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Heroes Community > Summoners Academy > Thread: Farmable monster team for tower 51
Thread: Farmable monster team for tower 51

Tavern Dweller
posted February 23, 2018 06:07 PM
Edited by Grifsta at 18:18, 23 Feb 2018.

Farmable monster team for tower 51

To help out fellow noobs like myself, what is the best team for tower level 51 using farmable monsters. Like the "Clowning around" event gives light elemental, dire wolf and mechanical owl , or the red ogre and fire bat from last event.

Could you make a team that would pass tower 51 from farmable monsters?

If so what ones and where to farm them.

Bronze/silver/gold enchants?

Minimum/recommend totem alter levels?

For ease of it, figure all creatures are farmable, max+ , fully awoken. 2-3dot unless it's a easily obtained 4dot

I know it would help out newer players to beat the tower and evolve to better players . Thanks in advance.

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Hired Hero
posted February 23, 2018 10:38 PM

So beating tower 51 is a great milestone for players to reach. To win using only easy obtainable creatures is no easy task, but possible, especially now with the addition of shrines, keeps and enchants.

The team I used:

I cheated a bit using jade, but it should not be too hard to be obtained by most. Everyone should be 3 dots or more, fully totemd and bronze stat enchant. HP being the most important. Fully awaken all the creatures, except maybe Jade dragon.

Now where to farm them and their roles:

Jade Dragon
Recruit 4 people, use your friend code on 4 other devices
Will provide all the buffs and cleans when awakened. Will also be used as a mana bank to provide mana for other creatures.

Farm it on the rotating event quest - Forest Fliers
To silence the last boss in combination with a stunner.
The silence lasts 2 turns, so you can stun twice for every silence.

Tower lvl 33 and 45. Can be hard and tedious to get that 3 dot
To resurrect dead creatures, heal team and provide cleans+protection buff.
Give it assassin tome so it take less attacks.

Tower lvl 6. Can also be very hard and tedious to get that 3 dot
A stunner. The entire job of this creature is to stun the bosses.
If you have another stunner that's epic or boss size, it's probably better to use that.

Farm it on the rotating event quest - Sky Safari
Damage dealer that isn't color countered. It will also provide a heal if luck buff is active already.
(Buff from Jade does also count)

The fight will be long grind, and it will probably take more then one try. The last boss will be the hardest. Keep it stunned and silenced at all times and keep cleansing your creatures with jade and hippogriff. They will be debuffed when using specials on the boss. Hopefully Hippogriff or jade dragon survives the mass silence from the boss when it reaches low hp. Use them to cleanse and rezz rest of the team and kill the boss.

I did this after many tries without kingdom buffs, so with shrines and keeps it will probably be a bit easier. Also this isn't a recommended team to use, but a possible that most people can get working with just farming creatures. If you are probably better better of using legendary creatures if you have any good ones.

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