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Heroes Community > Heroes 7 - Falcon's Last Flight > Thread: Tips and Tricks H7 Editor
Thread: Tips and Tricks H7 Editor

Known Hero
posted April 03, 2018 10:40 AM
Edited by MoritzBradtke at 10:42, 03 Apr 2018.

Tips and Tricks H7 Editor

Hello, is anyone still building maps for the game? i'm intrested in Building Scenario maps and campaign maps.... that is the only Kind of maps worth playing since skirmish map AI sucks, so u have to "script" the difficulty, also H7 is much more enjoyable with a good Story on the map (-:

now i know the Editor has some Problems, however, i guess u can avoid some stuff that crashes the Editor, so what causes the Editor to Crash?

i've found out this so far

1. for some reason the tool for placing trees etc in masses is bugged, if i try this only the first tree in the template will be placed, the others just dont work, also the Editor will Crash when i try to save, 1 type of tree or grass whatever will work, by then u have to manually place every single flower, i dont know why this happens to me but ive heard others have similiar Problems, i didnt had this Problem a while ago but for some reason i cant do this anymore, using several type of trees if i dont place them one by one..... any idea if there is a fix? guess not lol

2. changing map properties in H7 edior may Crash when u save, editing in unreal mode works better it seems

i would like to do a few maps in the future, so any help woulb be apprecied (-:

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