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Heroes Community > Heroes 7 - Falcon's Last Flight > Thread: New Abilities for Units [UCP]
Thread: New Abilities for Units [UCP]

Supreme Hero
H7 Forever
posted February 21, 2018 05:23 PM

New Abilities for Units [UCP]

Hello all,

as I have already mentioned, the H7 Unofficial Community Patch bring new abilities for those units which seemed too uninteresting, boring or simply not unique enough. In other words, one of the very first community requests should be finally fulfilled.

I would like to share some details with you and I am curious about your opinions and proposals. You should feel free to express your opinion, whichever it is; however, keep in mind that I have my own vision which I will follow, so please don't feel offended if it should happen that your ideas are not taken into account.

I have finished the following abilities so far:

- Holy Weapons (Sentinel, Legionnaire): All undead and demons adjacent to the target of the creature's melee attack (not retaliation) take X% of the damage dealt as light damage
- Blessed Arrows (Crossbowman, Marksman): On moral turns, the creature's ranged attack ignores the target unit's Defence.
- Lone Wolf (Landsknecht, Swordmaster): +10 Initiative and +2 Movement when the creature has no adjacent allies.

- Offensive Formation (Sandstone Golem): The creature is switched into its offensive form: +10 Attack and +2 Movement but its Defence is set to 0.
- Defensive Formation (Sandstone Golem): The creature is switched into its defensive form:+10 Defence and +10 Hitpoints but its Movement is set to 0.

Plans/Work in Progress
- Obsidian Gargoyle: x% chance for creature and adjacent units to resist a range attack
- Ghost + Banshee: x% chance to resist any damage
- Plague Lamasu: its aura becomes infecting
- Crusher: every attack of this creature increases its attack value
- Pixie + Sprite: x% chance to reduce attacker's destiny to 0/reduce destiny by y when the creature is attacked
- Hunter + Master Hunter: applies negative effect on target when the creature attacks (ranged)
- Tracker + Stalker: moves the target creature back
- Chthonian: Solid as Stone: damage immunity/defence increase when the creature receives damage

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Known Hero
posted February 24, 2018 06:56 PM

I think as Long as u dont make the abilities too strong and give everyone something, the game can only benifit from it, i like most of these ideas

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Tavern Dweller
posted February 27, 2018 08:20 PM


Hmm, I think Heaven, Academy and actually all the factions except of Stronghold (and maybe Necropolis) are powerful enough, their units don't really need bufs. Even most of the Stronghold units are pretty well, except of Venomous Vyvern. They have low stats and weak abilities. I'd better did "Regeneration" not 20 at all, but 10 per unit in the stack and removed "Acid Breath". Additionly, Necropolis Grim Reapers weak too, absolytely not an alternative for dragons. So, I think Reapers "Nightmarish Presence" must work on all battlefield and "Fatal Strike" must work like Cave Demons ability from Heroes 5 - kill additionly 1 full hp unit.

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