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Heroes Community > Dimension Gates > Thread: Dark Messiah Prophecy
Thread: Dark Messiah Prophecy

Supreme Hero
H7 Forever
posted April 12, 2017 07:43 PM
Edited by Antalyan at 19:43, 12 Apr 2017.

Dark Messiah Prophecy

This is the full Prophecy from the Dark Messiah of Might and Magic::

Ten centuries shall the fortress stand
Walls of spirit wrapped in walls of fire
And horned lords shall bowl their head
To one not yet born, of the darkest sire

One century of blood and strife
The moon shall darken, and none know why
The resting place at last is found
Of the Seventh, who soared so high

Last daughter of a forlorn line
Shall guide him into history
Beneath the crypts prophecies clash
The war of ancient enemies

From greed or fear, it will decide
The Chained One is left alone
The relic's power, yet untapped
And Ashan's fate still yet unknown

From darkness comes the light of flame
The demon lord by his hand was freed
Sovereign‘s both they claimed the world
As Sar-Shazzar had prophesied

It claims to be only the part of the ancient Prophecy, told by Sar-Elam deep in past. However, if you look at the full prophecy in the Ashan Compendium book, the majority of lines are different, not including the ones above. Can anyone explain me why?

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Legendary Hero
We don't need another 'eroes
posted April 12, 2017 07:57 PM

bear in mind the Darkside of Xeen prophecy is better than the erwin one lol

If Pharaoh's realm should take a fall
The Dragon must put forth a call
Mystic orb to the wind is cast
Seeks the hand of heroes last
Four parts castle at five per stage
A score of disks to help the Mage

A Golden bird will sorrow ease
Sweet song will Knight's lost soul appease
Help the rider to soothe the beast
Gain a flight when expected least
The symbol of royal power
Frees the Queen from evil tower

Dragon's orb the world shall roam
Yet must again return to home
Pharaoh's magic back in its place
Helps to free the visitor from space
Code's the key to thinking machines
Starman knows the truth about Xeen

Dragon once more will get you by
Owns key to city of the sky
Starman needs to hide in a box
Alamar's defenses outfox
Face to face in Alamar's lair
Out the box springs the land's last prayer


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