Now that I think more of your proposal I would prefer to see more perks (8-10) per skill. And let these perks make the hero difference.

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