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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: WOG Campaign advice
Thread: WOG Campaign advice

Tavern Dweller
posted September 16, 2016 05:32 PM

WOG Campaign advice

I'll start out with the evil way home scenario.This is the big advice for the Evil Way Home scenario of the WOG campaign.

----level 1----------------------------------------------------

Number of towns: 3
Castle(blue)-north of your starting position- contains 10 archers
Castle(blue)-west of your starting position- AI controlled town
Necropolice(none)- slightly hidden in the top left corner of the map- contains weak defense of creatures

Starting bonus:
-Protection from fire
-anti magic(recommended)

-the first part isn't that hard. You tag every structure(including the scroll) before heading and fighting the guards of the garrison.

-during combat use anti magic on one of the upper skeletons and then use the Armageddon spell to wipe them out.

-head north and tag the shrine of magic to get the fireball spell and attack the town.

-Don't build anything on your town,yet.

-their are two ghost dwelling on the map located close to your town. Buy them and fight the peasants first. Then, tag the peasants dwelling and get all of them for the distraction during the fight with lvl 1 creatures. Attack the other lvl 1 creatures to increase your number of ghosts.

-if you have enough ghosts, go back to your town, destroy it and convert it into a necropolis.

-after that, tag the statue close to your town and press on every option. You will get a key to pass the blue border guard and 10 death Knights. Put the 10 death Knights in your town to defend it.

-Don't forget that you can use your armageddon  spell to defeat stronger creatures. Make sure you have tons of ghosts at your army.Ghosts are immune to the Armageddon spell.

-make sure you collect the three artifacts, east of your town, which are guarded by cavalries. Use your armageddon spell. These artifacts are very important for the 2 lvl of this scenario.

-head Down to the blue territory until you find a statue to refill your spell points as well as a tall, tan, and thin tower for the transform ability.

-the transform ability is used to turn any creature ,in the first slot of your army, into the creature you placed in the last slot. Make sure you end your turn for it to happen.It costs money depending on which creature you place in the last slot. Use lots of your skeletons to convert them to ghosts.

-After you have converted tons of skeletons to ghosts, attack the blue castle and defeat every blue hero. It shouldn't be hard.

-Blue has been finally vanquished. Buy yourself a big enough army and head towards the quest guard. It will ask for 1 vampire,you can buy them from your necropolis town, in exchange to get the vampire cowl, which is slightly hidden by those rocks. Right next to it is a red border guard blocking your way through the portal.

-enter the portal and kill the archangels and retrieve those two artifacts.

-there's a prison on this map which has Isra.free Isra and get him to tag the thieves den which is located near the blue border garrison. It requires the two artifacts guarded by the archangels. Make your way to the center portal and deny giving away your three artifacts which you required from the cavalries.

-make your way and conquer the last town on this map and claim victory.

----level 2---------------------------------------------------------

Number of towns:10
3 towns in the underworld and 7 towns in the overworld.
Necropolis(your town)-in the right bottom corner of the map-
Rampart(green)-AI controlled and placed in the middle territory of the map-
Rampart(green)-AI controlled and placed slope like above the center town-
Rampart(green)-AI controlled and placed slope like below the center town-
Inferno(blue)-AI controlled and placed in the left territory of the map-
Inferno(blue)-AI controlled and placed above the center inferno town-
Inferno(blue)-AI controlled and placed below the center inferno town-
Dungeon(tan)-AI controlled and placed in the bottom corner of the underworld map-
Dungeon(none)-weak defense And located close to the middle of the underworld map-
Dungeon(none)-weak defense and located west of the middle dungeon-

Starting bonus:
8 wrights
5 vampires(recommended)
1 lich


-if you have have the three artifacts from the previous level, make your way to a darkish structure,close to your town, and give xsi the transform ability.

-skullhills give you 2 creatures to be recruited each week. The more different skullhills you tag the better creatures you'll get each week. Do not tag the same skullhill twice.

-use your necropolis town as income and avoid to build too much. You'll need the money to convert the skeletons to vampires via transform ability.

-attack both of the garrisons quickly.

-after you defeated the second garrison, go into the place with four vampire hotels and  
Defeat them to get vampire lords and resources.

- convert your skeletons into the vampire lords to gain power and conquer and defeat the green player completely.

-conquering the rampart towns will cause the towns to rebuild themselves to only a hall(500 coins income) building. Don't build anything on them, destroy them and convert them to necropolis towns.Then, you can build on them.

-a seer quest located in the middle bottom of the map requires 1 archangel.This seer will give you winged boots, which will give you a big advantage since the blue enemy territory is blocked by mountains.

- to get the archangel you must build an upgraded dragon vault on only one necropolis town and recruit one ghost dragon.Make your way to the structure close to the town in the middle of the map and save before entering it. It will change your ghost dragon into any same leveled 7 creature. Do it until you get the archangel and head towards the seer to claim those winged boots.

-recruit your strongest hero,with the transform ability, with an upgraded death knight and tons of skeletons to convert them to the upgraded death knight. Until you have 400 or higher number of the upgraded death Knights, you are completely indestructible. Keep converting skeletons into them if possible.

-Make sure that each town has a city hall or capitol (if possible). To increase your income for the convertation.

-Tamika is trapped in the prison, located in the underworld, and is guarded by some level 7 creature and a quest guard which requires 1 black dragon. Recruit a ghost dragon and follow the same procedure of going to this transforming structure to change your ghost dragon into a black dragon.

-before attacking your enemies, let Isra and tamika upgrade themselves from an altar of sacrifice by giving them some of your death Knights. Until they are done, let them visit each towns Mage guilds to give them strong spells.

-don't forget about converting your skeletons into death Knights.

- if you have enough death Knights(like 1000 or higher), defeat both of your enemies. Attack the blue first then the tan player to win.

To be continued.....

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