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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: Heroes Chronicles English intro?
Thread: Heroes Chronicles English intro?

Tavern Dweller
posted January 23, 2019 03:33 PM

Heroes Chronicles English intro?

I found GOG's HC intros aren't all in English, but some of them in German.

After a series of search, I think the original US/UK edition games have lost, so I can't find original English vid files, all I can find is a video on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0E2VsjgYHo0).

I want to have a full transcript of these intros, but my English is too bad to handle it myself. Can somebody help me and write down what narrator says?

(And, if someone has the original English vid, I want the smk files of Warlords of the Wastelands, Conquest of the Underworld, and The Last Chapters.)

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Tavern Dweller
posted February 22, 2019 01:16 PM

Hey. Here ya go if you still need this. There are two words I couldn't figure out, what with SFX blasting over the narrator's monologue. At 0:33 min and at 3:00 min.

Warlords of the Wasteland
Tarnum was a barbarian king before he became the immortal hero. For years no one could stop his reign of terror. But all things must come to an end. Upon his death he entered the legendary Hall of Judgement to stand before the ancient council. There the ancestors found him unworthy of entering paradise. So they cast him back upon the (0:33 Mortals? Canít discern the word) whereÖ Ah but I get ahead of myself. You wanted to know how he became king.

Conquest of the Underworld
Ever have a dream you canít quite shape? Itís called a vision and Queen Allison had a nasty one. Her fatherí soul was torn from paradise and dragged into the underworld. Alison called for a hero to champion her. But only one responded. Tarnum.

Masters of the Elements
The elemental lords, masters of Air, Earth, Water, and Fire, were free to tear the world apart now that a ten thousand year truce had come to an end. Only one with a powerful command over magic could stand a chance against them. So why did the ancestors call on a barbarian who hates magic to save us all?

The World Tree
Somewhere in the dark tunnels beneath the earth was the world tree. The wellspring of life. Tarnum had to find it before the insane ancestor Vorr and his minions, the necromancers, destroyed it. But how does one kill a god?

The Fiery Moon
Tarnumís defeat of Vorrís allies, the necromancers, saved the world tree from destruction but as long as Vorr was still out there Tarnumís task was far from over. What worried him most was the silence of the ancestorís. Had they forsaken him? Or was it something more sinister?

Revolt of the Beastmasters
Tarnum awoke chained to the dank wall of an Arathian dungeon. A slow (3:00 Canít discern the word). The ancestors had sent him here to free the mudlanders and lead them back to their homeland. His were the first bonds to be broken. But they would certainly not be the last.

Clash of the Dragons
Immortality has a drawback. Loneliness. But Tarnum found friendship with the long-lived dragons. And happiness in the joy they drew from each day. Then, one bleak morning, the dragons disappeared. Gone without explanation. And it was up to Tarnum to find out why.

The Sword of Frost
If Tarnum had known beforehand how things would end, he would not have held back. He would have surrendered his soul completely to his darkest desires. Nothing would have kept him from claiming the Sword of Frost.


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