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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: Factory's 4lvl - Automaton speculation
Thread: Factory's 4lvl - Automaton speculation

Adventuring Hero
posted August 02, 2022 06:02 PM

Poll Question:
Factory's 4lvl - Automaton speculation

what do you think type of creature will Automaton be?

Recently was thinking about Factory line-up. On the 4th level, the factory should have a unit called Automaton, i.e. a robot. However, it seems that nowhere was it specified what type of unit it would be - shooter / fast killer / slow killer / tank walking on the ground, or maybe some fast walker with high damage.
  Factory has 2 development paths, the mechanical one: Pyromaniac> Automaton> Gunslinger> Dreadnought
So what are you betting that will / what would you like to see because of the gameplay?

imo Factory has rather slow and walking units in this tree, so I guess I would bet on some slow flyer like Wight to do something during the siege/battle with obstackle. Factory seems to be strong faction and one of its weakness seems to be lack of fast creatures. Also nature line-up suppose to be weaker but faster ( worm / coutal) so adding really fast automaton would be suprise for me.

If they go into a walking unit, it might be a problem if you go for a mechanical tree and you will have to besiege a city, maybe a hero starting with ballistics in a city? (only 4 in the game at the moment)
to somehow balance it (also that secondary skill should be buffed somehow, maybe merged with artillery? but its for another topic)

Also interested now when I'm thinking about it if heroes in town line-up will also be devided into 2 branches? If you have to decide pretty early how you build city than I guess there will also be heroes more suitable for 1 or 2nd branch. Like maybe archery hero for gunslingers.
Or armorer hero for branch with less hp etc.
It would be more exciting than picking valesca all the time in castle.

Anyway what do you think type of creature will Automaton be?

Fast Flying
Slow Flying
Slow walker
Fast walker
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Famous Hero
posted August 03, 2022 08:04 AM

Interesting question.

Perhaps something could be figured out by first looking at what we do know. It's been told that the level 2 mechanic is able to repair mechanical stuff, so to some extend, I think we can somewhat guess that the initial plan for the mech branch is about the Automatons doing the fighting part, and the Mechanics repairing them. I think it's not yet being said how the repair will work thou. Is it being done from a distance, or does the mechanic have to be next to the Automaton to repair it? While it isn't being officially said yet, I'm pretty sure that at least the upgraded mechanic will be able to resurrect it's target.

It should also be known that Factory heroes will have some sort of special secondary skill. We learned this way back from the interview. Because we haven't heard it since, and the Automaton is kept in secret as well, I can only assume these two things are being connected.

So, this all in mind, I think the Automaton will be a creature without many bells and whistles, I would expect them to be something similar like Demons. So I believe it's a non-flying creature, with maybe average speed.

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Tavern Dweller
posted August 22, 2022 09:29 AM

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