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Heroes Community > Heroes 6 - The New Beginning > Thread: Heroes 6 SOD campaigns: Dungeon walkthrough and questions
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Hero of Order
Part of the furniture
posted June 05, 2013 03:36 PM

My theory in taking Counterattack III is the troops are fragile

I would suggest taking Reinforcements instead. That gives you a buffer during the opening moves of any battle, which gives you time to soften up enemy blows.

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Legendary Hero
Free Thinker
posted June 06, 2013 05:16 AM
Edited by Elodin at 05:23, 06 Jun 2013.

Map3: The Quest of the Unknown Tear (Hard, Might/Blood Heroe)

Hero Skills:
Starting skills
Tactics II
Mass Heroism
Pressed Attack
Heroic Charge
Counterattack III
Mass Regeneration

Skills earned on this map
Level 16:  Archery
Level 17:  Giant Slayer
Level 18:  Taunt
Level  19:  Rush
Level  20:  Warlord's Command
Level  21:  Assailant
Level  22:  Assailant II

Dynasty Skills: +3 movement, +5 movement first week, +faction ability, +10%gold, first heroe free

Dynasty Weapon: Arachne (level 4)

Early Game:
I had already specced my Yrris (secondary carryover heroe) for the economic realm abilities but only made minor use of her in battles so she started at level 12 on the map.  My heroe "cleaned the plate" as he went, with Yrris doing the duty of collecting the spoils after battles. Of course her troops were given to Raelag (I named my custom heroe the same as the "standard" heroe for the campaign.)

My Raelag had gloves of snatching so he put those on before moving a step. That allowed him to get the pick up the artifacts  and visit buildings without spending movement points to do so, to save a few steps on the way to the first town. Later he'll switch back to assassin gloves.

Treat kappas like ranged troops and creep them with only assassins. You could use your 4 dragons + intimidation for a change of pace but the assassins will be quicker.

My Raelag maxed his blood reputation and leveled to 16 before taking the first town. Although he has Heroic Charge to help with far away attacks I found that I often have wished to be able to send another stack on a long march. Maybe Rush is in the future. But for now Raelag learned Archery at level 16. Two of our troops are shooters.

He picked up the lurker stack on day 5, defeated the heroe and took the town. With not enough movement movement left to take a mine, Raeleg then took the Hall of Raiders and the stack just below it. Then he proceeded around town in a clockwise manner.

At this point I had 18 lumber, 14 ore, 13 crystal, and 18,960 gold, with Yrris still not done picking up goodies on the surface. I think that makes taking the time to fight for the resources rather than rushing to get to the town on day 3 worth it if you are playing on hard. You do have to pay to convert the town.

If you have the free hero perk dynasty ability don't forget to hire a hero on the day you conquer the town, like I forgot to.  I hired a hero on day 6, Welygg, since he boosts core creature growth and is a might heroe. He'll be the town "governor" and help shuttle troops. He can even venture out of town to help Yrris get caught up on resource collection as long as he is back in the garrison on day 7 or no building needs upgrading.

On Day 7 there is enough resources to build any building. What to build? I chose the dragon dwelling.

Day 5:  Converted Town, can't build anything
Day 6:  Town Hall upgrade
Day 7:  Dragon dwelling


Raelag reached the observatory. Beautiful waterfall. And a lovely beachhead for the enemy. On Day2 Raelag conquered the passage guardian to the southeast and began to explore the passage. Keeping an eye on the water for invaders. Yrris will accompany Raelag while Welygg picks up resources around town.

Raelag levels to 17 on Day2 while on the nice "bridge" leading away from his base. Giant Slayer was learned. As his feet hit land he sees the waterboy, that is, the Sanctuary heroe Jun, and barely has enough movement points to reach him. Nappy, nap time Jun!! I'm sure I'll see you around again..and again...and again. Needed Mass Regeneration to avoid losses.

Took the Fort on Day3.  Raelag visits the observatory and what to his wondering eyes should appear but a sled and eight tiny reindeerfriendly neighborhood Sanctuary heroe on her way to give him a housewarming. Sweet!!  Next turn Raeleg will port home to greet his visitor. But first he has a weaponsmith to visit. Gotta sharpen up that sword for the party!

My lovely neighbor landed on my  beach. Raelag ports back home. He invites everyone in his castle to attend the party and has just enough movement points to go give her a proper welcome.

Day5 Raeleg ports to the fort to head to the neighbor's castle to give them a "thank you" for their recent visit. He declines to fight any neutral stacks as he rushes to get to the neighboring castle by day7.

Day7 Castle battle
lost 61 assassins, 1 dragon, 1 lurker, 1 stalker.  Their heroics will be remembered.
Gates above starting town open.  Converted 2nd Town into a  dungeon town. Raeleg fought a couple of close neutrals and went back to the just defeated castle to prepare to get fresh troops. He needs resources for his building programs and needs to complete 2 side quests and will be heading north to see what is up there.

Week2 (Starting Town)
Day1: Town upgrade (Capital)
Day2:  Idle
Day3:  Town Portal  'cause invasions
Day4:  Advanced Portal
Day5:  Idle
Day6:  Manticore Dwelling
Day7:  Minotaur Dwelling


Raeleg chose to upgrade the manticore dwelling in the just conquered town and hired as many troops as he could before heading south. He'll upgrade the rest as he can.

He levels to 19 on day1. On Day2 Raeleg reaches the heroe Janbu who has corralled some Minotaur troops. Janbu must pay. On day 4 Raeleg reached level 20. And of course he sees an enemy heroe just above the gate. Well, at least he completed the Ghost Story side quest and will only be leaving one stack of neutrals to the south when he ports to town tomorrow.

On Day 5 Raeleg ports back to his first town with an enemy heroe riding hard for the town. He has enough movement points to reach the level 15 samari and destroy him. Then Raeleg made a bee line for the enemy castle. On Day6 he lost 8 scorpicore and 14 faceless taking the final castle. He leveled to level 21.

Having defeated all enemy heroes Raeleg will now port back to the eastern castle and go north to search for the final shadowsteel ore he needs.

Day1:  Raeleg heads north from the eastern castle with as many troops as he can muster.  This week he is doing as much upgrading of his castles as he can. Raeleg reaches max level (22) the first day.

Day 5 he completed the weaponsmith quest and obtained a new Dynasty weapon--Nameless Staff. On Day5 Raelag ported back to the western castle to take the neutral stacks there in final preparations for the final battle.

Week 5
On day 5 Raelag headed out to face the Krynn, having hired all his creatures except for 13 shades.

His army:
75 Shades, 151 Chakram Dancers, 40 Faceless, 34 Black Dragons, 66 Scorpicores, 72 Shadow Watchers,  79 Minotaur Guards

At this point Raelag has 5 unspent points. I chose Taunt, Rush, Warlord's Command, Assailant I, Assailant II

And then I learned you get a fixed army to fight the final battle.  Heh.  Well, at the end I had 151 Dancers and 40 Faceless left. Onward to the next map.

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Legendary Hero
Free Thinker
posted June 08, 2013 05:38 AM
Edited by Elodin at 05:45, 08 Jun 2013.

Map4:  The Doom of Konos (Hard, Might/Blood Heroe)

Early Game

Hero Skills:
Starting skills
Tactics II
Mass Heroism
Pressed Attack
Heroic Charge
Counterattack III
Mass Regeneration
Giant Slayer
Warlord's Command
Assailant II

Skills earned on this map
Level 23:  Assailant III
Level 24:  Archery II
Level 25:  Archery III
Level 26:  Evasive Maneuvers
Level 27:  Toughness I
Level 28:  Destiny I
Level 29:  Destiny II
Level 30:  Destiny III

Dynasty Skills:    +10%gold, Merchant, first heroe free,  +3 movement, +3 core creatures

Dynasty Weapon: Arachne (level 4)


Yrris once again joined the cause.  Some coin thrown Welygg's way got him out of the tavern. Yrris (only level 12) will follow Raelag around picking up resources and flagging stuff. Welygg will be the starting town's governor. But for now, Welygg helps fight.

Welygg gets all non-dragon troops and goes to conquer the lumber mill while Raeleg heads for the ore mine. Dragons +intimidate will allow safe creeping of anything in the starting area. On Day2 Raeleg heads out of the starting area after getting Welygg's troops. Welygg visits the weaponsmith and picks up some resources and will be heading back to town.

Creeping with only dragons:
Equip the Owlfeather cloak if you have it. Cast intimidation on your first turn. Breath as first attack if you are worried about damage to the dragons. Second turn use Pressed attack, Heroic charge, or whatever other skills you may have. Certain creatures like the demented inferno creatures are immune to intimidation.

Day 5 Raeleg defeated the inferno heroe Deleb to stop him from opening a gate. Then he took the nearby fort using only dragons.

Fight with Deleb to stop a gate from opening:
I cast intimidation and flew the dragons to breath on the succubi. Stalker and lurkers targeted non-shooters. Next turn Pressed Attack on the stalkers. Flawless victory.

There is a fragment in the area east of the fort. Don't miss the hellgate by the shrine of elemental water.

I left a passive stack of assassins just east of the weaponsmith (that is close to the training center) hoping later I'd have enough gold to come back and hire them. The Training Center is too expensive to consider repairing early on---if at all. When repaired it lets you upgrade your troops for a fee. But building upgraded creature dwellings increases number of troops. I'll pass.

On day 7 converted the elite inferno creature structure to dungeon to boost the nameless and manticore production.

To use the Architech III ability the heroe must be standing in town, but NOT in the garrison. Then select the heroe and "cast" the ability like a spell or combat ability.

Week 1:
Day1:  Tavern, hired free heroe
Day2:  Town Upgrade
Day3:  Town Upgrade
Day4:  Marketplace
Day5:  Lurker Dwelling
Day6:  Town Hall Upgrade + Manticore Lair (Architect III)
Day7:  Stalker dwelling + Faceless Dwelling


Raeleg level to 24 on day 1 close to the crystal mine. He went back east to explore the passage there. A piece of moonstone fragment is there as is a fort. Use only the dragons for the fort + intimidation as before. Fort taken on Day4.

***WARNING***One Way Portal in this area***
If leaving resources for your gatherer heroe to pick up be mindful of that. I had Raelag pick up some of the resources closer to the portal.

Day1:  Assassin Dwelling + Minotaur Dwelling
Day2:  Basic Town Portal
Day3:  Idle
Day4:  Dragon Dwelling
Day5:  Basic Fortification, Advanced Fortification
Day6:  Superior Fortification, Upgrade Stalker Dwelling
Day7:  Upgrade Manticore Dwelling, Upgrade Faceless Dwelling


Raelag had started backtracking late in week 2 and stopped by that passive assassin stack he had left earlier. Now on Day1 of the new week he hires them (60 sins.) Yrris is a couple of days behind him but is heading out of the southeastern area he just came from.  Raeleg makes it through the massive stone gate at the top of the stairs before needing to stop for the day.

On day 2 Raelag encounters an unavoidable "set" encounter with an inferno hero. Veyer. He has a firebolt that took out 8 of my manticores in one shot. At the start of the battle I made everone wait as his army advanced. When Veyer cast firebolt on my namticores I cast regeneration on them. I also made sure to leave a nice big hellhound stack for them to leech life off of. Flawless victory in turn 2. It turns out Veyer had a moon disk fragment. Nice.

Veyer made a comment about Raeleg being too late to save the troops Veyer was harrassing and flames were left in their place. Mytical was evidently able to save them. Either Week3 Day2 is too long or that is a difference in the blood and tear path. I had no upgraded troops in my army at this point.

Raeleg is now level 25 and has three ability points to assign.

Raeleg takes the hallway leading west after the battle with Veyer.  When Raeleg comes to the fork he continues west and visits an observatory. There is a town a short distance to the road that forks to the south but there is a fort to the west. The observatory also shows the fourth moon disk piece by the shrine of the seventh dragon. Sweet!

Raeleg will continue to pick up the fragment and then to the fort as he'll need to upgrade his troops before invading the inferno town.

On Day4 our old pal Veyer whom we defeated less near the end of day 2 is riding hard out of the inferno castle with a new army, now worse for the wear. In fact, he is level 26, one level higher than Raeleg. Sweet.  (Week two was a week of Cowardance so Raeleg earned less experience.)

Reger is right next to the stables and continues and obtains the fragment and begins to head back up to towards the fort. Yrris ports back home.  Will Veyer decide to chase Raeleg or ride towards Raeleg's castle?  Next turn will tell the tale. On Day5 Raeleg learns Veyer is out for revenge. Since Veyer now looks to have a much larger army than Raeleg, Raeleg ports home with the newly completed tear.

On Day6 Veyer ports to his castle. Reger stays home upgrading troops for the rest of the week. We have reached what I consider to be the "mid-game." All troops have been upgraded (but not all hired) except for the Minotaur and black dragons. The black dragon dwelling has yet to be upgraded and there are the special buildings to be built but we are almost ready to launch our own invasions. A new week is a good "transition point."

Day1:  Idle
Day2:  Advanced Portal + Upgrade Lurker Dwelling
Day3:  Upgrade Minotaur Dwelling, Upgrade Assassin Dwelling
Day4:  Idle
Day5:  Mark of Malassa (Down to no resources and 6930 gold. Sweet!)
Day6:  Idle (upgrading troops)
Day7:  Idle (upgrading troops)

Mid Game


Raeleg is making final preparations for invading the inferno towns after being forced back to his home castle by Veyer.

Day1: Eliora (an angel heroe, Yellow player) appears in the area to our far east with a pack of angels, throng of archers, throng of praetorian's, and horde of griffins. Raeleg remained in his castle hiring troops. It looks like the angel is ignoring the fort in the area and perhaps making a beeline for Raeleg's castle.

On Day3 Raeleg ports to the fort in the lower central area as the angel heroe will be passing right by it and likely capture it otherwise. It turns out this angel raider was a level 1 paladin and was soundly trounced.

Raeleg is not willing to commence his invasion of inferno without fully upgraded troops (Minotaur and black dragons are not upgraded.)  But he is not willing to sit aournd in his castle for more days so he rides hard due north down the long corridor.

On Day 6 he captures another fort.  A little to the south he sees a creature production booster and a dark elf outpost so he rides to see if he can capture take the booster by day 7.

On Day7 a level 26 Chaos Lord rides out of the darkness. Raeleg must fight him or not take the creature dwelling. Though he thirsts for the blood of those who challenge him he prudently ports back home.

Day1-5: Idle
Day6:  Dragon Dwelling upgraded + Advanced marketplace

Month 2: Week1

Inferno takes back the northern fort.  An angel heroe (level 30 Confessor Erael) appears in the easternmost area. Threat is HIGH. Raelag upgrades the dragons and minotaur and begins hiring more troops. He sells 3 unused artifacts also. Of course the angel is heading straight for Raeleg just like the previous one. It is not like there is a demon invasion to stop or anything.

On Day3 Raeleg ports out to the lower central fort to defend it.  With the newly hired troops the angel's threat is "Severe."  With Raeleg in the Fort the angel flies on towards his town. That's fine. More time for more money for more troops. Raeleg visits the rally flag.

Day6:  The angel is almost at Raeleg's base and an inferno heroe is riding hard to the south. Lovely. Raeleg ports back home. Raeleg is able to hire all remaining troops and buy a morale artifact, and build the Alter of Magic Disruption, leaving 1120 gold.


Erael's threat is now "Deadly."  She attacks on Day7.

Raeleg opens with Mass Heroism. Faceless kill 19 griffins.  Dancers kill marksmen and all but 2 glories (who had teleported close to the gate.) Watchers kill vestals. Celestials resurrect 44 vestals. Shades kill griffins who had flown close to gate. Dragons kill 25 sun crusaders with their breath attack. Faceless kill the 2 remaining glory (Faceless had waited on their high morale turn.) Scorpicores sting Celestials (5 left.)

Scorpicores cloak and kill the remaining 28 Sun Crusaders. Faceless kill 81 praetorians in a lucky strike. Dragons kill the 5 remaining Celestials and then kill 77 praetorian. Dancers are afraid they'll hit their own troops due to poor positioning by their leader. Raelag casts Heroic Charge on the Shades who kill the resurrected vestals. Watchers kill the praetorians for a flawless victory.   Her death completed a quest so we should have no more angels attacking us.

Reward:50 Shades, 50 Dancers, experience. Sweet.

On Day 7 there are two enemy heroes in view. The one riding hard down the corridor, about a day and a half from the fort and one way up north at the top of the corridor. Gotta luv heroe spam. Raeleg waits in his town to see if the heroe comes close enough to the fort to port in and attack him from there. Might as well get more troops as tomorrow is the start of a new week and there could be a good artifact for sell at the market..

Month 2: Week2
On Day1 Raeleg ports to the fort and is able to reach the invading hero by visiting the rally flag and the stables. Jezebeth must pay for her hubris


First Enemy Castle Battle:
Raeleg lost 4 Minotaur and 20 shades when he went to visit our old pal Veyer in his castle on Day6. The dreaded inferno defensive structure was not built in this town. My dragons and scorpicores waited outside the walls and then flew in at the end of the turn. Intimidate was the turn 1 spell Regar cast before they flew in. The loses came from a circle of winter spell Veyer cast. Heroic charge was cast on the scorpicores in turn two and the battle ended that turn.

There was no tear on the heroe of this defeated town for me. Perhaps because I had already built the tear structure in my starting town by assembling my own? Lethos is hired to govern the town. In my game there is an advanced portal in this town. In that case so I'll need two heroes in whatever town Raeleg does NOT want to teleport to in order to block that portal when the "Town Portal Advanced" ability is used. I have two heroes at the starting town right now, so that is fine.

Raeleg took out the library guardian and chose +3 magic defense, the first non blood bonus he has ever chosen. Maybe he is growing soft? On day7 Raeleg heads back up towards the fort to the northwest. Lethos (second town governor) begins upgrading the town.

Month2: Week3:

On day 1 a red heroe with a "Severe" threat rating is riding south on the central passage to party with us. Lovely. But Raeleg will try to take the fort before arranging for party favors. Ah, it turns out Vendela is camping out in the fort. Let's party with her army too. On day2 Raeleg went south and visited a crystal of power. Mo powa iz gud. He kills the crystal mine guardians for experience. The red heroe was distracted by a treasure but I'm sure we're in his thoughts. On day3 Raeleg ports back to the second town to sell a couple of artifacts and get more troops. Day 4 Raeleg heads towards the center corridor to dance with the two heroes who keep frolicking there.

Raeleg encounters a heroe who rides down south. Raeleg won't be lured. He rides hard to the northwest to try to find a town by day 7. And he does, barely.

Below is an example of an inferno town battle with the defensive structure built. I won't be giving a play by play of the rest of the battles.

Northwestern Town Battle
Yummy, gotta love taking immediate Rain of Fire damage in inferno towns. The manticores wait. Enemy hero casts mass stoneskin. Faceless take out 7 pit lords. Raeleg casts Intimidate. Dragons breath on 113 brood mothers. Dancers kill 103 Lylim (205 remaining.) Lurkers get a lucky strike and take out 137 Lylim. Minotaur attack infernal gate. The Shades cloak and attack the cerberus who came through the gate (kill 179 on the first strike and the rest on a high morale strike.) Shades get a cleave turn but have nothing to attack so they back up three steps to guard the faceless and not be too close to the gate. 80 Ravagers come through the gate. Scorpicores sting the Ravagers, killing 26 and get a high morale turn but the Ravager's taunt ability keeps the scorpicores from attacking another stack and they would suffer too much damage if the attacked the ravagers now. I ended their turn next to the ravagers. Bad move on my part.

Turn 2
Scorpicores can't attack because of poor decisions by their leader.  They fly in to block the remaining Lylim.  Nameless kill the 3 Pit Lords. Dragons kill 144 demented. They have three units on them as they block the breeder mothers. High morale for the dragons and they kill the rest of the demented. Shades cloak and get a lucky backstab, killing the remaining 54 Ravagers. Sweet!  Raelag casts mass regeneration. He had been saving his ability to see if his troops would need help with the Ravagers. Dancers kill 22 Lacerators (28 remain.)  Enemy heroe kills 7 shades with direct attack. Lurkers kill 18 brood mothers. Breeder mothers move away from dragons and kill 16 shades.

Turn 3
55 breeder mothers gate in outside the castle. Scorpicores kill Breeder Mothers. Dragons kill lacerators. Dancers kill Lylim.

Lost: 1 Dragon 16 Watchers 8 Dancers 31 Shades 8 Faceless 12 Minotaur
Raelag levels to 29.

All creature buildings are built already, and upgraded for this town. Sweet.

With not many movement points left and tomorrow starting a new week Raelag remains spends the night feasting but remembers the enemy hero heading south.

Month 2: Week4

On Day2 Raelag visits the second library. Raelag chose +3 Magic Defense again. Then he fights a battle at the nearby altar of destruction and maxes his levels at 30. He begins riding for the north center fort. He takes the dark elf outpost on the way there for a nice reward.

Jezebeth comes brazenly riding by him while the red hero looks like he is heading down for the Raelag's second town. Raelag defeats Jezebeth AGAIN and heads for the fort. After taking the fort he rides due east. On Day 6 once again, Jezebeth appears with an even larger army than she had when she was beaten a couple of days ago, blocking the path east. Time to send her packing again. The town fell easily.

Month 3 Week1
On Day1 Raelag visits the last library and heads to get the rest of the power ups in the area. Day 5 he closed the last gate

Month3 Week2
On day 1 Raelag heads out of the northwestern town to go through the gates to the north with all the troops he can afford. Kiril is rated at threat "High." Raelag has 105 dragons, 487 watchers, 656 Dancers, 230 Scorpicore, 198 Faceless, 61 Minotaur.  I never seem to use Minotaur except for bashing a gate node so they were last on my "to hire" list.


Final Battle
We suffer the obligatory Rain of Fire. Raelag casts Mass Heroism.  Faceless kill 84 Ravagers on a lucky strike (11 remain.) Dancers attack Lilum and kill all 431 on a lucky strike. Dancers kill 113 Breeder Mothers (48 remain in the tower.)  Kiril uses Purge. Watchers kill the rest of the Breeder Mothers. Minotaur destroy inferal gate (Shades had gotten in a free shot when the gate appeared, dispelling their cloak.)  Shades kill the stack of 1 (yes, 1) cerberus that comes through the gate. Black Dragons cloak and kill 130 lacerators (535 remain.) Scorpicores kill the other stack of Cerberus (317.)  

Scorpicores can only attack the 6 remaining ravagers because of taunting presence. Raelag uses Soul Mark on lacerators. Faceless kill 136 lacerators total Dragons attack 1257 demented (kill 460) Dancers attack lacerators twice (61 left.) Lurkers attack demented. 593 left.  Minotaur destroy infernal gate (got high morale.) Shades kill remaining demented.

Gotta luv that rain. Scorpicores kill the remaining lacerators.

Lost 8 dragons, 14 watchers, 12 dancers, 120 shades, 5 Faceless, 9 Minotaur.

Raelag has won his campaign.

Favorite stuff in this campaign
-- Favorite Map: Map 4
-- Favorite Artifact: Owlfeather Cloak. It makes playing with dragons and manticores quite fun
-- Favorite ability: Intimidate
--Favorite enemy: Erael' (second angel)
--Favorite scenery: the nice waterfall I commented on in the map with the lake

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