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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: H2 factions in H3
Thread: H2 factions in H3

Tavern Dweller
Pecking at goblins
posted October 01, 2017 08:28 PM
Edited by Aquilo at 20:32, 01 Oct 2017.

H2 factions in H3

H2 factions in H3

I want to tell you what I thought up recently. I hope there wasn't a thread like this before, whatever, here we go:

My favorite HoMM game is the third one, however, I also really like HoMM2. I noticed that the creatures in H3 have been swapped between factions and are different, for example hydra is in Fortress, not in warlock town (Dungeon in H3). So I wondered how would it be if there were H2 factions in H3.
- most h2 creatures are present in h3, so that will make things easier
- Factions: Warlock (Dungeon), Sorceress (Rampart), Wizard (Tower), Necromancer (Necropolis), Barbarian (Stronghold), and Knight (Castle).
- in h2 there are only six creatures in town, however in h3 there are seven. I'm not gonna reduce it to six so there will be one creature that was not present in certain faction in h2
- Some creatures will be changed a little or renamed to match their h2 friends
- In h2 not all units could be upgraded. I'm not gonna change this either
- Creatures moved to different tiers will have changed stats
- I will modify it a bit, so it's not identical to h2, but similar

Ok, let's get started with towns:
A. Knight
town: castle
original line-up: peasants, archers-hunters, pikemen-veterans, swordsmen-swordmasters, cavaliers, paladins-crusaders
new line up:
1. Peasant
(normal, hopeless h3 peasant)
Upgrade: Pikemen
(strong as halberdiers)
Dwelling: Guardhouse
2. Archers -> Rangers
(archers with actual bows)
Dwelling: Archer's Tower
3. Crossbowmen - Marksmen
Dwelling: Training Arena (edited monastery)
4. Swordsmen
Upgrade: Master swordsmen
(bigger sword, shoulder armor)
Dwelling: Barracks
5. Paladins
(crusaders, but lacking shield and holding bigger sword in both hands)
Upgrade: Crusaders
(gold armour, even bigger sword)
Dwelling: Paladin sanctuary (renamed griffin bastion)
6. Cavaliers -> Champions
7. Angels -> Archangels
As you can see, I swapped tiers of Paladins and Cavaliers because Cavaliers in h3 are excellent as 6 tier, and I think jousting cavalry is more dangerous than a knight. Also I kept Angels, mostly to make the new Castle less boring and human-y, and Crusaders or Champions are not good for tier 7.

B. Sorceress
town: rampart
original line-up: sprites, dwarves, elves, druids, unicorns, phoenixes
New line-up:
1. Pixies -> Sprites
Dwelling: Treehouses (edited centaur stables)
2. Dwarves -> Battle dwarves
3. Wood elves -> Grand elves
4. Druids
(renamed monks)
Upgrade: Greater druids
(renamed and recolored <purple or green> zealots)
Dwelling: Enchanted spring (im not sure whether to replace it with stonehenge or not...)
5. Dendroid guards -> Dendroid soldiers
6. Unicorns -> War unicorns
7. Firebirds -> Phoenixes
Dwelling: Red tower (edited dragon cliff)

C. Warlock
town: dungeon
original line-up: centaurs, gargoyles, griffins, minotaurs, hydras, green, red, black dragons
New line-up:
1. Centaurs
(centaur but with a bow)
Upgrade: Centaur captains
(centaur captain but with a bow)
Dwelling: Centaur camp (edited warren)
2. Gargoyles -> Obsidian gargoyles
Dwelling: Stone tower (edited pillar of eyes)
3. Griffins -> Royal griffins
Dwelling: Griffin nests (renamed harpy loft)
4. Minotaurs -> Minotaur kings
5. Hydra -> Chaos hydra
(i think i will give them snake bodies to match their h2 ancestors and make them look smaller because tier 5 can't be that big)
Dwelling: Altar of Serpents (renamed chapel of stilled voices)
6. Unchanged manticores
7. unchanged dragons

D. Wizard
town: tower
original line-up: halflings, boars, golems, rocs, magi, titans
New line-up:
1. Halflings
Upgrade: Veteran halflings
(maybe bigger stones, helmets and white clothes)
Dwelling: Workshop
2. Boars
(boar rider without rider)
Upgrade: Savage/Fierce boars
(maybe bigger and white to match snowy mountains)
Dwelling: Boar arena (edited golden pavillion)
3. Iron golems
Upgrade: Steel golems
(silver iron golems)
Dwelling: Golem factory
4. Magi -> Archmagi
5. Rocs -> Thunderbirds
Dwelling: Eagle sanctuary (renamed parapet)
6. Genies -> Master genies
7. Giants - Titans

E. Barbarian
town: stronghold
original line-up: goblins, orcs, wolves, ogres, trolls, cyclopses
new line-up:
1. Goblins -> Hobgoblins
2. Orcs -> Orc chieftains
(more boar-like and with crossbows)
3. Dire wolves
(wolf riders without riders
Upgrade: Savage wolves
(wolf raiders without raiders)
Dwelling: Wolf pen
4. Harpies -> Harpy hags
Dwelling: Cliff nest
5. Ogres -> Great ogres
(loses ability to cast bloodlust but gains more damage)
6. Trolls -> Battle trolls
(trolls, but with rocks and act like cyclopses, recoloured upgrade)
Dwelling: Troll bridge (edited cyclops cave)
7. Cyclopses -> Cyclops kings
(like in h2)
Dwelling: Cyclops cave (renamed behemoth crag)
Why harpies? Because they nicely suit barbarians and are also present in that faction in newer games.

F. Necromancer
town: necropolis
original line-up: skeletons, zombies, mummies, vampires, liches, bone dragons
1. Skeletons unchanged
2. Zombies -> Mutated zombies
(walking dead with purple upgrade)
3. Mummies -> Royal mummies
(basic: mummy without ornaments and with poorer staff, upgrade: mummy)
Dwelling: Tomb of curses (edited tomb of souls)
4. Vampires unchanged
5. Liches unchanged
6. Dread knights unchanged
7. Bone dragons unchanged

~ Other towns ~
While Inferno remains unchanged, Fortress loses Hydra and Conflux loses Sprites and Phoenix, so the gaps need to be filled.
- Inferno (Demoniac)
unchanged, lol
- Fortress (Beastmaster)
1. Gnoll
2. Lizardman
3. Serpent Fly
4. Medusa
dwelling is hydra pond renamed "Lake of Snakes"
5. Basilisk
6. Gorgon
7. Wyvern

- Conflux (Elementalist)
1. Leprechaun, a completely new creature
melee, with constant positive luck
dwelling is magic lantern
2. Air El.
3. Water El.
4. Fire El.
5. Earth El.
6. Psychic El.
7. Faerie Dragon
Upg.: Magical Dragon (recolored or something)
dwelling: Magic Vortex (recolored and renamed pyre)
Of course they are both nerfed so they can be a tier 7 unit

Disclaimer: I am not totally 100% sure that I will make this, because it's not that easy, and I don't have that much free time, so treat this thing as a speculation for now
Ps. I hope you like it.
Ps2. I am not spamming, I just noticed that my topic was deleted from H5 modder's workshop (I put it there by accident), so I can now post it in the right place, and with some new changes
birbdz rulez!

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Famous Hero
posted October 01, 2017 08:50 PM

Hmmm. Haven't you heard about The Succesion Wars mod??

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Famous Hero
posted October 01, 2017 10:13 PM

Maybe he like prefer H3 graphic design, and not to turn Heroes 3 into Heroes II with Heroes II Mechanics.

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