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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: The Creiz-Alternate Void Castle
Thread: The Creiz-Alternate Void Castle

Adventuring Hero
posted June 12, 2015 11:36 AM
Edited by ShadowMaster at 20:15, 12 Jun 2015.

The Creiz-Alternate Void Castle

Well, hello there ! Shadowmaster here. This is an idea for a castle ( one that wasn't ready for the time of the competition) which pretty much utilizes the idea of a Void Necropolis, but twists and turns it around into a completely new direction, with monsters taken from mythology of all continents. Meet...The Creiz !

A little backstory: The Creiz are a new race, that have replaced the common Necromancers after the ending of HoMM 5. These "renegades" utilize Chaos and Void magic to similar purpose as the Necromancers, to resurrect and bind the dead. But due to the unstable state of the Void and the Magic it produces, these creeps are much more scarier and twisted than the original Necros ever were. They also are not afraid to make human sacrifices to please the Old Gods, mythical beings from beyond time itself ( eventually revealed as heroes from Enroth and Antagrich with their names (Elug, f.e) and appearances twisted by the power of the Reckoning).

You thought that mad people should be locked up, cured…You don’t understand it…Madness is freedom. Mad is what we all should be.

A.K.A-The House of the Mad, the Resurrected ones.
Symbols-Harlequin mask, Skull with Centipede climbing out of eye
Colors: Purple, Black, Violet
Magic-Dark, dead, summoning.
Composed of-Undead beings, psychedelic monsters


Skeleton: The regular components of any Craze army, those creatures are the basic slaves of any Madmen. Dumb and loyal, they will do whatever their master asks them to do
Skeleton Screamer: Decades of experimenting with the sacred fire of Ken-Chirr have produced these abominations. Smarter, more agile and faster than any normal Skeleton, they are the elite amongst the dirt.
Appearance: Common skeleton. Gains purple fire-esque glow around head and arms beneath elbow are transformed into purple cat-o-nine-tails when upgraded.
Attack 8 (9)    Health 30(40)
Defense 5 (7)    
Damage 4 (6)    Speed 7 (10)
Skeleton Screamer- Mana stealer; Steals Mana from enemy Hero and uses it to replenish the SP of the friendly hero.
Move type-Walker
Cost: 40 (50) gold
Dwelling: Cemetery, Cursed Cemetery
Growth-30(40) a week. You can also build a building that converts regular units to skeletons. You can also resurrect fallen units as skeletons.
Zombie: The recently deceased, they are the bulk of a Craze army. While not as fast or as easy to make as skeletons, they make up in their sheer bulk and might.
Nachzehrer: If a person has committed suicide, it doesn’t mean that you can’t resurrect them; these beasts are created from the ones who killed themselves by the better Madmen. Despite their smartness and general bettership over common zombies, they do have the side-effect of eating themselves or the zombies they have been assigned to control.
Zombie Similar to Zombie in HoMM 5, with more bone and bits and pieces of brain revealed. Carries a meat cleaver surrounded in barbed wire.
Nachzehrer: More white with a rope around the neck. Fitter then regular Zombie. Dressed in white gown. Arms in scars, as a person who has cut himself.
Attack 10 (12)   Health 32 (45)
Defense 8 (9)    
Damage 6 (10)  Speed 5 (9)
20% chance of Plague curse inflicted on victim (lowers his/her defense with 1 point for rest of battle).
30 % chance of Plague curse inflicted on victim (lowers his/her defense with 2 points for rest of battle).
Ability to eat Zombies in order to replenish own stacks (the amount of Zombies who need to be eaten depends on the amount of Nachzehrer killed/damaged).
Move type-Walker
Cost: 60 (80) gold.
Dwelling:Lake of the Dead, Pool of suicide.
Growth-25(27) a week
Black Cat: Considered to be servants of the Devil and so cast out of most villages, these abnormally large cats are trusted servants of the Madmen, who use them for tasks such are carrying messages or pulling carts filled with corpses.
Kludde: Some cats are valued even more in dead than they were in life. Resurrected by magic of the Voidmancers, they are used as personal pets and messengers of highly ranked wizards. Having a Kludde at your side is considered a sign of wisdom and richness in the Madmen culture.
Black Cat: Giant Black Cat, the size of a human.
Kludde: Two pieces of one cat, with spine visible. Has wings made of bone.
Attack 15 (20)    Health 30(40)
Defense 16 (18) Initiative 42 (46)
Damage 7 (12)   Speed 15 (20)
Black Cat:
Big Creature.  Ram (deals double damage to enemy, if ability is activated. Means that at beginning of battle the creature choses something to attack and focuses on that during first turn. Can only be utilized once a battle. )
Big Creature.  Ram.  25 % chance of Death Stare (means that enemy creature cannot attack during next turn).
Move Type- Walker, Flight.
Cost: 100 (120) gold
Dwelling: Old house, Abandoned House
Growth: 26(28) a week;


Harlequin: The personifications of the Old Gods, these creatures, always dressed in jester suits and always mocking the enemy they are fighting, are ones that cannot be fooled and whose every joke is deadly.
Lord of Misrule: If a Harlequin is a personification of the Old Gods, these creatures are the children of Londar, the ruler of the Old Gods. They have the unique ability to cast a strange cloud over their unsuspecting enemy’s, briefly turning them from enemy to ally.
But with purple and black colors.
Lord of Misrule: Crown of rusted iron instead of Harlequin hood with no mask, unveils purple glow instead of head.  Has a more tattered and broken costume.
Attack 25 (32)   Health 42 (47)
Defense 15 (17)
Damage 8 (11)   Speed 25 (30)
30 % chance of boost (for 2 turns adds one to each of the stats of each friendly creature.), Confusion (leaves enemies attacking each other for one turn).
Lord of Misrule:
40 % chance of boost, Confusion, Dance with the devil (a more fancy word for Hypnosis, gives you control of select enemy troops for 2 turns.)
Move type: Teleportation
Cost 250 (320) gold.
Growth: 20 (22) a week
Dwelling: Circus Tent, Cirque du Lune. .
Strigoi: Often, desperate humans make pacts with Harlequins-their soul in rule for wisdom and strength. These poor people return from the death as Strigoi, forced to dwell in of neither Life nor Death, being used as personal “playthings “for the Madmen.
Empusa: When a human gathers the strength and will to and spells needed to chain a Harlequin to his will, the vengeful Harlequin will often resurrect them as Empusa. These beings are more valued in the Craze society than the Harlequins and do have an unsanitary need for blood, what makes them similar to Vampires.
Attack 30 (42)   Health 40 (49)
Defense 18 (16)
Damage 10 (18)   Speed 35 (42)
Regeneration. Hypnosis (1 turn). Has the ability to change into wolf form each second turn he’s active.
Regeneration,Hypnosis. Multi-ranged attack
Move type:Flight
Dwelling: Grand manor; Ancient Manor
Cost: 310(340) gold
Growth: 15 (20) a week
Lich: A Wizard can sacrifice his soul to Londar in return for wisdom. Then, he will be returned as one of the Liches, his lieutenants. In another life, he could have been a simple skeleton. Now, he commands the armies, standing above Harlequins and even the Lords of Misrule.
Koshei: Some Wizards dare to go further, wanting to preserve their soul and achieve more wisdom a regular Mage could ever have wished for. Then, he takes the next step and rips his soul out, placing that in a vessel of his own design. After that, he becomes invulnerable and immortal but still ages with a normal rate, slowly becoming nothing more but a dried husk. These beings join the Creiz, trying to escape the punishment from other Wizards or kill themselves driven mad by the years of isolation.
Attack 40(52) Health 52 (69)
Defense 25(35)
Damage 25 (30)   Speed 12 (15)
40 % Death stare, shooter, limited range of spells.
Regeneration, 50 % death stare (for 2 turns), shooter, death cloud (kills all living beings in range, no matter if enemy of friend)
Move type: Walker
Dwelling: Tomb, Sacred tomb
Cost: 320 (400) gold
Growth: 10(12)


Skeleton Golem: The best mages amongst the Madmen have one and only desire in their life-to create a Skeleton Golem. These imposing constructs are made of bones of the biggest sinners. It’s unique for a Madmen to create a Skeleton Golem, and in doing so, he proves his ultimate knowledge of the magic of the Old Gods.
Gashadokuro: Not occurring naturally in Ashan, these beasts made of souls of dead Liches and Harlequins are summoned trough the darkest magic possible-sacrificing a captured Angel. After killing a creature of such purity, the Mage must drink the blood of a pure-blood Unicorn. After he has completed these vile acts, he can summon a Gashadokuro. Most times the process is so exhausting that mages have one or two replacements to replace them if they fall down from the tiredness. As such it is difficult and often deadly to summon such a beast.
Bone golem:
Attack 50(62) Health 50(70)
Defense 35(45)
Damage 35 (45)   Speed 19(20)
Skeleton Golem:
Big Creature. Throw enemy units, Break pieces of himself to throw at enemies. Eat Harlequins  to replenish his health.
Big Creature. Throw enemy units. Wall breaker (similar to Cyclops). Scream of Dead (kill 5 random beings each time it is utilized. Eat Harlequins of Liches to replenish his health.
Move type: Walker
Dwelling: Altar, Altar of Death
Cost: 420(460) gold
Growth: 5 (4)
Bone Dragons:
A Voidmancer can go completely crazy and try to summon a Bone Dragon, but that will come at the cost of his sanity and good will, and often, their own life. As such, these creatures, made from bones of Dragons and souls of Angels, have almost never been seen or been described.
Spectral Dragon:
These monsters are only summoned by the will of Kings of Fools, and even then, it will kill them. Monstrosities beyond imagination, one look at them could kill you.  
Bone Dragon:
Spectral Dragon:
Attack 60(72) Health 70(74)
Defense 40(50)
Damage 60 (65)Speed 10(15)
Bone Dragon:
Big Creature. Death stare 80 % ( much deadlier than one of Lich, kills, doesn't petrify).
Spectral Dragon:
Big Creature. Death stare.When he comes into battle, morale of enemy units lowers with 50 %. Resistant to all magic.
Move type: Walker
Dwelling: Martyr Hill, Mountain of Doom
Cost: 600 gold + 1 crystal; 700 gold + one Harleyquinn
Growth: 1 (2)

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted June 12, 2015 12:26 PM

You should definitely use bold and/or underlined headlines to bring structure into your idea. Like it is now, it is nearly unreadable.

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Adventuring Hero
posted June 12, 2015 08:27 PM

How about now ?

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