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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Temple of Ashan > Thread: Rank the Factions
Thread: Rank the Factions

Famous Hero
posted June 09, 2014 06:44 PM

Rank the Factions

Just so you know, I only played the campaign, so my ranking would be most likely based on the campaign. And I also only played up to the Orcs of Tribes of the East so far, so I'll only base my ranking on Academy on what I know of their first campaign.

8th: Dungeon - although, you can do a lot with them with the poison, the strike and return with no enemy retaliation + the lizard bite and the huge spell damage, I just don't like Dungeon overall. I'm very good with Dungeon but they are just not fun for me overall. Their background music in vanilla was too gloomy and in HoF, has no personality. Plus I like being situated in free, open spaces, so Dungeon, being a cavern faction is just not my thing.

7th: Inferno - I'm also a good Inferno player but I don't like the look and feel of their faction. I'm just biased against the Hell-based factions, sorry. Inferno will never be more than 2nd to last in my ranking, sorry.

6th: Stronghold - not a very good Stronghold player and I'm not the type who'd go on a head-to-head battle and lose troops like crazy. That's why I pick their defensive alternatives most of the time and focus on defense. The redeeming quality of Stronghold is that I love their town and they are very unique. I love Gotai but he has to share his campaign with boring Kujin. Feminists are invading Tribes of the East. The men are the main characters but there's always a woman taking the other half of the missions. First time in the Heroes 5 saga. I would have loved it if they've done this to HoF. Duncan taking half the missions of Freyda and a male dark elf taking half the missions of Ylaya < 3!

5th: Haven - Before the last mission of the last campaign in HoF, I would have ranked Haven lower because their gameplay is just dang too generic. However, I fell inlove with Duncan when I easily breezed through the final mission just with him. I sent both Ylaya and Wulfstan to deal with the demons and Isabel and Freyda to travel back and forth for reinforcements. I used Duncan instead of Freyda as the main human hero because he got resurrection. Something, he and Wulfstan got from the Dwarf campaign. Then, all I did with Duncan was do all buffs, after that, just go on a resurrection spree. I only lost 8 Squires against the 10,000 red peassants with that strategy.

4th: Necropolis - Necropolis is the best when it comes to campaigns because you just don't lose much with them. If you do, you'll just get them back with the necromancy skill. My strategy when playing Necropolis is use dark magics then raise dead as much as I can. I love their background music. There was a time when I open their town just to listen to that background music. I love Markal, he's a very interesting character. I don't like Arantir because he's too religious for my taste. His "Asha uses all" gets annoying really quick. And it's not even the type that is fun to mock. I never get why Ornella was in the campaign. I mean, her role was just to be there. You can literally just remove her and send Arantir to do all the missions she did and the campaign would just be exactly the same. I love Giovanni. I like his voice combined with his accent. Very vampirey. I was very disappointed when they killed him off at the first mission. I would have loved it if he lasted longer.

3rd: Fortress - I love the Dwarves. That faction has personality. Honestly, I was disappointed when I knew the Dwarves were in Heroes 5 but they turned my disappointment into happiness. Wulfstan's campaign was the only entertaining part of the HoF campaign. It was entertaining because I had a lot of fun playing the dwarves. There's a lot you can do with that rune system too. And their troops are very interesting.

2nd: Academy - I haven't had a full grasp Academy yet but I place them this high because I love Zehir too much. He's an intelligent, funny young man. Exactly the character I can relate to. I would have liked it if their campaign had "more Academy". The only mission wherein you can hire troops to use for battles against real armies (not just creeps) was mission 2. And that mission, 2/3 of the cities you'll conquer are Undead. So, it's actually half Necromancer, half Academy. I also love their background music. Their town art is the best. I haven't played the 2nd Academy campaign yet. I'm hoping there will be "more Academy" this time.

Best: Sylvan - I love everything about Sylvan: the town, the music, most of the creatures, Findan, the campaign, most of the heroes. Findan's personal skill is awesome. You can shoot down annoying shooters before they can do damage to your precious Master Hunters. I also like the Avenger ability. It's great especially for defense. In the defend Syris Thalla mission, I had Ossir defending Syris Thalla and I can just change the favorite enemy to what I think the opponent's strongest unit is and you can see the huge damage like fireworks. The downside of Sylvan is the blade dancers are nothing but sacrificial pawns to me. Low defense, low hp? They're outclassed by Cerebus in everyway. Cerebus can do huge damage, great speed and no enemy retaliation and do multiple damage. They have all of what blade dancers can do + more. Shame, I really like how blade dancers look. The blade singers look promising though, with a lot better stats. Well, as creeps, blade singers seem hard to kill and just annoyingly do big damage. So, I guess they'll be more than sacrificial pawns this time. It's a shame Sylvan doesn't have a 2nd campaign. I really want to know what happens to Sylvan after Alaron's death.

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