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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: [Research/Tutorial] Switching Adventure Object images
Thread: [Research/Tutorial] Switching Adventure Object images This thread is 2 pages long: 1 2 · «PREV

Known Hero
posted January 03, 2017 12:16 AM

I tried to do this too but it seems I made something wrong. I don't know what so I just would like to see your finished work in hex to compare with my bad files.

Your intent is noble. Did you remember to change the name to the artifact you want to use? Did you use an object of the same type as header? I needed to use a treasure (crypt) to change the passability.

This is in fact the only changed part, the selected one (changed from original "altar of wishes") with Magic Lamp data (and then Crypt passability data... these are the first 8 bytes or so, if I correclty remember; but you can check yourself with those three files).

I just found out, that Boots of Levitation, actually has an image stored in the h4r files. I found it in equi.h4r -> icons -> artifacts -> armor -> boots of levitation. Maybe you could make an attempt at adding it to the unusable artifact, like you did with the Magic Lamp??

It's added, but there's no code for it. You can actually see it in my map called "All Equiobjects". If you pick up and try to use these boots, the game will crash.
3.55 can use the boots, but I have foregone the use of their .exe because it's incompatible with online multiplayer.

A whole new game experience...

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Known Hero
posted January 04, 2017 10:05 PM
Edited by Karmakeld at 22:06, 04 Jan 2017.

Thanks. I might have to re-install 3.55 then.

It would be really great if you or Namerutan could post a tutorial on how to change object types by hex editing a map file. You mentioned this a while ago. Eg. a guide on how to change an interactive object into a decorative one.

The same goes for switching images, like mentioned in this tread. Say I wanted to change a Magic Well (image) into a quest hut (object). Obviously the entrance can't be used from another quest hut, as the Magic Well only takes up a single tile. Can it be done and how?

I'm also curious about some of the objects used in Equi 3.55, like some of the combat objects - eg. dead creatures - that was extracted and used as objects. Would the procedure be to extract the file(s), open them in a map and then hex edit them in the map editor, naming their type to decorative?

If either of you could post some guides, it would give the newcomers something to look at and compare with, when trying to make our own moddings.

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