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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Rimgrabber's vision for HoMM8
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Famous Hero
Voice in Gelu's Head
posted May 04, 2017 03:32 AM
Edited by Rimgrabber at 05:31, 04 May 2017.

Rimgrabber's vision for HoMM8

Hi all!

I was involved on the Shadow Council during the development of HoMM7, and I'm sure I wasn't alone in feeling like the devs couldn't care less about the series or it's fans. This made me decide that I wanted to make my own lineups for my ideal heroes game. I will try to make a line-up for each faction that has ever appeared in a heroes game, plus an ice-themed faction I'm calling Chasm, and the Dark Elves and Faceless being moved out of Dungeon and into Asylum.

Each Faction will have a Might hero and a Magic hero, each with their own passive buff and a unique activated ability (for example, Priests will have benediction and be the only class with access to it).

This game takes place in a new world that the people of Ashan escaped to after Sandro was successful in his goal of returning Ashan to the Void (this will probably be the prologue campaign, I'll get to it when I get to posting about my ideas for the campaigns). I'm probably going to make up most of the lore as I go along, and would love some feedback to help make it more interesting (feedback of course is welcome for the lineups and heroes as well).

I don't know how often I'll be able to update this thread since I'm busy with school and I tend to be very perfectionist and revise these things several times before posting them, but I'll do my best to update it fairly frequently.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place or just bad in general I'm new to forums lol.

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Famous Hero
Voice in Gelu's Head
posted May 04, 2017 05:23 AM bonus applied by kiryu133 on 10 May 2017.
Edited by Rimgrabber at 09:20, 14 Feb 2018.

I'm back! I forgot to mention that my lineups will be using a 5/5/3 system and alternate upgrades, where you can only build 3 core, 3 elite, and 1 champion dwelling for each town. Anyway, without further delay, here's Haven!

Oh and also I own none of these images, or the music pieces, I just found them on the internet.


Town theme: Haven Theme (I don't know if I like this for Haven or not. I think it might work a little bit better with Sylvan or Sanctuary, but I'd love to hear other people's thoughts.)

Gameplay: I tried to make Haven generally pretty adaptable and able to use any strategy without specializing, although I'm not sure I did too well at that or not lol.

Lore: The Knights of Haven are the remnants of Queen Freyda's Holy Unicorn Empire from Ashan. While she and King Duncan both perished during Sandro's rise to power and the destruction of Ashan, the Empire itself largely survived, and has become one of the biggest powers in Istresia. Haven is, on paper, a faction that strives for truth and justice for the weak and downtrodden; however, there has been much corruption within the noble houses as of late, as well as a huge increase in the Inquisition's political power, causing many internal rifts in the Empire as well a rise in religious extremism. This, coupled with two recent bloody wars over disputed territory, one with the Sylvan Elves and one with the Lizardfolk of Fortress, has weakened Haven's standing in the world and left it's future uncertain at best.

Might Hero: Knight

Knights are the main military commanders in Haven's armies, as the title of "Knight" is only given to the most loyal, charismatic, and capable of the Queen's Royal Honor Guard. Haven troops that follow a Knight into battle can expect a 15% increase to the power of their retaliation attacks, as well a support from the Hero directly, thanks to their "Retaliation Strike" ability (Same as H5)

Magic Hero: Priest

Priests are the religious leaders of the Empire, and as such even Monarchs must answer to them. They are blessed with the powers of light magic, and thus are more than capable of leading an army, even if they aren't as schooled in the art of war as Knights. Haven troops led into battle by a Priest need not fear curses as much as other creatures, as they are 10% more resistant. They can also expect boons from the Gods themselves when the Priest casts Benediction (again, same as H5)

Faction Skill- Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance makes it so that whenever an enemy stack falls in battle, Haven troops become more and more convinced that the Gods are on their side, causing their moral to increase. Divine Guidance grants access to these perks:

Holy Spirit: Beneficial magical effects also boost the target's moral for the remainder of the round.

United in Faith: Mixing creatures from different factions incurs no penalty on morale.

Kill the Witch: The Hero's standard attack reduces the mana of target enemy spellcasters by 5.

Ultimate: Haven's Ultimate skill is Guardian Angle; if all of a Knight or Priest's army falls in combat, an Archangel appears and resurrects 10% of each stack. Creatures resurrected this way remain alive at the end of combat.

Core Units; Build 3



The Plebeian is the weakest, but most numerous unit in Haven's armies. It's extremely weak in combat, only really suited to be used as cannon fodder if it wasn't for the taxpayer ability, which increase your income by 1 per Plebeian. The Plebeian can either be upgraded into a Conscript, or a Pilgrim.


During times of war, a draft is often put in place to recruit soldiers from the peasants and riff-raft of the Empire. They receive a bit of training, but the main benefit to hiring them is that they can now afford to pay 2 gold in taxes per day instead of one.


Pilgrims are those citizens whose faith is so strong that they are willing to sacrifice their lives in the name of their Empire and their Gods. While more adept at combat than simple Conscripts, their main role on the battlefield is as a healer. Pilgrims are exempt from taxes, and thus don't provide any gold to your treasury.


Squires are young men who aspire to Knighthood. The first step in this journey is to serve in the military for a year as a squire. Squires are not made for hand-to-hand combat, rather their strength lies in their ability to increase the moral and attack of elite units adjacent to them. Squires can be upgraded into Trumpeters or War Drummers.


Trumpeters are not skilled fighters, however, the ability to inspire strength and courage in one's allies should never be underestimated. in addition to the Squire's abilities, Trumpeter's can also raise the initiative and speed of a target living ally. The buff lasts for 3 turns.

War Drummer(Upgrade):

While War Drummers do have higher defense than Squires, their main role is still to support their allies from the side. A War Drummer can activate it's Stance Change Ability to play it's drum, leaving it immobile until the ability is deactivated, but increasing the attack and initiative of friendly creatures in a 3x3 radius(stacks with the regular boost given to Elite units)


Archers are arguably the backbone of Haven's armies. While not especially powerful units, they are fairly numerous, and of course can strike their foes from afar. Archers can be upgraded into either
Marksmen or Scouts


Only the best Archers are permitted into the ranks of Marksmen. Marksmen, aside from just being stronger stat-wise than Archers, also have the ability to pierce 30% of their target's armor.


While Scouts may not be as good at outright ranged combat as Marksmen or even Archers thanks to their ranged penalty, they also have no melee penalty, much higher stats, and make much more effective use of cover than their comrades. In addition, they also reduce their Hero's rough terrain penalty.


Sentinels are the primary foot soldiers of Haven. With reasonable attack and very good defense, they are a worthwhile addition to any Knight's army. Sentinels are willing to give their life for their comrades, and can block 35% of melee, non-magical damage from an adjacent ally while taking 10% themselves. Sentinels can be upgraded into Pikemen or Honor Guard.


Pikemen are a more offensive variant of Sentinels. While they cannot protect their allies directly, they have a much better attack stat than Sentinels and can retaliate preemptively after they defend. And enemies who fall victim to this must beware, as each tile crossed to reach the Pikemen reduces the attacker's defense by 5%.

Honor Guards(Upgrade):

Honor Guards have mastered the art of defense, being so dedicated to shielding their allies from harm that they have also learned to reduce damage caused by arrow or spell. They are often seen as the personal guards of royalty and nobility. Damage from ranged and magical attacks doesn't transfer onto the Guard.

War Dog:

War dogs are a Knight's best friend. While they will die quickly if left to take damage, they can deal it out almost as well, and are quite fast. War Dogs are bred, raised, and trained for war, and as a result are able to retaliate twice per round. War Dogs can be upgraded into Savage War Dogs or Loyal War Dogs.

Savage War Dog(Upgrade):

The different noble houses of the Empire often have different ideas on how to raise and train the best war dogs. Some of the houses with less regard for compassion half starve their dogs and when they do feed them, it's the bodies of dead prisoners. As a result, these dogs have developed a taste for human flesh, although elves, dwarves, even dragons will do. Meat is meat. These dogs have a higher attack stat then others, and gain the double strike ability.

Loyal War Dog(Upgrade):

Some houses are not so cruel, however, and that reaps its own rewards. While not as capable of killing as Savage War Dogs, Loyal War Dogs last longer in battle and will come to the defense of adjacent allies that are being attacked with their opportunity retaliation ability.

Elite Units; Build 3


Griffins are among the most majestic creatures in existence, and have become steadfast and powerful allies to the Knights of Haven. Griffins are incredibly fast and powerful, and seldom tire in battle, allowing them to have an unlimited amount of retaliation attacks. Griffins can be upgraded into either Battle Griffins or Royal Griffins.

Royal Griffin:

Royal Griffins are Griffins who have descended from one of the 6 Legendary Griffins, the Griffins whose prowess in battle won many battles for the Knights during the early days of the Istresia, and who some say may have even been capable of speech. Royal Griffins are stronger in battle than their un-upgraded brethren and have access to the Battle Dive ability.

Battle Griffin:

Battle Griffins are Griffins that have been trained from birth to fight in wars. Their extensive experience in battle has given them the ability to make their attacks stronger for every hit they suffer.


Not all members of the Church are as influential or well schooled in magic as Priests, there are many lower-ranking Chaplains as well. Many of these men and women choose to serve in the military to gain name recognition and respect. Chaplains deal light damage from afar, and can be upgraded into either Clerics or Zealots.


Clerics are those Chaplains who have succeeded in their goal of gaining glory in battle, and have gained more prominence in the Church. They are more durable in combat, can cast Regeneration, and have ranged retaliation.


Zealots are Chaplains who have given up their rise to prominence in the Church in favor of remaining in the military to spread the word of their gods and punish non-believers. They have the same durability as Clerics, can cast Haste and Divine Strength, and have no melee penalty.


Before foot soldiers move in to finish off enemy armies, leaders of Haven's armies often send in Cavaliers to deals heavy blows to them with their powerful lances, made all the more deadly by the momentum generated by the speed of a charging horse. Cavaliers get +5% damage for every tile crossed on the way to their target. They can be upgraded into either Champions or Cuirassiers.


During times of peace, Cavaliers often participate in tournaments, the winners of which are given a suit of armor made out of an incredibly tough, but flexible material that was only found in the destroyed world of Ashan; Starsilver. Needless to say, these suits are considered to be more valuable than life itself by some, and wearing such a suit is an incredible honor. Champions have higher speed and have their jousting bonus increased to 10% per tile, as well as having increased defense.


If a Cavalier does a service great enough to be recognized by the reigning King or Queen personally, they are permitted to join the Order of the Knights of Tyris(named after a legendary Cavalier general) and earn the title of Cuirassier. Armed with more powerful lances than most, these mounted warriors deal more damage than their comrades, as well as being able to attack units directly behind their target like a dragon.    


Ever since the Inquisition had gained political control in many of the noble houses, Enforcers have been the primary city guards and dealers of justice. Controlled by the Church and the Inquisition, these warriors have been trained in ways of battle that work especially well against demons, undead, and dark elves, giving them a 20% bonus is damage dealt to units from Inferno, Necropolis, and Asylum. They have also had to learn to maintain order, and so have been taught techniques that allow them to prevent their opponent from retaliating against them. Enforcers can be upgraded into Inquisitors or Justicars.


Inquisitors are, unsurprisingly, the highest ranking leaders of the controversial Inquisition. They have all the skills of an Enforcer, in addition to having higher speed and initiative. Inquisitors' attacks deal light damage, and have a chance to blind their target for the remainder of the combat round.


Unlike Inquisitors, who are most often found fighting against non-believers in the open field, Justicars are more often patrolling the streets of cities in the Empire, maintaining order. Their justice is swift, attacking twice at a time, but their faith in their duty and love of their nation gives them +10 defense when left in the garrison of a friendly town.


Falconry has always been a popular sport in the Empire, and it wasn't long before it was realized the tactical advantage falcons could provide. While the Falconers themselves are rather weak in combat compared to most other Elite units, however, they can call an equal number of falcons to battle. The falcons deal a fairly good amount of damage, and can only be targeted by ranged and magical attacks. Dead falcons don't return to the army immediately, instead regenerate by 10% every day. Falconers can be either upgraded into Falconer Hunters or Falcon Trainers.

Falconer Hunter(Upgrade):

Falcons from Falconer Hunters now follow a target creature, friend or foe, for 3 turns. If the target was friendly, the falcon attack all enemies that target it. If it was an enemy, it attacks it every time it tries to attack. After the 3 turns are up, then falcon acts as normal.

Falcon Trainer(Upgrade):

While the Empire does breed falcons specifically for battle nowadays, a certain degree of training is still better to make them willing to attack larger prey. Falcon Trainers' falcons start out the battle weaker, but each attack made by the Falconer on an enemy increases the falcons damage to that target by 10%, and vice-versa. The Trainers themselves are much more adept at combat than Falconers.

Champion; Build 1


Nobody is certain of the origins of the Angels, although the Inquisition would have you believe the are direct decedents of the Gods, sent to Haven during it's darkest times to bring light. The Angels themselves have remained silent on the matter. Angels are the most powerful attacking unit in Haven's armies, and while their defenses are average as far as Champion units go, they have a 25% resistance to dark magic and get 50% bonus damage against Devils. Angels can be upgraded into either Archangels or Divine Furies.


Archangels are the oldest angles of all. They have seen many a battle, and witnessed many a miracle. Archangels have improved defense and initiative and can cast resurrection.

Divine Fury(Upgrade):

The Divine Furies' numbers are almost entirely made up of Angels that were originally from Ashan, many of whom were veterans of the Elder Wars. These Angels still harbor a bitter resentment toward that conflict, and as a result get an increased attack stat, can cast Divine Vengeance, and have a 50% damage increase against Faceless.


Besides Knights, Crusaders are the most respected warriors in the Empire. On a night before battle, many Crusaders have been know to stay awake all night praying. Crusaders believe that they're indestructible, and they aren't far off, for they are the strongest unit in Haven's army defensively.They also have unlimited retaliation. Crusaders can be upgraded into either Paladins or Templars.


Paladins are Crusaders who were chosen by an Angel personally to root out evil magic wherever they may find it. Paladin's defenses are even better than that of Crusaders. They additionally have the ability to cast Cleansing, and have a protective Aura that prevents adjacent units from receiving curses from dark magic.


Children of noble families are sometimes selected by the Angels at birth to become Templars; magical warriors that are imbued with light magic and blessed with never ending stamina. Templars regenerate 1/3 of their health at the beginning of their turn, and each consecutive retaliation attack deals 20% more damage than the last.


When a Priest dies, he or she is able to return to the realm of the living to aid the Angels and whoever their allies happen to be at that point in history. These "resurrected" Priests are called Devas, and they are the purest embodiment of light magic. They must return to the afterlife eventually, however, and grow progressively weaker the longer they remain on the mortal plane, though it takes several years for this effect to be noticeable.  They are the fastest unit in Haven's armies and are capable of casting several light magic spells including: Regeneration, Cleansing, and Magical Immunity. They also get a 50% damage increase against Reapers.

Astral Deva(Upgrade):

Astral Devas are Devas who have remained in the afterlife undisturbed for a century or more. At this point, they have recharged to their full power, and thus have a higher attack stat than lesser Devas, and lower the mana cost of light magic spells cast by their hero by 2. They also reflect 15% of any damage they receive back at their attacker as light damage.


Priests who were especially proficient in magic become Celestials upon their deaths. Celestials have all the abilities of a Deva, but twice the mana, and an Aura that gives all adjacent friendly units a 30% chance to have all their curse effects dispelled.

Phew! That took me almost 24 hours to finish XD. Well, that's my ideal Haven everybody! Feel free to offer criticism and suggestions. I'll probably do either Sylvan or Academy next. Thanks for taking the time to read this!


Hey everyone! I'm back! I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to read my Haven proposal, and especially everyone who commented and gave me helpful criticism and wonderful kind words! (I saw this thread was given a red star as well-Made my day!) This time I'm going to be writing my proposal for the Academy faction. This one was hard for me to make because when I was brainstorming most things I wanted to include originally belonged better in Dungeon or Conflux. While I don't think this is going to be my best line-up ever, I do think it still turned out pretty okay. Anyway, enough rambling! Unleash the Wizards!

Town Theme

Gameplay: Academy has powerful but expensive troops, is heavy on ranged attacks and casters, can combine spells as their faction skill, and in hindsight is totally overpowered XD.

Lore: The Wizards of Academy are an aloof people, preferring to remain isolated in their libraries and laboratories than participate in the politics and affairs of the larger world. Being the magic capital of the world, Academy doesn't discriminate against any schools of magic. Nothing is taboo, and everything is fair game. Races of all kinds make their homes here- Elves, Humans, Beastmen, Elementals, even the occasional Angel or Faceless can be found studying the magical arts here. A faction of powerful mages and brilliant scientists, the Wizards of Academy are second only to the Dwarves of Forge technologically.

Might Hero: Alchemist

Alchemists are scientists first, and mages second. While not as adept at spellcraft as Wizards, they are better casters than most Might Heroes. Alchemists are masters of potions, and as such apply 25% resistance of a random element to 2 random friendly creatures every round. They can also select one unit per combat to get their attack damage increased by 25%, with the damage bonus being of a random magical element.

Magic Hero: Wizard

Wizards are some of the best magic users in Istresia. They are masters of all schools of magic, and are so well-versed in their craft that their magical powers rub off on their troops, allowing friendly spellcasters to regenerate mana in the middle of combat. They also have the Mark of the Wizard ability. This ability can be used on friendly creatures to make them feel 50% of the effects of a positive spell cast on another ally, or on enemy creatures to make them feel 50% of the effects of a hostile spell cast on another enemy.

Faction Skill- Spellweaving

Spellweaving allows Wizards and Alchemists to combine the effects of certain spells together to make their own spells at friendly towns with a library. This process is expensive however, in terms of gold, resources, and time. A Hero loses the remainder of his/her movement after performing this process. Spellweaving gives access to the following perks:

Magic Mirror: This Hero can select a friendly unit to receive Magic Mirror, giving them a 60% chance to reflect the next hostile spell back at a random enemy unit.

Arcane Excellence: The Mana cost of customized spells is reduced by 20%

Knowledge is Priceless: The cost of all resources except gold is reduced by 1 for spellweaving.

Ultimate-Arcane Omniscience: At the beginning of each round, The Wizard or Alchemist that has this ability casts a random spell from levels 2, 3, or 4. This spell costs no mana, is cast at Master level, and is selected from every spell in those levels regardless of whether the hero knows it or not(but not AoE spells).

Core Units; Build 3


Before the destruction of Ashan, Gremlins were the sole inhabitants of the cities that would later become Academies. Gremlins have always been a weak and cowardly race, and so were happy to become servants to the Wizards in exchange for protection. Gremlins increase the initiative of friendly war machines, and are shooters. Gremlins can be upgraded into either Gremlin Mechanics or Gremlin Saboteurs.

Gremlin Mechanic(Upgrade):

Gremlins are creatures who have an innate fascination with machines, and some have become so skilled with them that they can heal War Machines and resurrect Constructs in the middle of battle.

Gremlin Saboteur(Upgrade):

Some Gremlins are born with more innately destructive personalities, and so the Wizards have trained them to sabotage Constructs, with their attacks lowering their initiative. They can also disable War Machines for 2 turns every 5 turns.

Stone Gargoyle:

Gargoyles are fast, sturdy, flying constructs created by the Wizards. While they aren't especially strong in combat, their speed and durability makes them very useful for harassing shooters. They are immune to earth magic. Construct. Stone Gargoyles can be upgraded into Obsidian Gargoyles or Disruptive Gargoyles.

Obsidian Gargoyle(Upgrade):

Obsidian is a much more magic-resistant material than regular stone, and it wasn't long before the Wizards figured out how to mold it into superior Gargoyles. These Gargoyles are immune to all forms of magic, and have a slightly higher attack and defense.

Disruptive Gargoyle(Upgrade):

Dwarves, like all other races, can be found in the libraries and laboratories of Academy. Many of these Dwarves are Runemages, have been able to imbue Gargoyles with the power to increase enemy magical vulnerability.


Golems are the main infantry of Academy's armies. They are simple statues made of stone animated by magic, and having no emotions or feelings of hunger makes them very useful soldiers. While very slow, Golems are very good at taking punishment, with their high defense and 25% magic resistance. Construct. Golems can be upgraded into either Steel Golems or Mithril Golems.

Steel Golem(Upgrade):

While most Golems are made of stone, when an important battle is upcoming Steel Golems are mass-produced. Steel Golems are even more durable than their stone counterparts. They have the ability to retaliate infinitely and have twice the magic resistance.

Mithril Golem(Upgrade):

Starsilver was an extremely useful material found on Ashan, and was mostly destroyed along with the world itself. The Wizards of Academy have been attempting to recreate it. The closest they have come is mithril. While initially not as magically resistant as starsilver, mithril has the unique property of getting more resistant with every hit endured. Mithril Golems are noticeably faster than their counterparts, and while they start with a mere 25% magic resistance, the percentage increases by 10 for every magical attack they receive.


Familiars are spirits that Wizards can call on to assist them in battle. Somewhat resembling large lemurs, the Familiar's tail can be used as a weapon nearly as well as it's teeth. Familiars can attack both their target and any enemies that may be directly behind the Familiar. They can be upgraded into either Volatile Familiars or Incorporeal Familiars.

Volatile Familiar(Upgrade):

Sometimes a Familiar will be summoned by an intentionally unstable spell. These Familiars have increased attack and decreased defense, and explode upon their deaths. The damage of the explosion is increased by a percentage equal to the percentage of damage that the Familiar took that was magical.

Incorporeal Familiar(Upgrade):

These Familiars are less attached to the mortal plane than most Familiars, and as such have the Spirit Form ability, reducing the physical damage done to them by 25%. They are faster than normal Familiars, and can teleport.


Dervishes practice an exotic form of dance known as whirling. The magic emitted by the dance allows them to control blades psychically. They have a relatively low growth rate and are expensive, although their damage output is second to none among core units. Dervishes can be upgraded into either Whirling Dervishes or Blademages.

Whirling Dervish(Upgrade):

Masters of the art of dancing, Whirling Dervishes have learned how to make their blades dance with them. Any enemy they pass on the way to their intended target take damage equal to 40% of the Dervish's primary attack.


Blademages have learned how to use their many blades to parry, increasing their defense. In addition, they are able to cause them to lash out every 3 turns, dealing damage equal to 300% of the Bladmage's normal attack to all adjacent enemies.

Elite Units; Build 3


Almost every citizen of Academy can cast spells, including their soldiers. Magi are pretty standard troops, but that doesn't mean they aren't very useful in combat. In addition to their no-ranged penalty, they can also cast Slow and Ice Bolt. Magi can be upgraded into either Archmagi or Summoners.


Archmagi are Magi who specialize in warfare. Their increased training has increased their attack and mana, and can additionally cast Fireball and Endurance.


While summoning magic is often frowned upon in many nations, it is a favorite school of the Wizards. The average Summoner found in the military has the same abilities as Magi, and additionally can cast Summon Elementals and Summon Hive. Since Summoners are not as adept at offensive magic, they have learned to defend themselves in melee.


Djinns are powerful spirits of magic that the Wizards have a mutually beneficial relationship with. Wizards provide enchantments that allow Djinns to remain on the mortal plane indefinitely, and Djinns lend their strength to Academy's armies. Djinns' attacks deal magic damage of a random element, but not an element the target is resistant to. Being innately magical beings, Djinns have the ability to fly, and their presence on the battlefield increases their Hero's spellpower by 2% per Djinn (capped at a bonus of 15 spellpower). Hates Efreeti. Djinns can be upgraded into either Djinn Channelers or Djinn Viziers.

Djinn Channeler(Upgrade):

Djinn Channelers are Djinns who have on multiple occasions proven their worth in battle, and have been trusted with Spirit Links to their Hero. Spirit Links allow Djinns to channel some of their magical energy to the Hero in the form of mana, allowing their commanding Hero to regenerate 1 mana per combat round per 5 Djinn Channelers. They can also use this ability to steal mana from enemy spellcasters and transfer it to their Hero. Djinn Channelers are slightly more durable the normal Djinns.

Djinn Vizier(Upgrade):

Djinn Viziers are leaders among the Djinn community, and so have better learned the art of hand-to-hand combat. Their attack and defense is increased reasonably, and they have the ability to cast 3 random spells per combat; light magic on friendly creatures, and dark magic on hostile ones.


Sphinxes are powerful creatures that are native to the deserts of Academy, and have become feared allies of the Wizards. Because of their resemblance to large cats, it is theorized they are related to Rakshasas in some way. Sphinxes can fly, take a reasonable amount of damage, and a slash from their paws is nothing to scoff at. However, the real power of the Sphinx lies in their riddles; once every 5 rounds, the Sphinx can pose a riddle to a target enemy unit. The target is confused for one turn, after which is has a 75% chance to have reduced luck for the next 3 turns. Failed riddles reset the cooldown timer. Sphinxes can be upgraded into either Vengeful Sphinxes or Ancient Sphinxes.

Vengeful Sphinx(Upgrade):

Vengeful Sphinxes are very proud individuals that can't stand to be insulted. They have a higher attack stat than un-upgraded Sphinxes, and when their riddles are solved, they go into a rage that increases their damage against the offender by 50%, and gives them the Aura of Fear ability.

Ancient Sphinx(Upgrade):

Ancient Sphinxes are wiser than their fellows, and have had more time to come up with harder riddles. A riddle from an Ancient Sphinx is unsolvable, and so never fails. The duration of the effects last 4 turns instead of 3, and lower morale as well as luck.

Arcane Archer:

Sometimes, the even those best at their craft aren't satisfied with being merely that. When an Archer has this problem, he or she knows they can travel to the desert, where they will be taught the magic arts by the Wizards. Arcane Archers have no range penalty, and can cast Precision and Fortune. Arcane Archers can be upgraded into either Arcane Sharpshooters or Arcane Assassins.

Arcane Sharpshooter(Upgrade):

Most Arcane Sharpshooters were Elven Rangers before they ventured to Academy. Their skills from their former life still come in handy, as they can still use Imbue Arrow, making their arrows carry the effects of the spell last cast by anyone in combat(levels 1-3 destruction and dark only; not AoE or Mass spells).

Arcane Assassin(Upgrade):

Arcane Assassins, likewise, are mostly Dark Elves from Asylum, who have grown weary of the ceaseless backstabbing and chaos, and traveled to Academy to find a sense of order. Arcane Assassins' attacks poison their target, causing it to receive 30% of the initial attacks damage every turn after the fact.


Rakshasas are a powerful race; half human-half tiger (although their behavior is more similar to lions). How the Wizards managed to tame them and gain their allegiance in unknown, however it doesn't appear to be mind control, as there are many Rakshasas in Academy that have prestigious positions and lands. Rakshasas have fairly average speed, but very good attack and no enemy retaliation. Rakshasas can be upgraded into either Rakshasa Ranis or Rakshasa Rajas.

Rakshasa Rani(Upgrade):

Rakshasa Ranis are the most powerful female Rakshasas in the military. They are the hunters of Rakshasa society, and their Dash ability allows them to sacrifice a turn for permanently improved initiative.

Rakshasa Raja(Upgrade):

Rakshasa Rajas are the most powerful male Rakshasas in the military. In Rakshasa society, it is the male's duty to defend the pride and their territory, and so they have better endurance than their counterparts. They also have the ability to attack multiple foes at once.

Champion Units; Build 1


Colossi are massive, sentient constructs that mysteriously appear in secluded areas of the world where magic concentration is high. Nobody is certain who is behind their existence; some say the Gods sent them to prevent a repeat of what happened with Sandro, should the power they guard get into the wrong hands. Others say they were the pinnacle of engineering achieved by whoever the original inhabitants of the Forges were. One thing is for certain, with the amount of magical energy emitted by Academy, the Colossi were their natural allies. Colossi's attack cannot be retaliated against by small creatures, and all small creatures surrounding them feel Fear when they attack. Colossi can be upgraded into either Centurions or Titans.


Centurions are Colossi that have been modified by the Wizards for siege warfare. They can attack castle walls and are 75% magic resistant. Additionally, they are faster than unmodified Colossi and their attacks against constructs and walls do more damage every time they are hit with a spell.


Titans are a rare form of Colossi that appears when an area needs defending from a specific foe: Black Dragons. Being creatures of destruction and chaos while also being immune to all magic, Titans were the solution, presumably created by those who created the Colossi. Titans can throw lightning bolts that are so powerful that they bypass all air immunities and resistances. No melee penalty. +50% damage against Black Dragons.


Occamy were created when the Wizards attempted to make their own breed of Dragon. While not exactly succeeding, the Occamy is far from useless in battle. While not as powerful as Green or Black Dragons, Occamy are still powerful attackers, and have the ability to shrink into a small creature to increase their speed and initiative in exchange for some of their attack. When they choose to return to full size, all adjacent enemies are damaged in the process. Occamy can be upgraded into either Nesting Occamy or Shining Occamy.

Nesting Occamy(Upgrade):

Occamy are very territorial creatures who are very protective of their eggs. Nesting Occamy can claim a 3x3 area of the battlefield as their nest; they return to this area at the end of every turn, and attack any hostile troops there for 150% normal damage.

Shining Occamy(Upgrade):

Shining Occamy were the next phase of the Dragon experiment; in an attempt to combine light and fire magic to give them a more powerful breath attack, they instead created something different, unique. They created Occamy with the power to mesmerize enemies. The Occamy's good luck attacks now disable the target entirely for the next 2 turns, and enemies may not attack it more than once in a row. Any enemy starting their turn adjacent to a Shining Occamy will receive light and fire damage, each equal to 20% of the Occamy's standard attack.


Baku are spirits from the dream world that Wizards summon to wreak mental havoc on their enemies. Baku can take hits with the best of them, especially physical hits thanks to their Spirit Form ability. Their attacks cause drowsiness in their victims, lowering their attack, speed, and initiative. Baku can be upgraded into either Dreamcatchers or Dreamrenders.


Dreamcatchers are Baku that have evolved with the specific intent to feed off of good dreams. Dreamcatcher's attacks get boosted by 10% every time they attack a drowsy opponent, and heal themselves 50% of the damage dealt.


Dreamrenders are perhaps even more feared by the general public, however. Their mere presence on the battlefield lowers the moral of all drowsy creatures, and their attacks have a chance to send their victims fleeing in fear.

2 down, 12 or so to go haha. I hope you liked this line-up. Sylvan is up next probably. Suggestions and criticism is, of course, welcome, and thanks for taking the time to read through this!


Town Theme

Gameplay: Sylvan is a fast faction that is meant to deal as much damage as it can as quickly as it can to compensate for the fact that most of their troops are fairly frail.

Lore: During the End Wars in which Sandro took over and destroyed Ashan, the final acts of High King Findan and The Keeper of the Law Ylaya were to forge an alliance between their nations, seeing it as the only hope there was for survival. Thus, the Elves and the Dark Ones set aside their differences and were able to work together to survive. Shortly after arriving in Istresia, however, several border skirmishes with the remainder of the Empire broke out, and eventually escalated into all-out war. The Elves lost. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a creature not encountered on Ashan was found living in the forests of the New World: Werewolves. The bite of a Werewolf infects their victim, causing one of two effects: the victim turns into a Werewolf themselves, or is inflicted with a crazed madness that makes them lose all humanity and leave them with nothing but a desire to inflict chaos and death. Eventually, the Elves and their allied woodland creatures were able to successfully beat back, and later form an uneasy alliance with the Werewolves, but after enduring so much in so little time the Elves were on the brink of extinction. Fortunately, not all of the peoples found in the forests of Istresia were as vicious as the Werewolves, and so the creatures of the forest have united to form a new nation for mutual protection. This nation, however, having suffered as much as it has, has become paranoid and extremely hostile to outside contact.

Might Hero: Avenger

Avengers are the Elven warriors that would have once been called Rangers. Since the events that lead to the Sylvan faction being the way it is today, however, their focus has been shifted away from protecting the forests and more towards silently taking out any trespassers that dare to venture into Elven lands. They have combined the combat styles of Rangers and the Dark Elves' Assassins. Their standard attacks poison their targets, and all Sylvan troops receive the Enrage ability.

Magic Hero: Sorceress

Elven society is matriarchal, and the nation is run by a queen selected from among a select group of elite female druids, known as Sorceresses. Sorceresses earn their title by proving their worth in not only magic, but leadership and keeping harmony as well. They are powerful spellcasters, and can use their powers to replace the first fallen stack of friendly creatures in battle with Earth Elementals. They are also the only Hero class that can directly alter the luck of units in combat (works on either friend or foe, twice per combat).  

Faction Skill- Territorial

The Territorial Skill causes troops under this Hero's command to receive a bonus to attack and initiative when X tiles away from a friendly town.

Together We Stand: Any friendly Sylvan Elven unit adjacent to a non-elven Sylvan unit’s target will also attack it.

Paranoia: Heroes with this ability can detect enemy Heroes that are a day's ride away or closer, even if they are hidden by the Fog of War.

Vengeance: All creatures deal more damage to armies that have previously defeated a friendly Hero

Ultimate-Nature's Wrath: All good luck attacks now deal 3x more damage, creatures that land a good luck attack get +1 speed their next turn, and every Sylvan creature in your army gets +20% initiative when a friendly creature gets good luck.

Core Units; Build 3


Although not appearing so, some species of trees are actually sentient beings with minds and souls of their own. Inherently magical, these types of trees are able to project their spirit on to other forms of life, turning them into Dryads. Dryads are fast, hard-hitting fliers that deal earth damage and have no enemy retaliation. They can cast stone skin on their allies and are immune to harmful earth spells. Dryads can be upgraded into either Hamadryads or Meliae.


Hamadryads have been around long enough that their tree has truly become one with the forest. Natural allies of woodland guardians, Hamadryads can sacrifice their own HP to restore that of an allied Treant, Leszi, or Zomok. Hamadryads have increased defense and are immune to poison.


Meliae are a vengeful type of Dryad born specifically if their host tree is killed in a fire. Meliae have increased attack and are immune to fire. Their attack increases for 1 turn every time a fire spell is cast in combat(Stacks with Enrage if Hero is an Avenger).


Fauns are a mischievous race resembling a half-humanoid half-goat mix, but are actually more closely related to goblins and imps than humans or elves. While there are many stories in human and dwarven legends about Fauns being kind creatures who guide lost travelers to safety, real Fauns are chaotic and unpredictable beings who would just as readily kill. Fauns are fairly sturdy, and their attacks deal extra damage to creatures with negative moral. Their misdirection ability enables them to disable their target’s retaliation for 2 turns. Fauns can be upgraded into either Faun Assassins or Pied Pipers.

Faun Assassin(Upgrade):

While the Sylvan Alliance does mostly resemble the old kingdom of Irollan, it should not be forgotten that the so-called “Dark Elves” of Ashan made their home here as well, and their influences can definitely be seen in combat, such as with Faun Assassins. Taking advantage of their mischievous nature, the Elves have taught many Fauns to turn invisible in battle every 3 turns. When they are invisible, they cannot be targeted except by AoE spells, and their attacks receive no retaliation while also dealing 3x normal damage.

Pied Piper(Upgrade):

Some legends tell of Fauns who used music as a means to kidnap children by leading them into the forest with music, never to be seen again. While there are no documented cases of this actually occurring, it's easy to see where the stories came from. Fauns have always had a great love of music, and some are able to use the power of song to aid their Hero in combat. All enemies within a 2x2 radius of them become drowsy, and they can cast sorrow on their foes and mirth on their friends.


Leprechauns are gnome-like creatures that live in forests and have a fondness for gold and other shiny objects. Often confused for Gremlins, these creatures actually used to be a much bigger race, both in terms of actual size and in terms of influence in the world. They have since devolved into what they are now, and although no-one knows for sure, some scholars suspect that the tremendous amount of magical instability created when the denizens of Ashan first arrived may have something to do with it. Leprechauns are inherently lucky creatures, and so their luck is always positive. In addition, leprechauns can teleport instead of walk when moving around the battlefield, and having 100 or more in your army grants their Hero the Resourcefulness perk. Leprechauns deal prime damage when they attack. Leprechauns can be upgraded into either Leprechaun Merchants or Clurichauns.

Leprechaun Merchant(Upgrade):

Because of their fondness for gold and other valuable materials, Leprechauns often act as the main traders from the Sylvan Alliance to other nations. At the end of each week, your kingdom earns gold equal to the amount of the Leprechauns in your employment, and anywhere from 1-6 gems.


In addition to gold, Leprechauns also have a fondness for wine. Prone to drunkenness, Clurichauns are those who have dedicated not only their free time, but their time in the army to drinking.  They have become masters of fighting under the influence of alcohol. Each individual Clurichaun in a stack has a 15% +3% per point of luck chance to dodge an attack completely (i.e. if an attack would kill 20 of them they each of those 20 have a 15+3(L)% chance to avoid dying if that makes sense). Additionally, if a Clurichaun is cursed with the Confusion spell, their attacks deal 40% more damage.


Rarely seen by anyone outside the Sylvan Alliance, Mayura are a type of forest spirit that strongly resembles a peacock. Their brilliantly colored feathers can distract their enemies, preventing them from immediately retaliating, but forcing them to only target the Mayura for their next turn. These fast creatures can also fly. Mayura can be upgraded into either Dazzling Mayura or Sacred Mayura.

Dazzling Mayura(Upgrade):

The brilliant colors of the Mayura are so overwhelming for some that they can be temporarily blinded if the Mayura closes in to attack. Dazzling Mayura receives half damage from ranged attacks.

Sacred Mayura(Upgrade):

Mayura are one of the few creatures to be considered inherently good, and as such are held sacred not just to the Sylvans, but many individuals across other factions as well. Killing one is universally considered a sin, and as such, any creature who kills even one will have a chance to see their morale lowered for the remainder of the combat round.


Hunters are the backbone of the Sylvan Alliance’s armies. They are what an outsider would think of as a typical Elf: stealthy bowmen that take out their foes from afar without being noticed. They have fairly good stats for a core unit and shoot twice when they kill at least one creature, but apart from that have no special abilities. Hunters can be upgraded into either Trackers or Forest Guard.


Trackers are what the Elves would consider true hunters. In addition to firing twice, Trackers have the ability to cripple the enemy with their arrows, with each consecutive attack having a larger chance of lowering their target's speed. Having 50 or more Trackers can also allow you to see the paths taken by enemy Heroes on their last turn.

Forest Guard(Upgrade):

The Forest Guard is a secret order of Elven Archers who were created during the Sylvan Alliance’s war with the Haven Empire. The Forest Guard’s members follow the teachings of Gelu, a legendary figure in Elven folklore, and so are masters of the bow and guerrilla warfare, and receive no ranged or melee penalty, make better use of cover than others, and take 25% less ranged damage when fighting in forest terrain. Due to their increased precision, they can only shoot once per turn.


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Legendary Hero
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posted May 04, 2017 06:14 AM

Welcome. It's the right place.

I'll post here, so you can reserve another post after this one. Given you're starting, there are some restrictions on whether you can post too many consecutive posts. You can ask a mod to delete this post of mine later, when you get enough reserved posts.
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Legendary Hero
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posted May 04, 2017 10:34 PM

Conscripts upgrading into nobles looks very weird. Nobles were mainly knights and they could afford better equipment that would certainly land them in the elite category.

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Famous Hero
Voice in Gelu's Head
posted May 06, 2017 02:24 AM

In hindsight I agree. I had them pictured wearing what a nobleman in real life would probably wear to court, with nothing more than a short sword as their weapon, but now that I think about it that doesn't make a ton of sense haha.  

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Legendary Hero
posted May 06, 2017 12:27 PM
Edited by MattII at 10:44, 07 May 2017.

Pretty reasonable proposal, for Haven. But that's one faction that's always a sod to make work, at least as far as innovation is involved.

Also, it should be Angel, not Angle.

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Famous Hero
Dragon of justice
posted May 08, 2017 11:58 AM
Edited by markmasters at 11:59, 08 May 2017.

nice line-up with a lot of the needed classical units.

I like the falcanor, it sounds extremely good for clearing neutrals as you can use the falcons to tank damage and thus make sure your own creatures are not in peril.

That being said, falcons being immune to melee attacks kinda sounds overpowered

The problem with being able to choose different upgrades is that one most often is (much) better then the other, but I see you kinda made them versatile with damage increases against certain units and enemies which might increase their effectiveness against a certain enemy, which is good.

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Legendary Hero
Highly illogical
posted May 10, 2017 08:32 AM

Really liking this Haven Line-up and I particularly like how you differentiate the upgrades! The penetrating lance (pffffh) is a particular favourite and I'm quite fond the enforcer line. The squire line is also a pretty cool idea.
It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the cis are at it again.

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Legendary Hero
posted May 11, 2017 04:08 AM

Mm, I'd be edgy about putting the Golem in the Core tier, it sort of feels more Elite tier to me.

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Supreme Hero
posted May 11, 2017 07:56 PM

Any heroes game, both official and fan made, is bound to be buggy to the point of being non playable.

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Legendary Hero
posted May 11, 2017 09:23 PM

Kayna said:
Any heroes game, both official and fan made, is bound to be buggy to the point of being non playable.
Inappropriate comment for at least two reasons:
1) This is a lineup proposal, not a playable game
2) None of the NWC releases were too buggy. Terribly balanced sometimes, but at least playable right out of the box.

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Famous Hero
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posted May 11, 2017 11:49 PM
Edited by Rimgrabber at 03:43, 12 May 2017.

MattII said:
Mm, I'd be edgy about putting the Golem in the Core tier, it sort of feels more Elite tier to me.

Yeah, I could see that. I don't love the Arcane Archer anyway, but I'm not sure what I'd put to replace the Golem in Core. I had a few ideas: Mimics, Will-o-Wisps, Cabirs all might have been okay, but I felt they belonged in Dungeon, Necropolis, and Conflux respectively. Another thing about the Golems is that they have been historically lower-tier units, and I didn't see much of a reason to break that trend. Then again, this is coming from the guy who thinks Blade Dancers worked well as Elites XD.

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Legendary Hero
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posted May 12, 2017 03:59 AM

If I may say, I approve of a golem in any tier. In my perception, you could make golem the counterpart of a weaker colossus or titan. It all depends on what you want that unit to express, of course. Even as a tier 1, like a sentinel, sturdy, even strong, but slow less numerous. Balancing these things would be enough for me to place golems in any tier you chose.
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Legendary Hero
posted May 12, 2017 10:15 AM
Edited by MattII at 10:20, 12 May 2017.

Rimgrabber said:
Yeah, I could see that. I don't love the Arcane Archer anyway, but I'm not sure what I'd put to replace the Golem in Core. I had a few ideas: Mimics, Will-o-Wisps, Cabirs all might have been okay, but I felt they belonged in Dungeon, Necropolis, and Conflux respectively.
So swap it with the Arcane Archer.

Another thing about the Golems is that they have been historically lower-tier units, and I didn't see much of a reason to break that trend. Then again, this is coming from the guy who thinks Blade Dancers worked well as Elites XD.
I would like to point out that Golems stood at tier 3/3/2/3/ fore Heroes 2/3/4/5. Meanwhile, Centaurs, prior to their elevation to Elite in Heroes 6 had stood at  tier 1/1/1/1/2. Really, I'd say the Golem deserves better than to be in the same rank as peasants and gremlins. Besides you already have the gargoyles in the same tier.

Good work with the rest of it.

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Legendary Hero
Highly illogical
posted May 12, 2017 03:12 PM

eh, Golems feel like low tier. personally I prefer Gargoyles as higher tier, given thee right tools.
It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the cis are at it again.

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Tavern Dweller
posted May 12, 2017 04:12 PM
Edited by Zum-Graat at 16:13, 12 May 2017.

I like Baku, more love for Japanese mythology is always welcomed. I use this creature in my version of HoMM too, although not in Academy. But it's hard for me to imagine it as Champion, in the same tier as titans and dragons... But I guess it depends from representation.

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Legendary Hero
posted May 12, 2017 08:59 PM

kiryu133 said:
eh, Golems feel like low tier. personally I prefer Gargoyles as higher tier, given thee right tools.
Except upgraded golems always seem to be made of some kind of metal, placing them in the same catergory as well-armoured humans, without the issue of all the squishy bits.

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Hero of Order
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posted May 12, 2017 09:03 PM

MattII said:
kiryu133 said:
eh, Golems feel like low tier. personally I prefer Gargoyles as higher tier, given thee right tools.
Except upgraded golems always seem to be made of some kind of metal, placing them in the same catergory as well-armoured humans, without the issue of all the squishy bits.

IMO both tier 2 and tier 3 work for each. One is a tank, other is a flyer, stats and special would decide.

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Legendary Hero
Highly illogical
posted May 12, 2017 09:45 PM
Edited by kiryu133 at 21:47, 12 May 2017.

Golems are mass-produced foot soldiers while Gargoyles are specialized elites. of course, both work for both but Titans seem more like an elite version of Golems so I don't consider there to be a necessity for golems to be elite themselves. Same can't be said for Gargoyles.

Also, I'd prefer if you'd edit your previous post(s) as that would make it easier to find the different lineups
It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the cis are at it again.

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Famous Hero
Voice in Gelu's Head
posted May 12, 2017 11:10 PM

I would like to point out that Golems stood at tier 3/3/2/3/ fore Heroes 2/3/4/5. Meanwhile, Centaurs, prior to their elevation to Elite in Heroes 6 had stood at  tier 1/1/1/1/2. Really, I'd say the Golem deserves better than to be in the same rank as peasants and gremlins. Besides you already have the gargoyles in the same tier.

The Centaur thing is a good point. I would also like to say though that just because Golems are technically in the same tier as peasants and gremlins doesn't mean that they're as weak as them. Golems would obviously be on the stronger end of the core units, with better stats but less growth.

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