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Heroes Community > Heroes 7 - Falcon's Last Flight > Thread: Questions for H7 developers
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Known Hero
posted September 03, 2016 11:17 PM
Edited by SoilBurn at 23:18, 03 Sep 2016.

Elvin said:
Why bother with that? If they are answering questions I would be far more interested in why the team went with the decisions that resulted in (mostly)negative player experience when there were strong indications(and even warnings) that this would happen. That is a very valid question for a team that might continue to make homm games. I am equally interested in what they understood from their actions and the feedback they received because for all we know they would repeat this fiasco(again, for most people) without understanding what went wrong in the first place. And as far as I have personally seen, they never showed any signs of understanding or any plans to adapt. And I do not mean plans that require investment, I mean plans that simple modders like lizard_warrior can implement for free.

Quite honestly, I don't see why a fan would NOT be interested in seeing those answers. Unless they have lost faith in the series and don't care one way or another.
Of course the fans (including myself) want answers to all those questions. But that is not the platform where you will get those answers. As soon as the tone of the questions becomes too critical, you will see yourself that the Limbic rep will simply go back to his hole and stop answering altogether (like he did after he got flak in the performance thread a few days ago on HC).
I am not saying that this behavior is in any way responsible or professional, but hey, if they offer to give me answers, I will try to get as many as I can before I scare them away.

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