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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Faction Recreation Contest #7: Academy/Tower
Thread: Faction Recreation Contest #7: Academy/Tower

Famous Hero
It's a fixer-upper
posted February 07, 2021 10:04 PM

Faction Recreation Contest #7: Academy/Tower

Now that we've all had a nice refreshing break, let's get on to Academy! Personally I much prefer mages over warriors in fantasy settings so this is a faction I've been quite looking forward to doing!
As a reminder:

Create a lineup following any format, at least 2 Hero classes, 1-3 unique buildings + a grail building, and backstory (taking place in the NWC universe, Ashan, or a universe of your own) for whichever faction we're doing.

You will have 1 week to submit your proposal, after which there will be a 3-day voting period during which anyone, contestant or not, can give each submission a 1-10 score on creativity, but you have to score ALL the submissions(except your own if you made one) or else your vote is ignored. This is because the final winner will be determined by the average scores given. After voting is done, everyone will have a week to submit their proposal for the next faction, and so on. You can jump in at any time or sit any contest out if you want, each will be judged separately. Winners are awarded a feeling of satisfaction and my eternal love

1. Necropolis
2. Castle/Haven
3. Inferno
4. Rampart/Sylvan
5. Dungeon
6. Stronghold
7. Tower/Academy
8. Sanctuary
9. Dwarf Fortress
10. Conflux
11. Swamp Fortress
12. Forge
13. Cove
14. Create-Your-Own (Good)
15. Create-Your-Own (Neutral)
16. Create-Your-Own (Evil)

Happy brainstorming!
^ Part 2 of my proposal for Heroes 8 (Part 3 coming soon)

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Hero of Order
Li mort as morz, li vif as vis
posted February 07, 2021 10:10 PM

I'm in for this one!

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Famous Hero
It's a fixer-upper
posted February 08, 2021 12:07 AM

^ Part 2 of my proposal for Heroes 8 (Part 3 coming soon)

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Known Hero
posted February 08, 2021 09:55 AM

Academy - Under Construction 2021-02-08

The academy is a wizard faction, relying primarily on summons and constructs. Four of their units are elementals, and three are constructs.


Tier 1

Gnome: an earth spirit looking much like a short human with childlike head-to-body size but the facial features of an old person. Gnomes attack with their mining axes, and are hard to kill for such small creatures; they can also use their mining knowledge to repair mechanical units.

Will o' wisp: an air spirit that turned into lightning. They hover, moving slower than other light-flying units like the preserve's pixie and the dungeon's dragonfly, but possessing a magical attack that causes more damage than mere annoyance.

Salamander: a fire spirit that can get excited and exude flames, but can just as well look like this out of combat. The salamander moves fast, inflicts area of effect fire damage in melee, and can breathe fire at skirmish range to avoid retaliation. However, it is a glass cannon, and dies to arrow or javelin fire or even long pike without being able to use its fire aura.

Tier 2

Nereid: a water spirit that, like water, can change its shape, and travels over land as a horse before attacking with a tail lash. The nereid can equally well travel over water, so an army consisting exclusively of nereids and flying creatures can travel over water provided at least one flying creature is heavy enough to carry the hero, true of all except the will o' wisp. The shapeshifting ability of the nereid permits it to move through moats and seep through castle walls in sieges.

Gargoyle: a flying mechanical construct animated out of stone. The gargoyle's stone skin resists attacks that are weak against armor, like arrows, and the creature's ability to fly and hit hard makes it a nuisance to high-tier fliers.

Alchemist: a junior member of the mage guild, fighting alongside animated and summoned allies. The alchemist has a range of abilities complementing those of the hero wizard, including healing summons (but not constructs, which are repaired by gnomes), throwing explosive potions for AOE at skirmish range, and countering enemy magic. But be careful - the alchemists are not as expendable as summons or constructs!

Tier 3

Golem: a tough clay construct that hits hard and is hard to kill. Attacks that are weak against armor, like arrows, are almost useless; poison is ineffective; fire is feasible but not ideal. The golem is tough enough that it can bash in city gates, helping clear the way for salamanders to get in and wreak havoc. To defeat the golem, either use tough anti-armor shock attacks, or cast spells to dismiss its magic.

Genie: a spiritual being without an element, summoned out of a lamp to appear as a horned humanoid. The genie is bound to serve the wizard hero as a spellcaster. The genie's spells are protection, buffs, and debuffs, never direct damage.

Flying machine: a flying construct, ridden by an experienced alchemist who receives extra hazard pay. Alone among all town lineups, the flying machine can attack at range without landing, only landing for gnomish repairs, so ground melee units cannot reach it, skirmish units don't have enough range, and archers can hit it but cause little damage. It can only be defeated by the boulders of the catapult, by spells, or by air units.

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted February 08, 2021 04:31 PM
Edited by Jiriki9 at 14:16, 04 Mar 2021.


...still preparing the spells...

General infos
-this proposal is meant to be in the same setting and game as the factions from the former rounds.
-the setting is an entirely new one, neither the "old" setting up to H4, nor Ashan.
-there are several gameplay aspects that I have decided for myself, but will not detail here, unless someone asks me to. After all, this is about the faction, not a game proposal. Examples are: Battlefields, Diverse Terrain Features (Forests, High Grass, Shallow Water, Small Ceiling in Underground, deep Sand, slippery Ice etc.), Weather, Ambushes, Advanced Diplomacy, Governors, Quests.
-both world and gameplay I'll develop during the rounds (Which is the reason why I won't give relations for the yet unknown new factions)
-I follow a classic, choiceless 7-tier lineup with alternate upgrades for the units
-there is a "Tech Tree" for every faction (saw the idea here and found it awesome so it's in my proposal)
-this, as my other proposals in the contest, draws inspiration from various other fictions. This is intentional and either meant to be a hommage, or a parody.


may be tba

In a nutshell:
bla bla bla

Big changes to older Academy:


Faction Relations
The Towers are not one united realm, so many relations are not so clear.
-Castle/Haven: Truce, but both are willing to ally against darker or savage foes.
-Conflux: Peace to Alliance
-Cove: Neutral
-Dungeon: War
-Dwarf Fortress: Truce to Peace, depending on which tower
-Forge/Factory: Allied
-Inferno: Shifting, depending on the situation
-Necropolis: Neutrality, sometimes shifting ot alliance or war depending on the situation. Necromancy is officially shunned, though.
-Preserve: War
-Sanctuary: Truce to Peace, depending on which tower
-Stronghold: Neutral to War
-Swamp Fortress: Neutral to War

Hero Classes

Wizards are the embodinent of magic users in the eyes of most. Coming from any races, they are powerful, intelligent and curious - but also ambitious, arrogant and often reckless. They belief they can understand the world and shape it with their magical powers.

Starts with 0 Attack, 0 Defense, 4 Spellpower, 2 Knowledge, as well as the Theory Sub-Skill.

Chances for Skill choices at level up (all non-mentioned: about standard chance)
-High Chances for Sorcery, Air Magic, Fire Magic, Mysticism
-Low Chances for Fighting, Siege Warfare, Offense, Stealth,

-Wulfric Brian (Male Human; Starts with Sorcery; Specialty: ???)
-Gendulf (Male Demigod; Start with Air Magic; Specialty: Adventurer Recruiter - Increases the Adventure skill for all of your heroes.)

Where wizards and alchemists seek the new and unknown, archivars look onto the past and its wonders. They guard the Tower libraries and vaults - but they can also be found in ancient ruins or on exotic markets, looking for ancient artifacts and forgotten lore. Thus, they know surprisingly good how to defend themselves.

Starts with 0 Attack, 2 Defense, 0 Spellpower, 4 Knowledge, as well as the Prior Knowledge Sub-Skill.

Chances for Skill choices at level up (all non-mentioned: about standard chance)
-High Chances for Enlightenment, Mysticism, Earth Magic, Stewarding, Adventure
-Low Chances for Fight, Leadership,


Alchemists are the Towers' masters of substential magic: potions, explosions, minerals and artifacts are their domain. They have the shortest lifespan of all academy heroes. Their Creativity is known across the world - as is their total carelessness about things as unimportant as riches, status, power, food, limbs or lifes.

Starts with 1 Attack, 1 Defense, 2 Spellpower, 2 Knowledge, as well as the Experiment Sub-Skill.

Chances for Skill choices at level up (all non-mentioned: about standard chance)
-High Chances for Fortune, Resistance, Estates
-Low Chances for Fight,

-Alfred (Male Dwarf; Starts with ???; Specialty: Dynamine - when defending, the battlefield starts with randomly placed explosive mines)
-Bunsen (Male Half-Demon; Starts with Fire Magic; Specialty: Burner - Increases all heat-based damage dealt on the battlefield.)
-Hodgkin (Female Djinn; Starts with Enlightenment; Specialty: Life Research - Increases the hitpoints of units under her command)
-Lavoisier (Male Air Elemental; Starts with Air Magic; Specialty: Mass Preservation - makes transformation-based spells more effective)
-Severus (Male Half-Elf; Starts with Dark Magic; Specialty: Firm Mind - units in Severus' army are resistant to Mind Control)

Faction Skill: Arcane Research
The Academy heroes are constantly doing experiments, reading ancient scrolls or theorizing on the nature of magic. This gives them the ability to expand the boundaries of spellcasting in various ways.

Arcane Research allows a hero to embetter their spells, magic skills and magical units - by spending time. A hero with this skill can choose 1/2/3/4/5 subejcts they want to research. A subject can be 1 magical (f.e. summoned, animated, spellcasting) unit, 1 spell or 1 magic skill which the hero possesses or have in their army. They can also set their dedication into research:
-Neglect: no research, but 100% movement points.
-Along the way: 20% research speed, 80% movement points.
-Duty: 40% research speed, 60% movement points.
-Interest: 60% research speed, 40% movement points.
-Dedication: 80% research speed, 20% movement points.
-Obsession: 100% research speed, but no movement possible.
After a time, the hero will have a breakthrough and can embetter the spell, skill or unit type for themselves. Without subkills, the only possible embetterment is slightly increasing the effect of spells & skills, and the hitpoints of magical units.


-Experiment (Gives the hero the option to do experiments on the subject, giving +0/1/3/6/12/25% research speed, rising with the dedication level.)
-Theory (Allows to work on more general targets with arcane research: Spell Schools, Spell Types (damage, heal, buff, etc.), magical unit types.The boni on a breakthrough there are smaller, but apply to more targets.)
-Prior Knowledge (The research speed is highly increased when a target has been researched before, even by another hero.)
-Hypothesis [Theory & Prior Knowledge] (You can choose the breakout effect you're aiming for when choosing the target. This slightly reduces the research speed, though.)
-Scientific Interchange
-Synthesis (Allows to add effects of the same target group to a target. For example, researching haste (a buff spell), you can add the effect of blessing to it, thus effectively creating a combined spell. For units, you might research Golems, and add an ability of the gargoyles to them.)


Tier 1: Familiar (Summoned)



Tier 2: Gargoyle (Animated)


Tier 3: Golem (Animated)


Tier 4: Mage (Living, Sentient, Humanoid, Human)


Tier 5: tba ()


Tier 6: Djinn (Magical Being)


Tier 7: Titan (Living, Humanoid, Elemental)


Special War Machine: tba

Associated Units:


Building Chart


Building A [Requirements] (Effect)
>Upgraded Building A
-> twice upgraded Building A
-Other Base Building needing Building A

General buildings are black
Magic buildings are blue
Dwelling are red
Special buildings are green

Buildings unique for Dungeon(except dwellings) are bold

Village Hall (500 gold income)
>Town Hall (1000 gold income)
->City Hall (2000 gold income)
-->Capitol  (5000 gold income; unique per faction)
-->Province Hall (3000 gold income)

Fort (Makes the defenses stronger; allows Building dwellings)
>Citadel (Makes the defenses stronger; +25% Creature Growth)
->Castle (Makes the defenses stronger; +50% Creature Growth)

Marketplace (Allows trading resources for others. More marketplaces allow a better trade rate.)
>Ressource Silo (Gives 1 Crystal per day)

Tavern (Can recruit heroes of level 1)
>Inn (Can recruit heroes of level 5)

Mage Guild Level 1
>Mage Guild Level 2
->Mage Guild Level 3
-->Mage Guild Level 4
--->Mage Guild Level 5

Blacksmith [Town Hall] (Can build the ???)
>-tba [tba] (Can build the tba

tba (BLA)

tba (Allows recruiting tbas)

tba [tba] (Allows recruiting tbas)

tba [tba] (Allows recruiting tbas)

tba [tba](Allows recruiting tbas)

tba [tba] (Allows recruiting tbas)

tba [tba] (Allows recruiting tbas)

tba [tba] (Allows recruiting tbas)

Grail Building: tba


Tech Tree
Every faction has their own Tech Tree, offering benefits for all your heroes, armies, towns and AM-Structures.
The tech tree can be accessed on the Adventure map. Most Techs have requirements you must meet. If it is buildings, 1 town with them is enough.
Techs take time to research. The more towns you have, and the better built these towns are, the less time Techs take.


Scenario 1: tba

Scenario Style: tba
Map Size: tba
Enemy Players: tba
Starting Hero: tba
Starting Bonus:tba
Victory Condition: tba

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Famous Hero
It's a fixer-upper
posted February 21, 2021 08:03 PM
Edited by Rimgrabber at 20:04, 21 Feb 2021.


Artificer (Mixed)

Likely Skills: Enlightenment, War Machines, Logistics

Unlikely Skills: Offense, Occultism, Leadership


Likely Skills: Sorcery, Destruction Magic, Luck

Unlikely Skills: Leadership, Defense, Offense


Likely Skills: Occultism, Dark, Enlightenment

Unlikely Skills: Tactics, Logistics, War Machines


1: Oneiroi (Sandman/Pesanta)

2: Familiar()

3: Golem ()

4: Baku (

5: Gargoyle(/)

6: Alchemist()

7: Naga (/)

^ Part 2 of my proposal for Heroes 8 (Part 3 coming soon)

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