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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Temple of Ashan > Thread: Help with Map Making please...
Thread: Help with Map Making please...

Hired Hero
posted September 12, 2016 11:09 AM

Help with Map Making please...

Making Map, a total of 5x player map, with a 2v2v1 setup. the 4x player towns all have a starting hero, but the Town Tavern, not pre built, is NOT allowing a Hero to be hired. For any of these 4 cities, the only hero the race has is the starting hero, until a hero was found in The Prison other side of island.

Further... the 5th player, a middle of map Inferno town, does not have a starting hero. in testing play, once the Tavern is built for the Inferno, no Hero is allowed to hire.

Idk if applies, I thought it would work to design. In MapProperties window on left of screen with CTRL-M, under each player details, the Tavern has BannedHeroRaces thinking that it would prevent those from hiring at the Tavern, limiting each town to only the races on the map. Further, I thought in the Properties Window (M), I had Reserved Heroes listed, I thought was preferred heroes for each race, so each race would first get their own race heroes first, than chance to hire others, of only races on map.

Also, in the Properties Window (M) under the Heroes tab, I check off ONLY the heroes related to the races on the map...

I don't want heroes of races not involved with map to show up, is what I am trying to create. Further, I want each Race to have preferrence of it's own heroes before it chooses others.

Lastly... I wanted to limit the player 5 Inferno to ONLY have Inferno Heroes.

So again... although I thought I correctly limited the towns and players to specific Heroes to choose... NONE of the Taverns are allowing ANY Heroes to hire once the Tavern is built. I nottice on one game, after week of having the Tavern in town without hiring a hero, it finally let me hire a hero... once... than none were avail after that.

However, testing the Inferno player, i was able to build the castle, and hire new creatures for town when allowed, but once the Tavern was built on the third turn, No Inferno Hero or any Hero was available. I waited it out, went through (NO JOKE) 4+ weeks of building towns, hiring creatures, and ending turns... on Month 2, week 1, day 1, almost 4 weeks after I built Tavern, still no Inferno Hero was allowed.

Please. What am I doing wrong? How can I create what I want to allow Heroes from Taverns regularly, but limit specific Heroes to specific Races, at least for the start??

ALSO need to note... Taverns were placed throughout the map, as stand a lone buildings. None of these Taverns are allowing any heroes to be hired.

Please Help!!


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