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Heroes Community > Dimension Gates > Thread: Q&A with Erwan Le Breton
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Famous Hero
Nighonese National Front
posted September 04, 2018 10:27 PM

The AOW3 world felt kinda generic... the story was extremely generic and dull . But at least it wasn't as outrageously stupid as HV.. not most of the time (still remember how some dull snow from some goblin made the difference between the elven princess going full goody-two-shoes or going full Hitler ).

But I'm not too acquainted with its lore and stuff. Endless Legend on the other hand... just wow...

Pity how they chose to literally snow it all up in the end.

Ank's Old School (kinda) H8 proposal <- best thing evvah, trust me

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Hero of Order
Li mort as morz, li vif as vis
posted September 04, 2018 10:57 PM

alcibiades said:
ELB said:
• No matter what we do, we always stand in the shadows of Heroes 3. We’re Ubisoft, we’ve acquired the IP, we have not created it… Fighting the nostalgic aura of Heroes 3 is like fighting the waves, ultimately futile.

Late to this thread, but I have to say, this statement is completely bullsnow, and imo. shows exactly how little touch Erwan had with the fan community and the state of the games. H5 with expansions was very successful in keeping true to the H3 legacy yet still bringing loads of new stuff to the table and expand on the series. But of course, most of that was thrown away in H6 and H7.

Agreed. With all the issues I have with Ashan's aesthetics and lore, at least H5's gameplay really felt like an upgrade compared to H3. If H7 could have managed to make a somehow upgraded version of H5 on gamedesign, mods would have taken care of the rest.

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Hired Hero
posted September 05, 2018 12:44 AM

To be honest, and I really don't care what most of you might say, going back to H3 after playing H5 feels like a step back, at least in terms of gameplay.

I still like more the personality of the Factions in H3, and I find quite annoying the mono-racial Factions of H5 (add to that the fact that Ashan is far less creative than the Original Universe).

But when it comes to gameplay, H5 is the best. Unless you are a H4 weird-boy, of course. Oh, and I'm talking about the TotE version, not the Beta that was the original game and even the HoF expansion.

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