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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Battleworlds ((Ooc))
Thread: Battleworlds ((Ooc))

Undefeatable Hero
Chaos seeking Harmony
posted December 19, 2016 07:35 AM

Battleworlds ((Ooc))

Welcome to battleworlds. This is a freeform roleplaying game.  Almost anything goes.  Any type of character, any abilities, any species/race/  etc.  There are only a few rules which I will get to .. here is the background.

You are clones built by "Omega tech limited", and you are forced to fight in endless battles.  Even if you die, another clone is activated.. and that clone is forced to fight.  You have an implant in your mind that they can activate at any time if you break the rules.. and if they need to do it too many times..they may just not bring you back. Of course the story will progress, and freedom is possible to obtain.. but here are 'the rules'

No fighting of any type outside of a battleworld, failure to follow this rule will result in that clone dying.. if they need to do it too many times.. your clones will not be reactivated, ending your character for good.

No powers or abilities that limit, hamper, deactivate, or make useless the implant that can kill the clone. No skills, no abilites, no powers..etc.. they would not have somebody they could not control.

No fighting other players without their express consent, both must hcm me that they are consenting or the poster that attacks another player will be permanently killed. Work out who wins and how between players.

Only I may advance the plot to get freedom.. otherwise I will just be another player.  However, once I advance the plot, your characters will be able to help with the current plot advancement if you so choose.

Otherwise, go nuts.. have as many enemies as you want.. powergame to your hearts content.  Blow up whole worlds if you are so inclined.  Normally I don't like powergamers, but this is for those who want to be the baddest on the block.
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