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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: KoMM I: Red Sun
Thread: KoMM I: Red Sun

Hired Hero
posted June 05, 2017 01:22 AM
Edited by kiryu133 at 22:23, 05 Jun 2017.

KoMM I: Red Sun

Salutations, bruvas. It's I, Titvs, Chaplain and Lord Inquisitor at mmh7.com, Dark Overlord of Charlatanism at the Ivory Tower (spanish forum), Slayer of H6 fanboys, Tech-Priest at Photoshop, Prophet of the Great Schism,... and many, MANY, other titles that must not be named to preserve your weak sanity. After laying for eons in the darkness of cyberspace, I have return to bring you the glorious way of thinking of anarcho-fascism... wait, wrong forum. Let's start again: after the closing of mmh7.com comment section, I have been wandering in the infinite halls of the Ivory Tower, ploting and conspiring to create something that can open the gates to pure madness, changing the rules of Might and Magic forever... but, since I probably won't have the money, I would have to conform with striking fear into your hearts with my words.

/╲/╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/╱

/╲/╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/╱

/╲/╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/╱

/╲/╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/╱

/╲/╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/╱

/╲/╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/╱

/╲/╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/╱

You have been warned, about my madness and about my internet-learned bad/dank enlish.

I call this "Kingdoms of Might and Magic" (KoMM). The sole purpose of the new name is:
1) Cut relations with the erwin-tainted HoMM franchise.
2) Create some new type of playability.

Main differences would be:
A) More involvement in the civil aspect of your kingdom (not just the millitary aspect), having a more deep type of building. You would be directly involved in having to build hospitals, schools and **** like that. Also, you would have the duty of maintaining your population happy, at the risk of rebellions. This also means that building **** in your city/town would be something far more complex, with alternative options and limited stuff that could also change depending on the characteristics of your city/town.
B) Although cities would still be something fix in the map, we would introduce town, small cities that can be build anywere in the map, as many other constructions that may be build anywere in the adventure map.
C) The battles would involve packs of armies (no longer having one creature that represents 1000 or more)... I suppose that this would be simmilar to Age of Wonders 3 (I have not played that game yet). The hero will be inside the battle, being able to go alone without an army (more or less like in H4), but is health will be divided in sections, so (for example) if he loses 10% of his health, he will lose 10% of his strenght. The armies could also go alone without a hero, but the would need an special (and not-cheap) item/unit: the banner or standard-bearer. Leadership of the hero and quality of the banner would decide how many troops you can carry in that army. Several armies could be combined when attacking (like in Total War, I guess).

Got it? Fine, now let's go with the lore-lol. Everything related to the topic can be found (in spanish) HERE. There was a previous version thar some of you might have hear about since I posted it at mmh7.com in da old dank days of Heroes7 development. That version was scrapped for being too... normal; for my taste, at least.

In the first version, I tried to expand the lore of Lord Mrglin ironfist native world, in the new version I have combined it with Havec, the planet of "Might & Magic: Swords of Xeen" (that official fan-game that continues MM5). What we know about Havec is that it is a desertic wastland. What we know about Lord Morglin Ironfist native planet, as stated in the "Letters of Lord Morglin Ironfist" that can be found in the manual of H1, is:
1) It has a Red Sun.
2) Gravity is heavier than in Enroth/Colony.
3) Clime is very dry.
4) There is few knowledge of magic.

Around that I have created "Kingdoms of Might and Magic I: Red Sun". I used the geography of Mars to give to it a more consisten lore. In the last link I posted, you can find a map od the region known as "the Highlands" (because they are higher that any other continent):

Before starting, I want to put you all in the correct mood. Look up the artwork of Frazetta and Zdzislaw Beksinski. Listen to the music of Triarii and the OST of Conan the Barbarian (1982). I link two videos here.
Conan the Barbarian (1982)
This is the artistic style and the musical style that i have in mind... more or less.

In this planet, there are no oceans. The continental shelfs stand over an "empy ocean" known as the Red Desert, resulting in continents that end in a vertical cliff that leads to a very deep desert of oxide where the wind causes "oxid storms" that could flay anyone in a matter of seconds. In the map, it is that orange zone labeled as "Desierto Rojo". The light-grey zone labeled as "Abismo Humeante" is the Smoking Abyss, a volcanic breach that keeps ejecting smoke, creating some sort of "sea of smoke", a fog or mist that covers the breach, but almost never gets over the continental shelfs. The Broken Lands (Tierras Quebradas) are a series of islands located in said abyss, and inhabiteted mostly by demons and barbarians. Far to the north, you have the Frozen Wastelands (Yermos Helados), a glacial land were only savage tribes of nomad orcs dare to live, between the deadly frozen winds. The Broken Lands are also affected by these frozen winds. On the left you have the Badlands (Tierras Baldías), a lower continent with hotter clime, a gigantic desert ruled by the Califate of the Dunes (some sort of sand version of Siberia); it is almost three times as big as the Highlands. In the middle you have the Great Marsh (Gran Marisma), where alien plants grow, very hostile and very weird; tribes of lizardmen lurk from the shadows in this place (it is a volcanic place, lower in altitude, with many geysers and some small seas (the only place where you can find a sea apart from the underground)); have a look at the movie Dark Crystal to have a close idea of how this place looks like. South, you have the Golden Steppe (Estepa Dorada), a place inhabitated by beastmen tribes. Souther, you have the Ironfist Peninsula (Península del Ironfist), where the old Ironfist kindgdom once was. Left to the last three mentioned places, you have the Rocky Hills (Colinas Rocosas), over where the Lavinian Empire rules, with their capital at the city of Lavinia, in the Peninsula of Etruria.

In this map you can see five Shield Volcanos. The Ironfist Peninsula is one of them, but it is lower in altitude (the other four are very high); not much high than the continent, but high enough to have a cold climate besides being into the south. The small three are, from north to south: Mount Silence (Monte Silencio), Mount Dread (Monte Pavor), and Mount Massacre (Monte Masacre). The big one to the right is the Mountain of Madness (La Montaña de la Locura). There is one that doesn't appear in the map and that is almost as big as the Mountain of Madness: Mount Prision. This last one is far to the West, South to the Badlands, in the middle of the Red Desert. We will go into historical details soon.

Finally, the sky. The sky is orange during the day. There are two emerald-green moons with the form of dodecahedrons. There is also an "Iron Ring" tied to the planet with eight "Iron Spires" (take a look at Mars in the WH40k universe, THAT is an Iron Ring).

Now that eveything about geography is explained, let's take a look into HISTORY. By the way, gravity is heavier, which means that the planet is also bigger.

The planet would have served as Forge-Planet for the Ancients, being an overpopulated world with huge factories. The Shield Volcanos themselves would have been the main forges. Because of this, there are several ruins all over the planet, like monuments to the destruction suffered. These ruins have been looted for centuries, and now only the squeletons of these structures, to big to be taken, remain. Huge overpopulated cities lay now buried under the sands of the Badlands. When the war with the Kreegans started, this planet suffered centuries of siege. The armies of angels that protected this planet falled into madness and became the Angels of Death, devourers of souls who created endless armies of frankenstein-monsters to fight the demons and who covered the sky in poisonous clouds. The madness reached the point were you could no longer tell who was worse, if the demons or the angels.

The angels won, commanded by their Guardian, Thanatos. But it was a tight victory, they were weakened and the peoples the ruled hated them. Far in the north, to races of giants, the Giants of Fire and the Giants of Frost put and end to their endless conflicts when an alliance was formed by two heroes of their races. They became on single race: the Storm Giants. This new race commanded the many races of the planet in a big rebellion. Ultimately, they failed, but not before achieving one big victory: they defeated the corrupted Guardian Thanatos, and took his heart (known as the Heart of Darkness) so he could not be resurrected. To this day, the whereabouts of the Heart of Darkness, an artifact that could both resurrect Thanatos or give to his user god-like powers, remains unkown, since the giants swore to hide this unholy artifact forever. in their pursue of the Heart of Darkness, the Angels of Death exterminated the giants, but they couldn't find the artifact. Without the lead of their Guardian, their empire started to colapse, while the inhabitants of Havec started praying to the giants as their gods, considering those who were half-giants to be demigods.

In the first day of the calendar, three half-brother half-giants lead an army of dwarves, elves and humans against the main fortress of the angels in the Ironfist Peninsula (called like this because of its form): Taranis, half-human; Esus, half-elf; and Teutates, half-dwarf. Through this alliance, they conquered the Ironfist Peninsula, and exiled the angels to the sky, from where they lurked for centuries. Taranis was made king, and adopted the last name Ironfist. Some centuries later, this alliance was broken during a civil war, and humans took over. The dwarves moved to the shield-volcanos (Silence, Dread, Massacre and Madness), were dwarven communities already existed. The elves divided in two groups, one scattered through the planet, the other one manged to cross a misterious portal to another world, were they would be known as "dark elves", this is the same portal that would be used in the future by Lord Morglin Ironfist.

Meanwhile, the city of Lavinia had been founded by the hero Lavinus the Great. After a monarchial period and some wars with north barbarians, they would became a republic and they would start to slowly expand. Later on, the philosophers in Lavinia would invent the gunpowder. The Rocky Hills, being a place were big fortress were built to resist any kind of siege, falled quickly to the millitary power of the Lavinian Republic. As it reached its peak, internal crisis lead a commander named Maximus to sieze power and become the first emperor, transforming the Lavinian Republic into the Lavinian Empire. In this time of expansion, the Lavinian Empire developed the zeppelins and entered in many wars against the Dune Caliphate.

During all of that, the big dwarven empires started to fall because of strange events. First it was the Mount Silence: one day, withouth any explanation, the entire population of this huge kingdom disappeared. Second, it was the Mount Dread: one random day, the entire population of this huge kingdoms felt such fear that they throwed everything and started runing away... for days, withouth stoping. Third, it was the Mount Massacre: its entire population slowly fall into violence and madness, until they ended up killing each other in horrible ways. Finally, there was the Mountain of Madness, a curious case, since every document on what actually happened there was burned down, the dwarves forbid to talk about it, and the gates of the kingdom were sealed... not just to keep people out, but also to keep something in. In spite of the dwarven efforts, rumors exist that there was a batlle against an unkown enemy inside the Mountain of Madness. In the Ironfist Peninsula, people stopped making journies into the underground because of strange events; and the Mount Prisions, the last fortress of the Angels in land, was abandoned.

Lord Morglin Ironfist disappears in the year 632 of the Havec calendar. That's before the Lavinian Republic become an Empire. After he went to Enroth/Colony, his cousing Ragnar went fully crazy. The whole thing was a plan made by the angels, who manged to sent Morglin to another planet while the ploted to took over to wath was left of the Ironfist kingdom (because, at this point, the Ironfist Peninsula was divided in manu kingdoms known as the Iron Kingdoms; but Castle Ironfist is over the tomb of Thanatos). Ragnar ends up killing wis wife and supposed children after discovering that they were they children of Morglin. He ends up going full crazy and becames a tyran who tries to reconquer the entire peninsula. But a massive barbarian invasion ends with his life, also puting an end to the schemes of the angels (for the moment). The barbarians rule most of the Peninsula... until something unexpected happens. An insectoid swarm, part of an alien species of big insects who move in swarms from one planet to other, was stucked in an erratic nacelle (CRON, from MM2) which they had devoured. The erratic nacelle, after many years floating in space, crused against Havec, in the middle of the Red Desert. Its destruction caused a magical storm, reawekening magic in the planet. The nacelle was broken and its fragments remained floating over the lave lake that they clahs had caused, a place that will be known as the Flaming Islands. With their queen dead because of the clash, the insectoids went without command trying to eat everything, and they failed, being forced to return to the Flaming Islands. During the war, the barbarian king who killed Ragnar died. The angels saw this as an oportunity and resurrected Ragnar as an skeleton king. Ragnar changed his name from Ragnar Ironfist to Ragnar Ironclaw, an accepted the alliance with the Angels of Death. Every noble who was aligned with Ragnar was "blessed" with the "gift" of vampirism. The Angels of Death were ready to start a new war, and to retake their rule over the mortals. These vampire counts who served them ruled over the terrified mortal population and feeded on their blood while the Angels of Death feeded on their souls.

Now... I know you are wanting this, so let's break it down: FACTIONS.

Lavinian Empire
Dune Caliphate
Barbarian Tribes (beast-men)
Savage Orcs (HORDE – Frozen Wastelands).

STEALTH: (stealth, speed, and alternative ways)
Insectoid Swarm
Dark Elves (autum)
Saurian Clans
Hill Dwarves (HORDE)

Vampire Counts
Demonologist Masters
Abyssal Legions
Mummified Warriors (HORDE)

I will put the translated line-ups in the comments. Let's describe them a bit, shall we?

Lavinian Empire: like the Roman Empire, but with XVI century tech. It would be a bit "Clockpunk" (also known as Da Vinci Punk). They ride big wolves.
Dune Caliphate: arabian-like empire. They are not wizards, they would be a faction completely focused on might.
Barbarian Tribes: beast-men, no orcs.
Savage Orcs: savage orcs from the Frozen Wastelands and rebellious slave-orcs from the Lavinian Empire and the Dune Caliphate. They are a Horde Faction, which means they don't use cities.

Insectoid Swarm: legions of human-size insectoids. They are good at magic. They focus on speed.
Dark Elves: "autum elves". Not so "hippie", more fatalistic and brutal. Tend to be terrorist and bandits who fight against the Lavinian Empire from the inside. Have a look at the elves in Disciples 3 to have a close idea.
Saurian Clans: the organize in temple-cities inside the weird jungles of the Great Marsh and resist against the lavinian colonist.
Hill Dwarves: exiled of their ancient homelands, now they move from one place to another in merchant caravans. They are a Horde Faction, which means they don't use cities.

Vampire Counts: vampire overlords who rule over a terrified mortal population. Their armies are a combination of living cultist and undead armies (mostly frankenstein monsters).
Demonologist Masters: the barbarians of the north have allied with the kreegan remnants. This possesed bersekers mean a great threat against the Lavinian Empire.
Abyssal Legions: for eons the Forgottens have been imprisioned inside this planet, after a war previous to the existence of the Ancients. And now, they are waking up. These nightmarish alien creatures have the ability of drive their enemies crazy. They can merge with the shadows and make their enemies forget of their existence. A very hard-to-fight enemy because all their dirty tricks.
Mummified Warriors: there are many tombs in the Badlands, and many corpses buried under its sands. The mummified warriors raise them all. From skeletons to ghosts trapped inside armours, these mummy lords are becoming a raising problem in the Badlands. They are a Horde Faction, which means they don't use cities.

Aaaaaaaand... this is all for today. Is they best resume I can make. You can always go to the fount, where things are not in proper order (lol) and use gugal translatah. I'm tired right now, I will post the translations for the line-ups on another day.

Meanwhile, I will wait for your opinions.

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Hired Hero
posted June 05, 2017 01:42 AM
Edited by Tito_Reni at 21:33, 06 Jul 2017.

Before I go away:
1) The worten-spider-meme doesn't work,
2) WARNING: there are many orthographic crimes in this text.
3) I forgot to say: the demonologist are an idea that plays around the idea of the Ice Demons of H4, being black demons who are both related to fire and ice.




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Hired Hero
posted June 05, 2017 08:01 PM
Edited by Tito_Reni at 21:30, 06 Jul 2017.

Well... time to define the Lavinian Empire, my favourite one. By the way, your comment rules suck. If no one replays and I want this **** to appear as updated... my post count decrease???

Anyway. Have some dank stuff.
Clockpunk definition
Gugal Pictures - Clockpunk
Gugal Pictures - Clock Punk

And, now, two pictures to ilustrate the point:
This one goes in link cause is bigger than mah di**

Music to put you in the mood:
Triarii - We Are One
Triarii - Europa
Triarii - Emperor of the Sun
Triarii - Victoria
Triarii - Legio VI Ferrata
Triarii - For the Fallen Ones

So, before begining, a few things I forgot to tell: RESOURCES. Not all resources, I'm going to talk about metals, since it's going to be a bit important for this faction. I'm going to use already used names because I don't wanna be confusing myself.
A) "Dragonsteel" (provisional name): Basically, "red gold". Since, you know, here we have yellow sun, yellow gold. So, because of the Red Sun, in Havec we have red gold. The Emperors use a customized "dragonsteel" mask instead of a crown, and they are buried with this mask.
B) Orichalcum (this one if a definitive name): Same thing, here we have grey moon, so grey silver. In Havec the moons are green, so the "silver" (or it's equivalent) is green.
C) "Shadowsteel" (provisional name): this one would be the equivalent of bronce. It would be something between black and blue.

Acording to the rank of units and heroes, they would be using ornaments of each metal.

Another thing: CLIMATE. So, there are two seasons: dry and wet. In the dry season, dust storm rise from the Red Desert; this volcanic dust ferilizes the ground. These dust storm are caused byt the fact that the south hemisphere is more exposed to the sun, reavivating volcanic regions like acid lakes and causing such a heat that all the dust and ashes float to the sky, where they are moved by strong winds. In the wet season, the north hemisphere is more exposed to the sun, the Frozen Wastelands melt and huge storm clouds move to the south, carring rain with them.

There is also another important phenomenon going on in this planet: the solar storms. These are caused by the dying sun, which releases solar flares. When these solar flares impact gainst the planet, the natural magnetic field stops them. But these solar flares affect the magnetic field, causing red-thunder storms. These solar storms are very destructive, and the peoples from the Lavinian Empire always take these as a sign from the gods.

In Kingdoms of Might and Magic, the climatic conditions affect the gameplay. For example, your buildings could be damaged by these solar storms, and there will be actions that could only be made in one of the two seasons. This would also mean that some factions work better at an specific season.

Now, the line-up.


City: Fortress.
Gobernor: Oracle.
Heroes (Might - Stealth - Magic): Commander, Technocrat, Augur.
Mount: Warg (depending on hero: red, brown, white).
1) Militiaman / Legionary
2) Fusilier / Veteran Fusilier
3) Swordsman / Duelist
4) Warg Rider / Black Warg Rider
5) Djinn / Master Djinn
6) Roc / Thunderbird
7) Mechanical Colossus / Steam Colossus / Magnetic Colossus
---> Siege Weapons (Blaista, Tent, Catapult): Canon, Battle Musicians, Tank.

Let's go deep into each element.


The Rocky Hills are a very complicated terrain which offers very good places to build fortifications. The cities in this region of the planet are very well defended fortress with strong walls. In the past, these peoples focused on building high walls, but the invention of gunpowder by the philosophers of Lavinia changed everything. The new cannons could tear appart any wall. The Lavinian Empire managed to conquer all the Rocky Hills, but it's attempts at conquering other places have been frustrated, since their tactis almost only work on their terrain, not being able to fight in open terrains like the Golden Steppes. Since the expansion of the Lavinian Republic (now Lavinian Empire), the walls of these fortress have been rebuilt to stand against the cannons, focusing more on having thick walls than high walls. The developing of zeppelings has also changed the ways of war, and these cities are very well prepared to strike against any air-attack, having high towers which defend them from these zeppelins.

Because of how rugged is the terrain of the Rocky Hills, these cities are not built over a flat terrain, but over an almost vertical terrain. The building are all over the walls of laberintic cliffs, conected to the other sides with large bridges. The advanced architecture and engineering of the philosophers allow them to build an almost impossible city. Thousands of aqueducts crown the city, big temples stand over the higher hills with radiant domes which reflect the red sunlight, and statues of past heroes decorate the plazas.


The gobernor would be something almost exactly like in Heroes 2, with the difference that he can learn new skills like a normal hero. These skill are learned through money (you have to buy them), not through experience. His skills consist in things like management of civil affairs.

The Oracle is the leader of the Augurs (the priests of the old religions). They focus on adivination and anti-magic. The Oracle is able to predic almost every movement of the enemy, so the creatures under his command recive a bonus on dodge and defense.

Heroes: Commander, Technocrat and Augur

The Commander is the Might hero of this Faction. They ride an special type of big warg which is red as the sun. They and their wargs wear armour (not heavy, remember that here gravity is heavier, so unless someone is a half-giant, heavy armour is prohibited), their main weapon is a spear and they have in their belt a gun for special ocasions and a sword for close combat.

The Technocrat is the Stealth hero of this Faction. They ride an special type of big warg which is brown and can be stealthy. They are the main philosopher school in the Lavinian Empire and they dress with brown clothes. They also have access to techno-armour, a type of heavy armour powered by mechanical mechanisms which not only compensate the weight of the armour, but also give extra strenght. Their wargs can also equip these techno-armours, but they would lose their stealth skills while they have that on. The technocrats are allied with the Guilds, asociations of merchants and craftsmen, which give them a deep knowledge in economy and makes them good at bargain, so they get discounts on stores.

The Augur is the Magic hero of this Faction. They ride an special type of big warg which is white. These white wargs have affinity with magic, giving to his raider special bonuses. The augurs are priests, this means that they don't take their magic from themselves, they use their faith to invoke the power of their gods. In reality, these are just supertitions, since their gods are not real. What they actually do is to summon the spirits of nature, which they relate to their fictional gods. They have also learn from the dwarves the techniques of the runes, being able to concentrate a spell in this rune and then free it. However, their real main skill is to anulate magic, something they have become too good at. They can create anti-magic fields around them that anulate almost any kind of spell. They can curse an spellcaster for a small period of time to decrease their magical power, and they can even rid them of their mana. The augurs have a big rivalry with the technocrats.

Creatures (general)

The pictures here are to illustrate the point. The standard armour includes a greek-like helmet (spartan), and an uniform which would be a mix between the roman uniforms and the XVI Century european uniforms.

Militiaman / Legionary

In the past, the legionaries carried a short spear and a shield. The discovery of gunpowder changed this, since those shields could not stand against the firearms. Instead, they now carry just a very long spear, which is very efficient against raiders. However, the militiaman still carry those smaller spears and the rectangular shield.

The new metal alloys achieved by the technocrats give them resistant armour that is still light.



Fusilier / Veteran Fusilier

In the past, these units of the lavinian army would have been carring bows or crossbows. Now, they carry rifles. They have less armour than the legionaries, limiting just to a breastplate.

Swordsman / Duelist

Armed with rapiers and dressed with a cape, these duelist are knights obsessed with their status. They can be hired at theaters and operas, and they solve their disputes with duels. Although their main weapon is their rapiers, they also have a pistol (with limited use per combat). The upgraded one carries two rapiers instead of one.

Warg Rider / Black Warg Rider

The basic one rides a grey warg, the upgraded one rides a black warg. They are both (the raider and the warg) covered with light armour. They use spears in combat.

Djinn / Master Djinn

The Djinns are the genies of air. The have light-blue skin and white eyes. They have joined the Lavinian Empire after Shalwend, Lord of Air and survivor of CRON, made an alliance with the Lavinian Empire.

Roc / Thunderbird

The alliance with the Air Elementals has allowed the Lavinian Empire to tame the Rocs and Thunderbirds.

Mechanical Colossus / Steam Colossus / Magnetic Colossus

Two upgrades. The first one can only fight mele. The second one has cannons. The third one can shoot thunderbolts.

The colossus is the biggest technological wonder created by the technocrats. It's piloted by a crew of mechanics who can fix the slight damages that the colossus can suffer.

Siege Weapons

Canon: The canon is a basic big canon which can cause destruction and chaos between the enemy forces.

Battle Musicians: The Battle Musicians use their music to inspire courage into the hearts of their allies and fear into the hearts of their enemies. Their music has a huege impact on troops, being able to restore moral and give temporary extra strengh or defense to their troops thanks to their music. They are very used in the armies, since they are the best instrument to coordinate troops.

Tank: The tank is the perfect weapon to point at walls and big enemies. It's very resilient to stand enemy attacks, but it's also very slow.


And that's everything for today.





I'm going to continue with Factions, this time the Dune Caliphate and the Barbarian Tribes:


City: Palace.
Governor: Satrap.
Hero Classes: Janissarie (Might), Hassassin (Stealth), Geomancer (Magic).
Hero Mount: Elephant (or Rhino, or Camel).

1) Gnoll / Gnoll Trapper

This creature is the result of mixing humans with their therianthropistic counterpart, the lycans. The result is a more humanoid version of the lycan who cannot change form. In the Dune Caliphate, they look like jackals and are used for stealth operations.

2) Stone Golem / Mineral Golem

The Geomancers of the Dune Caliphate have developed these constructs for several purposes, from workers to soldiers.

Note: The Golem is obvioulsy not that big, but human-sized.

3) Snake-Man / Snake Warrior

These desert nagas have adapted very well to the enviroment, specializing in being archers. They use their own venom to poison their arrows. Their heads are like cobras, and they also have rattlesnake tail. Most of them are red, but the most poisonous of them are black.

Note: Link

4) Rakshasa / Blademage

This creature is the result of the cross between an elf and their therianthropistic counterpart, the cat-men. The result is the Rakshasa, a humanoid feline. In the Dune Caliphate, they look like lions. They are very good with swords, and have learned how to combine their magic with their blades.

5) Dao / Visir Dao

The Dao is a genie from the Elemental Plane of Earth. When the nacelle CRON, after being ravaged by insectoids, crassed into Havec, the Elemental Lords who lived there searched alliances with the existing kingdoms of Havec. While Shalwend, Lord of Air, searched an alliance with the Lavinian Empire, Gralkor searched an alliance with the Dune Caliphate.

The Daos tend to be bold or with black/brown hair. They also have yellow skin and purple eyes.

6) Stymphalian Bird / Huma

These ancient birds have the abilitie of spiting acid. They are also very resilient against sickness.

7) Avenger / Holy Avenger / Divine Avenger

The origin of this creatures is not clear. Some say that they are a creation of the Death Angels, the beastmen counterpart to the lizardmen. In any case, they have become the most important warriors of the Dune Caliphate, and the symbol of their empire.

They use their priest abilities to enhance tremendously their combat skills. They look like bird-men, without wings, and as the get old they go from multicolour like a parrot, to blue and then to full white.

Siege Weapons:

Sand Golem

This construct is designed for devastating ranged attacks, but they are also very expensive to produce, so the Caliphate uses them as ballistas.


This creature has the size of a half-gigant, and they all tend to be mistics who can use their powers to heal others.


An advanced form of the catapult which can throw big and heavy objets very far away.


City: Stronghold.
Governor: Behemoth.
Hero Classes: Chieftain, Marauder, Battle Wizard.
Hero Mount: Battle Boar.

1) Goat-Man / Satyr

It's believed that the satyrs are the result of the experiments done by the Death Angels on elves.

2) Harpy / Fury

Another horrendous creation of the Death Angels. These ones live in cliffs and hunt their preys in cowardly ways. As they get more old and hideous, they also get more angry.

3) Boar-Man / Boar Skirmisher

The boar-men are the beastmen counterpart of the dwarves.

4) Griffin / Battle Griffin

The beastmen have learned to tame this savage creatures.

5) Centaur / Devastating Centaur

Another horrendous creation of the Death Angels. These ones march brutally in battle, devastating everything in their path with their melee attacks.

6) Minotaur / Minotaur Guardian

The minotaur is the beastmen counterpart of the humans.

7) Cyclops / War Cyclops / Blood-Eye Clyclops

This creature is the result of the mixing between gigants and beastmen.

Siege Weapons:


The Ballista is a primitive catapult of a very big size.


This crazy medic will make you more harm than good, but you will be able to keep fighting after his... "treatment".


The beastmen have managed to build this primitive version of a catapult, which they use to throw almost anything, from stones to rotten corpses, and even assault troops.

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