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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: [dredknight`s] Magic system
Thread: [dredknight`s] Magic system

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posted June 14, 2015 02:58 PM
Edited by dredknight at 16:04, 14 Jun 2015.

[dredknight`s] Magic system

Here is a thought on magic vs might balance.
I chose Heroes 5 as base mechanic environment, with the following modifications - there are NO initiative artifacts, adventure map modifiers whatsoever, add Might and Magic 5.5 hero types (might, magic , medium).

Might hero strength increase with skills and creature growth.
Magic hero strength increase with spell power.

Basically at some point of the game army stops dying because might heroes are too strong. So they just swarm stacks and multiply their strength.

Why magicians do not benefit from aura growth throughout the game?
In the long run might always beats magic.

For the next heroes I have the following wish.
1. Damaging spells (destruction)
Damage to be equal to base_damage*spell power + (owned_castles*number_of_months*target_stack_hp)/100


base_damage*spell power + [(owned_castles+special magical buildings)*target_stack_hp]/100

This way damaging spells will be viable through the whole game.
The percentage should be capped at around 10-15%.

Note: I dont mean to be ONE formula for all damaging spells. This is just an idea.

2. Summoning spells - here we have 3 diversions - summon creatures, obstacles, some minor damage.

- Summon elementals - basically this should be bonus to your 7-creature-army, so formula should be something like
Number of summoned units = Spell_power*X*current_week/month_number. where X is spell coefficient.
- Conjure Phoenix - attack and defense increase per hero level. Damage and initiative increase per spell power. Health depends on hero knowledge.
Formulas are good as they are in Heroes Might and magic 5.5.
- Crystal (like in H5) will have 1 HP and will do damage based on destruction spells description written above.
- Barrier will withstand certain amount of hits (lets say 2) and will return %.
- Mines - (I like them as per H5) Moderate damage + add %chance the mine to end unit movement.
- Wasp swarm - moderate damage and delay of unit ATB initiative.
- Wasp hive - static summoned unit that casts was swarm with hero efficiency. Can withstand Z hits (based on knowledge). Initiative based on summoning mastery level.
- revive dead - destruction formula + 20% penalty of stack max HP.

Formula for all calculations on (expert) summoning is:
Damage return: 1% per spell power
Chance mines to end movement: 1% per spell power
ATB delay: 0.25 per power (for comparison, one round equals to 10 initiative)
Wasp hive hits: knowledge/7 rounded up.

Light and dark magic schools.
Good as they are in heroes of might and magic 5.5.
- Curse and bless - min/max creature efficiency on expert levels.
- Suffering/Righteous magic/Endurance/Vulnerability - flat value + 0.2 - 0.3 per SP.
- Slow/haste - flat 5% + 1% per SP. No flat bonus. This way might heroes cannot benefit a lot from it.
- Resurrection - destruction formula + the 10% penalty of stack max HP.
- Frenzy - unit damage increased by 2% per SP. mana to cast 20
- Puppet Master - duration 0.25*SP, init*0.03*SP. Mana to cast: 30
- Regeneration +SP/10 max hp to the stack. Stay for 3 rounds. Regenerates 1 week of growth (if lost) per turn. This means 1 tier 7, 2 tier 6, 3 tier 5 etc...
- Cleansing - as it is in Tote
- Deflect missile - missile damage decreased by 30% +2% per SP or something similar.
- Divine Vengeance - as it is in Tote. mana increased to 20.
- Holly word - set random count of destoyable divine objects on the battlefield. Based on the number of the objects each round all undead/infernal units receive minor damage. Living units (not only ally) near them receive bonuses (moral, HP regeneration as medical tent, minor deflect missile, small defense bonus).

Each object has certain amount of HP (not decided how much).

- Curse of the Netherworld - set random count of destoyable cursed objects on the battlefield. Based on the number of the objects each round all living units receive minor damage. Destroyed cursed object curses the living unit that destroyed it for -2 luck, and -1 initiative for 3 rounds (this may be based on SP?).
- Vampirism - 10% + 1% per SP.
- Blindness - as it is.
- Confusion - on Expert 60% + 2% per sp.
- decay - always 1% of stack HP + Damage*sp (does not increase much). Duration depends on Spell power and vastly increase!
Duration: 3 + 0.2 per SP.  (hero with 30 SP will poison for 9 turns!)
Sorrow - as it is.

What was my purpose of doing this - i try to keep schools lorewise and keep them viable through the whole game nevertheless what is the stage of the game and how big are the armies. I hope that helps.

The list of spells mentioned above is not final, good spells from other editions can be added and further balanced to fit this game mechanic.

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