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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: My version of HoMM factions
Thread: My version of HoMM factions

Tavern Dweller
posted May 15, 2017 08:16 PM bonus applied by kiryu133 on 31 May 2017.
Edited by Zum-Graat at 00:40, 30 May 2017.

My version of HoMM factions

Hello, everyone. I finally decided to show my "ideal" version of the game. Since English is not my first language, there can be mistakes or weird sentences, I am truly sorry for that.

There will be 17 factions overall, each with 11 creatures. Units are divided in 4 tiers - Core, Advanced, Elite and Champion. Each tier has 3 creatures aside from Champion, which has 2 and you can only choose to build one of them in one particular town. So you end up with an army of 10 creatures - 3 from Core, Advanced and Elite and 1 Champion.
My proposal will have all traditional factions (Haven, Sylvan, Academy, Fortress, Dungeon, Necropolis, Inferno, Stronghold), "semi" traditional ones (Forge, Sanctuary, Temple - remastered swamp faction from HoMM 3), as well as some completely new ones (Coven, Lagoon, Oasis, Palace, Rift, Ruins). I've decided to begin with two of my new factions, because it's more interesting this way (and no one probably wants to see Haven or Academy being remastered for hundredth time )
All pieces of art below belong to their respective owners, I've only found them in the Internet.

Note - this it completely new world, not linked with Ashan in any way.

Let's begin with...

Music theme: Ancient Arabian Music - Cobra Desert

Country – Al-Khazif, Union of Free Cities
Native terrain – sand
Might hero – Vizier

Magic hero – Mystic

Races of heroes – humans, anubites, orcs, gnolls, genies, elves, dwarves
Mount – a horse for Vizier, a camel for Mystic
Symbols – a winged sun disk, a palm branch, an anubite head

Religion – there is no state religion, but since the country of Al-Khazif is very multicultural there are a lot of cults and faiths presented here. Most of inhabitants don’t worship, but deeply respect powerful spirits of desert (khamsins and samoons).  Anubites follow some ancient deities of lost Annukhaten civilization, which are mostly unknown to modern mortals.
Magic – powerful, Magic Guild has 5 levels. Earth and Air are main schools, Arcane and Fire are secondary.  

Desert is a harsh place, where not a lot of people would live willingly. Yet for people of Al-Khazif desert is the home.  It is prosperous country made up from the union of several nomadic desert tribes and people from all other the world, most of which were seeking for better, more just life.
There is no united ruler in Al-Khazif. The core of country is four semi-independent city-states, and all major decisions concerning the whole country are taken by them together.
Dhablmas, The City of Gold – rich city located nearby mountains, where a lot of precious minerals are found (gold, silver, gems, crystals and sulfur among others). It is famous for its mining industry (this is why it is a very attractive place for dwarves) and blacksmiths – weapons and armor of the highest quality can be found here.
Ten-Afbar, The City of Palms – seaside city, the center of trade. Regarded by many as “earth paradise” and “the most beautiful place in the world”, this city is famous for its gardens and fruit plantations. The biggest merchant guild is located here. There are also major temples of almost every deity found in this city, so a lot of priests and faithful follower take pilgrimage here at least once in life.
Majanaan, The City of Freedom – this city in the middle of desert is famous for its mercenaries (there is a renowned mercenary guild located here) and craftsmen (finest jewelry, pottery, garments, carpets and much more can be found here).
Sahafa, The City of Wisdom – located not far from the border with Maelgiem (the country of wizards), this city is one of world’s centers of magic and science. The biggest university in the world is located here, and many infamous scholars studied there once.
Aside from these four cities, there are numerous smaller towns and villages.
The territory of Al-Khazif once was part of huge ancient empire of Annukhaten. This mysterious civilization perished millennia ago, yet it left ancient ruins, full of mysteries and secrets, powerful magic artifacts and the guardians of all these traces – anubites. Anubites are 3 meters tall humanoids with black skin and jackal-like heads. These beings do not need to eat and drink, and it’s unknown how they reproduce because although female anubites exist, children of this race were never seen – as if they appear in this world already adult.  Some scholars argue that these beings are not natural living creatures, but in fact perfect constructs with souls created by Annukhaten priests, similar to colossi and titans that are created by most powerful of wizards. Either way, anubites keep their secret safe and are quite annoyed when mortals try to interfere with their affairs.
Anubites are guardians of the lost knowledge of Annukhaten, and zealously protect ancient pyramids, temples and tombs, allowing only the worthiest of mortals to enter them and learn their mysteries. These beings feel special hatred toward rakshasas – the race of evil fiends who seek to spoil and destroy ancient shrines in their hatred toward all deities. Anubites also feel utter disgust towards all sorts of undead, as they see them as “mockery” of death and a desecration of deceased, and thus seek to destroy them whenever possible.
Anubites rarely interfere in affairs of mortals unless the holy place they protect is concerned, but they do sometimes unite with human armies of Al-Khazif to fight with common enemies, most often rakshasas of Ruins.
Oasis has close cultural and economic ties with Academy. There are a lot of wizards and genies in Al-Khazif, especially in Sahafa, as they strive to unravel many mysteries hidden in desert. Their main attention is, of course, aimed to ruins of Annukhaten, where a lot of lost knowledge is said to be hidden. In exchange, Academy provides Oasis with powerful artifacts and shares their mastery in spells and enchantments. Oasis also has surprisingly good relationships with Stronghold – steppe nation of barbarians. Despite the fact that some small tribes periodically attack caravans and villages of Al-Khazif, many orcs and gnolls serve as mercenaries and escorts in Free Cities, and there are some even among famous heroes.
Active trade with Haven, Lagoon, Palace and Sanctuary also take place, but these factions are not that closely tied with Oasis as two aforementioned.
The main enemy of Oasis is, without a doubt, the nation of Ruins – rakshasas and their numerous allies and servants. Combat conflicts between two nations rarely happen, and there are even some trade treaties having place between rakshasa merchants and tradesmen of Al-Khazif, but these two nations are in constant state of “hidden war”.  Rakshasas have a web of spies all over Free Cities, and they play a huge role in black market of this country.
The other major enemy is the faction of Necropolis, as they seek to unravel secrets of ancient ruins and use them for their evil deeds.


HP 19 Damage 3 – 6
Attack 5 Speed 6
Defense 5 Initiative 9
Shots - Cost 65
Mana - Growth 12

HP 23 Damage 3 – 6
Attack 7 Speed 7
Defense 7 Initiative 11
Shots - Cost 105
Mana - Growth 12

If he wishes to become a full-fledged citizen, every man in Free Cities has to serve in army for two years, regardless of his race or religion. These infantry soldiers are known as mamluks. Wearing a light armor and holding a shield, mamluks are protected enough, yet still pretty mobile, especially compared to heavily-armored soldiers of Haven.
If after serving for two years mamluk wishes to continue being a soldier, he can become a janissary. These veteran warriors, more experienced and better trained, form a backbone of Al-Khazif army.

Enraged. This creature's Attack increases by 1 during combat when any friendly unit dies (except resurrected creatures or creatures summoned to battlefield by magic).

HP 15 Damage 2 – 4
Attack 4 Speed 7
Defense 2 Initiative 10
Shots 10 Cost 75
Mana - Growth 11
Short-Range Shooter, No Melee Penalty

HP 18 Damage 3 – 5
Attack 6 Speed 7
Defense 3 Initiative 12
Shots 20 Cost 125
Mana - Growth 11
Shooter, No Range Penalty, Stunning Arrows

Al-Khazif is a country that attracts a lot of mercenaries from all over the world. Different guilds use different weapons, but one of the most common are throwing knives – weapon, useful both on distance and in melee combat. Although, compared to bows and crossbows, this type of  weapon can cover much shorter range.
Solaks are the world-famous mercenary guild from Al-Khazif. They use enchanted bows and arrows, crafted specifically to them by powerful mystics and wizards.  Their shots, filled with lighting energy, can stun the enemy and leave it defenseless for some time.

Short-Range Shooter. This creature can inflict damage remotely, but its range only covers half of the battlefield.
Stunning Arrows. This creature shoots charmed arrows: in addition to normal damage, there's a 20% chance they might stun the enemy and force them skip their turn.

Sand Spirit
HP 9 Damage 1 – 2
Attack 1 Speed 7
Defense 2 Initiative 7
Shots - Cost 30
Mana - Growth 20
Sentient Elemental, Teleport, Immunity to Earth, Vulnerable to Water

Desert Spirit
HP 12 Damage 1 – 2
Attack 2 Speed 9
Defense 3 Initiative 9
Shots - Cost 50
Mana 16 Growth 20
Sentient Elemental, Teleport, Immunity to Earth, Vulnerable to Water, Caster, Desert Power

Quicksand – 8 mana.

Whenever there is a desert, there are sand spirits. Vaguely humanoid figures made out of sand, they constantly change their shape and size. Some believe that they are souls of people who died in desert, while most think they are just natural part of it. They usually don’t interact with mortals, but they can be quite helpful for those who respect desert. Mystics bound them by magic and use as servants and warriors. They have a major weakness through – be sure not to let them anywhere near water!
More powerful desert spirits usually appear before or during strong sandstorms and thus are quite feared by folk of Al-Khazif. They can turn any ground they wish into quicksand, and many visitors of desert perished after they somehow had angered these spirits.

Sentient Elemental. This creature is closely linked with some element. It is immune to poison, paralysis, blindness and sleep-inducing spells and abilities. These creatures cannot be resurrected or healed by First Aid Tent and magic. Unlike true elementals, this creature’s morale is not always neutral and it is affected by Mind-related magic and abilities.
Teleport. This creature can move on to any free tile on the battlefield within its range of movement, regardless of the obstacles in the way. This creature is unaffected by movement-preventing abilities such as Entangling Roots and Tight Grip.
Vulnerable to Water. This creature receives double damage from Water spells.
Desert Power. This creature’s Attack, Defense, Speed and Initiative are raised by 2 if the battlefield is covered by Sandstorm.  


HP 28 Damage 7 – 9
Attack 8 Speed 9
Defense 4 Initiative 13
Shots - Cost 230
Mana - Growth 7
No Enemy Retaliation

HP 30 Damage 7 – 9
Attack 10 Speed 10
Defense 5 Initiative 15
Shots - Cost 270
Mana - Growth 7
No Enemy Retaliation, War Dance

Dervishes are followers of a mysterious cult that is present almost exclusively in Al-Khazif. They live according to a complex system of rules and restrictions. Their most famous trait, however, is their battle style, known as “dervish dance”.  They move in mysterious rhythm with incredible grace, and their movements truly resemble exotic dance. Quick and agile, they attack with such swiftness that enemy just can’t retaliate in time. But as dervishes need to be as fast and flexible as possible, they wear no armor, and thus are very vulnerable.

War Dance. Creature simultaneously attacks enemies located on all eight adjacent tiles. The targeted enemy gets normal damage, all others affected get half the normal damage.

HP 46 Damage 6 – 10
Attack 9 Speed 10
Defense 8 Initiative 12
Shots - Cost 330
Mana - Growth 6
Large Creature, Desert Traveler

HP 46 Damage 7 – 10
Attack 10 Speed 12
Defense 9 Initiative 14
Shots - Cost 360
Mana - Growth 6
Large Creature, Desert Traveler, Desert Guide

Nomads never stay in one place for long, moving from one city to another their whole lives. These people inhabited desert long before the nation of Al-Khazif was established. They are so used to the harsh conditions of their homeland that there barely anyone who can travel through the desert as fast as them.
One of nomadic tribes is the tribe of bedouins. There is no one who knows the desert better than them. They are extremely valuable not only as warriors, but as guides who can show the shortest routes to travel and teach others how to survive in harsh conditions.

Desert Traveler.Creature’s Speed rises by 50% when on sand.
Desert Guide. Rises Speed of all allies by 20% when on sand.

HP 45 Damage 5 – 8
Attack 10 Speed 5
Defense 8 Initiative 7
Shots - Cost 340
Mana - Growth 6
Large Creature, Exoskeleton, Venom

King Scorpion
HP 50 Damage 6 – 8
Attack 11 Speed 5
Defense 10 Initiative 9
Shots - Cost 380
Mana - Growth 6
Large Creature, Exoskeleton, Paralyzing Venom

Scorpions are very common desert creatures, adapted to live in harsh conditions with intense sun and barely any water. Some of them can grow up to gigantic sizes. Possessing low if any intelligence, they can’t be really tamed, but when captured and thrown at enemy they can be quite fearsome opponents. Protected by hard exoskeleton, they use their massive pincers to break bones and even armor, but their main weapon is, of course, the sting that they use to inject potent venom inside their victim’s body.
King Scorpions, named so after their huge size, possess even more lethal venom, as it’s not only hurts and dissolves the victim, but also paralyzes it, leaving it unable to move and completely helpless against the scorpion.

Exoskeleton. This creature Defense stat cannot be lowered by any means.
Venom. Attacking the enemy, this creature poisons it. The venom's effect lasts for three more turns, dealing damage on the target on each of its turns.
Paralyzing Venom. Attacking the enemy, this creature poisons it. The venom's effect lasts for three more turns, dealing damage on the target on each of its turns. In addition to this, there is 20% chance that the enemy will be paralyzed and will be unable to move and attack. The effect of paralysis ends in the same turn as poisoning.  


HP 75 Damage 21 – 24
Attack 20 Speed 10
Defense 17 Initiative 14
Shots 8 Cost 1500
Mana 24 Growth 2
Unbreakable Mind, Shooter, No Melee Penalty, Hates Rakshasas, Caster
Charm – 8 mana
Magic Shield – 8 mana

Anubite Judge
HP 85 Damage 22 – 26
Attack 23 Speed 12
Defense 20 Initiative 16
Shots 8 Cost 1900
Mana 32 Growth 2
Unbreakable Mind, Shooter, No Melee Penalty, Hates Rakshasas, Caster, Soul Judge
Charm – 8 mana
Magic Shield – 8 mana
Requiem – 10 mana
Ageing – 18 mana

Protectors of ancient knowledge, anubites are the only descendants of lost Annukhaten civilization. These majestic beings rarely leave their temples and pyramids. When they do, however, they are terrifying fighter, destroying their foes with beams of powerful energy of unknown origin that they shoot from their staffs. Technology of creating such staffs is an object of debates of many scholars and mages, but anubites do not allow any mortals to examine these weapons. If anubite is killed, their staff self-destructs leaving behind almost nothing but dust.
The most high-positioned of anubites are known as judges. They see their mission in not only protecting legacy of Annukhaten, but in eradication of all undead as well. They believe that all souls must find their rest in the Afterlife, and thus forcefully binding them to this world is the biggest possible crime. They especially despise mummies, who they believe to be a mockery of long perished people of Annukhaten.

Unbreakable Mind. This creature is immune to mind-affecting spells and abilities.
Hates Rakshasas. This creature deals 50% more damage to all rakshasas. Presence of rakshasas in army lowers this creature’s morale by 3.
Soul Judge. This creature deals 50% more damage to undead and always kills at least one enemy of the undead stack.

Sand Lizard
HP 68 Damage 15 – 18
Attack 15 Speed 9
Defense 14 Initiative 12
Shots - Cost 800
Mana - Growth 3
Large Creature, Lighting Resistance 50%, Sand Swim

Desert Drake
HP 74 Damage 16 – 20
Attack 17 Speed 11
Defense 16 Initiative 14
Shots - Cost 1000
Mana - Growth 3
Large Creature, Lighting Resistance 75%, Sand Swim, Thunder Breath, Discharge

Sand lizards are large reptiles that are top land predators of deserts. They run fast, but they also can swim through sand like fish swims through water, gaining their alternative name “sand sharks”. Lizard swimming in sand is said to be fast enough to chase a galloping horseman, although they don’t often chase their prey, preferring ambush tactic.
A lizard species is known as desert drake, because when it was first discovered people mistook a sail on its back for wings and the lizard itself for a small dragon. Not as dangerous as real dragons, of course, this reptile does indeed possess unusual abilities. It is known for generating powerful electricity that desert drake uses to shock its prey. Although it was believed to be magical in nature, scholars explored that these lizard use solar energy to generate electricity. This is why they can be often found lying under the intense sun with their sail stretched, absorbing and storing its heat.

Sand Swim.This creature can swim through sand, so if battle takes place on sand it will move ignoring all obstacles. (Basically on sand it turns into Flyer, with animation that swims through sand instead of just walking on ground).
Thunder Breath. This creature deals additional 10% lighting damage to any creature it hits.
Discharge. Every three turns this creature can release a powerful electric charge that deals lighting damage to everyone around it (activated ability).

HP 80 Damage 17 – 20
Attack 14 Speed 8
Defense 16 Initiative 13
Shots - Cost 860
Mana - Growth 3
Large Creature, Flyer, Scavenger

HP 90 Damage 17 – 20
Attack 16 Speed 9
Defense 16 Initiative 15
Shots - Cost 1050
Mana - Growth 3
Large Creature, Flyer, Scavenger, Double Strike  

Distantly related to giant eagles and thunderbirds of mountainous Norgardheim, giant vultures of Al-Khazif are surely not as majestic and noble-looking. These powerful birds feed on corpses of large desert animals such as camels, karkadanns and desert lizards. They are seen by common folk as “cleaners of the desert” and are quite respected. They are intelligent enough to be tamed and be used as fighters or transport.
Rukh is a species of giant vulture with two heads. Their black feathers and bloody-red naked heads may look quite terrifying, but they rarely attack living prey. Two heads may quarrel with each other during the rest, but in battle they work in scary harmony, hitting the same spot one after another, doubling the damage.

Scavenger. This creature can restore its health and even their numbers by devouring the enemy corpses lying on the battlefield within its movement range (activated ability).


HP 180 Damage 30 – 40
Attack 25 Speed 15
Defense 28 Initiative 17
Shots - Cost 3200 + 1 gem
Mana - Growth 1
Sentient Elemental, Large Creature, Teleport, Immunity to Earth, Touch of Desert  

HP 210 Damage 35 – 45
Attack 29 Speed 18
Defense 32 Initiative 19
Shots - Cost 4600 + 2 gem
Mana - Growth 1
Sentient Elemental, Large Creature, Teleport, Immunity to Earth, Touch of Desert, Sandstorm

What treant is for forest and jottun is for mountains, khamsin is for deserts. The most powerful of nature spirits of desert, khamsins are feared and respected by the folk of Al-Khazif and nearby countries. They usually take form of a huge dust devil with vaguely humanoid shape. Their presence alone turns surroundings into sand. Living creatures who dare to come too close to mighty khamsin are risking to die from desiccation, as water in their bodies evaporates and their flesh turns into dry dust.
When strong sandstorms occur and last for hours if not days, folk of Al-Khazif know who to blame – samoons must be angry. This is more powerful kind of khamsin. It can cloak the entire battlefield into merciless sandstorm that hurts every single creature aside from those of Oasis and Ruins factions, who are more used to harsh desert conditions.

Touch of Desert. This creature is an incarnation of drought and can absorb water from bodies of living creatures. It deals additional 10% damage to living creatures and lowers their Initiative by 1 with each strike. It is especially effective against water-dwellers, and so it deals additional 30% damage to amphibious creatures and lowers their Initiative by 2.
Sandstorm. Once per battle, this creature can summon a sandstorm that covers the entire battlefield and lasts for 4 turns. During the sandstorm, all creatures who do not belong to Oasis or Ruins factions suffer damage every turn. Because of strong wind and low visibility, it is almost impossible to properly aim, and thus damage of all long-range attacks is reduced by 50%. It is hard to fly in such conditions, so Speed of all flying creatures is halved.

HP 260 Damage 40 – 55
Attack 24 Speed 10
Defense 24 Initiative 13
Shots - Cost 3300 + 2 ore
Mana - Growth 1
Large Creature, Underground Movement, Lighting Resistance 50%, Swallowing

Death Worm
HP 300 Damage 40 – 55
Attack 28 Speed 12
Defense 28 Initiative 15
Shots - Cost 4800 + 4 ore
Mana - Growth 1
Large Creature, Underground Movement, Lighting Resistance 75%, Swallowing, Thunder Breath

Among many terrors and dangers of Al-Khazif deserts, colossal sandworms are perhaps the most widely known. Ever hungry, these monsters are capable of digging through sand without a sound and at the terrifying speed, appearing suddenly right beneath a victim and swallowing it whole. The most powerful of mystics managed to gain control on some of these creatures, although many people of Al-Khazif still feel unease from presence of these carnivores, even if they are “allies”.

Underground Movement. This creature moves underground, ignoring all obstacles on the way. If battle takes place in area where moving underground is impossible (on ship or in closed area), this creature is forced to walk normally and has its Speed halved.
Swallowing. This creature always kills at least one enemy from the stack if enemy is a small creature.

Music theme: Dark Egyptian Music - The Mummy Awakens

Country – Ravaja, Land of Dead Cities
Native terrain – sand
Might hero – Raider

Magic hero – Profane

Races of heroes – mostly rakshasas, but also heretical humans, medusas, evil genies, undead (mummies)
Mount – a horse for Raider, an ammit for Profane
Symbols – a face of rakshasa, a bleeding eye

Religion – none, rakshasas worship no one but themselves, moreover, they hate all deities and actively work to spoil and ruin holy places and temples
Magic – powerful, Magic Guild has 5 levels. Dark and Arcane are main schools, Fire and Air are secondary. Unlike many other evil factions, Ruins have access to Light magic, although pretty limited.

Rakshasas are the race of supernatural beings, resembling large humanoid cats. Different castes of rakshasas resemble different cat species – leopards, black panthers, lions, tigers.
Origins of rakshasas are unknown. Some believe that they are descendants of demons, who somehow had broken from Demon Realm and settled in mortal world millennia ago. Other theory says that they were once humans, who were cursed by Gods for being profanes and heretics. Rakshasas neither confirm nor deny any of these theories and keep their origins shrouded in mystery.
Nowadays rakshasas rule over country of Ravaja, also known as “Country of Ruins” and “Land of Dead Cities”, although many rakshasas live outside of it, often disguised as humans and other humanoids. Masterful manipulators and beings of exceptional intelligence, rakshasas often take role of grey eminences, secret advisers and cult leaders, doing all dirty work with hands of mortals. Rakshasas also have a prominent role in international trade, especially in slave trading and in rare magical artifacts market.
Rakshasas do not outright hate humans and other humanoids, as they see them as lower beings, which are only good as slaves and prey, although some exceptionally evil or smart humans may deserve recognition and even respect from rakshasas. What these cat-beings truly hate are deities – rakshasas refuse to acknowledge anyone being superior to them and thus deny all gods. They actively work to spread heresy and profanity to lower the number of deities’ followers and thus weaken them. Rakshasas especially enjoy spoiling temples and churches, destroying holy places and ancient sanctuaries. In fact, they often choose to reside inside ruins of lost civilizations as a mockery to them and their deities.
Society of rakshasa is divided in three castes:
1. Leopard and black panther rakshasas, known as “naguals”. This is the lowest cast, these rakshasas often serve as scouts, spies, assassins, stalkers etc. They are also the most common type of rakshasa to see outside of Ravaja, where they may become merchants, pirates, bandits.
2. Lion rakshasas, known as “maheses” for males and “ailuroses” or “sekhmets” for females. This is a warrior cast first and foremost. Male lion rakshasas serve as guardians and protectors of higher rakshasas, while female lion rakshasas are first-line fighters, merciless hunters and executioners.
3. Tiger rakshasas, also known as “true rakshasas”. The most powerful of all, these beings are born with tremendous magical and physical power, and as they can live for thousands of years, they can rise to divine level of might. These are the highest generals and rulers of all rakshasas.
Anubites – mysterious protectors of knowledge of lost civilization Annukhaten – are mortal enemies of rakshasas. They and their allies of Oasis faction are the worst foes of Ruins. Rakshasas also hate wizards of Academy, as they think these humans often forget their rightful place as inferior beings and dare to put themselves at the same level as rakshasas.  People of Haven, with their powerful religion and devotion to The Father, their deity, are seen by rakshasas as “the lowest breed”.
Ruins have good relationship with Necropolis, as necromancers often disturb ancient crypts, tombs and cemeteries, although for reasons very different from rakshasas. Many rakshasas are also powerful necromancers, using unique undeads such as ghuls and mummies in their armies. Sometimes rakshasas unite with demonic hordes from Inferno in their common goals to destroy holy places and pervert mortal souls, although rakshasas do not share such passion to destruction and violence with demons, and do not want to bring total annihilation of all life. After all, if all mortals are gone, who is going to serve rakshasas?!


HP 11 Damage 1 – 3
Attack 2 Speed 8
Defense 1 Initiative 6
Shots - Cost 25
Mana - Growth 20
Evil Mind, Cowardice

Jackalman Packleader
HP 13 Damage 2 – 3
Attack 3 Speed 9
Defense 1 Initiative 9
Shots - Cost 40
Mana - Growth 20
Evil Mind, Cowardice, Pack Power

Jackalmen are weak, cowardly and foul creatures created by rakshasas as a mockery of anubites – their mortal enemies. Their intelligence is barely above that of animal and they are only useful in large numbers. Whenever they feel danger, they flee battlefield in fear, leaving their “comrades” behind.
Bigger and slightly more aggressive jackalmen are known as packleaders. They are weak opponents when alone, but when gathered in large packs they can become a real threat.

Evil Mind. This creature’s morale is not affected by presence of undead or demons in the army.
Cowardice. Suffering damage from a melee attack, this creature tries to run off to the nearest unoccupied location within its movement range.
Pack Power. This creature becomes more powerful in large numbers. If total HP of this creatures’ stack exceed that of target, they will deal additional 30% of damage.

HP 20 Damage 3 – 4
Attack 4 Speed 7
Defense 2 Initiative 8
Shots - Cost 55
Mana - Growth 12
Undead, Scavenger

Ghul Defiler
HP 24 Damage 3 – 4
Attack 5 Speed 8
Defense 4 Initiative 10
Shots - Cost 80
Mana - Growth 12
Undead, Scavenger, Defiling Touch

Ghuls are dangerous undead, raised by rakshasa mages. Much faster and smarter than skeletons and zombies used by necromancers, these creatures can even heal themselves by consuming dead flesh.
Some ghuls are created specifically to ravage tombs, crypts and other holy places of eternal rest. These undead, known as ghuls defilers, are filled with dark energy from demons known as Asuras, that prevents any positive spells from working on defiled target.

Undead. This creature is not alive and its morale is always neutral. It cannot be affected by Mind-related magic and is immune to poison, paralysis, blindness and sleep-inducing spells and abilities. These creatures cannot be resurrected or healed by First Aid Tent. Undead receive 50% more damage from Light magic. Presence of undead in army lowers morale of living creatures by 1.
Defiling Touch. This creature has 50% chance to defile attacked target. Defiled enemy cannot be affected by any positive (including healing) spells and abilities for next 2 turns.

HP 25 Damage 2 – 3
Attack 3 Speed 8
Defense 4 Initiative 5
Shots - Cost 60
Mana - Growth 11
Flying, Evil Mind, Exoskeleton

HP 28 Damage 2 – 3
Attack 4 Speed 8
Defense 6 Initiative 7
Shots - Cost 90
Mana - Growth 11
Flying, Evil Mind, Exoskeleton, Stench

Scarabs of Ruins are monstrous human-sized beetles. Covered with hard exoskeleton, they are naturally armored. Just like normal sized scarabs, they can fly and are surprisingly agile for their size and build.
Kherpi are the kind of scarabs that developed ability to excrete terrible stench as a natural defense mechanism against desert predators such as sand lizards and sandworms.  This ability can be used in battle as well – their terrible smell can make even the strongest warriors almost lose consciousness.

Stench. Once per battle, this creature can release a cloud of stinky substance that lowers damage dealt to this creature by all living foes by 50% for 3 turns. It does not affect long-ranged attacks (activated ability).


HP 33 Damage 7 – 9
Attack 9 Speed 6
Defense 9 Initiative 12
Shots 6 Cost 350
Mana - Growth 5
Shooter, Evil Mind, No Melee Penalty

HP 38 Damage 8 – 11
Attack 10 Speed 7
Defense 10 Initiative 15
Shots 8 Cost 500
Mana - Growth 5
Shooter, Evil Mind, No Melee Penalty, Petrifying Gaze

Lamias resemble scaled, reptilian humanoids with snake tail instead of legs. Some believe that they are related to nagas of Sanctuary, although both lamias and nagas refute such claims. Lamias usually dwell in ancient ruins lost in desert and attack caravans and unlucky adventurers. They value gold and jewelry, but no less they value the taste of human flesh.
Some female lamias are born with terrible deformity – they have living snakes instead of hair. Such lamias are known as medusas, and are highly respected by the rest of lamian society, often becoming elite warriors and rulers. It comes from the fact that snakes on head are not their only difference from normal lamias. The magical gaze of medusa is capable of turning any material in stone in the matter of seconds. If you ever see an incredibly realistic statue in the middle of desert – better leave this place as soon as possible, because medusa is likely somewhere near.

Petrifying Gaze. In melee combat, this creature has 30% chance to turn enemy to stone. Petrification lasts for 3 rounds; creatures turned into stone suffer only 50% damage from attacks.

HP 37 Damage 6 – 10
Attack 7 Speed 5
Defense 8 Initiative 10
Shots - Cost 300
Mana 20 Growth 6
Undead, Caster, Cursing Attack
Confusion – 9 mana
Decay – 6 mana

Mummy Priest
HP 40 Damage 7 – 10
Attack 8 Speed 5
Defense 9 Initiative 13
Shots - Cost 400
Mana 30 Growth 6
Undead, Caster, Cursing Attack, Cursed Body  
Confusion – 9 mana
Decay – 6 mana
Rise Ghuls – 8 mana

Mummies are embalmed bodies of ancient priests and mages, awakened by necromancy. There are protected by dark magic that was supposed to scare away potential tomb robbers and grave defilers, but now is used to weaken enemies on the battlefield. Unlike many other undead, these creatures remain intelligent, although their soul is perverted during the awakening ritual, and thus almost all mummies become wicked and cruel, regardless of how they were in life.
Corpses of high clerics of long perished Annukhaten civilization are known as mummy priests and are especially valuable. Their bodies are filled with so much evil energy that even just touching them could be enough to be cursed.  These powerful necromancers can rise dead creatures as ghuls and lead their undead servants against all living.

Cursing Attack. After a successful attack, the target creature also suffers the effect of Curse. The effects are equal to that of Expert-level spell.
Cursed Body. If this creature is attacked, there is 50% chance that the attacker will be affected by Curse. The effects are equal to that of Expert-level spell.

HP 34 Damage 8 – 9
Attack 8 Speed 9
Defense 6 Initiative 14
Shots - Cost 320
Mana - Growth 6
Rakshasa, Stealthy, Backstab

Nagual Assassin
HP 34 Damage 9 – 12
Attack 11 Speed 11
Defense 6 Initiative 16
Shots - Cost 420
Mana - Growth 6
Rakshasa, Stealthy, Backstab, Poisoned Blade

Naguals are the least kind of rakshasas, they have the form of humanoid leopard, jaguar or black panther. Physically weak (at least compared to other of rakshasa kind) and having next to none magical abilities, they are seen by other rakshasas as the lower cast, suitable for dirty work like spying, scouting and minor assassinations. Often taking form of humans and other humanoids, they can spend years, planning and scheming their evil deeds. One of their distinctive traits is the ability to move completely silently, thus making it easy to them to struck enemy down before it even hears anything.

Rakshasa. This creature is of rakshasa kind; it suffers 30% more damage from Light magic, but has innate 20% Darkness resistance and 50% Mind-affecting spells resistance. It also does not suffer morale penalty from presence of undead or demons in army.
Stealthy. This creature cannot be attacked directly until it attacks somebody itself.
Backstab. This creature deals 20% more damage while attacking enemy from behind. This way it also does not receive retaliation.  
Poisoned Blade. In addition to normal damage the enemy attacked will also be poisoned. Poisoning will cause a certain amount of damage during the next three turns.


HP 60 Damage 16 – 20
Attack 17 Speed 14
Defense 12 Initiative 18
Shots - Cost 850
Mana - Growth 3
Rakshasa, Irrepressible, Hunt Target  

HP 65 Damage 16 – 20
Attack 19 Speed 16
Defense 14 Initiative 20
Shots - Cost 1050
Mana - Growth 3
Rakshasa, Irrepressible, Hunt Target, Life-Sucking Claws

Known as “irrepressible huntresses”, ailuroses are the perfect slayers, fearless and cruel, so fast that not even magic can slow them down. If ailuros have chosen her prey, she will never give up on reaching it until either the prey or ailuros herself is dead. Knowing this, they are sometimes hired by mortals to assassinate enemies, although there are known occasions when ailuros killed her “client” as well as she has found the payment after mission unsatisfying.
Even more feared than ailuroses are sekhmets – leading lionesses. There are rumors that their claws and fangs harm not only body, but the very soul itself. True or not, their claws are in fact not ordinary, as sekhmet can suck the life essence out of enemy’s blood with them and use to recover her own injuries.

Irrepressible. This creature’s Speed and Initiative cannot be lowered in any way.
Hunt Target. In the beginning of the battle, any enemy can be marked as a hunt target for this creature. This creature will not be able to attack any other enemy until the targeted foe is dead. Attack stat of this creature against hunt target is raised by 4; this bonus disappears after the target is dead.
Life-Sucking Claws. This creature uses damage dealt to living enemy to restore its health (but not to resurrect deceased units). Every attack of this creature also lowers target’s Initiative by 1.

HP 90 Damage 18 – 23
Attack 15 Speed 5
Defense 17 Initiative 9
Shots - Cost 1000
Mana - Growth 2
Large Creature, Evil Mind, Tight Grip  

Ammit Souleater
HP 100 Damage 20 – 25
Attack 17 Speed 5
Defense 20 Initiative 11
Shots - Cost 1500
Mana - Growth 2
Large Creature, Evil Mind, Tight Grip, Devour Soul

Ammits are chimeric creatures with the body of a hippopotamus, the mane of a lion and the head and the tail of a crocodile. They were created either by priests of ancient civilization Annukhaten or by their “descendants” – anubites. Purpose of their creation is unknown – perhaps, they were designed to hunt and devour undead. Either way, they were apparently found to be unsuitable for their tasks and thus were locked away in deep ancient tombs, where they were found by rakshasas. Ammits are slow but sturdy creatures, their massive crocodilian jaws allow them to catch enemies and never let them go until either the enemy or the ammit itself is dead.
Some ammits possess terrifying ability to catch not only the physical body of its victim, but the soul itself. Known as “ammits souleaters”, these beings are feared even by the strongest of warriors – as no amount of power can help when your own soul is being teared from your body.

Tight Grip. This creature grasps the enemy with its powerful jaws, preventing said enemy from moving anywhere. Grasped enemy suffers damage every turn. Only one target can be held at the same time; if this creature moves or attacks any other enemy, the captured target will be released.
Devour Soul. This creature devours the soul of a target with its bite and thus always kills at least one unit in enemy stack. It works on living creatures and undead, but not on constructs and elementals (who have no soul).

HP 115 Damage 23 – 29
Attack 18 Speed 7
Defense 16 Initiative 11
Shots - Cost 1400
Mana - Growth 2
Rakshasa, Large Creature, No Enemy Retaliation

Mahes Kshatriya
HP 125 Damage 23 – 29
Attack 22 Speed 8
Defense 18 Initiative 13
Shots - Cost 1700
Mana - Growth 2
Rakshasa, Large Creature, No Enemy Retaliation, Blade Whirlwind

When people say “rakshasa”, they often mean this exact kind – a lion-headed mahes. Strong and tall, they are less agile and fast than the other rakshasas, but are incredibly durable and most often serve as guardians to high-ranked rakshasa lords. Perhaps less malicious towards humanoids than others of their kind, maheses sometimes agree to serve as bodyguards to powerful human magicians in exchange of high pay in gold, jewels and artifacts. Although one should really be wary around them, as they do prefer human flesh to any other meal…
Some maheses are born with two pairs of arms. These rakshasas are then especially trained in the art of war and grow up to be known as maheses kshatriya. Their massive sabers can cut several enemies at once.

Blade Whirlwind. Attacking an enemy, this creature always attacks a 6-tile area (the half of its adjacent tiles in front of it), delivering damage to all who are within it.


Rakshasa Raja
HP 150 Damage 40 – 44
Attack 28 Speed 15
Defense 24 Initiative 17
Shots - Cost 3000 + 1 gem
Mana 25 Growth 1
Rakshasa, Large Creature, Teleport, Hates Anubites, Mirage, Caster
Disrupting Ray – 5 mana
Magic Vulnerability – 8 mana
Fireball – 10 mana

Rakshasa Maharaja
HP 190 Damage 42 – 46
Attack 34 Speed 19
Defense 28 Initiative 19
Shots - Cost 4500 + 2 gem
Mana 35 Growth 1
Rakshasa, Large Creature, Teleport, Hates Anubites, Mirage, Caster, Power Steal
Disrupting Ray – 5 mana
Magic Vulnerability – 8 mana
Fireball – 10 mana
Chain Lighting – 16 mana
Clone – 18 mana

This tiger-headed fiend is what all other rakshasas defer and fear the most. Rakshasas rajas cannot breed directly – they are sometimes born in union of lesser rakshasas and are believed to be reincarnations of great rakshasa heroes and kings of the past. The birth of rakshasa raja is a huge event for all rakshasas in the world, as they believe it to be a symbol of triumph and prosperity of their race. Not only these beings are incredibly strong fighters, they are immensely powerful mages and strong illusionists. Their illusions are so strong and realistic, in fact, that even beings of strongest mind cannot see through their mirages.  
Even rarer and more powerful than rakshasas rajas are maharajas – two-headed beings whose only name makes lesser beings shake in fear. The pinnacle of rakshasa race, they rarely appear on the battlefield themselves – not because they are weak, but they rather send their countless followers to do the dirty work. When they have to fight, however, there are few creatures that are more dangerous. The most terrifying ability of maharajas is their power to steal any special skill from their enemy and transfer it to itself or its allies. What can be more terrifying when a master archer suddenly forgets how to use a bow, or an angel finds himself bound to earth as he no longer can fly?

Hates Anubites. This creature deals 50% more damage to Anubites and Anubites Judges. Presence of Anubites or Anubites Judges in army lowers this creature’s morale by 3.
Mirage. In the beginning of the battle, this creature appears to the enemy on place of chosen ally stack, while said ally stack appears on place of this creature. The mirage is on until any of these two units perform any attacking actions.  
Power Steal. Once per battle, this creature can take away a chosen ability from any target (enemy or ally) and transfer it to any other unit (including itself). If the creature to which the ability was transferred dies, the ability returns to its original owner. Abilities that determine the core nature of creature (such as Undead, Construct, Demon etc.) cannot be stolen (activated ability).

HP 200 Damage 38 – 42
Attack 25 Speed 11
Defense 25 Initiative 14
Shots - Cost 3100 + 1 sulphur
Mana - Growth 1
Demon, Large Creature, Unbreakable Mind, Defiling Touch, No Enemy Retaliation  

Asura Ravana
HP 250 Damage 40 – 45
Attack 31 Speed 15
Defense 31 Initiative 18
Shots - Cost 4700 + 2 sulphur
Mana - Growth 1
Demon, Large Creature, Unbreakable Mind, Defiling Touch, No Enemy Retaliation, Unholy Aura, Rain of Blades

Legends say that asuras were once demonic generals along with devils and molochs. But these prideful fiends could not tolerate being controlled by Hell Princes and eventually started a coup against rulers of Demon Dimension. Most of them were then murdered by enraged Hell Princes and their servants, but few managed to find a break in mortal world, where they escaped. Since then, they dwell in the most ancient ruins and darkest dungeons. Rakshasas found them and somehow managed to start an alliance.
Hated by both Heaven and Hell, asuras are the incarnation of heresy and corruption. They hate demons and mortals, but more than anyone they hate Gods and their servants. Spreading their malignant unholy energy, they prevent any blessings from deities from reaching their followers. Said energy is used by necromancers to create ghuls defilers.
The most powerful of asuras are named ravanas. They enter the battlefield screaming unspeakable blasphemies and heresies, and they can weaken enemies with their unholy aura. They held a weapon in each of their six hands, but that’s not all they got – they can make the very skies rain metal, as countless blades falling from above pierce their foes.

Demon. This creature is a demon; it suffers 30% more damage from Light magic, but has innate 30% Darkness and Fire resistance. Presence of demon in army lowers morale of living creatures by 1. This creature itself does not suffer morale penalty from presence of undead or demons in army.
Unholy Aura. All enemies within 3 tiles from this creature will suffer from effects of random damnations: Weakness, Slow, Curse or Misfortune.
Rain of Blades. Once per battle this creature summons hundreds of blades that rain from the sky. This attack damages everyone within chosen 6x6 tiles area (activated ability).


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Legendary Hero
posted May 15, 2017 09:49 PM

Some nice lineups, very imaginative.

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Adventuring Hero
It's a fixer-upper
posted May 16, 2017 02:14 AM
Edited by Rimgrabber at 02:23, 16 May 2017.

(and no one probably wants to see Haven or Academy being remastered for hundredth time )

Heeeeyy....Wait a minute

Jk mate I really do like these line-ups a lot. The Rakshasa one especially is very interesting!

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Supreme Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted May 16, 2017 11:17 PM

Also liked some choices there, some similar to those pointed in my own project at certain extent.

And I also don't see a problem with Human faction proposals. One can express humans in many ways, if not bound by previous lore. Maybe not as diverse as exotic factions, but unique nonetheless.

Heroes-based proposal threadOn hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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Tavern Dweller
posted May 17, 2017 12:27 AM
Edited by Zum-Graat at 00:27, 17 May 2017.

Thanks for comments, everyone.
The part about old factions was mostly joke, I've just decided that it's better to start with some new factions instead of old ones. Plus I find it somewhat easier to make new factions as you don't need to include "iconic" creatures that everyone require, but that could not fit into your view of the faction.
The next two factions I'll post are Academy and Necropolis, they won't be very groundbreaking, but I tried to make them slightly interesting at least.
After that - probably some of new factions.

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Supreme Hero
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posted May 17, 2017 12:30 AM

Of course.

The fun about the old factions is trying to make them not that old.

Heroes-based proposal threadOn hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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Tavern Dweller
posted May 21, 2017 10:21 PM
Edited by Zum-Graat at 00:43, 30 May 2017.

Music theme: Dark Celtic Music - Enchanted Mirror

Country – Maelgiem, Country of Mysteries
Native terrains – wastelands, sand  
Might hero – none
Magic hero – Wizard

Races of heroes – humans, genies, elves, dwarves, gremlins
Mount – a flying carpet

Symbols - an eye of wisdom (the all-seeing eye), a hand with the eye, a crystal ball [img]
Religion - wizards worship no deities as they believe that with the right amount of knowledge even mortals can challenge gods. “Gods are not that different from us – they just happen to know much more about the world”.  
Magic – the most powerful in game, Magic Guild has 5 levels + buildings like Library provide additional spells. All 7 schools are represented equally. Academy is all about magic, and thus has no Might hero class, only Magic one. Wizard is the most versatile Magic class in the game, as they are capable of mastering all magic schools, including those unique to other classes, such as Necromancy and Runic Magic.
Unique ability of Wizards – Arcane Support, allows them to cast several spells during their turn.

The wizards of Academy value knowledge above all - above morale, above honor, above good and evil, and even above life. They dedicate their entire lives to researches of distant worlds and arcane arts, to creation of magical constructs and experiments (sometimes pretty cruel) on living creatures.
The country of Maelgiem attracts such knowledge-seekers from all over the world and the racial structure of the country is very heterogeneous – you can basically find all sorts of sentient beings here. Humans make up the majority of wizards, but interestingly it were not them who created the country itself. Around thousand years ago, a group of genies ended up in mortal world and for some reason they could not return to their home world – Plane of Magic, also known as Arcane Plane and Astral, which is believed to be the source of most magic in existence.  Those genies started to explore teleportation and inter-planar travelling, so they could return home. Their investigations attracted some mortal wizards, who hoped that natives of Plane of Magic would share some arcane secrets with them. This is how the union between genies and magicians began. In the end, trapped genies and their mortal students managed to open the gates to Plane of Magic, but they did not cut ties after that. For this day, genies and other inhabitants of Astral are major allies of mortal wizards.
The country itself is partially located on continent, partially - on archipelago of several dozen islands, some of which were created artificially by powerful wizards. It is republic ruled by the Council of Wisest – 12 powerful and famous archmages who are chosen by national-wide election.
Major cities include:
Arcanis, The Heart of Magic – the capital city of Maelgiem. Located on the largest island of archipelago, it is famous for the largest and most prestige magic academy in the world. It is also the world center of magic artifacts trade. Any outsider, who approaches the city by sea or by sky, will be amazed to see four colossal statues, each 300 meters (984 feet) tall, that are standing around the city, each facing different direction (north, south, east, west). These statues are not merely decorations, but in fact powerful titans, who are not fully active most of the time, but still serve as watchers, who detect any enemy approaching the city. If the city is ever attacked, they wake up and crush the enemy with merciless force of their titanic bodies and powerful lighting magic. There are dozens of smaller, more “usual” titans and colossi around the city as well.
Khemdu, The Ancient Bastion – regarded by some as the oldest city in the world, it is located on the place of even more ancient city of now perished Annukhaten civilization. This city is famous for exploration of ancient artifacts and ruins. Sphinxes and lamassu were originally found here, as well as the secret of their creation. This city is located on continent, not far from border with Al-Khazif, and has strong ties with the city of Sahafa.
Lybraxia, The Scholars’ Heaven – located on medium-sized island, Lybraxia is famous for the largest library in the world, as well as the largest collection of magic scrolls. It is also center of astrology and astronomy, as the world’s largest observatory is also located here.
Chimatchli, The Magical Forge – city famous for creation of magic artifacts, investigations concerning potions and alchemy, and large industry of creation of animated armors and golems.
Mailisa, The Closed Laboratory – city, closed for outsiders. It is rumored that dark arts such as necromancy and demonology are explored by wizards here.
Zam-Samaar, The Celestial Sapphire – incredible city located on a small island floating high in sky. It is considered “capital” of genies, since the majority of its inhabitants is genies.
Wizards are usually not interested in politics and prefer to stay neutral in most conflicts. They have very good relationships with Oasis, whom they see as allies and keepers of ancient secrets that wizards strive to unravel. They also respect sorcerers of Palace as fellow powerful mages, although the latter think that wizards are often too immoral and arrogant in their pursue of knowledge.  Monks of Sanctuary share many ideas of wizards and too value thirst for knowledge, but they think wizards are often too “extreme” and forgot about balance between material and spiritual.  
Wizards are interested in faction of Forge, as they support their urge to explore the world and to be independent from Gods, but they don’t find the wish to completely ditch magic reasonable. When engineers and alchemists of Forge think magic is unnatural and shouldn't be used so often by mortals, wizard perceive magic force as completely normal part of one’s body, not much different from muscle power.
People of Haven see wizards as heretics and atheists, who dare to put themselves above Gods, and prefer not to deal with them, at least directly.
The only faction most wizards truly hate are the rakshasas and their allies of Ruins, who seek to destroy and spoil ancient cities of lost civilizations, old temples and libraries. Rakshasas enjoy destroying what wizards value the most - history and knowledge, especially old and almost lost one.


Animated Armor
HP 20 Damage 3 – 5
Attack 3 Speed 6
Defense 4 Initiative 5
Shots - Cost 80
Mana - Growth 12

Enchanted Armor
HP 25 Damage 3 – 5
Attack 4 Speed 6
Defense 6 Initiative 7
Shots - Cost 100
Mana - Growth 12
Construct, Magic-Proof 25%

Animated Armors are the most basic constructs created by Wizards. A much cheaper and easier to make version of golem, animated armor is a set of metallic armor, moved by weak magic. Not exactly the strongest warriors, these fearless and completely obedient troops form a backbone of Academy army.
By applying basic enchantments on the animated armor, you can get an enchanted armor – a stronger and more durable version, which is also slightly magic-proof.

Construct. This creature is not alive and its morale is always neutral. It cannot be affected by Mind-related magic and is immune to poison, paralysis, blindness and sleep-inducing spells and abilities. This creature cannot be resurrected or healed by First Aid Tent and magic.

HP 8 Damage 2 – 4
Attack 1 Speed 6
Defense 1 Initiative 8
Shots 24 Cost 40
Mana - Growth 16

Gremlin Apprentice
HP 8 Damage 2 – 4
Attack 3 Speed 8
Defense 3 Initiative 9
Shots 24 Cost 65
Mana - Growth 16
Shooter, Repair, Sabotage

Gremlins are the servant race of Wizards, bred by them during experiments on goblins. Small and weak-looking, these creatures are surprisingly durable. They mostly serve Wizards by doing dirty work like cleaning.
Gremlins who demonstrate intellectual potential and special diligence in work are chosen by Wizards to be upgraded to gremlin apprentices. These creatures usually help Wizards in creation of various constructs, such as animated armors and golems. In battlefield, they support army by repairing allied constructs, but they also can use their technical knowledge to sabotage enemy’s machines.

Repair. This creature can repair friendly Constructs and war machines once every four turns (activated ability). Repaired hit points are equal to 5 times the number of creatures in the repairing stack.
Sabotage. This creature can switch off any enemy Construct or war machine for one turn (activated ability).

Mana Core
HP 9 Damage 1 – 2
Attack 1 Speed 9
Defense 1 Initiative 6
Shots - Cost 30
Mana - Growth 19
Construct, Flyer, Mana Absorb

HP 10 Damage 1 – 3
Attack 2 Speed 11
Defense 2 Initiative 8
Shots - Cost 40
Mana - Growth 19
Construct, Flyer, Mana Channel, Mana Return

Mana cores are small constructs resembling golden orrery with a glowing orb of energy inside. They serve as messengers and are not designed for battle, as they are too fragile and barely possess any attacking abilities. Nevertheless, they can play an important supportive role on the battlefield, as they can absorb mana energy, which can be especially infuriating for an enemy spellcaster.
Paraclete is a more advanced model of mana core. It can not only absorb mana, but also channel it to its master, providing handy support for spellcasters. When paraclete is destroyed, its body burst out all the mana it has collected and returns it to their creator – thus, it continues to support its master even after “death”.

Mana Absorb. Creature absorbs some of the enemy hero's mana at the beginning of combat. The amount of absorbed mana depends on the number of creatures.
Mana Channel. Creature takes some of the enemy hero's mana at the beginning of combat and transfers it to own hero. The amount of stolen mana depends on the number of creatures.
Mana Return. When this creature dies, the hero receives some mana points. The hero gets 1 additional mana point for every 10 of these killed creatures.


HP 40 Damage 6 – 9
Attack 8 Speed 5
Defense 11 Initiative 5
Shots - Cost 300
Mana - Growth 6
Elemental, Magic-Proof 50%

Prismatic Crystalid
HP 45 Damage 7 – 10
Attack 9 Speed 6
Defense 13 Initiative 6
Shots - Cost 400
Mana - Growth 6
Elemental, Magic Absorption, Crystal Shards

Crystalids are scorpion-shaped creatures made of crystal-like material that is both hard and flexible at the same time. Native of Plane of Magic, crystalids are naturally magic-proof.
Some crystalids are made of different material and are known as prismatic crystalids – they absorb any damage-dealing magic targeted at them. When destroyed, their bodies explode, damaging nearby foes with razor-sharp crystal bits.

Elemental. This creature is not alive and its morale is always neutral. It cannot be affected by Mind-related magic and is immune to poison, paralysis, blindness and sleep-inducing spells and abilities. These creatures cannot be resurrected or healed by First Aid Tent and magic.
Magic Absorption. Attacking spells do not affect this creature.
Crystal Shard. When this creature dies, it explodes, sending around sharp crystal shards. The enemy who killed it receives back damage equal to half of killed creature’s HP. This ability does not activate is the creature was killed by a long-range attack.

HP 30 Damage 5 – 8
Attack 7 Speed 8
Defense 9 Initiative 8
Shots - Cost 270
Mana - Growth 7
Construct, Flyer, Stone Skin, Immunity to Lighting, Immunity to Petrification

Obsidian Gargoyle
HP 33 Damage 6 – 8
Attack 8 Speed 8
Defense 11 Initiative 10
Shots - Cost 330
Mana - Growth 7
Construct, Flyer, Stone Skin, Immunity to Lighting, Immunity to Petrification, Immunity to Fire, Magic-Proof 25%

Wonderful creations of wizards’ mastery, these massive stone statues can rise in air and fly at the surprising speed. Gargoyles are durable fighters who are hard to destroy, as even strongest weapons can barely scratch their rock bodies.
Higher-quality gargoyles are built from obsidian or so called “volcanic glass”. Even sturdier that gargoyles made from common stone, these constructs are also completely unaffected by fire thanks to the fire-born nature of material they are made of. Minor enchantments also made them slightly resistant to all damaging spells.

Stone Skin. Reduces physical damage done to this creature by 30%.

HP 50 Damage 9 – 12
Attack 8 Speed 4
Defense 15 Initiative 6
Shots - Cost 550
Mana - Growth 4
Construct, Magic-Proof 75%

Guard Golem
HP 55 Damage 9 – 12
Attack 10 Speed 5
Defense 18 Initiative 8
Shots - Cost 650
Mana - Growth 4
Construct, Magic-Proof 90%, Magic Magnet

The most famous of wizards’ constructs, golems are massive living statues made of combination of clay, marble and magic crystals. They serve as walking shields and guardians. Very slow, but night indestructible, they are enchanted to absorb almost all damaging magic.
Guard Golems are specifically designed to protect its allies and master from enemy spells. Encrusted with special magic-attractive crystals, they work as a lightning rod, redirecting all damaging enemy spells to themselves. Since they enchanted to the point when magic barely does any harm to them, guard golems can withstand colossal amount of damage.

Magic Magnet. This creature redirects all damage-dealing spells cast by enemy within 5 tiles from it to itself. Area-damaging spells lose their area-damaging effect and only harm this creature.


Arcane Eagle
HP 110 Damage 24 – 28
Attack 22 Speed 15
Defense 22 Initiative 16
Shots - Cost 1700
Mana - Growth 2
Sentient Elemental, Large Creature, Flyer, Immunity to Arcane, Magic-Proof 50%, Arcane Touch, Aura of Lasting Magic

HP 130 Damage 25 – 30
Attack 24 Speed 17
Defense 24 Initiative 18
Shots - Cost 2000
Mana - Growth 2
Sentient Elemental, Large Creature, Flyer, Immunity to Arcane, Magic-Proof 75%, Arcane Touch, Aura of Never-Ending Magic

One of the most powerful native spirits of Astral, these majestic arcane eagles not often interfere in deals of mortals and can be summoned only by the most powerful wizards. Beings of pure mana, few dare to touch them, as their intense energy destroys natural chakra fields that protect all things from magic, and thus make them more vulnerable to damage-dealing spells. Their presence alone makes magicians stronger as their spells last twice longer than usually.
Simurghs are the most powerful arcane spirits that wizards were able to summon. It is invaluable ally to any magician, as its presence alone fills every spell with so much energy that it just last indefinitely, its effects never fading away.

Arcane Touch. Enemies who attack this creature become 10% more vulnerable to damage-dealing magic.
Aura of Lasting Magic. All spells cast on units (both allies and enemies) last twice longer than normal within 9 tiles from this creature.
Aura of Never-Ending  Magic. All spells cast on units (both allies and enemies) last indefinitely long within 9 tiles from this creature.

HP 55 Damage 14 – 17
Attack 13 Speed 12
Defense 13 Initiative 14
Shots - Cost 850
Mana - Growth 3
Flyer, Immunity to Arcane, Magic-Proof 25%, Mana Support, Random Spell

Genie Khalifa
HP 60 Damage 15 – 18
Attack 15 Speed 14
Defense 15 Initiative 16
Shots - Cost 950
Mana - Growth 3
Flyer, Immunity to Arcane, Magic-Proof 50%, Mana Support, Random Spell, Wheel of Fortune

Civilization native to Plane of Magic, genies are co-founders of Academy faction. They appear as blue-skinned humanoids with twister of magical energy around their legs. They can support allied casters by sharing mana and thus making spells easier to cast. Genies are wise and intelligent, but very whimsical race. This randomness is seen even in their magic abilities, as sometimes they themselves don’t know what spell they will cast next.
Leaders of genie race are known as khalifs. Some people believe that they have a power to change the fate itself. Perhaps, this is not far from truth – as enemies of genies khalifs sometimes die in the weirdest circumstances, while their allies experience unprecedented luck and success.  

Mana Support. Lowers cost of all spells to hero and allied creatures by 2.
Random Spell. Once every three turns, this creature can cast a random blessing on a chosen ally or a random cursing on a chosen enemy. Casting a spell doesn’t waste this creature’s turn (activated ability).
Wheel of Fortune. Once per battle, this creature can increase Luck of all allies and decrease Luck of all enemies. Luck increases and decreases by a random number from 1 to 3 (activated ability).

HP 95 Damage 19 – 21
Attack 17 Speed 8
Defense 18 Initiative 12
Shots - Cost 1100
Mana - Growth 2
Construct, Large Creature, Flyer, Magic-Proof 25%, Mesmerizing Ray

HP 105 Damage 19 – 21
Attack 18 Speed 9
Defense 20 Initiative 14
Shots - Cost 1500
Mana - Growth 2
Construct, Large Creature, Flyer, Magic-Proof 50%, Mesmerizing Ray, Magic Armor

These constructs can be seen in Maelgiem guarding important places – magic guilds, governmental buildings, mansions of famous wizards and so on. They have a large lion-shaped body, a human face and wings. Despite their massive form, they can fly – to amazement of those who are not familiar with magic. The secret of creation of sphinxes was found in the ancient city of Khemdu, where they guarded a library of lost civilization Annukhaten. Many years had passed as wizards tried to replicate these complicated constructs, but they finally succeeded. Now sphinxes are major part of Academy’s power. They possess a special magic weapon that overloads target’s brain and make them confused, which is very useful in a battle.
Guardians of especially valuable places are more powerful version of sphinxes – lamassu. Highly resistant to both might and magic damage, these constructs have a surprise to anyone who dares to attack them – lamassu are enchanted in such way that anyone who harms them is immediately cursed by a powerful spell. Different lamassu may have different spells “hidden” inside them, but they are always intended to cripple the foe in some way and make it easier to lamassu and its allies to defeat enemy.

Mesmerizing Ray. This creature’s attack casts Confusion spell on the target. The effect lasts for 3 rounds. The effect is equal to that of Expert-level spell.
Magic Armor. If this creature is harmed by a melee attack, the attacker will be affected by one of the following spells: Weakness, Slow, Curse or Misfortune. The effects are equal to that of Expert-level spell.


HP 120 Damage 45 – 55
Attack 30 Speed 15
Defense 20 Initiative 17
Shots 24 Cost 3500 + 1 gem
Mana 40 Growth 1
Teleport, Shooter, No Range Penalty, Immunity to Magic, Magic Bolt, Caster
Cleansing – 10 mana
Fist of Wrath – 5 mana
Lightning Bolt – 5 mana
Circle of Winter – 9 mana
Fireball – 10 mana
Meteor Shower – 19 mana

HP 140 Damage 50 – 65
Attack 35 Speed 18
Defense 22 Initiative 19
Shots 24 Cost 4500 + 2 gems
Mana 50 Growth 1
Teleport, Shooter, No Range Penalty, Immunity to Magic, Magic Bolt, Caster, Astral Projection, Pure Magic
Cleansing – 10 mana
Fist of Wrath – 5 mana
Lightning Bolt – 5 mana
Circle of Winter – 9 mana
Fireball – 10 mana
Meteor Shower – 19 mana
Anti-Magic – 14 mana
Arcane Armor – 20 mana

Very few wizards have ever received the title of archmage. Mages of unimaginable power, they spend many years in Plane of Magic, exploring its secrets and gathering its mysterious energy. They mastered magic to the point that no enemy spell can harm them. Generals and leaders of Academy’s armies, they usually stay away from the actual battlefield. But if they forced to fight, they can sweep entire armies with blasts of powerful arcane energy that turn to dust everything and everyone on its way and a wide variety of destructive elemental spells.
Some archmages who have spent many years in Plane of Magic begin to infuse with the essence of that plane itself. This process is known as “enlightenment” and was first discovered by genies. Very few even among archmages decide to undergo it. You have to spend decades in meditations and thoughts, endure hunger and thirst until you no longer need material food and water. Many wizards went insane during the process of “enlightenment” or were lost forever somewhere in vast Astral. Yet those who are capable of finishing it become beings known no less than “gods of magic” – avatars. Existing in two different worlds at the same time, they can completely ignore some enemy attacks – trying to hit them is as useless as trying to punch a shadow. Spells of avatar are filled with so much arcane energy that it hurts target with full power, regardless of how resistant it is to magic.

Magic Bolt. Creature hits all creatures in the line of attack with its shot, including friendly ones.
Astral Projection. This creature begins battle while being partially in different dimension, and thus the first attack on this creature, regardless of its nature, does not deal any damage. After that attack astral projection fades away and the creature fully materializes, becoming vulnerable to all normal damage.  
Pure Magic. This creature’s spells always deal full damage unless the target is completely immune to it.

HP 230 Damage 35 – 45
Attack 26 Speed 12
Defense 26 Initiative 14
Shots - Cost 3800 + 1 crystal
Mana - Growth 1
Construct, Large Creature, Immunity to Lightning, Magic-Proof 25%

HP 320 Damage 40 – 55
Attack 33 Speed 15
Defense 33 Initiative 16
Shots 8 Cost 5500 + 2 crystals
Mana - Growth 1
Construct, Large Creature, Shooter, No Melee Penalty, Immunity to Lightning, Magic-Proof 50%, Lightning Strike

Construction of even a single colossus takes up to several years. Not only its body is made from hardest and rarest materials available, you need to bound a fragment of your own soul to this construct to grant it a “life” and awoke its power. Surprisingly flexible and agile despite their giant stone bodies, they surpass the border between machinery and real life.
Titan is the greatest accomplishment a wizard can dream to achieve. These towering constructs can crush entire armies with their bare hands alone, but physical power is not their only weapon. Filled with unfathomable magic energy, titans can shoot powerful lightning bolts to incinerate enemies.

Lighting Strike. Creature fires a lightning bolt causing magical damage to selected target. Can be used for ranged attack when regular shooting attack is impossible or will only cause reduced damage (activated ability).

Music theme: Creepy Music - Dark Cemetery

Country – none
Native terrain – dead land
Might hero – Black Knight

Magic hero – Necromancer

Races of heroes – human and dark elven necromancers, vampires, liches, ghosts, banshees, hags
Mount – a ghost horse for Black Knight, a skeletal horse for Necromancer
Symbols – a skull with roses, an hourglass, a scythe

Religion – Mortatu, The Undying Goddess. Most vampires also worship Stryx, The Bloody Countess.
Magic – powerful, Magic Guild has 5 levels. Dark and Earth are main schools, Arcane is secondary.  
Special school of magic – Necromancy, allows to rise undead after every battle and gives access to some unique spells (such as Death Wave).

“Life and death are two parts of the same, one cannot exist without another,” – any wise man would say this. In this world, you are either alive or dead. But what if you are neither? Some are no longer alive, but just refuse to die – these beings are known as undead.
Necromancy is the art of creating undead. Many evil mages, such as Profanes and Witches, use it, but none reached such mastery in it as members of Necropolis faction. Necromancers have no country on their own, but rather made up several linked cults scattered all over the world.
Many people think that necromancers worship Death, but in fact it is totally opposite. They are not servants of death, but rather its worst enemies, distorters of natural order, aberrations that are not supposed to exist. Most necromancers worship Mortatu – The Undying Goddess, who apparently was executed by other Gods for allying with demons and spreading evil and misery among mortals. She did not die, but neither was she alive, forever stuck in the state between existence and oblivion. Necromancers are inspired by Mortatu’s resolve and strive to reach the same state, which they think is superior to both life and death. Necromancers consider Anisma, The Goddess of Life and Births, and Nemerthis, The Goddess of Death and Repose, to be the main enemies of Mortatu. They are the opposition of undead’ goals and thus their followers are exterminated and their temples are spoiled and destroyed.
There are three main ruling “casts” within Necropolis:
1. Liches – powerful necromancers, who went through the special ritual of separating soul from body and sealing it within a phylactery. Most liches chose the state of “undeath” so they can spend eternity exploring mysteries of the world and collect all the possible knowledge. As they live for thousands of years, the most ancient of liches may rise to the semi-divine level of power.
2. Vampires – unique undead, who look almost alive bar their pale skin and long sharp fangs. Unlike many other undead, vampires need to eat, specifically they regularly need to ingest “life essence” from fresh blood of living beings, otherwise their powers slowly disappear. Many people believe that if you are bitten by a vampire you will turn into one yourself, but vampires who are “born” this way are imperfect, ugly creatures, known as “vampire spawns” and only used by “true” vampires as servants and slaves. To become a “true”, “perfect” vampire you need to perform a complicated ritual no easier than one needed to become a lich.
Vampires worship Stryx, The Bloody Countess – a powerful Demon Lord, who is believed to be the creator of first vampires. Because of that, vampires more often than other undead can be found working with demons of Inferno.
3. Dullahans and grim reapers. First grim reapers are believed to be born from Mortatu’s hatred to death and her will to exist at any cost. Mockingly, they take a form similar to that of shinigami – servant of death goddess Nemerthis, and use their favorable weapon – scythe, as a symbol of “reaping” souls.
Dullahans are grim reapers’ lesser brethren that were once great knights who feared death, fallen paladins and other notable characters who decided (or were forced) to become undead. As a symbol of their new existence between life and death, they cut off their own heads – not like they really need them anymore anyway.
Undead are hated and feared by almost all living beings. There are many orders of undead hunters, who chose to chase and eradicate walking dead all over the world. Such orders exist among knights and clerics of Haven, wizards of Academy, rangers and druids of Sylvan, wardens and sorcerers of Palace, viziers and mystics of Oasis. All these factions see Necropolis as one of main dangers to the world and seek all methods to destroy undead. Goddess of death, Nemerthis, specially detest undead and send her servants – shinigami – to protect mortal souls from them and to hunt undead whenever possible.
As a “race” that opposes both dead and living, Necropolis has no real allies. They pretty often unite with the nation of Ruins, as rakshasas use necromancy and undead servants as well. Evil witches and hags of Coven see undead as valuable allies against druids, sorcerers and other good magicians, many of them are prominent in necromancy themselves. Warlocks of Dungeon sometimes unite with necromancers to achieve common goals. Many powerful necromancers, especially among vampires, have allies in Demonic Realm – and thus you can see mixed armies of undead and demons from Inferno, as they often aim for the same thing – eradication of all living.


HP 10 Damage 1 – 3
Attack 1 Speed 5
Defense 1 Initiative 6
Shots - Cost 20
Mana - Growth 20
Undead, Hollow Bones

Skeletal Spearman
HP 10 Damage 1 – 3
Attack 3 Speed 5
Defense 1 Initiative 8
Shots 12 Cost 40
Mana - Growth 20
Undead, Hollow Bones, Shooter, No Melee Penalty  

These bare bones move without any muscles left. Incredibly weak and fragile, skeletons’ only power is their large numbers. As their bodies are nothing more but bones, it’s hard to deal any real damage to them using long-range weapons.
Skeletal spearmen are long-range fighters on undead armies. As they are vulnerable to any sort of blunt damage, it is wise to keep them behind more durable undead such as zombies and let them harm enemy from afar.

Hollow Bones. Reduces ranged non-magical damage dealt to this creature by 50%.

HP 21 Damage 1 – 2
Attack 1 Speed 3
Defense 3 Initiative 4
Shots - Cost 40
Mana - Growth 16
Undead, Toughness  

Rotting Zombie
HP 25 Damage 2 – 4
Attack 2 Speed 4
Defense 4 Initiative 6
Shots - Cost 55
Mana - Growth 16
Undead, Toughness, Disease, Festering Aura

Backbone of undead armies, zombies are raised en masse by necromancers from fresh corpses of their fallen enemies. Their stiff and rotten muscles make them very slow and weak warriors, yet at the same time they are very durable and can continue to fight even when heavily damaged.

Toughness. Reduces physical damage done to this creature by 20%.
Disease. This creature’s attack infects the enemy, reducing its Attack by two. Diseased enemy also suffers damage every time it performs any action for three turns.
Festering Aura. This creature decreases all its neighbors' Morale and Initiative by -2, regardless of who owns them. Undead, constructs and elementals are immune to this effect.

HP 18 Damage 2 – 3
Attack 3 Speed 7
Defense 3 Initiative 7
Shots - Cost 60
Mana - Growth 13
Undead, Incorporeal, Flyer, Cold Touch

HP 20 Damage 2 – 5
Attack 4 Speed 8
Defense 4 Initiative 9
Shots - Cost 90
Mana - Growth 13
Undead, Incorporeal, Flyer, Cold Touch, Cold of Netherworld

After death, a soul of mortal usually goes to the Afterlife, yet for many reasons it can be stuck in mortal world and become a ghost. There are many types of ghosts, wight – one of the most common and dangerous of them. Souls of murdered and tormented, of these who left some unfinished tasks in life – there are many reasons one’s soul can become a wight.  Necromancers find and bound them by dark magic, although there are also rituals to create wights from living souls. Wights body is only demi-material, manifested from dark energy, and thus they don’t take a lot of damage from average weapon. Their touch can suck the warmness from bodies of living creatures, leaving them shaking from unnatural cold.
A more dangerous type of wight is a wraith. This ghostly being can absorb heat from its environment, leaving all living beings around scared and shaking from cold. A chilly gust of wind appearing out of nowhere is a common sign that a wraight is somewhere nearby.

Incorporeal. Physical damage dealt to this creature is reduced by 50%. This creature is unaffected by movement-preventing abilities such as Entangling Roots and Tight Grip.
Cold Touch. Lowers Moral and Initiative of attacked living creature by -1.
Cold of Netherworld. Lowers Moral and Initiative of all living creatures within 3 tiles radius by -1.


HP 45 Damage 5 – 7
Attack 6 Speed 6
Defense 10 Initiative 6
Shots - Cost 290
Mana - Growth 6
Construct, Flying, Stone Skin, Immunity to Petrification, Darkness Resistance 50%, Undead Protection

HP 45 Damage 6 – 8
Attack 8 Speed 6
Defense 12 Initiative 8
Shots - Cost 340
Mana - Growth 6
Construct, Flying, Stone Skin, Immunity to Petrification, Darkness Resistance 75%, Undead Protection, Dark Voile

Monuments are statues that are placed in locations like cemeteries, graveyards and the like, as they are believed to protect the rest of dead and to guide souls in the Afterlife. Different cultures give them different shapes, but the most common is that of shinigami – servants of Nemerthis, Goddess of Death, who are said to be guides of mortal souls. Necromancer thought it would be quite ironic to use these statues for themselves – and since many necromancers were once wizards, they managed to animate monuments as horrible constructs, filled with dark energy. Now monuments that were built to protect the peace of dead have to protect distorters of said peace – armies of undead.
Memorials are filled with especially strong necromantic energy. They twist the space around them in such manner that no Light spells work on them or any undead creatures. Memorials are often used as guardians of tombs and crypts where undead dwell. On the battlefield, they protect armies of Necropolis from being eradicated by clerics of Light.

Undead Protection. Lowers damage taken by all undead creatures within 5 tiles from this creature by 30%.
Dark Voile. Light-magic spells have no effect on this creature and within 3 tiles from it.

Plague Bringer
HP 39 Damage 7 – 9
Attack 8 Speed 6
Defense 7 Initiative 8
Shots - Cost 320
Mana - Growth 5
Undead, Bubonic Touch, Plague Bomb

Plague Doctor
HP 41 Damage 7 – 9
Attack 10 Speed 8
Defense 8 Initiative 10
Shots 6 Cost 430
Mana - Growth 5
Undead, Shooter, No Melee Penalty, Bubonic Touch, Bubonic Missiles, Plague Bomb

There are known instances when whole towns went extinct because of the plague. Bodies of those who died from this terrible disease are usually burned to prevent the further expansion, but necromancers often buy or simply steal those bodies to turn them into undead known as plague bringers. These horrible walking dead are usually recognizable by their beak-shaped masks. Their bodies are filled with germs that make anyone they touch ill and weakened – and the more the disease lasts, the bigger pain it inflicts to its unfortunate victim. Moreover, plague bringer also carry special bombs, filled with bubonic filth and pus, that they use to quickly contaminate large areas and to spread diseases in towns and villages.
Plague doctors are the terrible creation of the necromancers whose purpose is to quickly spread plague and other dangerous diseases among enemies of undead. Their creators based their appearance on the real existing order of Plague Doctors who heal people and fight contagious infections – partially as an evil irony, partially to confuse people. These inhumanly strong undead throw special flasks, filled with plague essence, into enemy stacks, infecting them from afar.

Bubonic Touch. This creature inflicts powerful disease on the attacked enemy. Affected stack has its Attack and Defense reduced by -2 and suffers damage every turn for 2 – 4 turns. The inflicted damage increases with every turn.
Plague Bomb. Once per battle, this creature can activate a special bomb filled with highly-contagious plague germs within its walking range. It deals no damage, but affects everyone within 4x4 range with plague effect, identical to that of Bubonic Touch (activated ability).
Bubonic Missiles. This creature inflicts powerful disease on the target with its ranged attack. Affected stack has its Attack and Defense reduced by -2 and suffers damage every turn for 2 – 4 turns. The inflicted damage increases with every turn.

HP 35 Damage 5 – 8
Attack 6 Speed 9
Defense 8 Initiative 13
Shots - Cost 380
Mana - Growth 5
Undead, Incorporeal, Flyer, Fear Attack, Hatred to Life

HP 37 Damage 7 – 8
Attack 8 Speed 10
Defense 9 Initiative 15
Shots - Cost 460
Mana - Growth 5
Undead, Incorporeal, Flyer, Fear Attack, Hatred to Life, Death Wail

When a woman dies a violent death in the grip of extreme emotion, such as in a blinding rage or in overwhelming sorrow, she may return from the dead as a twisted and horrific ghost known as a yurei. These restless spirits remain consumed by the emotional torment that pervaded their demise, and feel nothing but burning hate toward all living beings. They can experience a measure of peace only while causing other creatures to suffer as they did. Fools who dare to look in their pitch-black eyes will be consumed by fear, as there is nothing but malice inside.
The banshee is a spirit of woman who experienced a tragic death, often from a betrayal. For unknown reason, banshees more often rise from souls of elven women, although human banshees are not unheard of. Maddened by grief, banshees visit their vengeance on all living creatures – innocent or guilty – with deadly wails, as anyone who hears their cry is struck down dead.

Fear Attack. There's a 30% chance the enemy attacked by this creature panics and tries to run to the edge of the arena to get as far away from the creature as possible, losing all initiative accumulated by this time. The enemy affected by this ability does not retaliate. It also suffers -3 Moral decrease.
Hatred for Life. This creature deals 50% more damage to all living creatures.
Death Wail. This creature can deal damage on all living enemy stacks on the battlefield. The damage amount depends on the particular enemy's Morale and its distance from the creature (activated ability).


Bone Golem
HP 120 Damage 19 – 23
Attack 15 Speed 7
Defense 18 Initiative 10
Shots - Cost 1250
Mana - Growth 2
Undead, Large Creature, Hollow Bones, Bash  

Bone Horror
HP 130 Damage 19 – 23
Attack 16 Speed 7
Defense 20 Initiative 12
Shots - Cost 1500
Mana - Growth 2
Undead, Large Creature, Hollow Bones, Bash, Bone Repairing

Perhaps better described as twisted construct rather than a true undead, bone golem is a creation of former wizards, who chose a path of necromancy. This horrific humanoid figure is a mass of bones and skulls tied together with slick ropes of sinew and moved by a powerful necromantic energy. Powerful blows of these undead giants can leave their enemies stunned.
Bone horrors are one of the most terrible “children” of necromancers. These bone golems were granted the ability to “devour” any bones they found and repair any damage done to them. This way, they can fight infinitely long, absorbing the bodies of fallen enemies – or “comrades”, as skeletons of Necropolis army are the most suitable material for repairing bone horror.

Bash. At every attack creature has 20% chance to stun the enemy so they won't be able to retaliate and lose initiative (mechanical creatures are not affected).
Bone Repairing. This creature can restore its health and its numbers by devouring Skeletons or Skeletal Spearmen from a stack in its neighborhood. The amount of restored HP and resurrected creatures depends from the amount of skeletons used (activated ability).

HP 60 Damage 16 – 20
Attack 16 Speed 6
Defense 15 Initiative 12
Shots 24 Cost 850
Mana 25 Growth 3
Undead, Shooter, Death Cloud, Caster, Sealed Soul
Curse – 4 mana
Weakness – 5 mana
Decay – 6 mana

HP 65 Damage 16 – 20
Attack 19 Speed 6
Defense 18 Initiative 14
Shots 24 Cost 1050
Mana 30 Growth 3
Undead, Shooter, Death Cloud, Caster, Sealed Soul, Mark of Undead
Curse – 4 mana
Weakness – 5 mana
Decay – 6 mana
Raise Skeletons – 9 mana
Raise Zombies – 9 mana
Raise Dead – 10 mana

Necromancer who wishes to become a lich have to seal their soul away in a special artifact – phylactery. Body with its soul separated becomes immortal, although still ages, even if slowly – skin and flesh slowly wither away, leaving nothing but bare bones for oldest liches. Unlike eternally young and beautiful vampires, liches have no need in life essence or any kind of food, and thus they can spend centuries shut in their laboratories, exploring all sorts of dark arts and forbidden knowledge. Lich can create a cloud of deadly gas that envelops the battlefield and hurts everyone but undead.
Archliches are the leaders of Necropolis, armies of undead serve their will. Their attack leaves a terrible curse on its target that makes it more vulnerable to attacks from other undead. Masters of darkness and necromancy, they can raise killed enemies as zombies or skeletons, as well as return fallen undead servants for their miserable existence once again.

Death Cloud. Ranged attack damages not just the target but all non-undead creatures covered by the Death Cloud (3 by 3 tiles) appearing at the hit point.
Sealed Soul. This creature is immune to soul-affecting abilities such as Devour Soul and Unavoidable Death.
Mark of Undead. This creature’s ranged attack casts a specific curse on the enemy, making it a more desirable target for undead. All undead creatures will deal 10% more damage to a marked target. Only one mark can be cast at time, and their effects are not cumulative.

HP 50 Damage 10 – 14
Attack 14 Speed 14
Defense 12 Initiative 16
Shots - Cost 880
Mana - Growth 3
Undead, Teleport, No Enemy Retaliation, Vampirism  

Vampire Count
HP 55 Damage 11 – 15
Attack 16 Speed 16
Defense 13 Initiative 17
Shots - Cost 1000
Mana - Growth 3
Undead, Teleport, No Enemy Retaliation, Vampirism, Torpor

Most mortals are scared by vampires, some are fascinated by them. Incredibly fast, powerful, always noble-looking and eternally young – many fools perceive being a vampire as a blessing rather than a curse. Little do they know that there is no more excruciating pain than that of vampire who hasn’t drank fresh blood for too long. Suffering from eternal hunger, vampires can quickly regenerate by absorbing enemy’s life force from their flesh wounds. This way, even recently killed vampires can come back to life – or, rather, “unlife”.
Leaders of their race, vampire counts have hundreds of years of combat experience. Any damage they inflict upon the living heals their own immortal, eternally youthful bodies. One should never look in the eyes of vampire count, but not everyone remembers this basic truth. Those who are stupid enough to breach this rule risk being lost in a long sleep and falling under the total power of the vampire.

Vampirism. When attacking enemy units, this creature can drain their health and use it to restore its own, or even to resurrect some killed creatures.
Torpor.This creature has a 20% chance to put an enemy into deep slumber by its attack. The sleeping enemy is not able to move or attack until it wakes up after 3 turns or it is attacked. If the enemy wakes up from the attack, it will not retaliate and will be affected by Confusion that lasts for 2 turns.  


Bone Dragon
HP 170 Damage 38 – 48
Attack 28 Speed 13
Defense 24 Initiative 15
Shots - Cost 3000 + 1 mercury
Mana - Growth 1
Undead, Large Creature, Flyer, Hollow Bones  

Spectral Dragon
HP 185 Damage 42 – 48
Attack 31 Speed 15
Defense 26 Initiative 17
Shots - Cost 4300 + 2 mercury
Mana - Growth 1
Undead, Large Creature, Flyer, Incorporeal, Aging Attack  

Every part of dragon body is valuable, as these majestic mythic creatures possess powers far beyond most mortals. Their bones are sturdier than most known metals, making bone dragon – a reanimated dragon skeleton – a formidable opponent. Despite this, bone dragon is still much weaker than any living dragon. Lacking its spirit, it loses all magical powers and behaves like an unintelligent beast, pushed by its basic survival instincts. Because of this, powerful necromancers are forced to control them directly.
Despite their power and wisdom, dragons, too, are afraid of death. Dragons that willingly made a contract with necromancers become spectral dragons – raging spirits, filled with hatred and envy to living. Missing their former bodies, they wish that everyone else would suffer just like them. Powerful necromantic energy that emerges from their ghostly bodies affect time itself – a young man wounded by spectral dragon can become an old geezer in the matter of minutes. Forcing living creatures to age quickly, spectral dragons bring closer the moment of their demise.

Aging Attack. This creature cast Aging spell in the attacked target, halving its maximum HP for the next three turns.

HP 135 Damage 45 – 50
Attack 26 Speed 14
Defense 25 Initiative 16
Shots - Cost 3000 + 1 mercury
Mana - Growth 1
Undead, Large Creature, Nightmarish Presence

Grim Reaper
HP 155 Damage 50
Attack 29 Speed 16
Defense 28 Initiative 18
Shots - Cost 4300 + 2 mercury
Mana - Growth 1
Undead, Large Creature, Nightmarish Presence, Unavoidable Death

Terrifying reapers of souls, dullahans are “born” from cruel generals, knights, fallen paladins or other powerful warriors. Knows also as “headless horsemen”, they cut off their own heads as a symbol of their new existence beyond life and death. The look of headless knight, dressed in all black and riding a ghost horse with glowing eyes, is enough to make even the bravest warriors tremble in fear.
Grim reapers are servants of Mortatu herself, born from her hatred for both living and dead and from her undying will to exist. Some exceptionally powerful dullahans and black knights can become grim reapers as well. These shadowy figures are cloaked in black and ride pale ghost horses. Their cursed scythes do not cut the flesh, but the very concept of life itself – even the mightiest of beings fall dead after just one strike from grim reaper.

Nightmarish Presence. Lowers Moral, Luck and Initiative of all living creatures within 3 tiles radius by -3. There is 10% chance that a creature under the effect of this ability will be stunned in fear and skip its turn.
Unavoidable Death. This creature always kills at least one unit in enemy stack. It works on all creatures, including constructs and elementals.

You know, it always kinda bothered me that necromancers are shown as servant of Death - when in reality, they pretty much oppose it, they are even named "UNdead". So in my settings Necropolis is the enemy of both death and life.
Here is a neutral creature which plays major role in Necropolis' lore.

HP 250 Damage 50 - 60
Attack 34 Speed 18
Defense 34 Initiative 19
Shots - Cost 5400 + 2 mercury
Mana - Growth 1
Spirit of Death, Large Creature, Flyer, Darkness Resistance 50%, Light Resistance 50%, Soul Judge, Path to the Afterlife

These enigmatic beings are also known as “angels of death” and although they are not related to actual angels or archangels, they surely can rival in power with them. Shinigami are faithful servants of Nemerthis, the goddess of death and repose. Cold and emotionless, they have two main purposes in mortal world. First is to send souls of deceased mortals into the Afterlife, where they judged by Nemerthis. Second is to fight and punish distorters of cosmic balance – undead and their masters - necromancers. Powerful clerics and priests sometimes make a deal with shinigami to protect cemeteries, tombs and other similar places, so the rest of dead is never disturbed.

Spirit of Death. This creature is a spirit serving goddess of death. It cannot be affected by Mind-related magic and is immune to poison, paralysis, blindness and sleep-inducing spells and abilities. It is also immune to soul-affecting abilities such as Devour Soul and Unavoidable Death.
Path to the Afterlife. Enemies, killed by this creature, cannot be resurrected or raised by any means.

Next to come - two elven and fae factions: Sylvan, that we all know and love, and Palace, which I hope you'll love too


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posted May 24, 2017 01:01 PM
Edited by MattII at 13:21, 24 May 2017.

Okay, going to come out and say it, can we have one stat on each line please (instead on mixing two one each line)? If you feel that takes up too much space, you could always put the new stat right after it in a different colour (red or green), a bit like:

Animated Armor | Enchanted Armor
HP: 20 | 25
Damage: 3 – 5 | 3 - 5
Attack: 3 | 4
Speed: 6 | 6
Defense: 4 | 6
Initiative: 5 | 7
Shots: - | -
Cost: 80 | 100
Mana: - | -
Growth: 12 | 12
Construct | Construct, Magic-Proof 25%

Animated Armors are the most basic constructs created by Wizards. A much cheaper and easier to make version of golem, animated armor is a set of metallic armor, moved by weak magic. Not exactly the strongest warriors, these fearless and completely obedient troops form a backbone of Academy army.
By applying basic enchantments on the animated armor, you can get an enchanted armor – a stronger and more durable version, which is also slightly magic-proof.

Construct. This creature is not alive and its morale is always neutral. It cannot be affected by Mind-related magic and is immune to poison, paralysis, blindness and sleep-inducing spells and abilities. This creature cannot be resurrected or healed by First Aid Tent and magic.

On the factions themselves, these are pretty good, though I do feel that the Archmage and Genie ought to switch places, but that's just me. Also, I've never been entirely happy with vampires in Necropolis, they just seem too, different, somehow from the otherwise near-mindless undead that make up the rest of the faction.

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Age of erwins is over
posted May 24, 2017 02:25 PM

extra points for using the plague doctor, I remember using it as well in my Necropolis proposals

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posted May 24, 2017 02:54 PM

I like the factions as well, so far. And especially that Necropolis is not "servants of death" (I agree that never was a good idea!).

A BIT many similar to one another units in ruins, maybe - but then again, that may be because I'm still not a Rakshasa fan But...well it's essentially a very racial lineup and I think one or two Rakshasa unis COULD be replaced in my eyes... I like the feeling of the faction, though!

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Tavern Dweller
posted May 24, 2017 08:56 PM

MattII, thank you for comment, I will use your way of showing stats from now on, it does seem more handy.
I see archmages and especially avatars as mortals who exceeded human limits, essentially mini-gods who merged with Plane of Magic itself. Genies can become archmages and avatars too,  those who are in Elite section are "normal", average genies.
And I agree with you about vampires! It's just that they are such iconic part of Necropolis that you just can't leave them out. If I was doing non-HoMM game I'd probably separate them in the vampire mini-faction.

LizardWarrior, Jiriki9, thanks for comments.

I can see why you, Jiriki9, would say that some units in Ruins are too similar, there are 4 different types of cat-people I tried to make them different and give them separate roles, both lore-wise and gameplay-wise, but I guess the overall feel of similarity is hard to change.

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Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted May 24, 2017 09:07 PM

I always thought vampires and liches the mind to actually control something in necropolis setting. Otherwise, we would have only mindless undead, and how come they would get organized and motivated as a faction by themselves? Making vampires part of line up and as heroes is nothing more but the formula used on all other factions as well. As I understand it, Heroes are those who stand out in a way that they were, otherwise, useful and remarkable at the front of a faction's rank.

Heroes-based proposal threadOn hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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posted May 29, 2017 07:32 PM
Edited by Zum-Graat at 00:46, 30 May 2017.

Music theme: Celtic Music - Elven Lands (I also added some music to other factions as well)

Country - Mirsolna, the Island of Moon and Sun
Native terrain – grass
Might hero – Warden

Magic hero – Sorcerer

Races of heroes – grand elves, clurichauns, halflings, kitsune
Mount – a lion for Warden, a pegasus for Sorcerer  
Symbols – half-sun half-moon, a triquetra

Religion – Ammasu, The God of Day and Sun, and Tsukomi, The God of Night and Moon
Magic – very strong, Magic Guild has 5 levels + buildings for additional spells. Light and Arcane magic are dominant, Air and Nature are secondary.

The island of Mirsolna, where the country of same name is located, has many mysteries. Some people believe that it is located in two different worlds at the same time. It is impossible to reach this island by ship, unless you have at least one elf on the boat. Despite its huge size, Mirsolna seemingly just disappears before anyone who tries to reach it without an elven guide. People of Mirsolna say that it is a divine protection, intended to reject any possible invaders. Wizards who had investigated this phenomenon found the use of powerful illusionary and space-warping spells and reached the conclusion that it is not a work of gods, but rather of powerful elven sorcerers.
The other weird trait of Mirsolna is that day-night circle here works differently from the rest of the world. Half of the island is under the bright sun and has day, while the other has night, illuminated by gentle moon. Between them is a narrow “twilight” zone. They slowly change place with each other, moving clock-wise. The full day-night cycle take up around a month, meaning both day and night last around 2 weeks on this island. Such phenomenon is believed to be because of Mirsolna unusual position between two different worlds. The sun and the moon that illuminate the island are not the same as in the rest of the world, but in fact belong to another dimension. This theory is supported by the fact that stars and constellations, visible in Mirsolna’s night sky, are completely different from the rest of the world.
Mirsolna is the place of origin of elven race, wood elves of Sylvan and dark elves of Dungeon came from it long time ago. To differentiate from them, elves of Mirsolna are called “grand” or “high” elves, although they themselves do not find these names appropriate, as they believe all elves to be the same, “even our lost dark brethren”.
Elves are creatures of both the day and the night, worshiping the sun and the moon. They do not understand why many other races prefer day over night and worship the sun while being afraid of the moon. Elves see them as inseparable parts of the same thing, both essential for the life and harmony of the mortal world. They see Ammasu, the god of sun and day, and Tsukomi, the god of moon and night, as twin brothers who have chosen Mirsolna as their favored realm.  
Elves are the core of Palace, but they are not the only race to call mysterious island of Mirsolna their home. Short and lively halflings live mostly in small villages, scattered around island. Their main activeness is farming and gardening – using intense light of the sun and gentle cold light of the moon, they grow unique vegetables and fruits, highly valued all over the world.
Clurichauns – enigmatic race, believed to be distantly related to both elves and fae. Tricksters and opportunists, they wander across Mirsolna and often travel to other countries – they are the only race aside from elves that can freely enter and leave Mirsolna at will. Because of this, they are highly valuable as guides by those who want to enter Mirsolna but cannot afford an elven escort, although clurichauns are barely reliable partners.
Kitsune – mysterious sentient foxes, servants of moon deity Tsukomi. Beautiful and serene, they can use vide array of illusionary magic and possess the ability to turn into beautiful women (male kitsune are unknown, although rumored to exist). They rarely interact even with elves and spend most of the time wandering around Mirsolna, following the night and the moon and staying away from the day half.
Major cities of Mirsolna include:
Mes Awringh, City Out of Time – the capital of the country. Located almost exactly in the center of the island, meaning it is constantly under the “twilight zone”. There is no day or night here, sky is always greyish-blue with barely visible stars scattered all over, with the sun and the moon visible at the same time on the different sides, slowly moving around the city. The Central Magic Guild, the palace of elven Royal Family and Court of Stars (highest governmental body of Palace) are located here.
Caltair, the Golden Harbor – seaside city on the western shore, the central port of the country. Most adventurers and visitors of the country arrive here.
Turgaiothe, City of Sky-Piercing Towers – city in the mountainous north-eastern part of the island. It is famous for seven 400 m (1312 feet) tall towers that are part of the local Magic Guild.  Center of Air Magic investigation, it has a constantly open portal to Plane of Air, through which sylphids and sylphs arrive to our world.
Obbien, the Green Paradise – located in rich fields of north-western part of the island, this city is famous for its gardens, farms, wine and ale. It is an unofficial capital of halflings and clurichauns. The largest and most famous gaming house in the world can also be found here, run by local leprechauns.
Siomori, the Fox Shrine – mysterious city located in south-eastern part of the island, deep in the forest. It is a sacred site of kitsune, where they gather once a month during the full moon.
The greatest ally of Palace is, without a doubt, Sylvan – wood and grand elves see themselves as brothers with just slightly different views on the world. People of Palace also value and respect nature, although not to the degree of Leevelis’ folk. Humans of Haven are loyal and dependable allies of elves against the forces of evil. Inhabitants of Sanira, the country of Sanctuary, despite being far away from Mirsolna, share some ideas of balance between light and darkness and admiration of nature.
Elves admire wizards of Academia for their curiosity and powerful magic, although they think people of Maelgiem often forget about moral and basic humanity in their thirst to unravel secrets. They are also quite annoyed by wizards’ attempts to discover all mysteries of Mirsolna and elven race.
Any faction that actively spreads evil and destruction is the enemy of Palace. Inferno, Necropolis and Ruins are all seen as a danger for the world and humanity. Elves believe it for the better if these factions are at least constrained, if not outright destroyed. Witches of Coven are a threat to pristine wild forests of Sylvan, and thus are sworn enemies of Palace as well.
Palace has very complex relationships with Dungeon. Elves of Mirsolna believe that dark elves merely lost their way and are not beyond salvation. Who they truly hate are faceless – underground race of manipulators and schemers, who, as they believe, tricked naïve dark elves on the path of evil and malice. Dark elves themselves see their “high” brothers as fools who refuse to accept new ways to increase their power. Warlocks and overlords see no need to worship sun or moon – after all, underground neither of them can be seen!


Bard – Minstrel
HP: 14 | 14
Attack: 1 | 2
Defense: 2 | 2
Damage: 2 – 3 | 2 – 3
Speed: 6 | 7
Initiative: 11 | 13
Shots: - | -
Mana: - | -
Cost: 60 | 80
Growth: 15
Song of Peace, Song of Courage | Song of Peace, Song of Courage, Song of Revival

No matter what time it is – bright day or dark night – listening to music is a great way to spend it. Elven bards are world-wide famous for their masterfully crafted instruments and charming voices. No surprise that you can found bards on the battlefield as well. With their magical music, they can force enemy to retreat before battle even starts or inspire allies by filling their hearts with courage.
Music played by minstrels is so beautiful it can wake up even a dead – and this is not an exaggeration. Minstrels are not average musicians, as their melodies and voices intertwine into unique type of magic, mysterious and unknown even for wise sorcerers and wizards.  Wonderful sounds created by these masters of art can speed up healing of wounds and force souls to return into recently deceased bodies.

Song of Courage. This creature plays inspiring song about bravery and justice, filling allies’ hearts with courage, rising their Attack, Morale and Initiative by 2. Cool down: 3 turns (activated ability).
Song of Peace. This creature plays calming, soothing melody that takes away enemies’ will to fight, lowering their Attack, Morale and Initiative by 2. Cool down: 5 turns (activated ability).
Song of Revival. Once per battle, this creature can play an otherworldly beautiful melody that heals any wound and can even bring back to life. Restores full HP of all allies and resurrects some of fallen Core and Advanced creatures (activated ability).

Halfling – Halfling Pathfinder  
HP: 11 | 13
Attack: 2 | 3
Defense: 1 | 2
Damage: 2 – 4 | 2 – 4
Speed: 7 | 8
Initiative: 8 | 10
Shots: 24 | 24
Mana: - | -
Cost: 55 | 70
Growth: 14
Shooter, Uncanny Luck | Shooter, Uncanny Luck, Stealthy, Pathfinding

Halflings are short-statured race, distantly related to dwarves and humans rather than to elves. Peaceful and easy-going, they usually avoid conflicts and prefer to live in tranquility of small villages. Despite their serenity, they are very curious and often try to find adventures to engage. It is widely known that halflings are blessed with uncanny luck – whenever they end up in troubles, they almost always can find a way out. Halfling jokingly say that it is because they are favorites of Luck Goddess.
Aside from their luck, halflings are famous for their ability to blend with surroundings and stay unnoticed. Halflings pathfinders use this talent on fullest, as they hide their presence from the enemy and take a good position for attack. These short-statured explorers have a great sense of direction and good understanding of wilderness, which makes them valuable guides on any rough terrain.

Uncanny Luck. This creature’s Luck cannot be lowered below +3.  
Pathfinding. When this creature is in hero’s army, it reduces the movement penalty when moving over rough terrains.

Sylphid – Sylph
HP: 8 | 10
Attack: 2 | 3
Defense: 2 | 3
Damage: 1 – 2 | 1 – 2
Speed: 11 | 13
Initiative: 9 | 11
Shots: - | -
Mana: - | 10
Cost: 45 | 65
Growth: 16
Sentient Elemental, Flying, Incorporeal, Immunity to Air | Sentient Elemental, Flying, Incorporeal, Immunity to Air, Caster
Protection from Air – 5 mana
Tailwind – 4 mana

Sylphids are tiny wind spirits originating from Plane of Air. They can be found all over the world, but in Mirsolna they are especially numerous. Friendly and kind, they gladly help elven race and become familiars for sorcerers. Thanks to their speed and small size, they are commonly used as scouts and spies as well. Their light, transparent bodies are mostly made of air, which leaves most standard weapons almost useless against them.
Sylphs are not only more powerful than common sylphids, but also possess minor magic abilities. Capable of manipulating wind and air currents, they can protect allies from spells of Air school or make them move faster than usual.  


Clurichaun – Leprechaun  
HP: 24 | 26
Attack: 6 | 7
Defense: 6 | 7
Damage: 6 – 8 | 6 – 8
Speed: 8 | 12
Initiative: 9 | 11
Shots: - | -
Mana: - | 21
Cost: 200 | 245
Growth: 9
Agility, Luck Drain | Teleport, Agility, Luck Drain, Caster
Fortune – 7 mana
Misfortune – 6 mana

Clurichauns are weird race of gamblers, tricksters and adventurers. They resemble short (taller than halflings, but shorter than dwarves) elves, skinny, with very long ears and noses, usually red-headed. They spend all they time travelling, never staying in one place for too long. Famous for their tricks and pranks, there is nothing they love more than shining gold and good booze. Of all other races, they get along with halflings the best. Most other people prefer not to get too close to them, as they are famous bringers of misfortune – some even say that clurichauns can steal good luck of others for themselves.
The special “cast” among clurichauns is leprechauns, easily recognizable by their bright-green clothes. Young leprechauns usually lead small gangs of clurichauns in their adventures around the world, while elder one prefer to stay at one place and run banks, shops or gaming houses, while hoarding the gold. They have powerful magic abilities, capable of instantly teleporting away from any danger, this is why it’s almost impossible to catch them.  Many believe that leprechauns can manipulate luck and that’s the reason why whenever they do anything they end up gaining profit.

Agility. Reduces ranged non-magical damage dealt to this creature by 30%.
Luck Drain. If enemy has any Luck bonuses, this creature nullifies them, lowering target’s Luck to 0, and applies these bonuses to itself.  

Lion – Solar Lion
HP: 40 | 44
Attack: 9 | 11
Defense: 7 | 8
Damage: 8 – 11 | 8 – 12
Speed: 6 | 8
Initiative: 10 | 12
Shots: - | -
Mana: - | -
Cost: 330 | 420
Growth: 6
Large Creature, Bravery | Large Creature, Bravery, Aura of Bravery, Solar Power

Lions always were seen as a symbol of bravery and nobility. These powerful beasts are not tamed, but rather befriended by elves. They enter the battlefield with a mighty roar, terrifying the enemies, while lions themselves do not know fear at all.
Lion can be seen as a symbol of sun – with their round face surrounded by a golden mane, they resemble the sun surrounded by rays. Symbolism aside, solar lions do in fact possess a bit of Ammasu’s power and by absorbing solar energy they can become even stronger. The sight of their blazing manes and their fearless attacks inspire their allies in battle to throw away unneeded worries and head straight to victory.

Bravery. This creature’s Morale never goes below +1. It is also unaffected by fear-inducing abilities such as Fear Attack and Nightmarish Presence.
Aura of Bravery. This creature and adjacent friendly stacks have always positive Morale (no less than +1).
Solar Power. This creature’s Attack, Defense and Initiative are increased by +2 if the battlefield is under effect of Intense Sun ability.

Silver Fox – Kitsune (fox form) – Kitsune (human form)
HP: 32 | 35
Attack: 6 | 8 | 7
Defense: 5 | 6 | 7
Damage: 5 – 7 | 5 – 7
Speed: 9 | 11 | 8
Initiative: 11 | 13
Shots: - | -
Mana: - | -
Cost: 290 | 350
Growth: 7
Illusion, Fox Charm | Illusion, Lunar Power, Shapeshifter, Fox Charm (fox form), Captivation (human form)

Kitsune are race of mysterious followers of Tsukomi, god of moon. These sentient foxes possess powerful illusionary and shapeshifting abilities. Silver fox is name used for a young kitsune, who is not yet capable of taking full human form. It is still a dangerous opponent, as it can disguise itself as any other creature, confusing the enemy; it can even force the enemy to attack its own allies. Confused and angered, foe can forgot to use any special powers it has and rely exclusively on sheer force in desperate attempt to reach the cunning fox.  
Kitsune who mastered their human transformation are highly respected by their kin. By taking the appearance of beautiful young women, they gain dangerous ability of manipulating hearts of living beings. Charmed by their grace and flawless appearance, even the most brutal of enemies can’t force themselves to attack kitsune. These foxlike beings are especially strong during the night, when moon and stars grant them a piece of Tsukomi’s power.

Illusion. If there is any other stack standing within 2 tiles from this creature, all attacks directed on this creature will be instead redirected to said stack (regardless if said stack ally or enemy).
Fox Charm. Mind-affecting ability. This creature’s attack prevents affected enemy from using any activated abilities for next 3 turns.
Shapeshifter. This creature can change its forms between human and fox forms. Only one transformation can be used during the turn, but it does not take creature’s action (activated ability).
Lunar Power. This creature’s Attack, Defense and Initiative are increased by +2 if the battlefield is under effect of Full Moon ability.
Captivation. Mind-affecting ability. This creature’s attack charms the enemy. Captivated enemy does not retaliate and cannot attack this creature for next 3 turns. Only one enemy can be captivated at time.


Ljosalfr – Erlking  
HP: 65 | 70
Attack: 17 | 19
Defense: 15 | 17
Damage: 17 – 20 | 17 – 22
Speed: 9 | 13
Initiative: 15 | 17
Shots: - | -
Mana: - | -
Cost: 790 | 950
Growth: 3
Enchanted Blade, Light Strike, Solar Power | Flying, Enchanted Blade, Light Strike, Solar Power, Unbreakable Sword

Elite elven guards, ljosalfar are wearing shining golden armor and armed with enchanted swords that can cut through anything, even incorporeal beings. They are not only masterful swordsmen, but potent magicians as well. Blessed by sun god Ammasu, they can turn sun rays into light weapons to deal additional damage to enemy.
Very few among elves are powerful and worthy enough to become an erlking. Elite warriors, they are personal guards of the royal elven family and Court of Stars. They are given wings by Ammasu himself, but ability to fly is not their only difference from average elves. They are so full of solar might that no one can make them weaker – blows of their enchanted swords always deal full damage, unaffected by any curses or damnations casted on them.

Enchanted Blade. This creature deals full damage to targets with Incorporeal and Toughness abilities.
Light Strike. This creature deals additional 10% light damage to any creature it hits.
Unbreakable Sword. This creature’s Attack cannot be lowered in any way.

Pegasus Rider – Celestial Rider  
HP: 80 | 85
Attack: 16 | 18
Defense: 12 | 13
Damage: 15 – 18 | 16 – 18
Speed: 15 | 16
Initiative: 14 | 16
Shots: - | -
Mana: - | -
Cost: 780 | 980
Growth: 3
Large Creature, Flying | Large Creature, Flying, Solar Form, Lunar Form, Wind Glider (solar form), Aura of Magic Resistance (lunar form)

Pegasi are wonderful winged horses, swift as wind, found only on the island of Mirsolna. Tamed by elves, they form a spectacular flying cavalry. Pegasus riders are very fast, but quite fragile and vulnerable, as they can’t wear heavy armor that would slow them down and make rising in air much harder.
Celestial riders are the elite echelon of pegasus riders. They ride a special variety of pegasi, bred with the use of magic by sorcerers. These winged horses can use energy of sun and moon to transform into solar or lunar form respectively. During the day, these pegasi are bright-orange with shiny golden manes. They are blindingly fast – so fast, in fact, that nothing can slow them down, even magic. In night they absorb energy of moon and stars and transform in lunar form – black, with mane resembling star mist. Night pegasi are slightly slower, but more durable and protect not only themselves, but their allies with their aura of magic resistance.

Solar Form. If the battlefield is under effect of Intense Sun, this creature transforms into its solar form. It gains +2 to Attack and Speed, but also loses -2 in Defense.
Lunar Form. If the battlefield is under effect of Full Moon, this creature transforms into its lunar form. It gains +2 to Attack and Defense, but also loses -2 in Speed.
Wind Glider. This creature’s Speed cannot be lowered in any way.
Aura of Magic Resistance. This creature and adjacent friendly stacks receive 50% less damage from spells dealing direct damage.

Sorceress – Lunar Sorceress
HP: 58 | 60
Attack: 14 | 17
Defense: 14 | 17
Damage: 19 – 24 | 19 – 24
Speed: 8 | 8
Initiative: 12 | 14
Shots: 14 | 18
Mana: 30 |36
Cost: 830 | 1000
Growth: 3
Shooter, Caster, Spell Weaver | Shooter, Caster, Spell Weaver, Lunar Power
Magic Shield – 8 mana
Righteous Might – 6 mana
Mystic Wave – 9 mana
Ice Bolt – 6 mana
Cleansing – 10 mana
Black Hole – 22 mana

Many sorcerers and sorceresses serve in army to improve their own magic abilities. Unlike wizards, sorcerers are not that interested in experimentation and creation of new spells, but rather in strengthening powers they already have. One of signature techniques of these magicians is so called “spell weaving” – when several persons cast the same spell in the same time, focusing on the same point.   The end result is a “woven” spell, created by combination of magic powers, much stronger than that cast by a single mage.
Elves have noticed long ago that blessings and curses casted during full moon last much longer than usual. Moon has strange effect on magic overall and thus elves worship moon god Tsukomi as the patron of sorcerers. Lunar sorceresses are terrifyingly powerful on their own, but only during moonlit nights that their full might unfolds.

Spell Weaver. Increases base power of spells of hero and allied creatures by the amount dependent on number of these creatures.


Firebird – Phoenix
HP: 160 | 180
Attack: 25 | 29
Defense: 27 | 29
Damage: 38 – 44 | 40 – 44
Speed: 16 | 20
Initiative: 18 | 20
Shots: - | -
Mana: - | -
Cost: 2900 + 1 sulphur | 4500 + 2 sulphur
Growth: 1
Large Creature, Flying, Immunity to Fire, Fire Breath, Intense Sun | Large Creature, Flying, Immunity to Fire, Fire Breath, Intense Sun, Radiant Glory, Rebirth

Giant firebirds, with their feathers bright-red and shiny, are servants of Ammasu, god of sun. Born from the flames, they can incinerate several enemies at once with their fire breath, while they themselves are completely unaffected by fire magic.  Whenever they appear, clouds on the sky disappear and sun begins to shine brighter and more intense than before. Some believe that firebirds call for their father Ammasu to help them defeat the enemies.
Phoenixes are living embodiments of the sun. Their golden feathers shine so brightly that anyone who looks at them directly without any sort of protection is likely to become blind. Incinerating entire armies with its unimaginably hot flames, phoenix dies in flames too…  Just to return back with the new power and resolve! Just like the sun goes behind the horizon, but always comes back, phoenixes rise from the ashes with the blessing of Ammasu.

Fire Breath. During attack, creature affects not only the target but also deals fire damage to any other unit positioned directly behind it.
Intense Sun. This creature’s presence on the battlefield makes sun shine brighter. It rises power and duration of Light spells and lowers power and duration of Dark spells. This ability is canceled out if creature with Full Moon ability is present on the battlefield as well.
Radiant Glory. Any enemy to attack this creature has 20% chance to be affected by Blindness curse. The effects are equal to that of Expert-level spell.
Rebirth. Once during the combat this creature can rise from the dead if killed. The number of revived creatures equals the number of killed ones.

Nightwing – Starwing
HP: 175 | 195
Attack: 26 | 31
Defense: 29 | 34
Damage: 36 – 45 | 38 – 46
Speed: 13 | 16
Initiative: 15 | 17
Shots: - | -
Mana: - | -
Cost: 3000 + 1 mercury | 4600 + 2 mercury
Growth: 1
Large Creature, Flying, 50% Darkness Resistance, 50% Light Resistance, Full Moon, Drowsing Dusk | Large Creature, Flying, 75% Darkness Resistance, 75% Light Resistance, Full Moon, Drowsing Dusk, Stardust

Nighwings are colossal dragon-sized moths with pitch-black wings.  Servants of the moon god Tsukomi, whenever they appear they bring the night. Even if sun shined a couple of minutes ago, with the appearance of nightwings the sky goes black and full moon appears. Existing between fickle light of stars and complete darkness, these creatures resist both Light and Dark spells alike. Nightwing also spread a special dust from their wings that can put any living creature to sleep, even during the most intense battle.
Starwings are bizarrely beautiful creatures, with their wings dotted with countless stars and resembling a piece of night sky. They embody all the beautiful aspects of darkness, that is not evil by itself, but gentle and soothing, hiding anyone when sun is too intense and harsh. Wings of these creatures are charged with magic and as they fly above enemies, small particles of shining charged dust rain down like a meteor shower, damaging everyone below.

Full Moon. This creature’s presence on the battlefield covers it with dusk and forces full moon to show. It rises duration of all non-damaging spells and rises power of Arcane spells: it lowers power of Dark and Light damaging spells. This ability is cancelled out if creature with Intense Sun ability is present on the battlefield as well.
Drowsing Dusk. This creature can put an enemy within its walk range into deep slumber. The sleeping enemy is not able to move or attack until it wakes up after 2 - 4 turns or it is attacked. If the enemy wakes up from the attack, it will not retaliate and will be affected by Confusion that lasts for 2 turns. Only one enemy can be put into slumber at time (activated ability).  
Stardust. This creature strews explosive magical particles from its wings and damages all enemies it flies over.

A lot of lore in this one... But it was needed to explain how these elves are different from the ones in Sylvan and Dungeon.
Sylvan is coming up next!


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Legendary Hero
posted May 29, 2017 09:27 PM

An interesting lineup, and an interesting setting for it.

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Tavern Dweller
posted June 02, 2017 09:07 PM
Edited by Zum-Graat at 14:50, 09 Jun 2017.

Thank you for a comment, MattII. I indeed think that Palace ended up being one of my more creative line ups.
And thank you, kiryu133 for that red star thing. I'm not entirely sure what it means, but I guess it's a way to say "nice work"

Music theme: Celtic Music - Woodland Tales

Country – Leevelis, the Endless Woodland  
Native terrain – grass
Might hero – Ranger

Magic hero – Druid

Races of heroes – wood elves, humans, fawns, dryads, beorns
Mount – a stag for Ranger, a unicorn for Druid
Symbols – the World Tree, a running deer
Religion – Churnoss, The God of Wilderness and Forests, and Anisma, The Goddess of Life and Births, are two most respected deities. Almost every village, clan and even family also worships a wide array of different animal and plant spirits and minor deities.
Magic – average, Magic Guild has 4 levels. Nature magic is dominant, Light and Earth are secondary.

The country of Leevelis is the land of pristine forests, flowered meadows and clearest rivers. One may travel through it without encountering a single town or village and think that this land is completely uninhabited. But it is not true – it is just that people of Leevelis live in such harmony with nature it is hard to tell where the forest ends and a settlement begins – and more often than not such a border simply does not exist.
The woodlands of Leevelis were always a sacred place, a domain of powerful forest spirits – dryads and treants. But these peaceful creatures could not protect them alone from many dangers, most prominent of them being humans of Avelan, with their ever-expanding growth and need of resources, and witches of Yaga-Kworn, who wished to use holy forest grounds for their dark rituals. The order of Druids was created - allies to beasts and protectors of nature, these enigmatic magicians are followers of Churnoss, the God of Wilderness and Forests. They strive to shield their lands from all who would threaten them. You can call Druids the “heart” and the “brain” of Sylvan, while brave Rangers are its “eyes” and “hands”. Experienced hunters and explorers, these warriors are here to banish away any danger to their sacred forests.
The core race of Sylvan faction is wood elves. Unlike grand elves of Mirsolna, who have nothing against humans but prefer to keep their bloodlines pure, wood elves often have children with humans and thus have become a pretty mixed race. They possess traits not found among grand elves like red or dark hair, tan skin and especially beards (“pure” elves have almost no body or facial hair). Despite this, wood and grand elves still see each other as pretty much the same race. Among other inhabitants of Leevelis, there are humans, some rare forest dwarves, many types of fae, “deer-men” – fawns and “bear-men” – beorns.
People of Leevelis do not oppose the idea of civilization itself, but do not agree with the ways civilization interacts with nature. They do not separate themselves from wilderness with city walls; rather, they strive to connect with wilderness, to become part of it. “Nature always knowns best” is the motto of Sylvan. If they cut a tree, they soon plant a new one; if they hunt, they always pay respects for the spirit of hunted animal and never kill more than they need for food and other needs. Although they would like all other nations and races to follow the same path of respect and care to nature, they do not force their beliefs to others, and thus are known as a very peaceful nation.
Some major cities of Leevelis include:

Yrgdas, the City of World Tree. The capital of Leevelis, the most noticeable feature of it is a colossal tree, almost 800 meters (2624 feet) in height. Known as “the World Tree”, it’s not only incredibly tall, but also very old, since all currently living treants say that they remember it to be as big as it is now even when they were just born (and some of elder treants are several thousand years old).  It is believed among people of Sylvan that if the World Tree ever falls, all forests will perish and end of the world will come, this is why they see the need to protect it at all costs. Stonehenge, the mysterious place where druid elders gather every year, is also located not far from Yrgdas.
Sheiwoor, Happy Hunting Grounds. Located not far from border with Avelan, this city is a major garrison of Sylvan and place where many rangers begin their path as the largest ranger guild is located here. Located in narrow mountain valley, this location has a pretty rough environment, which is perfect for rangers’ trainings.
Feyora, the Blooming City. Surrounded by blossoming meadows and light woodland, this city is a center of attention of herbalists, witch-doctors and the like. Everything related to herbs can be found here. One can encounter some witches and hags here as well, despite hostile relationships between Coven and Sylvan. Many trained rangers watch over all city guests so they won’t do anything inappropriate.
Abailoch, City of Lakes. Located abut numerous lakes and rivers, this city is a center of unique order of Lake Druids, who specialize in Water magic rather than Earth one.
Vedmin, Bear’s Rampart. Northern city located not far from the border with Norgardheim. It is the capital of beorns, situated in mountain ravine, surrounded by incredibly old coniferous forest.
The best ally of Sylvan is definitely Palace. Wood and grand elves peacefully separated millennia ago, as they had chosen to follow different paths and worship different deities, but still keep in contact and assist each other in the times of need.
Quite an unexpected ally of Sylvan is Lagoon. People of Leevelis see merfolk as “elves of the sea”, who protect underwater ecosystems that are no less valuable than the land ones. Sylvan is sympathetic towards isolated island nation of Temple, as their share their struggles to protect their respective sacred lands against invaders from outer world.
Sylvan highly admires Sanctuary as an example of powerful civilization that doesn’t harm nature massively and does not take more than it needs. People of Sanira are the example of co-existence of civilization and nature, for which all other nations should strive.
One the other hand, Haven and Forge are generally looked down upon by people of Sylvan, as these two nations take away too much natural recourses, abusing Mother Earth and not giving anything in return. They also expand too rapidly and uncontrollably, overhunt and cut down too many trees. Sylvanians are especially hostile towards Forge, as the creation of machines pollutes air and water greatly.
Some people of Leevelis would say that fey of Garden are their allies as well, as they too respect unpredictable nature and wilderness, although most sylvanians find people of Vockneria way too unreliable and chaotic, with their own interests that are far from just protecting natural environments.
Sylvan despise Necropolis and Ruins, as undead are the mockery of nature itself and an insult to holy thing that is life. Any sorts of undead are hunted down and destroyed immediately by special orders of rangers. Leevelis and Yaga-Kworn has a long lasting conflict as well. Hags of Coven believe that deep inside sacred forests of Leevelis lies a source of power that can cure terrible curse that hags believe was send on the by gods. Moreover, they hate elves with passion, as they envy their beauty and long-lasting youth.


Pixie – Sprite
HP: 7 | 8
Attack: 2 | 3
Defense: 1 | 2
Damage: 1 – 3 | 1 – 3
Speed: 10 | 11
Initiative: 8 | 10
Shots: - | -
Mana: - | -
Cost: 45 | 65
Growth: 18
Flying, Agility | Flying, Agility, No Enemy Retaliation, Fairy Dust

Pixies are small humanoids with wings similar to those of insects; perhaps the best known of the wide variety of nature spirits known collectively as “fae”. These tiny creatures live in meadows, fields and blooming trees, where they protects flowers from humans and some especially numerous vermin. They rarely appear before eyes of “big folk”, although they have a playful personality and are known to play pranks on and trick humans. Fast and agile, they are almost impossible to see, yet alone to catch or hit.
Sprites are vigorous protectors of plants. Some people even believe that every plant has a sprite attached to it as a “guardian angel”. Incredibly agile, they can attack so fast that enemy simply can’t retaliate in time. Their wings produce special pollen known as “fairy dust” – it has many special effects, but one of the most notorious is its property to clean away any magic. Sprites use this trick on the battlefield to remove any blessings and strengthening spells from the enemy.  

Fairy Dust. This creature cleans away any positive magic effects that were casted on the enemy it attacks.

Lynx – Goldeneye Lynx
HP: 16 | 18
Attack: 3 | 4
Defense: 3 | 3
Damage: 3 – 4 | 3 – 5
Speed: 8 | 10
Initiative: 7 | 9
Shots: - | -
Mana: - | -
Cost: 55 | 70
Growth: 15
Leap | Leap, Immunity to Blindness

Lynxes are pretty small wild cats, although in forests of Leevelis lives so called “elven lynx”, larger and stronger than most common ones. These predators are ideally adapted to hunting in dense woodland – they move quickly and silently, and they can powerfully jump at large distance. In wildlife, they use it to catch prey while hiding on tall trees. On the battlefield it is useful to ambush enemy.
Goldeneye lynx’ eyes glow with strange golden light. People believe that it is impossible to hide from this large cat, as it can see its prey through rocks, trees and walls. They, in fact, have incredibly sharp eyesight and seem to never go blind, as even magically-induced blindness doesn’t affect the goldeneye lynx.

Leap. Every three turns this creature can leap on enemy target, at distance of its normal walking range, getting a 5% attack bonus for every tile it goes over. After the leap attack this creature receives no retaliation (activated ability).

Owl – Eagle-Owl
HP: 13 | 15
Attack: 3 | 4
Defense: 2 | 3
Damage: 2 – 3 | 2 – 4
Speed: 9 | 10
Initiative: 6 | 8
Shots: - | -
Mana: - | -
Cost: 50 | 60
Growth: 16
Flying | Flying, Keen Senses

Large owls of Leevelis are the top predators of the night. Their massive hooked talons and sharp beaks can be dangerous not only for their prey, but for enemies of Sylvan as well. Small fey befriend and domesticate them to then use as mounts. Army of tiny spear-armed fey riding owls can look quite hilarious – until you meet these winged knights in actual battle.
The largest and strongest of owls are known as eagle-owls or horned owls. With their big eyes, they easily can spot a tiny mouse in the night forest. Combined with sharp hearing, it becomes impossible for the prey (or for the enemy) to hide from eagle-owl or to approach it unnoticed.

Keen Senses. This creature can attack enemies with “Stealthy” ability even when they are untouchable by other creatures. This creature also negates bonus from “Backstab” ability when attacked.


Elven Archer – Bow Master
HP: 23 | 25
Attack: 8 | 8
Defense: 5 | 6
Damage: 6 – 8 | 6 – 8
Speed: 7 | 8
Initiative: 12 | 14
Shots: 24 | 24
Mana: - | -
Cost: 300 | 400
Growth: 6
Shooter, Scatter Shot | Shooter, Scatter Shot, Double Shot

Elves are infamous for their masterful archery. Hunters and rangers during time of peace, elven archers become the backbone of Sylvan’s army during wars. They ambush enemy army with countless shots while staying hidden in trees and bushes.  This attack is often described as a “rain of arrows”.
Bow masters are respected protectors of nature. Despite their unmatchable skill in archery, they never kill any creature without a reason. For those who invade and destroy sacred forests, however, they know no mercy. Their uncanny affinity with their bow allows them to fire two shots before an enemy can even blink.

Scatter Shot. Area-effect shooting: damage is inflicted to all targets (including friendly creatures) located within the selected area (3 by 3 tiles). The amount of damage inflicted to each creature is half the damage of a normal shot (activated ability).

Faun – Pan
HP: 37 | 39
Attack: 7 | 9
Defense: 6 | 8
Damage: 7 – 9 | 7 – 9
Speed: 10 | 12
Initiative: 14 | 16
Shots: - | -
Mana: - | -
Cost: 290 | 360
Growth: 6
Jolly Spirit | Jolly Spirit, Pan Flute

Fauns are merry and free-spirited creatures of the deepest, most primeval parts of the woods. They have the upper torso, arms, and head of a man, with deer-like legs, a tail, and antlers on their head. Fauns enjoy wine, music, dancing, and carnal pleasures. They have dedicated connection to their homeland, protecting their forests together with elves, dryads and other creatures. They are always high-spirited and vigorous, which is, without a doubt, a useful quality on the battlefield.
Fauns are not only warriors, but also great musicians. Their music is surprisingly refined and tender for such wild creatures. Their favorite instrument is a pan flute, and those fauns who mastered playing it are called pans. Melody they play does not only rise morale of allies, but also frees them from any hostile spells affecting their minds, filling their souls with nothing but bliss.

Jolly Spirit. This creature’s Morale cannot be lowered below +3.
Pan Flute. Once per battle, this creature can play a magical melody on its flute. It gives all allies +3 Morale and removes any negative mind-affecting spells and abilities from them.  

Vinesnake – Rhizon  
HP: 33 | 38
Attack: 5 | 7
Defense: 6 | 8
Damage: 5 – 8 | 6 – 9
Speed: 7 | 7
Initiative: 10 | 11
Shots: - | -
Mana: - | -
Cost: 250 | 290
Growth: 7
Camouflage, Preemptive Strike | Camouflage, Preemptive Strike, Constriction

These large green-colored reptiles are known as vinesnakes because they resemble a thick liana vine. They are so well camouflaged that it’s almost impossible to notice them in forest or other vegetated terrain when they stay still. They can wait for hours for their prey to pass by and then they strike with astonishing speed, before the victim has a chance to run or to attack itself.
Root snakes, known to scholars as rhizons, are feared predators from deep lush forests. They are not venomous, but none the less dangerous. Their power allows them to defeated prey much larger than themselves. Coiling around their victim’s body, they crush its bones and strangle it to death. Boars, deers, bisons and even bears fall prey for rhizons. Of course, they won’t hesitate to attack passing human as well.  Druids use their magic to control these animals and make them guard especially valuable parts of woodlands.

Camouflage. If battle takes place on grass terrain, then every turn this creature becomes hidden from enemy. It cannot be attacked directly until it attacks someone itself. This ability doesn’t work if this creature constricts someone.
Preemptive Strike. Allows this creature to retaliate in melee combat before it is even attacked.  
Constriction. This creature constricts the enemy with its serpentine body, preventing said enemy from moving anywhere. Constricted enemy suffers damage every turn. This ability only affects living creatures. Only one target can be constricted at the same time; if this creature moves or attacks any other enemy, the captured target will be released.


Beorn – Beorn Warrior  
HP: 105 | 110
Attack: 21 | 23
Defense: 20 | 21
Damage: 23 – 26 | 25 – 28
Speed: 7 | 7
Initiative: 12 | 14
Shots: -
Mana: -
Cost: 1350 | 1850
Growth: 2
Large Creature, Enraged, Pain Tolerance, Bear Roar | Large Creature, Enraged, Pain Tolerance, Bear Roar, Bash

Bears are called “masters of forest” as there are few beasts strong enough to challenge them. Beorns are the race of sentient bears, who were protectors of wild life long before druids and their allies came to Leevelis. Despite their ferocious looks, these forest giants are gentle and calm creatures who never attack without a major reason and even then they prefer to scare enemy off with their terrifying roar rather than to harm or kill it. Despite their kind nature, beorns are dangerous brawlers, with thick hide protecting them from attacks and their natural pain tolerance that allows them to continue fighting even after receiving severe injuries.
Beorns are peaceful creatures, but sometimes they feel that their own, natural power is not enough to protect their homes. Beorns who choose to become warriors receive military training and use human- or elven-made weapons and armor. Massive clubs combined with their phenomenal strength have devastating effect, crushing the enemies and leaving them stunned.

Bear Roar. This creature has a 20% chance to frighten a target and its neighbors when attacking. If successful the attacker gets +1 to its Morale, while frightened creatures lose -2 in their Morale and won’t retaliate.
Pain Tolerance. This creature cannot be stunned by Bash ability.  

Dryad – Hamadryad  
HP: 50 | 55
Attack: 15 | 15
Defense: 17 | 19
Damage: 18 – 22 | 18 – 22
Speed: 5 | 5
Initiative: 11 | 13
Shots: 8 | 12
Mana: 20 | 30
Cost: 750 | 900
Growth: 3
Slow – 4 mana
Stone Skin – 6 mana
Leaf Daggers – 7 mana
Regeneration – 8 mana  
Thorn Thicket – 10 mana

Shooter, Caster, Earth Resistance 25%, Nature Link | Shooter, Caster, Earth Resistance 25%, Nature Link, Symbiosis

Dryads are powerful nature spirits, benign guardians of trees and forests. Some believe that old pixies and sprites turn into dryads, while other think dryads are reincarnated souls of powerful druids.  They have appearance of beautiful elves, more often female, with their skin resembling tree bark and covered in leaves and flowers. Ties between dryad and nature are so close that forest itself seems to help dryad in combat. As long as they stay close to trees or any other vegetation, they heal any injuries much faster and can purge away any negative spell cast on them.
Dryads and treants often work together as servitors of Churnoss, God of Nature, and protectors of wilderness. Dryads who developed especially close ties with treants are known as hamadryads and are highly respected. Named “forest queens”, they watch over vast woodlands and support balance of life in them. Just like they can heal and revive weak and ill trees, they can treat injured treants on the battlefield, while also gaining some life force in return.

Nature Link. If battle takes place on grass terrain, this creature fully restores its HP and heals from any negative effects in the beginning of every turn.
Symbiosis. Once per combat, this creature can heal and resurrect Treants, or be healed by them (activated ability).

Unicorn – Pristine Unicorn  
HP: 90 | 100
Attack: 19 | 20
Defense: 20 | 22
Damage: 21 – 25 | 21 – 26
Speed: 13 | 16
Initiative: 15 | 17
Shots: -
Mana: -
Cost: 1150 | 1550
Growth: 2
Large Creature, Magic-Proof 25%, Purity | Large Creature, Magic-Proof 50%, Aura of Purity, Blinding Attack

Unicorns are fierce and intelligent creatures, noble beasts that protect vast forests. They allow most creatures to pass through their territory, hunt for food, or reside in their woods unharmed, but those who damage the local ecosystem through sport hunting or commercial logging are swiftly driven out or killed. Despite their prideful nature, they often ally with people of Sylvan to fight common enemies. Unicorns are magical beasts who are resistant to damage dealt by magic. They are symbols of unspoiled purity, as their powerful aura protects them from being cursed or weakened by enemy spells.
From the deepest, most sacred woods come pristine unicorns. Unnaturally graceful and agile, they run through the dense forest as if it’s a plain road for them. Their defensive aura protects from enemy spells not only them, but their allies as well. Pristine unicorns are always slightly glowing. They can use their light for attack too – bright flashes emitted from their gleaming horns can temporarily blind the enemy.

Purity. This creature is immune to negative (cursing) spells.
Aura of Purity. This creature and adjacent friendly stacks are immune to negative (cursing) spells.
Blinding Attack. When this creature attacks the enemy, there is 20% chance that it will blind it in addition to inflicting regular damage. Blinded creatures cannot move or attack, but regain sight if attacked.


Treant – Elder Treant    
HP: 205 | 245
Attack: 25 | 29
Defense: 35 | 39
Damage: 35 – 40 | 35 – 45
Speed: 5 | 6
Initiative: 13 | 15
Shots: -
Mana: -
Cost: 3450 | 4550
Growth: 1
Large Creature, Toughness, Earth Resistance 25%, Vulnerability to Fire, Entangling Roots, Take Roots | Large Creature, Toughness, Earth Resistance 25%, Vulnerability to Fire, Entangling Roots, Take Roots, Forest Wrath

Treants are the mightiest of nature spirits, walking trees of enormous strength. They are incarnated will of Churnoss to protect the wilderness. Powerful druids can become treants after death by linking their soul to the old tree through the special ritual, although sometimes seemingly random tree can turn into treant for no visible reason – people of Sylvan see this as a sign of Churnoss blessing. Usually these slow giants are peaceful, but they are terrifying opponents. Their thick and hard bark protects them from ordinary weapon. Treants can animate and manipulate any vegetation freely, which allows them to stop many enemies by entangling them with vines, lianas and tree roots. Treants can also enroot to the ground, losing their ability to move but turning into impenetrable obstacle on the enemy’s way.
Some of more ancient elder treants were already alive when most modern kingdoms and countries didn’t exist yet. Protectors of the World Tree, they rarely leave Yrgdas, unless there is a threat to the whole country of Leevelis. They are the will of the forest itself and thus every tree, every bush, every blade of grass obey them. When enraged, elder treants can destroy entire armies by crushing them with massive roots they summon from underground.

Entangling Roots. Creature's attack entangles enemy with its roots and immobilizes it. Creature can immobilize several enemies simultaneously, but the effect only lasts while the creature remains in direct contact with its victims.
Take Roots. This creature can lose its ability to move in exchange for 50% increased Defense and gaining Unlimited Relation (activated ability).
Forest Wrath. Creature calls for help of nature itself to demolish enemies. It summons huge sharp roots from underground that deal physical damage to all enemies within 5 tiles from this creature (activated ability).

Brown Dragon – Green Dragon
HP: 230 | 290
Attack: 29 | 33
Defense: 27 | 30
Damage: 45 – 55 | 45 – 55
Speed: 13 | 15
Initiative: 14 | 16
Shots: -
Mana: -
Cost: 3750 + 1 gem | 4950 + 2 gems
Growth: 1
Large Creature, Flying, Immunity to Level 1-2 Magic, Acid Breath, Corrosive Acid | Large Creature, Flying, Immunity to Level 1-4 Magic, Acid Cloud, Corrosive Acid, Aura of Earth Power

Unlike many other dragons, forest dragons prefer lush woodlands to mountains and caves. Their young are known as brown dragons. These calm creatures only hunt large animals for food and almost never attack humanoids. They can spend days lying on rocks or massive logs among woodlands, enjoying nature and thinking about something no mere human can understand. More benevolent than others of dragon kind, these powerful creatures often unite with people of Sylvan, not from greedy purposes (although they do enjoy hoarding gold and shiny gems) but to protect their beloved forests. They do not breathe fire, but powerful acid, that can dissolve not only flesh, but even metal armor.
As forest dragon reaches maturity, its color changes from brown to emerald and it gains the name of green dragon. These mighty beasts have more powerful breath attack, as their acid, leaving their mouth, turns into expanding deadly cloud, harming many foes at once. Living for centuries, green dragons developed a supernatural link with the element of Earth, and thus their presence alone is enough to make spells of this school more powerful and potent.

Acid Breath. During attack, creature affects not only the target but also deals earth damage to any other unit positioned directly behind it.
Corrosive Acid. This creature’s direct attack lowers its target’s Defense by -2 for 3 turns. The effect is stackable, but Defense won’t go below 1.
Acid Cloud. During attack, creature affects not only the target but also deals earth damage to creatures on three tiles positioned directly behind it.
Aura of Earth Power. This creature’s presence on the battlefield rises power of all Earth spells by 50%.

Sixth faction out of 18, wew. One third done.
A bunch of useless lore again. Are you interested in reason why wood elves can have beards, but high and dark elves can't?!... probably not But you can read it anyway.
Here is a very rough and primitive map of my world. It is far from being finished, but it's easier to understand relative position of different countries this way.

Next to come - faction, that everyone always do first aka Haven. I dislike it to be honest because:
1) It's almost always at least 80% humans.
2) Medieval Western Europe is a staple of all fantasy, but it becomes quite boring after a while.
I tried to make my Haven slightly more interesting than usual, but you'll see.  

Music theme: Epic Roman Music - Rising Legion

Country – Avelan, Blessed Land
Native terrain – grass
Might hero – Knight

Magic hero – Cleric

Race of heroes – humans
Mount – a horse
Symbols – cross patee, a griffin, a golden wreath

Religion – The Father, One and True God
Magic – powerful, Magic Guild has 5 levels. Light is prevalent school, Air and Fire are secondary.

“There is no such thing as “gods”. There is only one God, The Father of all the Universe, and we are heralds of his will. We ask you for help to spread this truth among poor souls, who still worship frauds and fakes. Only working together we can lead this world to salvation,” – these words was said by angels who descended to king Arthur Lyones, the legendary ruler of Lion Kingdom, many centuries ago. Since then, Lion Kingdom expanded into vast empire known as Avelan, but faith in Father still burns within hearts of its citizens.
People of Avelan worship The Father – mysterious deity that is not known from any ancient texts. This faith was brought up to Lion Kingdom (predecessor of Avelan Empire) by celestials – creatures of incredible power and wisdom. Most celestials look like humans of unnatural beauty, shrouded with gentle gleam and with feathered wings behind their backs. They come from a separate dimension known as Paradise or simply Celestia. Celestials themselves describe it as a place of eternal light and peace to where souls of reverent, faithful and kind mortals arrive. But they prefer not to talk about any details concerning their homeworld, and since no living mortal is allowed to enter Celestia, little is known for certain about that enigmatic place. Angels and archangels are the most well-known celestials, although different types exist as well.
The Father is a demiurge, the creator of everything and the absolute ruler of universe. His real name in incomprehensible to mortals and even to most celestials, and it is known only to Ten Celestial Lords – immensely powerful seraphim (the mightiest of celestials), who rule over Paradise and convey the direct will of the Father to everyone else. In fact, even absolute majority of celestials have never seen Father directly and only follow orders of Celestial Lords.
Humans of Avelan see their sacred mission in spreading true faith of Father and celestials all over the world and thus saving fooled and lost souls who worship fake deities. They admit the existence of certain gods like Churnoss, Ammasu, Tsukomi, Anisma, Nemerthis and Fortella (Goddess of Luck and Wealth), but clerics see them as nothing more but mere “aspects” of The Father, not separate beings but rather incarnations of the same. They tolerate worshippers of these deities (because according to celestials, by worshipping these “aspects” they still praise The Father, even if they are not aware of it), but see no reason to follow these “incomplete parts” when you can pray directly to real God, who has power over everything. Haven sends its preachers all over the world to spread the word of The Father.    
Avelan itself is a massive country made up of “core domain” and semi-autonomous “peripheral provinces”. “Core domain” includes Realm of Griffin and the capital city of empire – Griffonheart. Realm of Griffin is the largest province of empire, made up from two ancient kingdoms – Kingdom of Lion and Kingdom of Eagle, alliance between which was the beginning of Avelan Empire. They founded the capital right on the river that served as a border between two kingdoms. Griffin was chosen as a symbol of new empire, as this creature with traits of both lion and eagle.
“Peripheral provinces” is a name referring to numerous former kingdoms and principalities that was either conquered by Avelan Empire or joined it willingly. They have a certain degree of autonomy, have their own rulers and can implement their own laws, but still unquestioningly obey the Emperor and the Central Church.
The closest allies of Haven are Fortress and Palace. Dwarves are reliable trade partners and great craft masters who help to build fortress and cities of Avelan and provide high-class armor for knights and paladins; elves worship sun (which is seen as one of sacred symbols of The Father as well) and are allies in fight against many heretical evils that pollute the world such as undead and demons.  Sanctuary and Oasis are both important economical partners and can be allies against common adversaries. Haven sends many missionaries of The Father to these countries to spread their religion.
Wizards of Academy and people of Forge are atheists who don’t only deny The Father, but refuse to worship any deity. For folk of Haven, this is a sign of foolish and dangerous pride, which inevitably will lead to said nations’ fall into misery and sin.
According to words of celestials, demons of Inferno are “terrible bane of the universe, born from mistakes and sins of mortals” and thus people of Haven seek to fully destroy these terrible creatures that go against the will of The Father. Undead are seen as a terrible way to disturb cosmic balance and mockery of The Father’s power to create life. Necropolis, Ruins and all who use necromancy are enemies of the life itself and should perish.  Witches of Coven who worship “fake” deity Kharagnida and fey of Garden with their “fraud” goddesses Queen of Hearts are all seen by clerics of Haven as dangerous heretics who should be converted in true faith, but if impossible – then destroyed.


Crossbowman – Marksman
HP: 16 | 16
Attack: 4 | 6
Defense: 2 | 4
Damage: 3 – 5 | 3 – 6
Speed: 5 | 5
Initiative: 7 | 9
Shots: 24 | 24
Mana: -
Cost: 80 | 120
Growth: 11
Shooter | Shooter, Precise Shot

Many types of long range weapons are used in Avelan’s army – bows, throwing spears, slings – but crossbow is by far the most common, as it’s the easiest to use yet very effective. Divisions of crossbowmen play important role on the battlefield, as they can weaken the enemy ranks before melee combat.
Those shooters who mastered crossbow are known as marksmen. They can easily kill a tiny flying bird from a rather long distance. Yet their power actually unleashes when they allow enemy to come just close enough – with their sharp and experienced eyes, marksmen can easily find a weak spot in any armor and shoot right through it, leaving even the most armored of targets practically naked before them.  

Precise Shot. When shooting at close range (less than 3 tiles from target), creatures inflict heavier damage because the target's defense is not effective.

Sentinel – Legionnaire
HP: 22 | 25
Attack: 5 | 6
Defense: 7 | 9
Damage: 2 – 6 | 4 – 6
Speed: 5 | 6
Initiative: 8 | 10
Shots: -
Mana: -
Cost: 75 | 115
Growth: 11
Large Shield, Enraged | Large Shield, Enraged, Shield Allies

Sentinels form a defensive backbone of the Avelan forces. They are armored from head to toes, but that’s not their only protection. Heavy shield they carry makes them slower and less mobile, but also play vital role as it blocks most long-ranged attacks, which prevents enemy archers from dealing any sustainable damage to sentinels.
Synchronously marching division of legionnaires is a symbol of might and glory of Avelan Empire. These experienced fighters move, attack and defend together, many people acting like one. Their perfect discipline and large shields allow legionnaires to create a shield wall and protect their allies on the battlefield.

Large Shield. Creature receives only 50% of damage from all non-magical shooting attacks.
Shield Allies. All friendly creatures located on neighboring tiles get only 50% of damage from non-magical shooting attacks.

Hound – War Hound
HP: 7 | 9
Attack: 2 | 3
Defense: 1 | 2
Damage: 1 – 2 | 1 – 3
Speed: 8 | 9
Initiative: 10 | 12
Shots: -
Mana: -
Cost: 30 | 45
Growth: 20
Howl | Howl, Undying Loyalty

Specially trained hounds are weak, but fast and mobile units, capable of swarming the enemy with their sheer numbers and resolve. They perceive all allied fighters as their own pack members and when one dies, they howl so desperately it fills those who were left alive with a strong resolve to avenge fallen comrades.
Dog is a man’s best friend – this is a common phrase that holds a special meaning for people of Avelan. They use different dog breeds in pretty much all aspects of life, and war is not an exception. War hounds are trained for years before they are actually allowed to enter a battlefield. Their sense of loyalty is so strong that they would rather die than abandon their master, and even magic that directly controls mind is not effective on them when it comes to betrayal.

Howl. Every time an ally dies, this creature emits a sorrowful howl that fills all allied units within 3 tiles from it with resolve and rises their Initiative by 2 for 3 turns.
Undying Loyalty. This creature is unaffected by Puppet Master spell and by all abilities that could make it switch sides in battle.


Cupid – Herald
HP: 36 | 40
Attack: 12 | 14
Defense: 6 | 8
Damage: 9 – 11 | 9 – 11
Speed: 14 | 17
Initiative: 16 | 18
Shots: 12 | 18
Mana: -
Cost: 450 | 580
Growth: 4
Celestial, Flying, Shooter, No Range Penalty, Inspiration, Charmed Arrows | Celestial, Flying, Shooter, No Range Penalty, Inspiration, Charmed Arrows, Celestial Message

Cupids are lesser celestials sent to mortal world to convey messages and orders from high-ranked celestials and to aid army of Avelan in the time of need. They are believed to be reborn souls of innocent children who died young.  But do not be fooled by their childish appearance, as they are powerful warriors. Their arrows always hit the target regardless of how far it is. Moreover, their weapons are enchanted in such way that they block enemy’s reception of pain and instead fill them with pleasure and tranquility, leaving them confused and much less willing to continue the battle.
Cupids who serve Celestial Lords themselves are known as heralds. They are blindingly fast as they need to convey messages from one Celestial Lord to another all the time and even deliver them to clerics of mortal world. Their magical trumpets do not produce music, but instead record and reproduce words of their masters. These words can have a powerful effect on followers of The Father, as hearing Celestial Lord directly fills them religious ecstasy and resolve to exterminate all evil that taints this beautiful world.

Celestial. This creature is a celestial; it is immune to attacking spells of Light and has 30% Darkness resistance. All negative effects cast on this creature last only half as long compared to average.  
Inspiration. This creature’s mere presence in the army increases Morale of all allies by 1.
Charmed Arrows. This creature shoots charmed arrows that fill enemy with mirth and serenity. It shakes enemy’s will to fight and lowers their Attack and Initiative by 1. It is a mind-affecting ability.
Celestial Message. Once per battle, this creature conveys a message from Paradise to all allies, which fills them with religious ecstasy and will to fight the forces of evil. All allies from Haven faction gains abilities Hates Demons, Hates Rakshasas and Hates Undead for next 3 turns.

Sister – Vestal
HP: 23 | 25
Attack: 5 | 6
Defense: 6 | 8
Damage: 6 – 9 | 6 – 9
Speed: 7 | 7
Initiative: 11| 13
Shots: -
Mana: 18 | 30  
Cost: 190 | 230
Growth: 9
Healing – 6 mana
Cleansing – 10 mana
Charm – 8 mana
Righteous Might – 6 mana

Darkness Resistance 25%, Light Strike, Caster | Darkness Resistance 50%, Light Strike, Caster, Purity, Aura of Pacification

Sisters, followers of the path of mercy, often accompany armies of Avelan. They treat wounds of soldiers, cure diseases and rise overall morale by spreading the word of The Father and celestials. During the battles, they usually stay away from the front line and provide magical support to allies. Not intended for a direct combat, they still receive some basic trainings and can fight, especially against forces of evil like undead or demons, as their strikes are filled with the energy of light, dangerous for all unholy fiends.
Vestals dedicate their entire life to helping others and spreading the faith in The Father. They spend hours every day praying and meditating, filling their bodies with mysterious celestial energy that protects them from dark magic and cursing spells. Vestals seek a peaceful resolution of all conflicts. They hatred for violence manifests in almost physical form as even the most cruel of creatures calm down and lose their will to fight in presence of these priestesses.

Aura of Pacification. Lowers Attack and Initiative of all enemies within 3 tiles from this creature by 2.

Witch Hunter – Mage Hunter
HP: 33 | 35
Attack: 10 | 12
Defense: 8 | 10
Damage: 8 – 11 | 8 – 13
Speed: 8 | 9
Initiative: 14 | 16
Shots: -
Mana: -  
Cost: 350 | 460
Growth: 5
Magic-Proof 25%, Witch Hunt | Magic-Proof 50%, Witch Hunt, Magic Cutter

“Magic is a gift from The Father to those of pure soul and strong will. It is a great power and even greater responsibility. But many want to use magic for their own selfish purposes. Wizards, witches, warlocks – their magic does not come from The Father, but from evil forces, demons and fiends. Such people are sinners, heretics who go against the will of God. We cannot let them use their magic to harm innocent people and do whatever they want!” – this is what Central Church says about magic. In Avelan, only clerics and Church-approved knights are allowed to use magic. Those who go against this law are hunted down by the “secret police” of the Church – witch hunters. These soldiers are selected from the young age and specifically trained to fight against magic users, although they are, of course, used to combat normal enemies too.
Mage hunters are sent after especially strong necromancers, warlocks and black mages. They have developed natural resistance to magic after years of intense trainings. In addition to this, mage hunters wear a special magic-absorbing armor. With their experienced eyes, they can detect mana flow inside one’s body and easily distinguish a magic user from the crowd of average folk. With a precise hit of their enchanted sword they can disturb mana flow in the body of mage and temporally leave it unable to cast spells.

Witch Hunt. This creature deals 30% more damage to enemies with Caster ability.
Magic Cutter. After this creature’s attack enemy cannot cast any spells for next 2 turns.


Cavalier – Cataphract
HP: 105 | 105
Attack: 20 | 23
Defense: 20 | 23
Damage: 20 – 25 | 20 – 25
Speed: 14 | 14
Initiative: 15 | 17
Shots: -
Mana: -  
Cost: 1400 | 1750
Growth: 2
Large Creature, Charge | Large Creature, Charge, Pushing Strike

The shock troops of the Avelan Empire, cavaliers are mounted on powerful horses. Carrying massive lances and heavily armored, they excel in both attack and defense. Combining their heavy weapon with the horse’s speed and power, they charge the enemy from afar, and the longer distance they passed the stronger an impact will be.
Cataphracts are warriors who spent countless battles on top of their horses. Both the rider and steed are draped from head to toe in heavy armor that adds additional impact to their powerful attacks. The group of cataphracts passes through enemy lines like a hot knife through butter, simply propelling away everyone on their way.

Charge. Using advantage of its weight and speed, this creature can increase its damage dramatically when charging. It gets a 5% bonus to damage it inflicts during attack for each tile it covered on the battlefield before the attack.
Pushing Strike. If this creature travelled at least 5 tiles before attacking, it will push enemy two tiles back with its strike. Such attack cannot be retaliated. It does not work on large creatures.

Griffin – Noble Griffin
HP: 55 | 60
Attack: 16 | 17
Defense: 12 | 15
Damage: 17 – 22 | 17 – 22
Speed: 9 | 9
Initiative: 13 | 15
Shots: -
Mana: -  
Cost: 800 | 950
Growth: 3
Large Creature, Flying, Retaliates Twice, Sky Dive | Large Creature, Flying, Unlimited Retaliation, Sky Dive, Sky Rush

Griffins are fierce and powerful beasts that inhabited plains and mountains of Avelan long before people came here. Initially, people wanted to exterminate all griffins since these aggressive creatures prefer flesh of horses to any other food and thus often attacked villages and towns. Many griffins were hunted down and killed in that terrible event known as Griffin War. But eventually people realized that these beasts can become valuable allies if domesticated and properly tamed. This is how union between humans and remaining griffins began. These mighty winged creatures will fight until the very end, fiercely attacking the enemy even when bleeding and wounded. They preferred method of hunt is a sudden assault from the sky, which they use on the battlefield to destroy enemy forces as well.
A special kind of griffins was bred after generations of work. So called noble griffins are bigger and more durable compared to average ones, and can wear special protective armor that raises their defense, but does not slow down their movements. These powerful and fearless beasts dive from the sky right into heart of enemy army, striking everyone on their way without a failure. Even when surrounded, they’ll never give up, hitting enemies back until the very end.

Sky Dive. The creature flies off the combat map and dives on his target at the end of the turn dealing 25% increased attack damage. Cooldown: 5 turns (activated ability).
Sky Rush. Once per combat this creature can perform an air attack against all the enemies in a line in the selected direction, dealing its normal damage to each target (activated ability).

Templar – Dragonslayer
HP: 90 | 95
Attack: 21 | 24
Defense: 21 | 24
Damage: 22 – 28 | 24 – 28
Speed: 7 | 8
Initiative: 13 | 15
Shots: -
Mana: -  
Cost: 1500 | 1850
Growth: 2
Strong Will, Blade Sweep | Strong Will, Blade Sweep, Giant Slayer

Templars is the most high-ranked order of knights. Only warriors who demonstrated extraordinary abilities, exceptional power and bravery can become templars. When initiated, they drink a special holy water that is said to raise their strength beyond that of normal human level and they earnestly demonstrate this on the battlefield. Carrying around a huge and heavy sword that average human has trouble even lifting off the ground, they can easily cut through several enemies at once.
Compared to beasts like dragons, sea serpents or hydras, humans are weak and fragile creatures. At least that’s what one might think until he or she meets a dragonslayer. They are a special division of knights selected from the mightiest templars and trained specifically to fight large-sized enemies. With a single blow of their gargantuan sword they can cut off a head of dragon. Of course, such weapon is very effective against a horde of smaller enemies as well.

Strong Will. All negative mind-affecting spells and abilities have 50% chance to fail when used on this creature.
Blade Sweep. This creature attacks 3 adjacent tiles in front of it, delivering damage to all who are within it.
Giant Slayer. This creature deals 50% more damage to large creatures.


Angel – Archangel
HP: 195 | 250
Attack: 30 | 35
Defense: 30 | 35
Damage: 50 | 55
Speed: 14 | 17
Initiative: 17 | 19
Shots: -
Mana: -  
Cost: 4000 + 1 gem | 5500 + 2 gems
Growth: 1
Celestial, Large Creature, Flying, Darkness Resistance 50%, Unbreakable Mind, Hates Demons, Protective Aura | Celestial, Large Creature, Flying, Darkness Resistance 75%, Unbreakable Mind, Hates Demons, Protective Aura, Resurrection

Angels are high-ranked celestials, warriors and guardians of Paradise. Rarely interfering into mortals’ affairs, they mostly come to this world by the call of powerful clerics to fight the hordes of demons. No evil shall escape from their blazing swords. But angels are not only symbols of divine ire, but of mercy as well. If you are a fighter of good and justice, you’ll find yourself enveloped in angel’s protective aura that lowers both physical and magical damage done to allies of the celestial warrior.
There are very few creatures capable of standing in battle against archangel. Blazing swords of The Father, these elite warriors are sent by Celestial Lords after the strongest demons and other forces of evil and destruction. Possessing almost divine power, archangels can grant a second chance to serve their nation for those who have fallen protecting the cause of good and justice.

Hates Demons. This creature deals 50% more damage to all demons. Presence of demons in army lowers this creature’s morale by 3.
Protective Aura. Lowers physical and magical damage received by all adjacent allies by 30%.
Resurrection. Once per battle, this creature can fully resurrect one stack of dead allies as if with spell Resurrection. Revived allies stay in the army after the battle ends (activated ability).

Nephilim – Empyrean
HP: 225 | 285
Attack: 28 | 34
Defense: 27 | 33
Damage: 40 – 55 | 45 – 60
Speed: 11 | 13
Initiative: 14 | 15
Shots: -
Mana: -  
Cost: 3800 + 1 crystal | 5200 + 2 crystals
Growth: 1
Large Creature, Strong Will, Magic-Proof 25%, Hammer Throw | Large Creature, Strong Will, Magic-Proof 25%, Hammer Throw, Tectonic Hammer, Earth Shaker

Nephilim are the race of giant humanoids of colossal strength and great intelligence. They were discovered by humans in northern regions of Avelan, and although initially they almost started a war against each other, they managed to become allies. Nephilim believe themselves to be descendants of some long forgotten deity, while angels declare that said deity is none other than The Father himself, and nephilim are one of “God-chosen” races (along with celestials themselves and humans). They are great blacksmiths and magicians, capable of creating unusual weapons. Nephelim usually fight with an enchanted hammer that is linked to its owner and will return to them even if thrown far away – this is very useful when enemy does not expect any ranged attack.
Chosen warriors of nephilim are called empyreans. They have incredible power even compared to other members of this giant race. Empyreans are armed with colossal hammers that weight up to several dozen tonnes. With a single blow of their weapon, they can make the very earth shake, dealing damage to everyone around them.

Hammer Throw. This creature can throw its hammer into any enemy on the battlefield, dealing it full damage regardless of the distance between them. The hammer returns back to this creature in the end of the next turn, until then this creature’s Attack and Damage are halved (activated ability).
Tectonic Hammer. Creature’s hits the ground with its giant hammer, dealing physical damage to all adjacent creatures. It does not affect flying creatures. Damage dealt is 50% of this creature’s full damage (activated ability).  
Earth Shaker. Once per battle, this creature initiates an earthquake (similar to the spell of the same name), that deals damage to all destructible structures and battle machines on the battlefield (activated ability).

A bunch of over-religious zealots who worship deity whose very existence is doubtful and who try to spread their faith among all willing and unwilling... They are good guys, I swear!

Next time, prepare some wetsuits and aqua-lungs (or water-breathing spells ), as we are about to go under the sea! Lagoon, faction of merfolk, is coming up next!


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Legendary Hero
posted June 05, 2017 04:44 AM

Well it's interesting, but it feels, I don't know, derivative. Now this isn't a criticism about your lineup, I feel the same about just about any Rampart/Preserve/Sylvan faction. I suppose it's got something to do with the whole 'wood elves' thing, those guys just get on my nerves.

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Tavern Dweller
posted June 05, 2017 05:55 PM
Edited by Zum-Graat at 17:58, 05 Jun 2017.

I know that some people here hate elves with passion. Mostly dark elves, but apparently wood elves too. My proposal is probably terrible to them, because it has not one, not even two, but three elven factions!
They are not completely elven, of course. As you probably noticed, I tried to give Sylvan more "feral", "wild" look, with many units being animals or bestial men (fauns, beorns). Make it closer to nature and actual wilderness, if you wish. And it has only one actual elven unit, which is pretty much HoMM's classic that is just needed in line-up.
Don't think of my Sylvan as "faction of wood elves". Think of it as "faction of wild nature, where humans, elves, fauns and many other creatures exist in union"

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Supreme Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted June 05, 2017 07:31 PM

I particularly don't fancy many same-race leading factions, but those will do as long as they feel unique and convincing in their role. As my own project is on hold, it's being a good thing that it's on a hiatus because it gives time to mull over a bit more the roles I have settled there. I was starting with a great assortment of factions, still pruning them, maybe 15 right now, but I think I'll get down to 14, probably, as things start to blend here and there and I would wager leaving some room and breath between faction conceptions.

Heroes-based proposal threadOn hold, while I'm writing my book. =)

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Legendary Hero
posted June 06, 2017 03:12 AM

Zum-Graat said:
I know that some people here hate elves with passion. Mostly dark elves, but apparently wood elves too. My proposal is probably terrible to them, because it has not one, not even two, but three elven factions!
Have to see how they turn out. I think the biggest reason I'm against elves is because they're so derivative, wood elves in particular coming straight out of Tolkien. Of course I have to say I'm using elves myself, but with a different origin to most, which I hope makes them a bit more interesting.

They are not completely elven, of course. As you probably noticed, I tried to give Sylvan more "feral", "wild" look, with many units being animals or bestial men (fauns, beorns). Make it closer to nature and actual wilderness, if you wish. And it has only one actual elven unit, which is pretty much HoMM's classic that is just needed in line-up.
Don't think of my Sylvan as "faction of wood elves". Think of it as "faction of wild nature, where humans, elves, fauns and many other creatures exist in union"
I did notice the fauns, and I like they're addition, along with all of the others.

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