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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: Heroes 1 appreciation and modding
Thread: Heroes 1 appreciation and modding This thread is 5 pages long: 1 2 3 4 5 · «PREV

Legendary Hero
posted February 13, 2017 03:16 PM

Thanks I try. If not maybe you tell  me how to edit  eng. compedium exe to run music and smk editor...

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Hired Hero
posted February 14, 2017 07:53 PM

I wanted to tell you guys ty for the hex editor, and that I'm wrorking on that translation, but slowly.

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Legendary Hero
posted February 15, 2017 10:54 AM
Edited by Baronus at 11:32, 15 Feb 2017.

Maybe campaign at the end? Its not so important and was often played. Its not a lot text. Compare BYKA version to orignal exe. Where is text.
Open in notepad ++ in cyrlic (not edit!) and the same in texedit, third eng exe in txtedit and edit. Beware not to lose or add any letter. Save and try if is correct.

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Legendary Hero
Modding the Unmoddable
posted February 16, 2017 08:11 AM

Already hard enough that people notice H4 mods... however, many H1 is better liked and I didn't notice :v

Just played from the II onwards
Never changing = never improving

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Adventuring Hero
posted March 12, 2022 11:20 AM
Edited by Blake00 at 10:21, 14 Mar 2022.

lujo said:
What the game could use is:

- The wait option if anyone knows how to hack it in,
- In-game creature ability documentation,
- Possibly a few map objects (there aren't many different map objects in the whole series in general, but I suppose a few low-level dwellings wouldn't hurt)
- Alternatively alternate sprites for terrain specific map objects to make them more terrain independent
- Mixed enemy stacks (All enemy stacks in Kings Bounty were mixed, yet in H1 all neutral stacks were not mixed, I always found this bizzare)
- A way to tweak some numbers, since Peasants are just too  horrible
- I'd say AI tweaks maybe
- I'd say the abiltiy to show the grid, but there's no actual need with the battlefield as small as it is.
- Damage prediction and current health indicators for individual units (I saw this somewhere but couldn't get hold of it)
- Heroes instead of tents on the battlefield (also saw this somewhere)
- A Well hack if one is possible, to lower the growth bonus. Or make it act as a caravan (probably too difficult). Or make the Tavern act as a Caravan, and the Thieves Guild act as the Statue (on top of being the TG). That's about the extent of how far I'd go into meddling with buildings, maybe some resource cost tweaking here and there (Because the AI gets into trouble with blowing resources more than actual tactics from what I've seen).
- Sea objects?
- Fizbin of Misfortune lowering luck instead of morale hack (I know someone did this, and the engine supports negative luck, there's just nothing that would cause it)
- Spells! Damage Amplification debuff spell (of some kind) to begin with.

Thanks for making this thread. Those are good suggestions and the mod links here have been very useful as like you I'm a huge HoMM1 fan although we differ in that I loved and preferred HoMM3. I loved HoMM2 yet strangely I seem to crave playing HoMM1 more these days. I think a lot of my love for it is nostalgic as I do find myself missing some HoMM2 & 3 features when I play HoMM1 yet I keep coming back to it every few years as I enjoy it's simplicity and I just love it's graphics, animation and music.

It's heavy use of animation in particular is something I like. I love how 'alive' the castle screens are due to all the flowing water, twinkling stars and monsters standing outside their dwellings going about their daily activities. The town screens in later heroes games were beautiful but so lifeless compared to HoMM1s.

Same with the battle screen backgrounds. Water drips down the swamp trees, ponds sparkle and glisten in the grasslands, and waterfalls flow through snow. Even the static non-animating stuff was full of so much atmosphere such as the burning red sky lava background and the yellow sky desert mountains, and on man the not so commonly seen graveyard background was spooky as.

Normally I don't really like cartoonish stuff yet I love HoMM1's style.

orzie said:
Yet, someone once asked me if we are also going to make a H1-themed total conversion of H3.

Was that before or after the time you guys in the HoMM3 Succession Wars mod team teased us all with the HoMM1 mod for HoMM3 April fools joke fake screenshot a few years ago haha. You broke my heart with that one as oh man would I love it lol.

orzie said:
If you ported H1 into H3 engine it wouldn't be H1 anymore.

Of course. Spending such insane amount of time and effort on a project which only transfers H1 to a modern engine is madness anyway. I'm pretty sure that people who suggested that enjoy only the visual side of H1.

Personally, I'm kinda another type of a player, for I really dislike Heroes 1 graphics, but I admire its simplicity and combat system instead. So that there is not much sense in porting it somewhere

Well porting HoMM2 to HoMM3 makes it not really HoMM2 anymore either yet everybody loved the Succession Wars mod so what's the difference if someone did the same with HoMM1 haha?? I would argue that people loved H3SW because it gave them an expanded version of HoMM2 but still felt like HoMM2. Such a thing with HoMM1 would be just as awesome. Especially if HoMM1 looking versions of extra factions were done similar to how you guys added extra HoMM3 like factions to SW using HoMM2 art styles. HoMM1 versions of undead and wizard factions would be fascinating.

Yeah the visual and sound atmosphere of HoMM1 is certainly a big reason for our love. Unlike lujo I had no problem with larger battlefilds and other features from later HoMM games being mixed with HoMM1 graphics and sounds.

However I know no one will ever do do that as there's just not enough diehard talented HoMM1 fans who are also HoMM3 modders and I lack the skills and time to do it myself. But I'm grateful you guys imported the HoMM1 campaign maps into SW so people can enjoy them with HoMM2 & 3 gameplay enhancements as I've been replaying and loving them this week!

Even without all the gameplay enhancements I'd just love the ability to play HoMM1 in HD on my big screen instead of it either being in a small window or blown up and stretched. We can now play HoMM4 in HD thanks to fan mods, we can play HoMM3 in HD thanks to the HD+ fan mod or the ubi remaster, and we can play HoMM2 in HD thanks to the FreeHeroes2 team. It's HoMM1 left now...

So I hold out a small hope that maybe once the FreeHeroes2 project reaches a finished or near finished state that maybe some might consider a HoMM1 mod for it. In fact after seeing how good HoMM2 looks in HD via fheroes2 I'm working on some mock HoMM1 in HD shots (I'll stick one below) for a video at the moment to that I'm hoping might inspire others more talented than me. Of course even that sort of project has it's own challenges as the HoMM1 creatures are a lot larger than HoMM2's so you can't just mod them in without making mega changes to their battle engine sadly.

but anyway.. it's nice to dream about haha.. the HD HoMM1 that will never be..

(Click to expand)

Blake's Sanctum - Heroes of Might & Magic: fan page containing pictures, vids, info, similar games & fan projects!

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Supreme Hero
posted June 23, 2022 02:09 PM
Edited by AlexSpl at 14:49, 23 Jun 2022.

The new version of Heroes of Might and Magic TE is ready (the original link).

Changelog (google-translated):

1. The game no longer requires the original CD or image and does not conflict with the original version, since all settings are saved in a separate registry branch.
2. The game does not show the intro and outro cutscenes, which shortens the restart time.
3. Mobility of the retreated, surrendered, dead and dismissed heroes is reset to zero before the next game day.
4. When transferring slower troops to the hero, his mobility is no longer reduced after exiting the hero window.
5. Changed the animation of the "Resurrection" spell to the intended original.
6. The artifact "Fizbin of Misfortune" now reduces luck, not morale, by 3 units. Thus, "Bad Luck" is returned to the game.
7. Now you can not leave the playing area using the spell "Portal".
8. Fixed bugs with the tavern: the appearance of the same heroes in the same tavern or in taverns of different players is excluded.
9. Fixed bugs related to the incorrect determination of the number of creatures of the same type remaining after the battle, if one of the parties lost, ran away or surrendered. So, for example, before it was possible to turn 9 dragons into 5 by attacking and then retreating with four heroes. Now the rest of the troops after the battle is determined correctly.
10. Fixed a bug that allowed to "merge" (break) a strong hero of a computer player on neutrals, another computer player, an artifact, etc. AI heroes now win the battle with no casualties if the win ratio, which depends on the balance of forces of the parties and is determined by the game itself, is more than 0.75. Draining computers in other cases is not limited, as it is, in fact, a "trick" of the First Heroes.
11. Fixed a bug with obelisks. The Mystery Map now opens correctly.
12. Fixed a bug with draining super-strong computers due to overflow when calculating mu-strength.
13. Fixed bug with simultaneous drain.
14. Fixed a bug with ghosts (the number of ghosts in the stack increased by twice the number of enemies they killed during a retaliatory attack).
15. Fixed a bug with the game crashing after running away (buying out) a hero with ghosts, if their number at the time of escaping (buying out) exceeded the initial one.
16. Shipwreck bug fixed. In the original, a human player visiting this facility was always offered to fight the maximum guard (50 ghosts) for 2000 gold + a random artifact, regardless of the real "stuffing". For computer player heroes, this object worked correctly.
17. Now shipwrecks, demon caves, cemeteries and skeletons with an artifact give a fixed (on a specific save) artifact of level 1-3 (i.e. any), the type of which depends on the coordinates of the object and some random number.
18. The heroes' turn reserve on the first day now depends on the composition of the army and artifacts.
19. All heroes come with 0 experience;
20. The parameters of the fired and dead heroes are reset to the original ones (arts, the contents of the book, etc.).
21. Now you can see the rest of the health of the "top" warrior on the stack (as in all other parts of HoMM) and the power reserve of any hero in the window with his characteristics (by right click).
22. On the adventure map, the growth of ghosts is limited to 127.
23. The original icon was returned to the window "About Heroes of Might and Magic" and the version H1 TE 1.04 was registered.
24. Fixed a bug in the original, leading to a crash or damage to the memory of the process, if the hero of the computer player in the spell book has a Fireball and / or Starfall in battle.
25. Fixed original bug. After the computer player's heroes visited a certain number of obelisks, the probability of determining the coordinates of a powerful artifact became negative, so the computer player never dug in search of treasure if he opened more than 42 puzzle map fragments.
26. Fixed original bug. The ID of the hero acquiring the magic book replaced the ID of the first boat with the hero, which led to various bugs.
27. Returned color cursors, as in the DOS version.
28. Fixed a bug in the original game related to the "endless" purchase of ships by AI players with enough resources.
29. Fixed original bugs of traveling spells View Mines and View All.
30. Added display of health, potential damage and the number of losses in the status bar. Three status bar styles are available: TE-style, Classic+ and Classic (you can change it in EnglishTexts.ini).
31. Added information about damage for shock spells and the number of restored health points for the Resurrect spell.
32. Elves only fire one shot if they have one arrow left.
33. Returned the original message "No Shots Left!" when hovering over an enemy unit that is out of range of a shooter unit that has no shots left.
34. An original bug has been fixed that caused the animation to stop and the outline of the active squad to be partially erased after the catapult was fired when playing in windowed mode.
35. Implemented quick save (F5) and quick load (F9).
36. Fixed an original bug due to which, in certain cases, the player could not build a ship, even when the number of ships on the map was less than 32 and the cell with access to the ocean was not occupied (100% this bug can be repeated on the Around the Bay map in northeast castle).
37. Now the order of displaying units in the lower right window on the adventure map matches the order of units in the hero's army.
38. The number of warriors in squads in battle is displayed in an abbreviated form (for example, 1k) at values ​​of 1000+.
39. The number of warriors in squads and the amount of resources in the lower right window on the adventure map is displayed in a reduced form (for example, 100k, 1m) at very large values.
40. Added three modes of cheat codes: 0 (no cheats), 1 (classic cheat), 2 (TE cheats). You can set the mode of operation of cheat codes in TE.ini.
41. The original bug has been fixed, due to which, after viewing information about the lower left spell, the magic guild window was closed.
42. Added display of visiting objects by right click.
43. AI will no longer target Bless and Curse spells on units with no damage spread (only Peasants in the original game).
44. Added experimental mode "SlightlyHarderAI" (can be enabled in TE.ini). In this mode, AI will play a little more aggressively by increasing the map analysis radius, improving logistics (the penalty for visiting objects has been removed), and the logic for buying creatures. In addition, in the "SlightlyHarderAI" mode, the heroes of the computer players behave more carefully, which allows them to avoid unnecessary losses and maintain the combat effectiveness of their armies.
45. Added a test save with a new Paladin Stronghold object. Works for the human player only.
46. Now, if there is enough gold, the heroes of the computer players will offer the human player surrender (“payback”) before escaping from the battlefield (if the hero of the computer player refuses, he will run away).
47. The Morale modifier "Battle cowardice" was returned to the game, which gives the hero -1 Morale for each escape from the battlefield.
48. Now, when starting a new map, the game automatically corrects incorrect city / castle tiles (in the original game, on some maps, right-clicking on certain cells of a city / castle provided information about another random city / castle).
49. Registry editing is no longer required to play CD-audio music (just copy the Tracks folder from the disk / image to the folder with the installed game). The game also allows you to play tracks in flac format: to do this, you need to create an Audio folder in the root folder of the game, copy tracks in flac format to it, and set the <LosslessAudio> key to 1 in the TE.ini configuration file.
50. Fixed a bug in the original, due to which, after the battle of two heroes of computer players, if the defending hero won, he would receive experience for himself.

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Supreme Hero
posted June 25, 2022 08:35 PM
Edited by AlexSpl at 00:25, 26 Jun 2022.

Patch 2 is available. Now you have an option to spend all hero's mobility even after retreat/surrender (just set <SoftRetreatSurrender> to 1 in TE.ini).

How to install?

Unpack both archives into your "Buka" game folder.

How to run?

Run H1TE_EN.exe.

What if I haven't the "Buka" version of the game?
Well, it's a problem if you want to buy it.

Also I strongly recommend to use it with the Verok's OpenGL wrapper to enjoy the game fullscreen.

IM me if you have any questions regarding installation of the patch. This patch is actually a mod (not many mods for Heroes 1 exist as you probably know) and I really put a lot of effort into making it bug-free. So, I hope you will enjoy it

And yes, this is the English version for Windows, works smoothly both on Windows 10 and 11 without emulators.

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