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Heroes Community > Heroes 7 - Falcon's Last Flight > Thread: Probabilities for random skills revealed!
Thread: Probabilities for random skills revealed!

Known Hero
posted October 10, 2016 05:31 PM
Edited by Maurice at 17:56, 10 Oct 2016.

Probabilities for random skills revealed!

For anyone who might have missed it: Limbic-Heart shared today a spreadsheet with all probabilities of acquiring a random skill for each faction and class. I am re-posting below, feel free to discuss:
Limbic-Heart on Steam said:

A parting gift.
Hey all. I obviously wont be active around here anymore. I'll still be in contact with Ubi-Moshi, should something urgeant come up, but it will be few and far between as i'm swamped with many work related projects.

I managed to get hold of the designers excel sheet that contains the % chance of what Ability you could get to populate a position/skill in your skill tree. When playing with Random skilling.

I mentioned I would try get it before and received a couple of emails regarding this, so here is the info in the form of some Imgur links for people to use.

Should be pretty self explanitory. Tabs at the bottom show what faction it's for. Numbers on the right give you an idea of how many total points a faction would 'weight' something over another. An example is Stronghold have a much higher offense score (42) compared to Haven (34) as they're more offense flavoured.


Thankyou all for the support you've shown both Limbic and myself personally. I did my best for everyone in the community, in the area's I thought a change could/should be made. Game is far from perfect. Sad to not see it get that extra 4 months finish (don't think it would have taken much longer than that personally to have everything solid including MP) but that's life.

Feel free to hit me up on Steam if you want to get a lesson in some CSGO or Dota. I hope people can find some enjoyment in Heroes 7/Addon.


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Hero of Order
Part of the furniture
posted October 10, 2016 05:56 PM

Edited the OP to make the link clickable .

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Supreme Hero
Modding the Unmoddable
posted October 11, 2016 01:49 PM

Just when nobody could care less

Now see?

Developers don't have such bad intentions even if incompetent lol
Publishers on the other hand...
Discover H4 Greatest Mod!
(Also biggest of only two 2 mods for HOMM IV)

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Omnipresent Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted October 11, 2016 02:16 PM

I don't really care about intentions, all I want is a game decent enough that it makes me wanna buy it and keep playing for years.
A sea without waves is no longer a sea. It's a pond.

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