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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: I want XXXXXL map
Thread: I want XXXXXL map

Known Hero
posted July 08, 2018 01:00 PM
Edited by orc at 13:01, 08 Jul 2018.

I want XXXXXL map

but I want it not too hard

im tired why game always finish, I want endless game.

which one would you suggest? (I like it to be not too different from normal games)

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Legendary Hero
posted July 08, 2018 07:01 PM
Edited by bloodsucker at 19:10, 08 Jul 2018.

That doesn't work.
1. If your heroes don't dye they became too powerful so there is absolutely no challenge.
2. You will stop being able to visit powerups because you already have 99 in all skills (remember they only go negative after 127, so you can still play for quite a while if you don't visit them).
3. Maps are limited to 48 towns so they would have to be very sparse to be spread all over that giant map.
4. Unless you make separate heroes polls for player and AI (like I did in The Red Tent) after some time your tavern will be full of powerful  but poorly developed heroes.
5. All map fights, like Utopias and Conservatories, became extremely easy.
And much more.

Some attempts were made in WoG but I think random maps against Salamandre's Conquistador mod are the best you can get in that regard.
It needs to be done in WoG/Era anyway because you will want banks to respawn or you will be crossing already explored land most of the time.


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Omnipresent Hero
Wog refugee
posted July 08, 2018 07:45 PM

"Endless" game misses map adventure options as "give 10 attack to pass", or "give expert earth to pass", such things where once in a new area, you have to rebuilt your hero.

But there is also some flaw to that, as demonstrated in Kingslayer's map "in Gold we thrust", where basically whole map is covered with piles of gold, advancing is extremely annoying as you have to pick them all, then all quest guards to next areas are asking for all gold you picked. Hard to design endless game.

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