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Heroes Community > Other Side of the Monitor > Thread: Earth Day
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Undefeatable Hero
chewer of expensive shoes
posted October 29, 2015 05:22 PM
Edited by fred79 at 17:29, 29 Oct 2015.

fred79 said:
something i mentioned before

protip: people who extract anything out of the earth have never played "Jenga". dumbasses.

because these links don't last forever: the video was about the ever-multiplying sinkholes.

fred79 said:
i just thought the video on this webpage belonged here. this is the kind of stupidity that humanity should be standing up to, and eradicating by any means necessary.

on a side note, i love the jon stewart show.

"The historic People's Climate March takes place in New York City while a House of Representatives committee struggles with the basic principles of global warming."

basically, this video(in case it gets taken down) displays a man representing a group of people who fear the idea of global warming, and thus refuse to even acknowledge it's existence as being reality. people in positions of power, with the minds of children.

which is more terrifying to you? that people in positions of power(not that they are different from a general populace with like minds) have minds like little kids, or global warming being a reality?

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Undefeatable Hero
chewer of expensive shoes
posted May 28, 2016 02:49 PM

i figured i'd post this here, since it supposedly deals with protecting the environment. at least, until people chop these trees down themselves :

releasing a foreign parasite to stop wood-eating bugs

Wasps don't exactly win popularity contests. So why is the federal government releasing millions of wasps into 24 states on purpose?

First of all, these aren't what you think of when you think of wasps. They're tiny, they aren't yellow, and they don't sting humans.

These wasps are actually on our side: a bug army deployed in a desperate attempt to save our dying trees.

The US Department of Agriculture hopes these special wasps will be a key ally in the fight against emerald ash borers, invasive beetles whose larvae have destroyed trees across vast swaths of northern and eastern America in just a few decades.

Scientists don't want to douse half the country in pesticides, so they're trying a craftier approach by enlisting the emerald ash borers' natural enemies. This isn't the first time the government has tried this clever strategy, but the effort has never reached across so many states at once.

The USDA found four types of wasps to try against the emerald ash borers. They all lay their eggs inside borer eggs or larvae, killing them before they turn into wood-munching beetles. Government scientists spent some time figuring out how to make these wasps happy before their deployment and made sure the wasps wouldn't go after anything besides emerald ash borers.

Youtube Embed:
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Once released, the wasps will track down emerald ash borers by sniffing at ash trees; they can actually smell the difference between healthy trees and infected ones. Each wasp will zero in on a target by feeling out the vibrations the beetle larva causes as it roots through the tree. Then, the wasp lays its eggs on the baby emerald ash borer. When the wasp eggs hatch, the baby wasps will feed off the emerald ash borer, killing it.

While the wasps can't save trees that are already damaged, they can scientists hope reduce emerald ash borer populations enough to protect trees that are currently healthy.

emerald ash borer larva Provided by Business Insider emerald ash borer larva U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS)/FlickrWhy make such a fuss about some bugs? It turns out that the 8 billion commercial timber trees those pesky beetles want to destroy are worth about $280 billion, all told. Replacing all the ash trees we've planted in cities and towns would be another $25 billion.

The wasps won't be fighting emerald ash borers alone. Woodpeckers, which enjoy a nice snack of borer larvae are another key ally.

nice, that they want to protect trees. bad, that they plan on cutting that many trees down anyway(but... they're WORTH MONEY!!!) and worse, that they're introducing a foreign parasite to 24 states.

who's to say that these parasites won't prey on bees and other pollinators? is EVERYONE in charge of running things THAT stupid?!

whatever. i'm posting this here, and we'll hopefully be able to see this post further down the line, to see where we go with this. i say hopefully, because if these parasites target anything other than what they're SUPPOSEDLY being released to target, then many different environments may be screwed; which could leave the states in a very bad state of affairs.

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Undefeatable Hero
chewer of expensive shoes
posted March 03, 2017 09:24 PM

with the upcoming changes that will be made to u.s. industry(via the new administration that are utterly retarded when it comes to global warming as well as many other things), i find this particularly troubling:

air pollution from asia is polluting the western united states

now, being that china is a factory nation that produces so much of the rest of the planet's consumer garbage, i can expect their country to be polluted(even surrounding countries, since that makes sense). but finding that china + other countries that don't curb their emissions are having an effect OVERSEAS for 25 years now is pretty disturbing, especially with what i pointed out in the first paragraph above. if china and the other countries that don't give a rat's ass about the environment are THIS bad, how bad can we expect the u.s. and it's surrounding neighbors to be? especially, COMBINED with drifting foreign pollution?

the entire article:

Air pollution from China, India and several other Asian countries has wafted across the Pacific Ocean over the past 25 years, increasing levels of smog in the western U.S., a study finds.

Smog, also known as ground-level ozone, is harmful to human health, because it can exacerbate asthma attacks and cause difficulty breathing. It also harms sensitive trees and crops. It's different than the "good" ozone up in the stratosphere, which protects life on Earth from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays.

Scientists measured ozone levels recorded at springtime for the past 25 years in 16 national parks in the western U.S., including Yellowstone, Yosemite and Grand Canyon. The parks' locations farther away from cities, where smog is typically expected, made them ideal spots for the study.

The team looked at levels in the spring when wind and weather patterns push Asian pollution across the Pacific Ocean, said Meiyun Lin, a scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration who led the study. In the summer, when those weather patterns subside, ozone levels in the national parks remained well above normal.

Asian air pollution was, by far, the biggest contributor to smog in the West, the researchers found. The team also looked at other factors, such as wildfires and methane from livestock. Asian air pollution contributed as much as 65% of the western U.S. ozone increase, while wildfire emissions supplied less than 10% and methane about 15%.

Since 1992, Asia has tripled its emissions of smog-forming chemicals such as nitrogen oxides. Though China and India are the worst offenders, North and South Korea and Japan also contribute, said Lin, who is also a research scholar at Princeton University.

The smog levels in the western U.S. have increased each year despite a 50% reduction in U.S. emissions of smog-forming pollutants.

"Twenty years ago, scientists first speculated that rising Asian emissions would one day offset some of the United States' domestic ozone reductions," said Owen Cooper, a senior research scientist at the University of Colorado and NOAA, who was not directly involved in the study. Now that prediction has come true, he said.

Asian pollution only slightly contributes to smog in the eastern U.S., the study found. Levels there typically spike during intense summer heat waves.

The study was published Wednesday in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

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