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Heroes Community > Other Games Exist Too > Thread: Heroes of the Storm
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Supreme Hero
posted November 08, 2015 03:34 PM

Big fan of troll warlord from dota so Ill probably like greymane as it looks like he can switch from melee to ranged.

The dryad looks the best of the ones I saw. Looking forward to her.

Don't know if I'm gonna like this ogre guy. Sounds like a struggle to make him balanced.

Haven't seen the over watch guy but I know I do not like them already making one for Hots....

Honestly I'm still having a lot of fun with Rex! Just picked up his master skin, looks sick!

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Famous Hero
posted November 08, 2015 10:59 PM

Just watched some video of Cho, Lunara, greymane and the new map.

Greymane seems a bit OP atm, but he should have decent CC in his team. I think the W with +50% attack speed that can be constantly kept refreshed is OP. From the trio I think he will be by far the most popular if he doesn't get major changes.

Lunara just drives me nuts with her movement animation jumping around all the time. Very squishy unit who has essentially only one ability to use in battle. She seemed very single-dimensional hero that is practically made for poking.

Cho'Gall also seemed rather OP, the hp pool was just insane. The AA of the hero seems rather small for duo-player IMO, but I guess that's the balancing for large hp. I feel like this hero should never ever get picked in HL unless as last duo pick and enemy having no giant-killer heroes and hopefully no Leoric.

The new Towers of Doom is something I feel very mixed about. It's basically BhB cannons except they will always target core that you can't ever heal. Number of shots depends on forts you have(you can capture enemys also) with max of 6 shots. The map looks interesting, but I really don't like the objective mechanic. It's like dragon shire where you can abuse uther invincibility to summon the dragon, except this time you get shots. On one hand I like that you can end the game because losing single team-fight, but I do feel the map shouldn't be completely dependent on objectives either. I mean imagine having all 6 forts for yourself and you win 5-0 TF after which you got nothing to do. I really hope mercs can at least somehow do damage to core at that point or it basically forces winning team to just sit on their hands doing nothing till object spawn after couple minutes

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Supreme Hero
posted November 08, 2015 11:33 PM

I love the idea behind Cho'gall! I cannot wait to play him. So excited for that guy.. And remember if someone chooses him, he counts as 1 slot .. so there is only 4 on one team. So you just gang him

Greymane I dont feel, but I never was a worgen person.

Lynara naaah boring.

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Legendary Hero
Blob-Ohmos the Second
posted June 25, 2018 10:56 AM
Edited by blob2 at 11:12, 25 Jun 2018.

Does anyone still play this game?

I must say, I went back just in time for Alterac Pass, which is a cool map. The 2.0 rewarding system, although it could've been better (less RNG in rewards, more themed with Heroes you actually play) really encourages you to keep playing.

Greymane is still my favourite Hero, Zagara is likewise high on my list and I also enjoy playing with Alexstrasza (my fav Support hero). They should add Deathwing imo, Alex has shown that a change-into-massive Dragon hero is possible. There are also a few others, the game gives enough variety to find your style.

If anyone would like to play some friendly games, let me know. There's an XP bonus for playing with Friends

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Adventuring Hero
posted June 28, 2018 05:43 PM

I'm still playing with some friends of mine from time to time.

I just keep coming back to this fun game, but I wouldn't dare name a favorite hero, as there are just to many. Only thing I'm sure of: BW is my favorite support. His healing in the early game may be lacking, but you cannot get that amount of mobility on any other support.

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