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Heroes Community > Heroes 7 - Falcon's Last Flight > Thread: Some Balance and Content Mod i work on
Thread: Some Balance and Content Mod i work on

Known Hero
posted February 28, 2017 09:02 PM
Edited by Moritzbradtke at 13:53, 10 Mar 2017.

Some Balance and Content Mod i work on


Hey, I would like to share some Balance and Content mod for this game, every Change is listed in readme.txt, same for how to install and uninstall, let me know if u have Problems with it, mod focuses on better Balance between the factions, more interesting hereos and and Little bug fixes, is compatible with most others mods and will not cause any serious Problems but mods can overwrite each other if they us ethe same files that's all, have fun (:

this is an ongoing Project, so if u have any Feedback let me know

V 1.0

Hall of hereos: 3 hereos of ure faction instead of 2 and only 1 of a rnd faction on skirmish maps. (config upk)
morale and luck: removed caps config upk
diplomacy improved, is more player friendly if u want to play with it early on, gives reduced gold costs for hiring on each level now
alternative hero for haven's melisade, jesabeth, featuring red mage class, meele&magic hybrid, own spec(nothing to special tough), own hero and hero screen pic
improved hero orna, new hero screen picture, gave her a new class called "angel" with altered stats and skills and improved her heal adept spec, now lowers mana cost and gives a slighty stronger heal on master level, removed the +1 rank effect since it is pointless when ure a light master anyway
imüroved heal spell, halved mana cost and changes heal amount to be more similiar to regeneration, it is still a little weaker tough, with master of light only 3x3 AOE now
guardian and justicar got another set of abilities since opportunity reta is broken
warfare master perk triple shot down to double shot to make it less rush and must have while it is still good
new spell fire shield replaces burning determination, spell is similiar to valkyries fire shield but it scales with the hero's magic stat and it gives fire resistance with master on fire I and only 3x3 AOE now
nerfed fire spells buring dot by 50%
changed firewall so it cant be exploited anymore by the player, also uptaded tooltip since it is has trap effect now only 1 turn and second firewall hit on enemy turn start is only 1/4 dmg of initial dmg now
improved celestial armour, halved mana cost, added defense and magical resistance effect, lasts for 4 turns now
scouting sight radius up to 3 from 2 / rank ups give 2 movement (overtaken by another mod)
buffed native terrain skill up to 20% reduced movement cost for area of control
locasations for english language

V 1.1 added some entries on locasations files i forgot on first version
fixed a bug with arkaths blessing not even working when u cast it right before u start combat, however the spell will not always work but that is not my doing
changed blizzard spell, lasts only 2 turns now for unupgraded and upgraded effect, this is so to counter the trapping effect and nerf the spell a bit to mak eit more balanced, i think it feels good now

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Hired Hero
posted March 10, 2017 09:47 AM

Hello Moritzbradtke,

I will check this out at the weekend and let you know my thoughts.

Just out of interest do you know how to edit the types of creatures in faction building and edit their stats for the core game not just specific maps?


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Known Hero
posted March 10, 2017 01:54 PM

sure, go for it (:, ive edited the patch notes for the mod so far

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Famous Hero
H7 Forever
posted March 10, 2017 07:12 PM

Very god job indeed,

I'll definitely try your mod later as soon as some more bugs are eliminated, at the moment I don't want to add any new ones which might be caused by your mod, but I'll definitely keep it in my mind.

The proposed changes seems good, only the warfare master perk triple shot doesn't need nerf imao as the restriction that it can already trigger only once per turn is quite enough.
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Known Hero
posted March 12, 2017 01:14 PM
Edited by Moritzbradtke at 13:16, 12 Mar 2017.

okay, if i continue working on it, i could Change it back but for me warfare was always quite strong, tripple attack every round with a master ballista does serious dmg and is totally free, no mana costs and hero can act too, my plan for the future is also to weaken aoe dmg a bit

and yes Bugs can happen, but if u Report em i can fix em (: but i usually try to avoid that

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