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Heroes Community > Heroes 7 - Falcon's Last Flight > Thread: Smart Abilities
Thread: Smart Abilities

Known Hero
لىخ ضل
posted September 19, 2014 04:31 AM
Edited by Paiazza at 04:42, 19 Sep 2014.

Smart Abilities

Make creatures have a more in depth abilities that feel throughout the game.

This will work something like this:

All creatures have an ability budget to allocate on abilities.

Core = 1 vanilla, 2 upgraded.
Elite = 3 vanilla, 4 upgraded.
Champion = 5 vanilla, 6 upgraded.

...where active ability = 1 and passive ability = 0.5 and passive abilities cannot exceed 50% of ability budget

note this is the maximum of abilities a creature can have not mandatory, the rest of the budget will be translated into creature's stats, while they won't have a minimum

I'll give an example for 2 creatures:





Burning wishes - (whirling flames float and swirl around the efreet) at the beginning of each other creature's turn, ally or enemy, the efreet gains one burning wish stacking up to six burning wishes increasing the effectiveness of efreet's abilities by +10% plus an additional 10% / burning wish (+10%/20%/30%/40%/50%/60%), ability effectiveness increased by +10%/30%/60%/100%/150%/210%

Fire Shield - when struck retaliate 30% (33%/39%/48%/60%/75%/93% based on burning wishes) of attacker's damage done as fire damage and consume all burning wishes

Fireball - deal 100% (110%/130%/160%/200%/250%/310% based on burning wishes) of efreet's maximum damage as fire damage in a 3 x 3 radius with 100% on center, 60% on sides and 30% on corners of this damage effectiveness and consume all burning wishes

strengths: grows in power if not attacked and left alone
weaknesses: almost useless if attacked multiple times



Arcane wishes - at the beginning of each djinn's turns gain one arcane wish stacking up to three times increasing effectiveness by 100%/200%/300%

Wish - gains one stack of arcane wishes

Mighty Wish - cast on any other non-djinn ally increasing attack, defense, damage and health by 100%/200%/300% based on arcane wishes and consume all arcane wishes. this effect is consumed if creature attacks or is being attacked

Magic Wish - cast on any ally, consume arcane wishes, when the creature with magic wish is attacked by an enemy that enemy is struck by a magical lightning bolt equal to 100%/200%/300% based on arcane wishes, of damage done as (spell school) damage

heroes' skills further increase the power and coefficients of any creature and their abilities

note that this does not mean that all creatures must have a charges like abilities, this is just an example and the corelation of these 2 creatures is more alike and came in my mind, other can work in a very different way

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