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Heroes Community > Tournament of Honor > Thread: PAH3 singleplayer tournament, season 9, on VCMI
Thread: PAH3 singleplayer tournament, season 9, on VCMI

Known Hero
posted August 01, 2023 10:38 PM
Edited by Maciek at 22:40, 18 Aug 2023.

PAH3 singleplayer tournament, season 9, on VCMI

Hello everyone!

Good news: The next season of PAH3 (Heroes 3 Arena Cup) is about to begin.

This time I will be replacing Mateusz (Living Anarchy) as the organizer.

There will be a total of 5 maps in the tournament.

There will be no sign-ups, because the idea of the tournament assumes the possibility of joining at any time.

It's worth trying your hand at it, especially since playing one map doesn't oblige you to play another one.

The winner of the tournament will be rewarded with a lesson with the winner of many pvp tournaments Tyranuxus!

An account on Behemoth's Lair vortal or Discord vcmi server is required to participate.
Registration in the Cave is here
VCMI Discord can be found here
The channel on that Discord used for the tournament is here
Its Polish equivalent this thread in the Behemoth's Lair

How does it work?

It's really easy.

As the organizer, I am publishing the initial save from the map in the channels mentioned above. You put it in the Saves folder, enable the mod related to the appropriate tournament map, make sure that you have the correct AI and daily saves set in vcmi launcher options and you can start playing.

The goal is to finish the map in the best (meaning shortest) time possible. Of course, we are talking about the number of turns, not about real-time.

Two difficulty levels are back. Passing the map at 200% ranks you higher than passing it at 130%. If you manage to complete the map at 200%, an additional 130% pass does not give you anything.

Once you've done that, you send the final save (that is from before the last battle or just before taking the last town) and saves from each turn of the game to: h3pahs09@gmail.com

I then check the final battle using the Auto-Combat mode. Several attempts will be made if necessary.
If you think that Auto-Combat may not be able to win, you can include a description of the battle in the mail, and I will play it according to this description. Here it is worth noting that the referee is not an idiot and can judge whether the fight is actually winnable.

I accept a save from a player once. Therefore, I suggest you think twice before submitting your result and send it when you are sure that you can't improve it. What's this rule for? Well, so that I can deal with analyzing your saves, and if everyone sent several mails, it would be more difficult. That's why we stick to this rule strictly so as not to encourage other players to send me 10 e-mails for each map instead of one.

After the set deadline, I make a summary, award points and publish another map.

Points are awarded according to the scheme:
[place/number of points]

1 - 100
2 - 85
3 - 70
4 - 60
5 - 50
6 - 42
7 - 35
8 - 30
9 - 25
10 - 21
11 - 18
12 - 16
13 - 14
14 - 12
15 and further - 10


1. [New] We use VCMI version 1.3, unless stated otherwise when publishing the map. VCMI requires Heroes III in Polish (Gold Edition) or English (Complete)
2. If you have the Gold Edition, it should be corrected with a patch by Hellburn or by an appropriate vcmi mod. It corrects such oversights of the Polish version (Golden Edition), such as incorrect damage to reptilions and Cerberus. The patch can be downloaded HERE (install in the game folder)
3. Use the set of mods selected for the map. In order to load the appropriate list of mods, enable the tournament mod indicated for the map.
4. Together with the publication of the map, the deadline for submitting the saves is also published
5. In the event of a tie, ex aequo places are awarded
6. Don't share your results publicly during game time, because it spoils the fun for others and would allow other players to copy your moves.
7. Before the actual game, cheats can and should be used, for example, to reveal the entire map, in order to choose an effective strategy. Then reload the game so that the final save does not contain any traces of cheat codes.
8. The winner of the tournament is the player with the most points at the end
9. The organizer has the deciding vote in all matters
10. Send the saves from each turn of the game. Map winner's saves will be posted in the tournament channels.

If you have any questions or doubts, you can write here, in any of the tournament channels or send me a Private Message.
I am also available on heroes Discords as Warzyw647.

We start the fun right after the release of VCMI version 1.3, which is planned for August 4!


Turns out we had to wait for 1.3.1 release with some fixes.

Let the tournament begin!

In order to participate, please make sure that you have the latest vcmi 1.3.1 installed, then disable all mods except for “VCMI essential files”, “VCMI extras”, translation (if you’re using one) and mods of types “Music”, “Interface” and “Graphical” (if you’re using any). Then, enable the mod “PAH3 Singleplayer Tournament, season 9, map 1”.

That should enable the other mods required on the first map of the tournament. If you get a pop-up saying that some mod can’t be enabled, that means this mod is not installed. Install it and then try again. The list of required mods is in the tournament mod, in the map 1 submod.
Don’t enable any other mods and make sure that all of their submods are enabled!
You can make an exception for mods of types “Translation”, “Music”, “Interface” and “Graphical”, because they don’t affect the gameplay.

Make sure you have the adventure map AIs and combat AIs set up correctly, that autosaves are enabled, autosave number limit is set to 0 (meaning “unlimited”) and that the autosave prefix is set to your nick that you want to use in the tournament.

The starting saves, “pah3-s9-m1-130%.vsgm1” and “pah3-s9-m1-200%.vsgm1” can be found in the mod’s “Saves” directory. If they don’t work from there, move them to your “Saves” directory where you keep your other saves.

Once you’ve managed to win, send your autosaves and your final save (just before winning) to h3pahs09@gmail.com
Beware not to overwrite your saves with some other playthrough of an unrelated map before you send them!
If autocombat loses the final battle, but you win it and you think it’s not obvious, please attach a description of your final fight. (unlikely to apply to this map)

In order to allow some time to solve some unforseen technical difficulties, you have 3 weeks to report your results. The deadline is the end of Friday, September the 8th.
Good Luck!

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